An Opportunity to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

Good morning to all. We’re hoping this finds everyone in good health and spirits.

You guys all know Judi and Brian with the Canada Free Press, so you know as well what a fine pair of people those two are. I understand very well if you were in a pinch they’d be willing to jump in and help in anyway they could.

With that being said, I realize if there were a cause they truly felt strongly in, then they could count on us for help, and this is the reasoning behind this post today…we need your help if at all possible.

If you can’t give, that’s understandable in today’s economic pressure, BUT, if you could give only a little it would be an immense help to a family that Judi and Brian know personally who have come upon some tough times.

Edmund Burke once stated how sad it is that a man would do nothing because…He could only do a little.

This is so appropriate today simply because in this family’s sake, if we could do only a little, what a blessing we could bestow upon them.

So, if you find it in your hearts today to give in a big way, or only a little, you have the ability to make things better for the Eddie Zawadski family.

You can read all about it in this post that Judi and Brian have sent…

Sportscaster ‘King of Fight’ Eddie Zawadzki facing his hospital fight alone

You guys have a great day, count your blessings, and God Bless you and yours!

Doug and “Lucky”

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