Anyone Seen “The Land of the Free,” or “The Home of the Brave Lately?” Jus Wonderin…

Good morning guys! How the heck are ya today? I’m doin fine, and hope the very same in regards to you and yours!

Big day tomorrow huh? Actually, tomorrow will be a VERY BIG day!

After 4 years of massive debt, massive unemployment, massive growth in the public sector, massive growth in Americans now on some type of government aid, massive attacks on our religious freedoms, massive growth in regards to ‘socialist agendas” through government sponsored programs such as ACORN and the pitting of the “haves,” versus the “have-nots,” and the teachings instilled by this that you DESERVE (DESERVE mind you), your fair piece of the pie too!

All of this is simply…STEALING! There’s no other term or explanation for it. Again…it IS stealing!

We’ve had 4 years of pitting “people of color” against anyone who is designated as…racist. Racist meaning… most anyone white.

This from the very guy who promised to put racial differences aside. This from the very guy who while campaigning KNEW, that by him being black, although only half, he could create a guilt factor among voters that it was indeed time to put our racial differences behind us, and would vote for him to ease their own “guilt” from atrocities committed by others LONG before most were even born.

He played “the race card” to a tee! Still does! They actually, literally, advocate racial division in our Country.

Listen to em!

Professor Gates… Travon Martin…Rev. Wright…Louis Farrakhan…Rev. Meeks…Affirmative Action…immigration, legal and illegal…and Mark Lloyd of “there are some good white people in positions of power, yet…they must step down to allow more people of color, homosexuals, women, etc.,” plus he speaks of Chavez and his “great revolution.”

How many times have you heard blasted across the airwaves that IF you didn’t vote for Obama…it was simply because of…RACE?

Your ability to cipher for yourself that through his associations with people of less than desirable character THROUGHOUT his life, his refusal to wear a flag pin or give our Flag the proper respect during the playing of our National Anthem, ESPECIALLY while campaigning to be the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES, his refusal to celebrate National Prayer Day, but to in fact observe Ramadan, he declares America NOT a Christian Country, even during an interview with George Stephanopoulos stating that, “Some people have a problem with my Muslim identity (or something very similar), then Stephanopoulos stepping in and saying, “You mean your Christian identity,” and Obama replying “Yes, that’s what I meant.” Uh ,huh…

He takes it upon himself during the campaign that…his middle name CAN’T be used. Shoot, Hussein’s bout as Christian sounding as it gets, huh?

Then the guy states that we, after Maj. Nidal Hassan shot and killed many of his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, all the while shouting Allah Akbar…should not jump to conclusions that this incident may have been an act committed by a suspect with radical Islamic sentiments???

Now who in their right mind would NOT have considered this an act committed by a radical Islamist? To me, the shouting out of Allah Akbar was kinda a giveaway…jus sayin!

We saw children singing praises to this guy after his election, we’ve had a member of the mainstream media make some sort of remark about “peeing down his leg,” when hearing Obama speak, we’ve heard the guy being proclaimed as… “THE MESSIAH???”

YET, in spite of all this, which personally I find ALL very, very disturbing…in the eyes of all these far-left nut cases, yep, that’s EXACTLY what they are, they then have the AUDACITY to declare me, only because I refuse to vote for someone so blatantly, AND arrogantly ANTI-AMERICAN, that my only reason for doing so, is simply…I’m a racist, far-right, uneducated redneck.

Uh, huh….okay.

Then I read this morning about the devastation inflicted on the Northeast by the recent storm. Terrible damage, loss of life, people without homes, and the ones with homes…without power.

My heart, along with SO many others, go out to these people, right? Yes indeed.

YET, states such as Florida, Georgia, Alabama, etc., send crews to help restore power to these people who had been hit so hard by the storm. This in itself being a testimony of the goodness in people’s hearts to “step up” in times of hardship to help their neighbors, their fellow human beings, and their fellow Countrymen.

It’s times like these that make me proud to be an American.

Sadly though, not everyone seems to feel this way. Once more we see greed, power, and pretty much everything dealing with any type of morals, virtues, or integrity “shot down” by political agendas.
Our Country was founded on OUR RIGHT to work, wasn’t it?

But once more these dern unions, who by the way are in Obama’s pockets, and support his ideology wholeheartedly by donating their time, effort and monies (BIG time monies) to his campaign…STOP, you hear me, STOP some of the very crews sent to the Northeast to aid in restoring power to…the people.

One example…

Decatur Utilities general manager Ray Hardin said Friday during a Fox Business Network broadcast that ”we were presented with documents from IBEW that required our folks to affiliate with the union. And [that's] something that we could not agree to. And it was our understanding, and still is, that that was a requirement of working in that area.”

This is an atrocity! Also, there’s no need to discuss it any further. If you can’t see the impact of such actions, and their total disregard for the wellbeing of the people within their own cities and states, then God help you, you are indeed a lost soul.

One other thing about this…if you think for one minute that Obama and his minions have had no idea of this type of strong-arm tactics taking place, then you’ve been living on another planet!

So, pardon me for asking, but HAS anyone seen “The Land of the Free,” or “The Home of the Brave Lately?”

Me either.

So, take a look at the road we’re seeing our Nation go down today. Do you feel good about this?

Once more…me either!

So, let’s all get out tomorrow and vote for Mitt Romney.

Was he my first choice? No. BUT, I do like many of the things he brings to the table, and versus what we have in office today, in my opinion where to cast our vote as God-fearing, law-abiding, hard-working, taxpaying Americans is simply…a no-brainer!

Plus, I don’t see ANY chance of our Country continuing to survive such a socialist based ideology without suffering irreparable damage. To be honest, for us to recover the damage already done is going to be a hard row to hoe. Very painful in fact!

You want to understand the shape our Country is in? You only have to look at today’s Democratic Party. It is this in name only anymore.

Our economy? Our educational system? Our work force being depleted? Our jobs leaving here, going overseas? Our massive debt created from welfare programs? Our situation in regards to illegal immigration? Our inability to have…the right to work in many states? Our weakening in regards to our National defense? Our inability to “drill here” and do away with our dependence upon foreign oil?

Our having a “Health Care Reform System” shoved down our throats, literally AGAINST the will of the people, which by the way, when and IF, implemented, will allow widespread government intrusion into your personal lives that will be the start of “our freedoms” literally being a thing of the past.

Our inability to speak out against any of this “throttled” by the complete absurdity of a phrase implemented and used by the left allowing them ALL the gain, and leaving “we the people” voiceless. This through… “political correctness!”

Stop also and ponder the absurdity of us, as Americans, now no longer being able to use, or express our faith-based, well intentioned sentiment, of wishing others…to have a “Merry Christmas.”

Think again of such unheard of examples of our school children not being able to display our Flag, simply because we “may offend” Hispanic students during the observance of Cinco de Mayo??

Or our children simply having a lemonade stand but having it shut down by city officials.

Right down to dialing on your phone, here in America, and being told…if you speak English…press 1??? IF WE SPEAK ENGLISH???

Any of this bother you??

Well, you can lay the blame at the feet of the Socialist Party. I mean the Progressive Party. Actually, I MEAN the Democratic Party! Sorry…

Get out and vote tomorrow! DO NOT make the mistake of having the mindset that, “Well, I really don’t like either candidate… so I ain’t voting period!”

BIG, BIG MISTAKE if you have this sentiment! EVERY vote counts!

Also, please don’t throw your vote away by voting for obviously someone on the ballot that stands absolutely NO CHANCE of winning. This is only throwing your vote away.

This IS a two horse race…that’s it. It boils down to Romney versus Obama…there IS no other name on the ballot that amounts to a hill a beans! A vote cast to any other, is just like…stayin home and not voting at all!

Remember Edmund Burke… “Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little!


In closing let me say just a couple other things…

Today, our Republican Party, to me, is a far cry from what it has pretty much been. This too is only how I look at it.

They too are advocating welfare and entitlement programs. They too are enjoying their own brand of health care, retirement packages, and great salaries, subsidized by… “We the People!”

This meaning…they too have to be held accountable! We all need to be much more involved in our political process.

Our elected officials start twisting around, rewording, or going against our Constitution as laid out by our Founding Fathers…then they need to be BOOTED out of office, without the opportunity to stay in power until the end of their term and then voted out.

“Booting out of office,” simply meaning them being… “drop-kicked through the goalposts of life!”

Accountability…we’re forced by these elected elites to be held accountable for our actions and deeds, right? You betcha!

It’s past time they’re held to the very same standards! Don’t you agree?

Well, you all know what tomorrow brings…vote wisely, and from your heart! Let’s all do whatever we can to be once again… “The Land of the Free,” and “The Home of the Brave!”

You guys have a great day, and God Bless! Please…keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!


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One Response to Anyone Seen “The Land of the Free,” or “The Home of the Brave Lately?” Jus Wonderin…

  1. Gary says:

    I live a few miles outside of Salt Springs, FL, about 35 miles east of Ocala. It’s a very small rural community. When I got to the polling place at 7:45 am there was already a line. The Poll Supervisor is the wife of a friend and she looked at me and said “Gary, I’ve been doing this for over 25 years and I’ve never seen a turn out like this!” She said that with the polls having been open only 45 minutes over 100 people had already voted. Dub, this is a pretty conservative community. If the conservatives turn out like this all over the nation, we may actually have a chance.
    Pray for our nation…

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