Until Now

Well guys, I’ve gotta say that when I pulled up today’s headlines, I was shocked. No, actually shocked is an understatement. In all reality…I was stunned!

I went to bed at 9:30 last night and got up at 2 am, number one because I was tired so I went to bed early, but secondly because I really didn’t want to undergo the stress of watching the election returns. I figured I’d just get up, get on the internet and see that as a Country, we’d realized the terrible mistake of this past 4 years and redeem ourselves at the voting booth…until now.

I figured that after the citizens of our Country had witnessed such atrocious spending, and printing of money, and the massive borrowing by our political elite, that through our process of free elections, we’d right our ship…until now.

I figured that even though many had made the mistake of voting in “a person of color,” mainly because of guilt associated by actions that were taken so many years ago to suppress the “people of color” by others, that they’d now realize that actually none of these actions had ANYTHING to do with them, and that their casting their “sympathy” votes during the last election was in reality, wrong…until now.
I really still believed that the citizens of our Country were smarter than making the very same mistake again, in regards to the associations in the past, and present, that our President had, and still has…until now.

I believed that, as a whole, our children and grandchildren’s futures were much more important to us than what our politicians obviously thought…until now.

I believed that the freedoms and liberty this great Country of ours stood for, and represented to us, such as our “freedom of speech,” would be appreciated once more, and that we’d finally silence such absurd thinking created through, political correctness…until now.

Which by the way, this very same political correctness, AND our freedom of speech all allowed our political elite to misconstrue, turn around and twist, and misrepresent through wording, and by these actions, to finally use these very same freedoms to destroy our Country as we’ve always known it.

They literally used these very values to turn our world upside down, as law-abiding, taxpaying, hard-working, family oriented, and a Christian people (majority wise), into an agenda of everyone being equal. This IS…social justice, or social equality. Welcome…

I’d have never believed this to be possible in our Country…until now.

I’d never have believed, in the farthest stretches of my imagination, that we, as a Nation, could possibly ever elect a President that has shown such disrespect of, and towards our Nation’s Flag, the VERY SYMBOL of our freedoms, not just once, BUT TWICE, mind you…until now.

I never thought I’d wake up to find that our Country has been so totally blinded, through these so called, “entitlement programs,” that we’d literally vote in, again mind you, an administration that has any and everything on their agenda for THEIR power and greed to continue moving forward with absolutely NO consideration for, “We the People”…until now.

I’d have never considered that by literally having to show some type of ID at a polling station, proving who you are, could ever POSSIBLY be seen as oppression against some class of people…until now.

YET, in renewing my own Driver’s license, I had to display my birth certificate, or NO license. To an extent I can understand this, BUT, not when I’ve had a Florida Driver’s License, in my possession for 40 years! Same license, same picture on my license, same guy in the picture.

I’d have thought that the simple right to vote, and the importance of your vote, in electing as a free society your leaders, would have much more significance, and I’d expect much more emphasis by our system to actually PROVE who you are, than say, your Driver’s license…until now.

I’d have thought that seeing what a monstrosity the entitlement programs have become, simply through the funding now required to keep them afloat, that “We the People” would overwhelmingly…toss the bums out. Until now.

I believed that the Health Care our administration shoved down our throats, and the horrendous implications small, and large business, even individuals such as yourself are now faced with, and now actually becoming enacted, would be more than sufficient to demand change at the highest levels…until now.

I always believed that we Americans, through our work ethic, our values, and our will to succeed, by only having the chance our Country provides for us in these regards, would ever allow any type of socialist movement to take a foothold in our Country, much less gain total power, would…COULD…never happen…until now.

I’d never have dreamed, here in our Country, that I’d EVER wake up and wonder…can I, as a small business owner…survive the next 4 years…until now.

I’d never have dreamed, that I’d live to see business in our Country, BIG business too, laying off people, cutting their employee hours below full-time status because of their own concern that they no longer know what these very employees are going to cost them through taxation, AND Government FORCED Health Care and regulation…until now.

I’d never have believed that the American people could ever not understand SIMPLE economics…until now.

One simple explanation of this is that IF you have a jar of money sitting on your kitchen table, as an example, and you continue daily to go take a little out here, a little out there, but NEVER put any money back into your jar…eventually, the well runs dry. There is…no more money.

This is where we’re at.

The very people who consider it a right to get something for nothing, will be dumbfounded when “the jar” runs out of money, and their first question will be… “WHAT happened?”

Ah…geez guys…I don’t know??

In all honesty this morning, I have to say, I’m very glad God is in my life. Through him, and the strength I take from this, my life is still secure. He sees to this.

I never thought I’d ever say this, until now, but this morning I’m very glad, elated actually, that my dear Deb has left THIS world.

I say this because I believe in my heart, we as American citizens have a very tough road in front of us and by her being gone, I’ll not be worried in her regard. Personally, I can take whatever they throw at me.

Even if we’d have had a change in the Oval Office, our path as Americans, and the challenges that lay ahead of us would have been very difficult. Now…they’ll be EXTREMELY difficult.

BUT, the path that lays ahead for us is still…up to us.

It is not too late to exert our will. We simply have to face the adversity that will come, face it head on, and accept it for what it is. It is not too late to demand our own rights, to bond and support one another as believers in all the greatness our Country STILL provides for us.

It is up to us to BELIEVE in ourselves! To not take no as answer, and to still demand accountability by our elected elite.

I made this statement yesterday, and I’ll always know that it is entirely correct…WE, again WE, allowed all that has gone wrong in our Country to take place.

It’s not our politicians fault, although they are now in the driver’s seat, because of our inability to act as one, and snuff out the policies that they’ve enacted, and by our inability to act as one, their policies became more and more arrogant. This is human nature.

Complacency, my friends is our biggest strike against us. We, the silent majority…were silent far too long, and we now see we’re paying a very heavy price for it.

The game is not over though…not by a long shot, IF, we no longer see complacency as simply…not wanting to rock the boat!

Watch our politicians very, very carefully from now on. You HAVE to become a player in the game NOW, or, the game will soon be over.

Understand though, that using football lingo, we’re only fixing to start the second half…of the game!

There’s still two full quarters to play. Get involved, stand up for your rights, because no matter what our government would LIKE for you to believe, they are still just that…YOUR RIGHTS!

Let’s stop punting the ball, and go on the offensive for a change. We’ve got to start pounding, demanding action from our representatives, and by this…us gaining the initiative once again!

One thing about the “true” American people is that we have always have had a resolve to win. This literally is bred into us! Who likes to lose? Not me!

“We the People” are at our very best when our backs are against the wall. Our true character comes out, and we have the mentality we’ll ALWAYS win, with a no matter what it takes attitude!

Nothing is unattainable, and I STILL believe that our children and our grandchildren’s futures are far too important of issues for us to throw up our hands and quit. We will overcome any obstacles we have to face.

Yes, we’ll endure some tough times, but there’s also a saying that is very appropriate here… “When the going gets tough…the tough get going!”

To look at this any differently is so…SO…UN-AMERICAN!

I’M IN…how bout you guys? Just hold them accountable, and not accept anything less from them. By simply doing this, we’ll win the second half…AND the game!

Also, let’s all thank Judi and Brian, the Canada Free Press, and all the others out there just like them that have spent the time, effort and had the concern to bring us the TRUE goings on in our Country. Your work has been so appreciated by each and every one of us!

Please…keep it up!

God Bless you guys, God Bless America, and let’s keep her…”The Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave!”

Through it all, let’s keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!


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2 Responses to Until Now

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  2. That was a great write up Doug. Though I’m from the northern 51st state of Canada I feel I have a vested interest in which way the U.S. goes. I’ve been following your politics etc fairly closely since 2008. During the melt down of that year and watching the election very closely, though I didn’t understand what was going on my gut was screaming at me that something is terribly wrong! I moved from my family home which I never expected to move from so I could lose my mortgage. I moved because of Obama!! I believed he was going to deliberately crash the U.S. economy and totally take over. he is well on his way and is now positioned to do just that, although I didn’t know he was a puppet for outside interests.
    This year on election night I had 2 thoughts. The first was “wow, they sure called the results early”. The next was “Oh no. Look what this means”. People had 4 years to see this guy in action, fundamentally transforming the country and they said we want more of the same.
    The corruption has taken hold in all areas of the government, education and even the churches. We are all facing a rising beast and I’m not sure it can be turned back. One thing for sure: If everyone rolls over and goes back to sleep and does not oppose this, starting at the state level it will be all over but the crying as they start to hurd people into Fema re-education camps.
    All the best in the struggle.

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