GO VOTE! It IS…Time For Change!

Well, guys, first off good morning, and secondly…GO VOTE!

Please, DO NOT have the sentiment that, “Well…I particularly don’t like either candidate…so I’m just not going to vote!”

That IS JUST what our current administration would like for you to do! A non-vote for Romney IS a vote for Obama, and you’ve just got to understand this!

Don’t think for one minute that their constituency is gonna sit at home. They’ll be bussed, drug, and pushed to the polls. There’ll be cigarettes and who knows what else passed out to them.
I also saw the “New Black Panthers” will be at certain polling stations…AGAIN…to “monitor the situation.” Wonder what the “political correctness” advocators would have to say about possibly a “New WHITE Panthers” at the stations…monitoring the situation?

Not that I condone such, by “Black OR White Panthers,” but stop and think on this for a moment or two.

Couldn’t happen could it? So, what does that simple example say about the direction of our Country? It ain’t pretty folks!

I live in the “Old South,” yet, unlike what we here from our mainstream media, AND our “Professional political elite” I see very little to NO racism…at least from the whites.

Yet, our President, his administration, and far too many others, the Hollywood crowd as another example, all calling us, the taxpaying, law-abiding, HARD working, believers in our Constitution citizens of our Country…RACIST!!

This is an out an out “political lie” perpetrated by people that are not only UNCONCERNED over their OWN constituents, Our Country, OR the path they’re taking us down as a Country, but for one common goal…THEIR POWER!

Which by the way folks, is really going to make it hard on not only YOUR own children, but their children AND their children, AND their children, and on, and on, and on!


Again…this is why people immigrated to our Country…the opportunity to SUCCEEED. The opportunity TO GROW. The opportunity to MAKE LIFE BETTER, FOR THEM AND THEIR CHILDREN!

YET, for far too long, “We the People” have sat back on our butts, passively, allowing our elected leaders to fill themselves with arrogance, greed, and lust for more, and more, and more!

It isn’t there fault…IT’S OUR FAULT! Complacency. It’s that simple. I’m just as guilty as the next, but dad-gummit, I’ve had enough already! Are you there yet?

We seeing, right before our eyes, our freedoms, morals, and values diminishing daily! We’re seeing the futures of our children becoming more and more that of the children of the “have-nots.”

This being simply…existence, and that is just WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT WANTS FOR THEM…merely, once more…existence!!

Take a look at the majority of these so called, “have-nots.” Why are they classified as…“have-nots?”

How bout simply because they’ve become indoctrinated in a believe that is SO absurd, SO far-fetched, and SO un-Christian like, that has been instilled in them for generations by our politicians.
It is simply called… “WORK-NOTS!”

You want a job, and an opportunity to better yourself and your children?

“WHAT, ARE YOU CRAZY? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?? H… NO I don’t want no job…I’ll lose “MY…BENEFITS!!”

Well, I’m REALLY tired of letting our government officials decide what I’ll do with MY MONEY! I work, sweat, worry, and pay FAR too much out for what in reality…I bring in. This lessens each year, as well.
Thank you Uncle Sam…for nuthin in this regard, buddy!

I surely don’t mind helping somebody out…not in the least! BUT, in my way of thinking…I ain’t helping NOBODY out who first doesn’t…want to HELP THEMSELVES!

This belief is even in regards to my own children!

Let me give an example of this.

Many of you know that back in my early twenties I became hooked on cocaine. This today is a very embarrassing topic at times, but something that is very important in regards to, “helping out.”

Does anyone think for one minute that I’d have gotten off cocaine, IF, every time I turned around someone was giving me money and making the statement… “Here, here’s some money. I know you’re addicted to drugs, I feel sorry for you, so take this money…and go get something to eat, okay?”

What would I have done? Simple…

I’d have gone and gotten…MORE COCAINE! No doubt!

PLUS, I’d not have appreciated for one minute the “good Samaritan” giving me this money.

I literally would have thought… “What a chump! This is SO easy staying in cocaine! Shoot, every time I turn around, ANOTHER CHUMP, gives me some more! This addiction thing is as easy as sliding down a slide at the park!”

What was I shown instead of handouts? TOUGH LOVE!

The very same is going on with these “have-nots.” They have literally become ADDICTED to this give-away mentality! Seriously, they have!

They don’t need to keep being “handed out” to. THEY NEED SOME TOUGH LOVE!!

This is literally destroying an entire class of people, and through their not thinking things out straight, and sadly, many of them not having the intelligence OR the ability to think things out straight, they’re literally dooming themselves to a life that will NEVER change. Each and every day will be the very same.

YET, THIS IS THE VERY REASON our elected leaders implemented these very programs of… “Entitlements!” PLUS, the very reason they implemented these programs on the class of people they chose from the get go…the very ones THEY KNEW couldn’t or wouldn’t think for themselves!

This was simply premeditated destruction of the very people they so openly profess to… “helping out!”

They NEVER HAVE, nor EVER WILL, be concerned with these people that they so proudly proclaim their concern for. Or as they state, “We champion for!”

They simply USED THEM in their own quest for power! For lack of a better terminology folks…these people are EVIL in every sense of the word!

YET, “WE the PEOPLE” allow them to run roughshod over us as well anymore! All the while each of us knowing the outcome of their agenda if they’re allowed to carry it out!

On top of this, you see example after example, coming from THEIR OWN MOUTHS (the have-nots), that they don’t appreciate any of this (our generosity)…AT ALL!

They too, just like our politicians have become arrogant, and now EXPECT this “Free Everything” to continue on and on, and on!

They also have bought into this “reverse racism” bull…., AND have jumped on the bandwagon that we, simply because of our own skin color, have kept them where they’re at in their lives. This through our thievery of something that SHOULD be part theirs, regardless of whether they contribute “to the kitty” or not!

Again, this all instilled into them by our “elected elite!”

So, to them…We’re Chumps! Really, that’s what we are!

Once more, I don’t mind helping someone out, BUT…I ain’t gonna be regarded as “a chump” while doing it. I’ll simply stop helping…helping those types out anyway! Don’t you guys agree with this?
I mean really, there IS NO WAY you can help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves first! This is a no-brainer!

Enough of that though…

Today is the most important election that I’ve ever been involved in…bar none!

Please go vote.

I could go on and on over all the reasons once more, like “We have to pass the bill to know what’s in it,” or, “In 5 days we’ll fundamentally CHANGE America,” or “Let’s not jump to conclusions over Maj. Nidal Hasan,” or “ Why don’t I wear a flag pin, or give my Flag the proper respect during the National Anthem, ummm, let me count the ways,” or “Sure I’m an American citizen,” or “I am a Christian,” or “Let’s TAKE OVER a private run Corporation, place it under government control, AND GIVE THE UNION 20% of it,” or “Green Energy IS the ticket, but…we’ll waste billions and billions of taxpayer dollars in now defunct green business, but I’m guessing by the time we spend several MORE TRILLION dollars, MAYBE we’ll get it right” or “We’ll SPEND OUR WAY OUTTA DEBT,” or, and THE most important…”It’s Bush’s fault!”

But I won’t go there today…we’ve heard it all before, right?

Okay then…let’s get out and vote…and MAKE SOME CHANGE!

Understand though my friends. IF we get this guy outta office, it is only a FIRST STEP!
We have got to start making our politicians…whatever the Party affiliation…ACCOUNTABLE! Accountable for EVERY cent!

After all, it’s our money, it’s our Country, and it’s OUR WAY OF LIFE!

Let me close this out with a video showing JUST SOME of what’s in store for us down the road…it is about Obama Care. It is very disturbing, but filled with references as to where to find each fact in the legislation.

It is also showing only SOME of what is in this legislation. This too is an example of “We the People” needing to be much more hands on by holding our politicians “feet to the fire.” It is time for our passiveness as a people to cease!

One other thought in closing. This comes from our good friend Gary…

He said to me this morning that the Bible states that God has a hand in electing, or choosing may be the better word, of who our Kings, Queens, Presidents, etc., will be.

In saying this he also stated something I found very disturbing.

This was that, if, we re-elect this same man as President, then does this simply state that God is punishing us in some ways, and that through our own doings, such as turning our backs on God, and taking God out of SO many things in our Country…we’re in for some very troubling times?

Personally, I feel this could very well be.

We don’t have to look far to see many examples of our elected elite taking many religious values and freedoms from us…there’s that “political correctness thing” again! I’m bout to the point of shoving this political correctness thing up their ying-yang!

Manger scenes being declared not acceptable during Christmas season because they offend certain people. Prayer taken out of schools. Merely saying “Merry Christmas” to someone, and the list goes on and on!

Our religious freedoms ARE being taken from us…little by little.

This I got from our very good friend John, this morning…and is a very appropriate addition to our post this morning!

“Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he
is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual — or at
least that he ought not so to do;
but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society
for which he is accountable to God and his country.”

–Samuel Adams (1781)

You guys have a great day! God Bless America, and God Bless you and yours! Also, as my Deb liked to say, please, “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”


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