Ginger, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Lemon Juice

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  1. Mark Doyle says:

    Thank you for your service

    God Bless has been a God Send for my health

    • admin says:

      Just tryin to help out a little…that’s all. Gotta make up your own mind as to what you do or don’t do.

      God Bless you as well Mark, and I’ll check out the link you sent too.

  2. Arvind duggal says:

    Have three coronary arteries blocked (75-80%). Cardiologist advised statins and aspirin. but i have faith in traditional system of medicine. Taking the formulation, Mr Duggal shared with you. I was born in 1959, the year Mr Duggal your friend moved to USA. Just a curiosity to learn more about your friend. Is it possible to share Mr duggal’s email?

    • admin says:

      Hello Arvind, how are you my friend? We’ve had good testimonial in regards to this “recipe,” but again, this hasn’t been 100%. I have no idea the factors that play a role in this, according to each individual, but all I can suggest is do what your own heart suggests. Everything is literally in God’s hands, right. Plus we all have a part in God’s plan in regards to our own lives. Live or die…it is…HIS will, that’s all.

      God Bless you in your own journey Arvind, and here’s wishing you the very best!

      Interesting last name you have there too. Same as…Mr. Duggal’s! Unfortunately, I can not share his e-mail address. I will though, send him yours. What happens from there is up to him.

      Again, God Bless you and yours!

    • M.Mohanraj says:

      Dear sir,
      I had the C/O both CVA and CAD since 2006. I also had a synhope situation once in the year 2010. Now I take routine medicines for the ailment. My doubt is can I take this lemon ginger garlic apple cider vinegar and honey juice with all my previous drugs simultaniously. Pl clear about it.
      With Regards,

      • admin says:

        First off…ask your Doctor, but I don’t see where it would react with your scripts. BUT, after my heart attack in 08, I couldn’t eat grapefruit, or drink its juice. Supposedly it would react with my meds?? Once I threw my meds out, I went back to drinkin grapefruit juice. LOL.

        But again, check with an MD first.

        God Bless!

  3. Priyanka says:

    Hi there,

    I have 20 month old child, who recently was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. My question is if I could give him this remedy in a moderation will it cure? As it can cure skin deseases……Please advise ASAP.

    Thank u

    • admin says:

      Hello there!

      You had me looking up Alopecia Areata. You’re askin questions to a man that his wife used to tell him, “Dub, if your brain was put on the sharp edge of a razor blade, it’d look like a BB roliin down a 4 lane highway!” So, I had to literally research to find out what this was you were asking about. Hair loss it seems.

      You know, I don’t think this heart mixture would do any good for your child, but again, I just don’t know. To be honest, I can say as far as his, or even your immune system it would have to help in that regard.

      I finally go to my heart doctor the 11th of this month, so I’m kinda anxious to see my results.

      Anyway, my prayers are with you and your family! Thanks for reading, and God Bless!

    • Jay chambers says:

      My daughter had Alopecia. It is definitely autoimmune issue and is helped by sun light. And ultra violet rays.

      • admin says:

        Thank you for your input Jay! I know when I was first asked about it I had no idea what it was?? How is your daughter, if I might ask?

        Thank you again, Jay, and God Bless you and yours buddy!

  4. Chandrika says:

    I prepare this syrup with lemon juice, ginger, garlic and apple cider vinegar and boil them together it came out dark green or blue colour. So I was scared of the colour. Could please reply as soon as possible. Thanks

    • admin says:

      No problem at all. That IS the color it takes after boiling it down. It is fine.

      Take care and God Bless!

    • Raj says:

      Hi did you tried this syrup when it changed the color…how long you boiled ?

      Hope its not dangerous when it changed its color ?

  5. davinder says:

    good evening to all
    i am 56 year male, gone throgh angiogramm last month due to breathlessness while walking
    angiogram showed 3 VD as below

    advised FOR CABG,
    as i donot want to go for surgery.

    please advise while taking acv ginger garlic lemmon honey supplyment will intract the mediction i am taking.

    Clopidogrel 75mg
    please advise
    best regards

    • admin says:

      Hello to you as well.

      In regards to taking the ginger, garlic, lemon, etc. I do not believe there is any way this can interact with the acv, BUT, I know that while on my heart medication I could not eat grapefruit for some reason or other. So, you probably want to check with your Dr.

      Thank you for dropping by, and good luck and God Bless!

  6. Eric says:

    Dub how do you get the ingredients for the heart elixir ? 2 cups garlic juice

    • admin says:

      Hey Eric…how are ya buddy?

      I buy them fresh, and then juice them here at home. I believe, just me though, that fresh is best. I know what I’m getting.

      Eric, thanks for all your help my friend…

      God Bless you and yours!

      • Ashok says:

        Thank you for posting this. Can you please let me know if I have to use the paste as it is or extract juice from the paste and boil?


        • admin says:

          You know, I’m not sure of the paste. I extract the juices from the ginger root, the garlic, and the lemons using my juicer.

          Take care and God bless!

  7. Aimee says:

    I’d like to try this, but I have no juicer…any idea how else I could accomplish making this? I hope to buy a juicer at some point as I’m beginning quest to get healthier, but for now it’s not an option. Please advise if you can. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      I think you can by the juices over the internet, but I always just juice mine. A juicer is a good investment if you’re thinking of becoming more health conscious. Good luck, and God Bless you and yours!

  8. Miriam says:

    Can you please tell me how many pounds of the garlic & ginger that will give a cup of juice?

    Thanks a million!

    • admin says:

      I’m thinking bout 6 garlic gloves, and maybe a pound of ginger?? It’ll get ya close. LOL! I always use any extra in my other juices I drink, or in some food recipe.

      thank you for stopping by, and God bless.

  9. Linda Williams says:

    We do not own a juice extractor. Is there some other way
    We can make this ginger and garlic into juice? My husband has
    12 blockages and has had 2 stints put in
    Help would be appreciated

    • admin says:

      Yes Ma’am, you can by both over the internet I believe. I just choose to juice my own. Good luck, and God Bless you and yours!

  10. STV CHARY says:

    This is an excellent medicine. One of my friends, who recently went to Belgium told me that he met a person from Pakistan, who was advised to undergo Angioplasty. Then that patient went to a ‘Hakim’ (a unani doctor), who suggested this medicine. Believe it or not the blocks were found to have been cleared in 15 days. This is the truth.

    • admin says:

      Great news, and appreciated. Yes sir, the testimony we get back has all been very positive. We’re just glad to pass on to others what may indeed help them out. This has helped me tremendously!

      Thank you for dropping in. Please come again!

      Have a great day and God bless!

  11. Lonnie Viejo says:

    Generally, hair loss in patches signifies alopecia areata. Alopecia areata typically presents with sudden hair loss causing patches to appear on the scalp or other areas of the body. If left untreated, or if the disease does not respond to treatment, complete baldness can result in the affected area, which is referred to as alopecia totalis.

  12. hazana caffoor says:

    Can we use any kind of pot to boil these three (Garlic ,Ginger & Apple cider) juices ? Because i boiled them in a aluminum utensil and juice became green colour.

    • admin says:

      Yes you can. I believe any type of pot will work. As far as the greenish coloring, that is just fine. It usually turns a bluish green. Sorry it took so long to respond, but be sure to boil the one cup of lemon juice as well. Take care, and God Bless!

  13. Sumit says:

    Hi Deb and Dub,

    I am a 32 years old, East Indian male currently living in Canada. Its been over 10 years i have high cholesterol problem, mainly high triglyceride. After reading your post i followed the instructions and gave it a try. and i am very happy to share that my triglyceride dropped by 1.1 point in just couple of months. it was 6.7 couple of months back, and now its 5.6.

    amazing thing is i am not taking any medication or did much changes in my diet ( i did cut down on fried food and red meat). I am going to continue taking the mixture and will keep post my next results.

    I visited my doctor today, and she highly recommends me to keep taking the medications. May be i can do both.

    Thanks for sharing this miracle recipe.

    • admin says:

      We’re very happy to hear of your progress! Please do keep us updated on your journey. God is truly great, huh? Wishin you the very best! God Bless!

  14. im making your recipe, how long will it last after mixing? tnx and God bless

    • admin says:

      Hello there Amelita! It lasts me several weeks which is right up my alley as bad as it smells makin it!! LOL.

      You’re very welcome and God Bless you and yours as well!


  15. Donna Sheridan says:

    I don’t have a juicer, can I use frsh ingredients in my osterizer? Or maybe a blender???
    Will this concoction clear the arteries in my legs, I’m 100% blocked on both sides and was told I need peripheral bi-pass surgery. Problem I lost my job and have no insurance now and my legs are abolutely killing me.

    • Donna Sheridan says:

      Was too anxious to start this remedy, so I purchased a juicer. Followed the recipe and mine did not turn greenish blue. It was more like caramel color after I mixed the honey in. Did I do something wrong?? Hope not, I’m going to try it anyway!!!

      By the way, how did your Doctor’s appointment turn out? I believe it was March 11th. Just curious!!

      Wishing you the best!!
      Thank you,

      • admin says:

        Hey Donna!

        You sound like me in regards to your new juicer…once I get something in my head…I’m WIDE open till I get wast I wanted!

        No ma’am, you didn’t do anything wrong, I don’t believe. I had a friend who used processed honey and his turned more brownish as well. Go on with it! LOL.

        My doctor’s appointment turned out well, he was very impressed with the weight loss and my ekg results, BUT…he did not do blood work. Tween you and me…it ticked me off, but claims we’ll do it next visit???

        Anyway…he’s the doctor, and I’m the redneck! Lol.

        Wishing you the best as well Donna, and God Bless!


    • admin says:

      Well hello again Donna, and as usual I’m doin things backwards…should have answered this post first, huh??? The juicer IS the best way to go. We always use the Jack Lalanne (spelling???), and I’m sold on this name brand. Wouldn’t have anything else. Yes Ma’am, I believe this will help you. Tons of testimony from others worldwide who believe in this. Also several other sites speak of this too.

      Job loss, and insurance…very tough, but keep your head up. The Good Lord will never place more on you than you can tote! Keep lookin up.

      God Bless you Donna!

  16. Willie Williams says:

    I just start trying it. I will report on the results later. Thanks for the information and the site.

    • admin says:

      Hey Willie…what’s up?

      Hope all goes well for ya my friend, and yes sir, please keep us posted in regards to your results!

      Good luck, and God Bless!


  17. Patrick Z says:

    Hi Dub. I had a heart attack last week July 23, 2013. It was bad. I was given streptokinase which could only be given once in 6 months to dilute the blood clott. Now i’m scheduled for angiogram in about three weeks. I’ve been taking your mixture every before meals for almost a week now. If you could give more suggestions and advices, I would be very grateful.

    • admin says:

      Hello Patric, how are ya buddy?

      Patric, I’m very sorry for your recent experience, but ya know what…God didn’t take you! To me, this simply means He does indeed still have a plan for you here. Not bein an MD, the best advice I can possibly give you is to put your faith and trust in God’s hands. He never puts more on us than we can tote!

      Continue with the ginger, garlic, etc., I’ve seen testimonials from literally world wide. Over 90% all advocating the benefits from this. Google this concoction. There’s an MD in Pakistan I believe, who wholeheartedly believes in this very treatment. A heart doctor I think is what he is, but on his site he shows before and after photos of his blocked, then unblocked arteries. Pretty interesting, especially coming from a doctor. Somehow he saw our post on this subject, and put it on his site along with a few others speaking of this treatment. I’m a firm believer in it, and I’m always looking out for other natural treatments…all God given in my opinion.

      Thanks for stopping by, my friend, and please keep us updated with your progress. You’re in our prayers, and God Bless you and yours! Wishing you the very best in all things!

  18. lina says:

    I purchased ginger and garlic juices, it is OK or I should make it at home ? Do you mix in water or just take it alone ?

    • admin says:

      Personally, I juice them at home. BUT, that’s just me. I’d think it would make no difference, but still follow the rest of the recipe. 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 cup lemon juice, boil those 4 cups (ginger and garlic 1 cup of each), down to 3 cups total, then add 3 cups pure honey.

      Any other questions feel free to ask.

      Have a great day and God Bless!

      • doveymum says:


        Is honey important for the recipe ? Can i dont add honey as my mum got diabtetics and is asked to refrain from sugar, i am in dilema , should i follow strictly to recipe or omit the honey.

        Pls help me, with all my hearts i thank you for sharing and pls help me find out about the honey stuff, i want to the recipe asap.

        God bless!

        • admin says:

          Yes ma’am, I see where you’ve asked this prior. With your mom being a diabetic, I’m not sure. I will check for you, but you need to ask her Doctor as well. HE…being the MD, and ME…bein an ole redneck!! LOL!

          God Bless you guys!

  19. Jackie says:

    Hi there!
    Good day…
    I’m glad to share my experience with this mixed juices.
    I’m working as a private nurse in one of the family here in Oman.
    My client had an heart attack last January 2013, he undergone PTCA in one blocked artery and has been under medications. He tried to change his diet and do some exercise but still his cardiologist was not happy with the results of his lipid profile.
    Then we tried to go with a natural medicine, I advised him to drink fruit juices especially the pomegrrnate juice, betruit and watermelon because its very good for the heart & cholesterol. But still his cardiologist was not happy with the lipid profile test results and he changed the dosage of the medicines.
    Then I read one article about this ginger,garlic,lemon abd apple cider vinegar with honey. I decided to try it for my client since he’s also intersted with natural medicines. So I made for him. Then after a month, thanks God that his lipid profile test results was so so good and his cardiologist was very very happy. Butbwe didn’t tell the cardiologist that my client is taking this juice.
    Then I decided to decrease the dose of her lipitor to 40mg from 80mg then after a month again the result still very awesome!
    I highly believe that this mixture really helps a lot.
    We will visit the cardiologist again on September 8, 2013 & we’ll see what he’s going to say with the results of the blood test again and his assessments. If the result will still be so good I told my client that we will stop his lipitor and take the mixture 2tbsp daily.
    I think it is best taken with empty stomach.

    I just wanted to know, for how many months or years you can store this miracle juice?

    Thanks and God bless.

    • admin says:

      Hi there back at ya, and a good day to you too!! LOL!

      Amazing story, and we so appreciate you taking the time to share this with us! I see God’s hand in this as well! We want to wish your client continued success, and you the best of all things. You sound like a very, very good person!

      I too believe it is best to take on an empty stomach.

      Take good care and God Bless!

  20. tommy says:

    I looked up ginger it says do not take if you take blood thinners which I do ,does anyone know if it is safe to take with them

    • admin says:

      Ginger itself is a type of natural blood thinner, but to answer your question…PLEASE see your Doctor.

      God Bless you guys!

  21. Doveymum says:

    Is honey important can I omit honey ?

    • admin says:

      I wouldn’t think so. The recipe calls for 3 cups, so it must play a vital role in the grand scheme of things?? Sorry…

      God Bless you guys!

  22. Inderdeep singh says:

    Hi I got mix juice from my mum she was suffering from asthma , cough, from 12 year and in India healthcare is not free we spent 1200000 Rs on medicines . But doesn’t make any difference, one day mum health was very poor .. Then my friend came he suggest mix juice to my mum . With in 3 month my mum feel well and now she is healthy and wealthy bcz we save money from doctor so highly recommend !

    • admin says:

      Great story in regards to your mom’s health. Very glad she is doing so well! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. God Bless you and yours!

  23. noreen may de los santos says:

    i have a friend with thrombosis on her leg. she had stop taking her medicine as her maintenance and start taking this mixture. it was do great as the result came. she never have any numbness on her leg and can stand longer now. i will try it and invite some of freinds rather than losing their hope.
    God bless everyone!

  24. ming says:

    Thx for the info.

  25. drooty says:

    Hi… been making this elixir with pure garlic and ginger juices bought from amazon and lemon and a.c.v and honey bought at local store .I would also like to suggest that you brush teeth at night then take the elixir almost a shot glass full rinse your gums before swallowing … I have periodontal gum desiese and the elixir seems to have an effect on my mouth. When making the elixir the house smells wonderful and I find that I have a taste for it my wife to …. let see if we can find other elixirs that have been around…

  26. Swaroop Kunduru says:

    What is the technique to follow to extract juice from garlic? I could not able to do it even after trying several ways. So I ground and used the paste. Could you explain how did you extracted juice from garlic?


    • admin says:

      Personally I use a Jack LaLane juicer. Works great. I juice the ginger root, the garlic, and the lemons myself. We also juice 20 to 25 vegetables and fruits we mix together. This we drink just for health reasons as a whole. Use the same juicer for everything.

      Take care and God bless.

  27. Isabelita de Castro says:

    Just got the good news from my sister in law and she gave a bottle of her mixture. The taste is good but its sweet. Does this affect my blood sugar? By the way, Iam a diabetic but having heart problem.

  28. Amber says:

    If YOURE into natural healing you have to hydrate yourself properly.
    1Cup of NATURAL Carrot juice twice a week hydrates your cells tremendously which allows PROPER absorption of nutrients and most INPORTANT will properly flush away Toxins of the organs and blood stream!
    ALSO of course water will hydrate BUT it has to be purified correctly!
    done so with LOW heat and lOW SURFACE TENSION! Also No plastic bottles they contain femaldahyde!! If a plastic bottle ever gets heated which they always do from transporting it can harm your nutrient absorption and eventually make you system sick.
    I wish most ppl new this!

    Your ingredients on helping your heart Are great!

  29. Amber says:

    MAKE sure carrots are WASHED properly before juicing. They carry bacteria Even in Pre washed bags!

  30. gilbert says:

    is there any side effect of this alternative medicine

    • admin says:

      None that I’m aware of, and have seen no mention of any from the comments.

      Thanks for stoppin by, and God bless!

  31. Adrian says:

    Dear frd..pls advise…to take a table spoon of the mix alone or with water..?

    Thks u

    God bless

  32. Kathie says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your wife. It seems so amazing that you have such a wonderful spirit and are trying to help others even though you have suffered so much. Your wife sounds like she was an awesome woman with a wonderful spirit also. Did you get your blood tested, yet? I’d like to know the results. I hope that God will bless you with good health & happiness.
    A friend gave me a similar recipe for my mother-in-law who has a severe cold. She’s trying some of her recipe, that my friend made, now.
    To make it, she said, not to boil the ingredients, to just warm them and to drink a lot of water afterwards. Her recipe was 4 ounces of each of these; Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, Organic chopped ginger, Orgainic chopped garlic and raw organic honey. I was able to purchase these at Whole Foods. I also bought the honey from Ingaldsby Farm as honey from local bees is best; & theirs is from their own bees. My husband had a heart attack 2 years ago, August 7. His artery was 90% blocked. The doctor put a stint in & he’s on lots of medicine. He also had bladder cancer about a year later & the doctor removed it. He’s still cancer free as of his last doctor’s appointment. I thank God for saving him from both. But he is very stubborn & won’t quit smoking. Won’t eat right either. Guess he thinks he’s o.k. because he takes all that medicine. Anyway, I hope he’ll try this remedy to get him to stay well. I’m going to make some. I have had high Cholesterol & was on Simvastatin which I stopped taking. But started to take it again as I’m afraid that my arteries might be starting to get blocked. So I’m gong to try this whether my husband does or not. Do you think this recipe is just as good as yours? Thank you. May God bless you and your family.
    Sincerly, Kathie

    • admin says:

      Hello, and thank you so much for your thoughts in my regard. they are appreciated. No ma’am no blood tests results. Heart doctor did no blood work?? Just said everything looked great. Primary care doc said he would for me next visit…


      I have no idea as to not boiling down the ginger, garlic, etc. mixture…we just always have. Plenty of documentation worldwide where this has helped, thanks to God first…see comments. As far as NOT boiling down…I just don’t know, although again, we always have. Your second comment stated your friend said it would kill the nutrients??? Not sure, and I know that in many cases it does, but also know that cooking down in regards to somethings, it ENHANCES the nutrients, carrots are an example. So, being no m.d., I can’t tell you, no, don’t boil this mixture. You decision, but I will look around some.

      Also, I ALWAYS juice fresh ginger, garlic and the lemon juice myself. I then KNOW what I have got, versus with store bought, I am skeptical at times?? Just me probably, but it the same as a tomato…I’d rather have one out of my garden versus store bought.

      In regards to your husband, as far as his heart condition, yes ma’am, I do believe this will help. But same as you wished for me…good luck on this path God has chosen for you guys, and God Bless you and yours. as Deb used to tell me, “You’re RIGHT where God intends you to be.”

      Many blessings once more, and “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”

      Thank you for your blessings in my regard!

  33. Kathie says:

    My friend said, if you boil it, that will kill the nutrients.
    What’s your opinion?

  34. MARNELLI says:

    Hello! Thank you for sharing this recipe, though I have yet to make one.

    I don’t have a juicer, just a normal food processor. Should I mix a small amount of water with the garlic and ginger, in order to make juices out of them…?

    And one more thing, how long shoud I boil the 4 cups of juices? Or can I turn off the heat once it starts boiling?

    Would appreciate your attention to this. Thanks a lot, God bless!

    • admin says:

      Hello…how are you? Possibly a small amount of water would be fine?? As little as possible. No ma’am, boil hard for 5-10 minutes. The mixture will turn bluish green so don’t be alarmed. As quickly as possible, try to invest in a juicer. I use mine quite a bit…we juice other fruits and veggies for straight shots of nutrition. Have a great day, and God Bless!

  35. Shahjahan says:

    I made the elixir and 04 cups became 02 cups, then added 02 cups of honey. Will it work. Further, is keeping in the refrigerator necessary. Please reply soon.

    • admin says:

      Yeah, it will probably be okay, but next time try to keep it at 3 cups prior to adding 3 cups of honey. Yes, please keep refrigerated! Thanks for stopping by, and good luck and God Bless!

  36. king says:

    after heating the mixture of apple cider vinegar,ginger juice,lemon juice and i added garlic paste very fine to the mixture as i could not get the juice out of garlic.The colour of the mixture turned GREENISH BLUE can some one tell me is this normal or if something went wrong with the mixture.Hope its not turn to poison.Someone please reply.Thanks

    • admin says:


      No worries, this mixture DOES turn bluish green! As far as poison is concerned…does your wife and kids love you??? LOL!!

      No, no threat of it being poisonous. Have a great day and God Bless!

  37. Savitha says:

    My dad is a sugar patient with heart blockage at 70 yrs now he is suffering from cough and leg bulging.Doctor suggested to do bypass but we dint agree for it as he is very week. now i started giving this natural medicine from ginger garlic lemon apple cedar vinegar to him. i want u to guide me more to keep my dad healthy

    • admin says:

      First off, keep looking up. I promise God will not put more on us than we can carry! Secondly, be sure to add the 3 cups of honey! Tell your Dad to keep looking up, and God Bless you guys!

  38. Stephanie says:

    Yes, thank you so much for this recipe!!
    I was wondering if there is a reason that it is heated and brought to a boil? Doesn’t that reduce the beneficial properties? Would it still work if it was not heated? Thank you so much for you input.

    • admin says:

      Hey Stephanie…sorry bout the delay and getting back to you. Kinda got a new life goin on here, and findin a “new” normal. Anyway…

      The bringing to a boil is the directions I received in making this mixture. I wondered also if this would reduce the benefits, but carrots when cooked react the same…more benefits if cooked some?? Don’t ask me, but all the testimonials we receive are very promising. Bein no MD, but a Central Fla. “redneck,” I am one of those, show me before I believe ya guys! LOL. This mixture, again, seems to be a big help to many. So…I personally believe to not change any preparation at all.

      Hope I’ve helped you in some way.

      Thank you Stephanie for takin the time to drop a line. You guys have a Merry Christmas, and God Bless you and yours!

  39. Shahjahan says:

    For how long this elixir is to be used. It can be used for ever as it is natural and tastes good. Moreover, I take three tablespoons a day on empty stomach. Is it O.K.

  40. Stephanie says:

    And may God bless You!

  41. abby dabba says:

    Please can you tell me can you only take one tablespoon in the morning. And not for the rest of day. Is that the amount only. Amd is it normal to feel the odd symptons is that away of healing please advice me

    • admin says:

      I take one prior to breakfast, but I don’t see where it could possibly hurt to take more. Actually, I keep mine stored in a water bottle, and I just walk by the fridge, grab the bottle, and get a slug! LOL! That is what I do though. If you feel odd after taking, possibly your body makeup MAY be reacting to one of the ingredients?? I’m not sure. I’ve not heard of this before, but let me stress…let your body, or your md advise you.

      Have a Merry Christmas, and God Bless!

  42. Farhana says:

    if there is any problem? if i mixed all four things together (garlic, ginger, apple cider vinegar honey and lemon juice) and boil them together..plz inform me..

    • admin says:

      Not really understanding your question…sorry?? But if you mix all ingredients properly, and boil, no…there should not be ANY problem whatsoever. Now…IF your body reacts to one of the ingredients, saying for instance, you are allergic to ginger, or garlic, etc., then yes…you probably will have a problem. If you are allergic to any of these, then I advise to not use it. If not…then I personally see no problem…the ingredients are all natural, but…some people are allergic to peanuts, or even penicillin?? Depends on your body.

      You and yours have a great day and God Bless!

  43. Jacquelyn says:

    Is it necessary to boil it? I was thinking of making it for leg cramps as I’ve seen a similar item only without the lemon or honey. (I don’t know the ratio and was looking for that recipe when I came across your article). Wondering how boiling it breaks it down and if the raw juices mixed would be okay?

    • admin says:

      In my opinion, yes, I do believe it necessary to boil it. First that’s how I received this mixture…with instructions on the recipe, again, they state to boil. As far as not boiling, I can’t say…I’ve never tried it in this form. As far as the break down of the properties involved, and the reasoning for this, you’ll have to ask someone MUCH sharper than I to answer these questions. LOL.

      I also believe that not only heart health is featured with this, but with the ingredients themselves, I believe this just HAS to help boost your immune system as well.

      Have a great day and God Bless!

  44. Elizabeth says:

    I started taking this Oct. 16th because my cholesteral was 287. My doc wanted me on statins which I had stopped previously because of the terrible leg cramps it causes. She put me on it again and the cramps started again, so I took myself off them. I began the “elixir” and took it for 6 weeks before my blood tests. I was ecstatic to see my cholesteral had dropped 37 points in 6 weeks!! It is still high at 251 but I will continue to take this and see what my next blood tests show in 3 months!! It is incredible!! BTW, mine did not turn blue-green when I boiled it !??!

    • admin says:

      Great news indeed Elizabeth! Keep up the good work and wishing you all the best!! Not blue green?? Sometimes my mixture doesn’t turn what you’d call blue green, and other times it will turn a little more blue green. I’ve wondered at times if the freshness of the produce I’ve bought may not be as fresh as other times…anyway…if you prepared it as stated, you should be just right!

      God Bless, and thanks for droppin us a line!

  45. manoj says:

    Hi .. Thanks for sharing this..
    I’m 33 years old & i want to be heart healthy.
    My total cholesterol level is 244.
    Please suggest should i go for this alternative medication to keep the cholesterol in control.

    • admin says:

      You betcha!! I’d take as just a preventative if for no other reason, plus, I feel with the ingredients themselves, they’d just about HAVE to boost your immune system! Take good care, and God Bless!

  46. Meng Wei says:

    Hi, i tried preparing using the recipe mentioned. While boiling the garlic, ginger, lemon and apple vinegar juices, the mixture turned from yellowish to greenish. Is this expected? I thought the final mixture should be yellowish?

    • admin says:

      My mixtures turn bluish green almost all the time, but on occasions, sometimes not much at all?? It has made me wonder if the freshness of the products being used makes this difference in appearance?? If you’re mixing as instructed though, you will be just right! Thanks for droppin us a line and God bless you and yours!

  47. Stephanie says:

    So I read the rest of the comments and found my answer….Thank you!

  48. Meng Wei says:

    Hi, I tried preparing using the recipe mentioned. The mixture eventually turns greenish towards the end. Is this expected? I saw in other sites that the final mixture is yellowish. So which colour is right? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      As stated earlier…my mixtures do turn bluish green. I think this is fine! Again…I wonder at times of differing freshness of products being used in the preparation?? Thanks again, and God Bless!

  49. anee says:

    I have the mixture for more than two you think I should discard this one and make new or I can still use it.
    it was refrigerated whole time.

    • admin says:

      I think it is still fine, especially refrigerated, but if you don’t feel comfortable…just mix a new batch! God Bless!

  50. eduardo jose jr. says:

    I dont have a juicer or blender – can i boil or simmer
    the ginger & garlic and squeeze the juice out in a cheese cloth? Will it counter the beneficial effects of the juices ?

    • admin says:

      To be honest with you, I’m not sure about extracting the juice this way. I’ve always used my juicer. BUT…I’ve been taught my whole life… “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” I do know you can find both ginger and garlic juice over the internet. I have a friend without a juicer who gets it this way. Personally, I prefer juicing it myself because I KNOW what I’m getting, plus I feel it has to be fresher as well.

      As for extracting the juice from another source without a juicer, another thought in life’s lesson comes too mind… “There’s more than one way to skin a cat!”

      I hope this has been a help to you.

      Wishing you all the best in life, and God Bless!

  51. Anne @ Urgent... says:

    Greetings & Salutations! I have cancer of vocal cords, had radiation therapy ending in Oct 2013, cancers have returned, rapidly growing. Next step could be removal of vocal cords, chemo & mechanical voice box. Trying to avoid this procedure any way possible. Last year had cancerous tumor removed from bladder, last week had small cell basil removed from nose. Obviously I’m not faring so well. Question; will this concoction in any way help my throat and/or other areas of spread? I have some trouble swallowing but can manage. PLEASE, you and your knowledgeable readers advise your thoughts ASAP. Thank you so much for your compassion, concern and any helpful advise or counsel. Love from Fla, USA

  52. Anne @ Urgent... says:

    Thank you Dub for caring and for your expedient reply via my email. God bless you; I couldn’t agree more with your encouragement in Jesus and in my walk with Him. The Gentle Master is forever with me day and night, comforts and holds my hand at every moment and at every turn; leading, bringing me to a calm place in my spirit and keeps me in constant peace. There is no more than this I can ask, or would ask; other than counsel and prayers in His Holy Name. Truly, HE IS and has been all I have (and THAT’S A LOT!) to hold onto, He is my strength, and in HIM is my faith in everything I do, or don’t do. Your response is SO beautiful; please, feel perfectly at ease to publish it right here if you’d like.

    I did all the research I could find and read your blog and the reader posts before I made my post on your site, so I understood about the juice concentrate concoction, which appears to definitely be worth a try in several areas of improving ones health. I will answer your email soon; meanwhile I wanted to shed a little light on the huge problem of squeezing the juice from these hateful fresh ginger roots. I, like many others, do not own a Jack LaLane Juicer or any other kind of juicer that’s worth a good huff & a puff. Tried and true: S-I-M-P-L-E! THIS WORKS!!

    Rinse the fresh roots but do NOT peel. Break them up and/or slice off sections crosswise, (not lengthwise slices), not so small that you wouldn’t be able to get a grip on them. Place the pieces in the freezer until solidly frozen. Microwave on high a few pieces at the time until real hot and soft to the touch; this will take more than a minute. Using a short salad fork, and holding directly close over the container, insert the fork prongs into one piece of the root at the time while continuously gouging and twisting the fork firmly back and forth. The juice will immediately start to flow out of the pulp; THEN using your hand/fingers squeeze the root piece as hard as you can and there, BINGO, you have your juice! BTW, just so you know; it takes lots more than one pound of ginger root to make an 8oz cupful. I saved and boiled all the (very tough) pulp pieces for brewing ginger tea. Strained it, spicy but tasty with a little honey added, refrigerated the rest. You get used to the sorta hot-spicy taste.

    NOW, as to the fresh garlic juice. FORGET THAT! I’m no master chef, but I tried every kitchen gadget I own, including a garlic presser. No can do! W.H.A.T a mess. I sent my son out to purchase a large jar of refrigerated minced garlic for me today and this will just have to do. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work the very same way, right? It’s all going to be boiled together anywayz, so big whoopie. It will still be drinkable and digestible. Only thing, it’s probably preserved in store-bought vinegar w/water and possibly other preservatives added? Well. I can’t do much about that, now can I? Don’t think I’ll bother to strain out the tiny little garlic pearls after boiling with other ingredients, could be losing the only garlic content if I do that.

    Bottom line, I have to move forward and stop fiddling with it, meanwhile the lemons could be going sour! I am thinking I will take 2 tbsps 3 x daily of the final concentrate mixture while keeping it safely refrigerated. The final six cups of concentrate, after adding the 3 cups of honey, should last a few weeks? What say you?

    Dub, I have also been reading about a natural raw (NOT Arm ‘n Hammer) PH baking soda/raw molasses possible cure for some types of cancers, primarily prostate cancer (don’t have, I’m a woman). I’m not handy at posting links but it’s on the interwebs and by Googling Baking Soda Cancer Cure it should show up. Some research has been done on this; as well, there is an informative video posted by a doctor who has done multiple research in conjunction with others, who categorically advocates that cancer is a fungus. I have not had time to look into his research and recommendations but intend too.

    Do you or any of your readers know anything about these possible cures and dietary regimens, or other alternative simple-step/do-it-yourself treatments? Believe it or not, I have not given up at all and actually AM thinking that I MIGHT/COULD get better! I look forward to being in touch with you and your readers very soon. GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU ALL; and thank you again for your kind response…. Anne in Fla, USA

  53. Suraiya says:

    I have hyper acidity problem, do you think I can take this mixture? I also have cholesterol, hence want to take this mixture. Thanks

    • admin says:

      I don’t believe it would hurt you in any way, shape or form. I will check though, and get back with you, okay? God Bless!

  54. E.Y. Wang says:

    Hi. I would really like for this to work. I have a couple of questions that I was hoping you can answer:

    Does your mixture turn green when you boil it? (Actually, I left out the lemon. Does the lemon help prevent the color change?)
    How different does it taste if you didn’t boil it? (What does boiling do to the mixture?)

    I mistakenly forgot to boil it my first and only time. When I drank it, my body reacted immediately. I got a cramp and started wanting to vomit. I managed to hold it down, but the experience wasn’t pleasant. Is that normal?


    • admin says:

      EY…how are you?

      Yes…every time I make a batch mine does indeed turn green, and I DO put in lemon and I DO boil it. From what I’ve seen it is the juiced garlic that causes this, at least in my experience. How does it taste if you don’t boil it?? I have no idea, but I don’t imagine very good. LOL!

      So sorry to see you had a problem in your first attempt at this, but again…boil the ingredients…all but the honey. It is added after boiling the other 4 ingredients, okay?

      Being no MD, but only the messenger (I got this recipe from a very good friend of mine from India who out of concern for me sent it to me. I had a major heart attack in 2008. I have not been on any prescribed heart medicines since June of 2011.), I personally believe the boiling helps to release, or breakdown some of the nutrients in the mix. Carrots for example need to be cooked to help you receive the most benefit. I found this hard to believe at first, but according to various sources it is true.

      I hope I have been of some help to you.

      Good luck and God Bless!

  55. Doreen says:

    It is right? I blended garlic, ginger. Individualy then I mix all and I cook in low fire. Pls, hope you answer me ASAP. Thanks and more power. God Bless!

  56. Brenda Watts says:

    hi, new to juicing though I have had the Jack LaLanne’s juicer about 5 years.. I did some apple juice and put it away. :-) in light of this article I got it out. and wow about passed out peeling garlic. So I just broke the cloves up and dropped them in. that worked. is that ok? Also just washed the ginger… it clogged the juicer so will peel it from now on. Question. Is it ok I did not peel the garlic? It wont kill us or anything will it? I read it has
    botulism on it, but we are cooking it after all…… thoughts?
    Thanks. Brenda

    • admin says:

      I too bust the garlic cloves and drop them in just as you did. Personally I juice the whole ginger skin and all, and the lemon, peel and all. I feel I’d be missing nutrient value if I didn’t, and if it clogs your strainer basket…clean it out! Lol!.

      Also, you’re right…it has to be cooked!

      Thank you for stopping by Brenda. Keep us informed on how this works out for you, okay?

      Good luck, and God Bless!

  57. reen says:

    please answer my question. it is okay i blend garlic,ginger? or do i have to buy juicer thanks and more power. this garlic,ginger,apple cidar vinegar,lemon and honey. it well help alot to my family.

    • admin says:

      Morning Doreen…how are you.

      I do apologize for the lapse in getting back with you. My only excuse is we’ve been really, really busy, and are also involved in the startup of a new business. We’ve been undergoing A LOT of daylight to cain’ts here lately. Again…I apologize.

      Personally, I use a juicer…it works great. I always juice the lemon, garlic and ginger myself. I just don’t see how a blender will work out very well? Do you mash and strain the remnants to get as much juice as possible? You can buy the juices over the net, but I personally would rather juice all the ingredients myself…I KNOW what I’m getting.

      Don’t know your situation, but if possible I’d buy a juicer. $79 to 100 bucks I think. GOOD, GOOD investment. You can do this mix, plus juice other juices for your family as well. I’m a BIG advocate of having a juicer.

      Good luck, and here’s wishing you and yours the very best! God Bless!

  58. Avtar Singh says:

    Dear Friends,
    It is great to read all your very interesting discussions and experiences about heart conditions. I am an ex- athelete but had to have two stents in Nov, 2009 at age 66 years.
    Few weeks after my procedures, a friend of my son recommended that we read the
    following book :
    Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
    by Dr Caldwell B Esselstyn

    Dr Caldwell’s work has been so impressive that today,my whole family are following
    his advice. Ex President Clinton too is following his advice. You can learn more about the natural way to get back your original healthy heart. Go to the following YouTube site:

    The best of health to all.


  59. CK says:

    Hello Dub, i have 1 stent at the age of 36. Recently, they found out that the first stent collapsed and another one was added at the age of 38. i really need to make drastic changes in my life and would like to get some advice. thank you for having this blog and sharing your knowledge. sounds like whatever you are doing is working very well

    I wanted to try this concoction and interested in making my own juices. i have some questions and i hope you can help.

    1. any recommendations on a juicer? any specific model you are using?
    2. how much garlic do i need to make 1 cup of juice? how much ginger?
    3. can you please describe your exercise regimen?
    4. how’s your blood work?

    i bought bottled ginger and garlic juice over the internet and it cost me about 50 plus shipping. it does contain other stuff in the ingredients so i am not sure how effective it would be. i would really like to make home made stuff.

    Thanks in advance

    • admin says:

      Hello! Sounds like you have had a little bit of a rough go, but you know what? It also sounds as if God has a plan in your regard. You are a blessed man!

      Personally, I feel the same as you. I’d much rather make my own juice to use…in this way I KNOW what I’m getting, but again, that’s just me.


      #1- The Jack LaLane juicer for your own personal household juicing is the best way to go in my book. I believe the models are pretty close, but I do like the flip up juice spot on my juicer. This stops juice drippage.

      #2- I’m guessing 5-6 cloves of garlic, and maybe a pound or a little more of ginger. I’ve never put an actual measure on it, because I always use whatever may be left in other ways.

      #3- Exercise regime??? Gotta admit that has slacked off immensely the past 6 months. In reality I have just started back. Got my weight down to 229 from 320 at one point. Felt like a million bucks. Remarried in June of 2013…no problem. Then both of us got sick as dogs. Some type of flu, terrible cough, and we just couldn’t shake it. 6 weeks later I was beginning to feel like I might make it! LOl. I’d not been sick to speak of in a couple years. Then after getting over that I was doing some curls after my walk, hear a POP, in my right shoulder, and after 5-6 more curls I decided…ya might better stop.

      That pretty much stopped my weight work outs up until just recently. Then I decide I want to look into starting a new business at 57. Long story short…when I stress I eat. No joke. Food is my comfort zone if stressing, that and I LOVE to cook. Two weeks ago I went to my primary care Doctor and weighed in at 297…from being down to 229. I was like…you nut.

      Again, I started back with my workouts, and am down to 286. This will continue. Looks like our new business is bout ready to kick off, stress is gone, and ready to get it (the weight) off again. TOO many 36 inch waist britches hangin in the closet I need to wear!! LOL.

      When going strong with my workout regime I walk 2 miles daily. One day with a 60 lb. backpack and leg weights, the next with leg weights and 15 lb. dumbells in each hand. I walk and curl them as I’m walking. If you don’t have one…get an i-pod. Each day when thru with walk I do 200-400 crunches on the bowflex, and a few other weight training exercises. I have a speed bag and a heavy bag I use as well.

      That’s what I do. I also juice several vegetables and fruits each day and drink a 44 oz. glass of this juice after my workout. Got off fried foods, but really didn’t change much else…just smaller portions.

      I’ll get this back off but think I want to stay around 235. I tote that pretty easily. Got a hard row to hoe for a little while now. SO much easier to put on than take off!

      #4- Funny thing…my primary care doctor is beginning to see some benefits of all natural now too. He’s from a Country where a lot of holistic healing goes on. He’s gotten some of this heart juice from me. I’ve given him testimonials from around the world from people who have benefitted from this juice. SO, I told him I wanted blood work done…MONTHLY for 5-6 months. The reason is, I haven’t been in WORSE physical shape in quite a while, at least I figure not, so I want a monthly record of my blood work to see from a personal standpoint what this juice is doing. He agrees.

      During this weight gain I wasn’t taking this juice on a daily basis as I should. Again, we had A LOT of things going on and I’d hit and miss. This too was why I wanted to do the blood work monthly. I’m back to taking it every morning first thing, and we’ll see from here out.

      BUT…even though I’d not been exercising, eating way too much, not taking this heart juice as I should, and in no where near the shape I’d been in in the not too distant past… my first blood work tests were showing my triglycerides high at 257. My bad cholesterol though was 198. My good cholesterol at 34. With all but the triglyceride count I was pretty amazed. These will drop probably dramatically next month I believe because I’ve started burning many more calories now. Time will tell though.

      I’ll have much more info for you in the not to distant future, and also may amaze you in regards to our startup business…hoping just a couple weeks off.

      Give this stuff a try, keep your chin up, and God Bless!

      Please keep us informed in your own progress as well!

  60. Priyanka says:


    I tried to make the apple cider vinegar with honey, ginger, lemon, garlic syrup that you have mentioned above. But it so happened that after i added vinegar to ginger, lemon, garlic, its colour turned to green? can you tell is it fine??


    • admin says:

      Yes, your color is fine. I’ve found that in our experience it is the juiced garlic where the color change is coming from. If you’ll juice fresh garlic and let it sit, you’ll see a color change beginning to start. But again, your product will be fine IF you cooked the ginger, garlic, apple cider vinegar and the lemon juices together.

      THEN…add you honey.

      Thank you for stopping by and the very best of luck in all things to you and yours!

      God Bless!

  61. Tarun Lakhani says:

    Hi Admin,

    My mom had prepared this magic portion earlier (only with Garlic, Apple Vinegar and Honey).
    I tried today and added Ginger, and Lemon Juice to the above recipe. To my Horror, the color changed to Blue!!!. What the hell? I was tempted to throw it thinking the stuffs that I bought must be full of bad fertilizer. Then I thought, its because I heated it up in the almunium pot.
    Now I read in the above conversation and realised it is common? When my mom prepared it earlier it was caramel color (all natural). The mixture I prepared looks heavy synthetic and scary. Its deep green blue.
    Please do advise why it turned Blue and if it safe to consume it? Why does it change to blue??
    Thanks a lot for help.
    PS: All my family members have refused to touch the portion that I have prepared :-(

    • admin says:

      Sounds like maybe your Mom ought to keep making it and you stay outta the kitchen!! LOL! What’s your grits and eggs look like compared with hers?? Lol!

      No seriously, this product does indeed turn a bluish green. But the reasoning is the garlic and I’ll give you some of the answers why in just a bit from other sources… I notice when I’m juicing my garlic that while my garlic juice sits, like when I’m juicing my lemon, then my ginger, I see this bluish green tint already forming in my container holding the garlic.

      WHY?? I’ve always thought it was because of the breakdown of the different properties within the garlic. For example, there are two properties in garlic that combine to make an all-natural antibiotic, but it won’t happen until the clove is crushed.

      But, a couple more answers from the web

      Turns out that the reactions that create this blue pigment are related to the reactions that create the familiar pungent aroma of garlic and onions. The chemical precursors of these compounds start out safely locked away within individual cells in the plant, but as you cut or grate them, they get exposed to each other, where they end up reacting, with the aid of anzymes. When these rings then link together in a specific way, they form green compounds that are similar in structure to green chlorophyll. The molecules are perfectly safe to eat.


      Garlic turns green when it is cooked with an acid such as lemon juice or even tomatoes. It is because the Isoallin found within the garlic breaks down when it reacts with acid and produces the blue-green color.

      And, you were kinda right with your pot theory too…

      The reason garlic will turn green when cooked has to do with the sulfur in the garlic combining with trace copper from the pan or water. This combination forms copper sulfate, which is a greenish blue compound. The amount of copper needed for this reaction is very small and is often found in normal water supplies. Copper may also be present in butter or lemon juice that may be used to cook the garlic. This compound is harmless in the trace amounts that are involved in cooking.

      I’ll finish up with the copper in the pot theory in answering your next comment….

  62. Tarun Lakhani says:

    Sorry if it is irritating and I read above that it is all common but I cant believe the color.

    • admin says:

      You’re not irritating me…I’ve been married most of my life!! Now THAT…is irritating!! Lol.

      Finishing up on your pot theory used in cooking the ingredients in this juice…or magic potion as you say..

      Traces of copper in the cookware? Could be, but surely not enough to hurt. Seems garlic will change anyway, but other products simply enhance the change it seems.

      Listen up…

      These numbers are based on a nutritional value of a 2,000 calorie per day diet…I’m showing you also that each ingredient has copper in them already.

      Lemon- (copper)- 0.007mg—————–0.079
      Honey- (copper)- 0.007mg.—————-0.79%
      ACV- (copper)- 0.002mg—————–0.18%
      Ginger- (copper)- 0.045mg—————–4.98%
      Garlic- (copper)- 0.178mg—————-19.78%

      Tarun, thanks for stopping by my friend! I’ve enjoyed chatting with you, but I’m still of the theory you better let you momma cook! Lol! No, I’m only picking at you. Here’s wishing you and your family the very best in all things and God Bless you guys! Come back any time!

      Oh, be sure you assure the rest of your family your cooked product is fine. Still though, I go back again to what you may have cooked them in the past that just didn’t turn out so well?? Lol!

      You take care my friend!


  63. VyasJi says:

    Hi there,
    We in our family, don’t eat Onion and Garlic.. Can this be prepared without using Garlic juice.. OR Garlic is most important ingredient of this recipe?

    • admin says:

      Garlic is an integral part of this recipe. From my personal perspective, I would not take out any ingredient, as I feel they all play their own part in what the mixture is all about. All the ingredients are very good for you in their own right, but in all honesty the garlic wouldn’t be eaten, and with all the ingredients combined you only swallow 1 tablespoon daily…in liquid form.

      Hope I’ve been some help to you.

      God Bless you and yours!

  64. subhash kumar says:

    Hi dear,

    amazed to learn about this magical mixer…

    Can this mixture be taken without honey as I am diabetic for last 4 years ..

    Please advise …


    • admin says:

      Good morning!

      In regards to your being a diabetic, I always suggest speaking with your primary care Doctor first in regards to honey in our product. But just last week we received this from someone who responded from his own personal experience of being a diabetic and using this juice…

      I am Diabetic Type 2 since last 15 years and trying my best to keep it under good control.
      Recently, I had CABGx3 (on Oct 11, 2013) and since last one month I am using this Girlic, Ginger, Lemon, Apple Cedar Vinegar and Honey mixture (1 table spoon early morning, on empty stomach, daily) and I did not see increase in my sugar level. Infact, I had used this mixture one month before my CABG operation, (but did not continue and decided to go for CABG operation. Well, it is better to be late, than never to be) and during my regular (which is every 3 months) blood work, my HBA1C showed better results, which means the honey contents of this mixture is not having effect on my over all blood sugar level.

      After the CABG operation, I stopped eating Red Meat and am mostly on vegetables (once or twice a week, I do eat chicken and or fish), no egg yellow (I eat only egg white), l take low fat dairy products (a glass of milk daily in b/f and a cup of tea with milk in the evening) In short, this is my diet and I do exercise (treadmill – 30 minutes and bicycle-10 minutes in Gym) 5-7 days per week and walk, walk and walk a lot all day long or as much as possible. My BP is around 110-12-/70-80, pulse 70, BMI=22, height 180cm, weight 71kg, age-57 years, happily married with 3 kids (of which 2 daughters married and leading happy life and 1 son still studying in college).

      Well, good luck and happy healthy life to all of us.


      Forgot to mention, when I had started using this admixture few months before my CABGx3, after using the mixture for 1 week, I had increased the mixture from 1 table spoon to 2 and then after few days to 3 table spoon every day, due to which by evening my BP had dropped considerable (90/50), so from the following day, I had reduced it to 1 table spoon.

      I hope this was some help for you, but you still may want to speak with your primary care Doctor. Only because some people’s systems react differently to different substances.

      Have a great day and God Bless you and yours!

  65. Rich says:


    This makes a half gallon. How long can this be refrigerated for if we are only taking a table spoon a day before it looses it potency or goes bad?

    • admin says:

      Hey Rich! The mix will make a little better than a third of a gallon. No worries on keeping in fridge. I’ve kept my own mix for up to 3 months, maybe longer? If refigerated though, it will probably keep for a very long time. BUT…a tablespoon is not really a tablespoon if you don’t use a tablespoon measurer. You WANT 1/2 ounce per serving. Most kitchen tablespoons we have actually aren’t? I would assume it looses potency, but I personally just feel this way, but from testimonies given, and myself included, we see many benefits from this juice. If worried on longevity…make half batches.

      Thanks my friend! Good luck and God Bless!

  66. Anwar says:

    Should we store it in fridge for all the time or for only 5 day and keep it out , can i take it as cool aur mix it with warm water , i am taking it for last one month directly from fridge , i think cool potion will effect or not ?

    please guide

  67. Anwar says:

    Will it reduce High Cholesterol level too

    • admin says:

      Yes, it will reduce cholesterol from my own personal use. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, and here’s wishing you the very best, and as always, God Bless!

  68. Toni says:

    We started taking this concoction a month now. Although this blog is very interesting and informative, I do have one question; Why have you have not been able to get blood results in all of this time. How do you know that this formula is working for you as it’s supposed to? Also, many people can’t afford a juicer so how can they get the juice from garlic and ginger as suggested in recipe? I’m sure your response will answer many followers’ questions. Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hey Toni!

      Alright, let me start off by saying, the last 8-9 months have been VERY, VERY stressful! New marriage, which happens to be working out great (had to say that with Kathrine hovering here over me…just kidding), and the start up of a new business, which by the way…is like pulling teeth! I’ve started about 4 business’ in my life, but none compared to this one…BAR NONE!

      In today’s world it seems as if there are so many people today that are so unaccountable in their business, but as in everything, we have met some that are…on the ball too! Seems not that long ago that pretty much EVERYONE was on the ball when it came to their livings, but again, not so much anymore.

      Then, it seems the feds don’t particularly want banks loaning money, at least not to people capable of paying them back, but somehow, we waded through that too! Lol.

      We have had wrong product sent, or product ordered that somehow ended up…still sitting on warehouse floors, although being told…”We shipped it already!” BUT…hadn’t!

      Wrong labels made up, trying to get up a new website…on and on.

      Just this past week have things finally began to ease up, and actually, pretty considerably!

      Long story short…when I stress, and Lord knows I have through this start up…I EAT!

      Seriously…for some reason eating seems to be my comfort zone!

      What happened during these past few months…I gained right at…55 pounds.

      About two months back, I went to my primary care doctor, and he goes…Doug, do you know you’ve put on 35 pounds since I saw you last? I’m like, sure do doc…I’m the one buttoning my britches!

      But, I had my blood work done…overweight…out of shape in a big way…heart problems in the past, and taking NO prescribed heart meds for almost 3 years, and big time stress running out my ears…did I mention money going out in the start up phase, and NONE coming in off the new venture?.

      Things couldn’t be looking much worse from a health standpoint, huh?

      Anyway, with all going against me, ended up my primary care doc was pretty impressed from a heart health standpoint, and has pretty much jumped on the bandwagon with our juice as well.

      With everything seemingly going wrong, my test results are as follows…from Feb. 13.

      Triglycerides high, but I knew they would be…my food intake far outweighed my burning off calories…257

      My total cholesterol was 195

      My HDL was a little low at…34

      My LDL was…110

      A chart for references…

      Anyway, these results for an overweight, stressed out guy, a heart attack in 08, and in the middle of a new business start up, who’d not taken ANY prescribed heart meds for almost 3 years…were pretty good.

      We scheduled monthly blood work to have a chart of my personal heart health for you guys, and weigh ins every two weeks for you to follow, but have backed these up on account of SO MANY problems with start up…but again now we’re pretty even keeled and
      stress off.

      We are working next week, the the following week Kathrine and I are headed fishing for a 8-10 days to basically…chill out some. upon returning, I am going back to primary care to reset up the blood work and weigh ins to graph out for ya’ll once more. Restarted my workout regime now, and we’ll see where this goes. I’m looking forward to my results as badly as you guys!

      Get back with you soon!


  69. tayo says:

    Thanks so much for taking your time to enlight us on the benefit of this misture.God bless you richly question is must be mixture be taken along side with water?should I just take one spoon alone or pour one spoon in side a glass ofwater and drink

    • admin says:

      Good morning, and thank you for your kind words. In regards to taking our juice with water, no we don’t. We take one tablespoon first thing in the morning right by itself.

      Thanks for stopping by and God Bless!

  70. Rich says:

    This reciper has been a God send. I have unilateral vocal cord paralysis which has caused me to have vocal cord dysfunction. I was getting episodes when the nerve spasmed that was causing the tissue around my vocal cords to swell and make me feel like i could not breathe. So i would run to clinic and/or ER to get a shot of steroids and Rx for Prednisone to open the airway. Because of the steroid usage and Prednisone i gained about 50 lbs. I always had a constant feeling of a lump in my throat and was placed on Xanax to help me cope. I was have to take sometimes as many as 3 to 4 a day.

    Since starting this remedy, the constant feeling of a lump in my throat has gone away. I am off Xanax. I have lost about 30 pounds. I have not had to go to clinic or ER. My episodes have reduced significantly to the point that I can control them with breathing excercises. My blood pressure has never been better. My cholesterol has lowered. The longer I am on it, I notice feeling better and better.


    • admin says:

      Good morning Rich!

      Wow…I don’t know what to say? Great testimonial my friend! Very, very glad for you buddy!

      It’s people like you Rich who make this all so very worthwhile. Helping others…it truly doesn’t get any better than that!

      I want to direct you quickly Rich to another site we’ve put up….

      We sell this very same product already made. Same juice I take. Did this for the people who don’t have a juicer, or don’t have the time in the day to stop and make it, just don’t want to make it, or even complain about the overpowering smell of garlic and ginger in their kitchen.

      Being the great product that it is, this is our attempt to get more and more out there to help others just like you and I, but with the convenience of not having to make it for themselves.

      Anyway, we can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate such a wonderful testimony from you, and are ecstatic for your own health improvement along with all the others as well.

      It’s not us that helped improve your health though Rich…that honor goes to the Good Lord for providing us with all natural fruits and veggies to nourish our bodies with! HE gets all the credit. We’re simply the messengers!

      God Bless you Rich. Please stop in top visit any time!

  71. Sonia says:

    Hi Doug how r u….I had another question in mind…I thought may b after putting it up here someone would b a better judge to answer…well as I mentioned earlier now its two months that my dad has been taking this concontion being a heart patient and he is feeling better since then…..since he is diabetic the amount of honey I use in the concoction is almost half due to fear of sugar level stability …well since then he is consuming one spoon every morning and my question is can he increase it to two spoons ..reason being he says since it has ginger and honey it keeps away from bad throat , cold and cough so since now here rainy season would begin , chances of cold n cough increase , so would taking two spoons during this season be OK since it would be able to fight against cold….I hope it has no adverse affect

    In case anyone is consuming more than one spoon pls share ur experience…
    Thanks everyone for ur time

    • admin says:

      Hello Sonia!

      In an attempt to answer your questions in regards to your dad, I have to go back again to the comments Muneer sent you in answer to being a diabetic, and honey being used in our product. I saw in your comments today you stated you were using 1/2 dosage of honey because of fear of your dad’s sugar level stability. Muneer has been using the honey in his juice just as the recipe called for…even though being a diabetic.

      I am Diabetic Type 2 since last 15 years and trying my best to keep it under good control.
      Recently, I had CABGx3 (on Oct 11, 2013) and since last one month I am using this Girlic, Ginger, Lemon, Apple Cedar Vinegar and Honey mixture (1 table spoon early morning, on empty stomach, daily) and I did not see increase in my sugar level. Infact, I had used this mixture one month before my CABG operation, (but did not continue and decided to go for CABG operation. Well, it is better to be late, than never to be) and during my regular (which is every 3 months) blood work, my HBA1C showed better results, which means the honey contents of this mixture is not having effect on my over all blood sugar level.
      After the CABG operation, I stopped eating Red Meat and am mostly on vegetables (once or twice a week, I do eat chicken and or fish), no egg yellow (I eat only egg white), l take low fat dairy products (a glass of milk daily in b/f and a cup of tea with milk in the evening) In short, this is my diet and I do exercise (treadmill – 30 minutes and bicycle-10 minutes in Gym) 5-7 days per week and walk, walk and walk a lot all day long or as much as possible. My BP is around 110-12-/70-80, pulse 70, BMI=22, height 180cm, weight 71kg, age-57 years, happily married with 3 kids (of which 2 daughters married and leading happy life and 1 son still studying in college).
      Well, good luck and happy healthy life to all of us.

      He also warns of more than 1 tablespoon a day…

      Forgot to mention, when I had started using this admixture few months before my CABGx3, after using the mixture for 1 week, I had increased the mixture from 1 table spoon to 2 and then after few days to 3 table spoon every day, due to which by evening my BP had dropped considerable (90/50), so from the following day, I had reduced it to 1 table spoon.

      I hope that’s been some help to you Sonia. You may possibly hear from others as well.

      God Bless you all and good luck in the future!

  72. pawan says:

    all mix juice(medicen) use glass bottel, ya plastic bottle, this juice make use day. and side effact

    • admin says:

      Our same belief as well. Our product WE BELIEVE that we sell already made up is all packaged in glass bottles. Two reasons for this…The first is the health risk of adding hot liquid into plastic bottles, and the second is using glass bottles with the proper lids create a vacuum seal, and a longer shelf life, which in itself insures a safer product.

      You can see this product on our other website… http://www.isaiah‘

      Thank you so much for your input on the safety of glass versus plastic. It is good information!

      God Bless you and yours.

  73. judi yew says:

    hi, my nephew is diagnosed with Burkitt Iymphoma and leukaemia cancer 2 months ago. he’s currently undergoing chemo treatment. does anyone knows if it’s safe for him to take this mixed juice? i have been taking it for nearly a year and i know is good for a healthy person like myself but for a person going through chemo?? your reply is much appreciated.
    thank you and regards,

    • admin says:

      Hello Judi, and I assure you that your nephew and your family will be in our prayers!

      First off, I must say your timing with your email was kinda uncanny to me.

      The reasoning is that just today, I had posted on the homepage of our other website, http://www.isaiah‘ , of my wondering in my late wife’s Debbie’s regard if possibly we had missed something in her alternative treatment regime?

      This was, her using this juice. Our feeling at the time was that with sugar creating an environment that cancer likes so well, we decided against this juice. The reasoning at the time was that with this juice having such a high honey content, we basically were scared off from her incorporating this into her treatment.

      She had taken one chemo treatment prior to her decision to go alternative and have quality of life. The fact she had chemo heavily in her system wasn’t a concern involving the use of this juice, because it is all natural, again it was the honey (sugar) content we were frightened of.

      This, once more, is my only regret, that we may have made the wrong decision about this very thing you’re inquiring about.

      Debbie used to say to me quite often…

      “You can’t second guess your decisions Doug. You can’t go back and undo, or redo, you make the best decisions you can, and trust in God they were the right decisions. You ARE…right where God wants you.”

      Judi, I know in every other way, we made the right decisions. They were what DEBBIE wanted, and in all honesty, I’m guilty today of exactly what Debbie always warned me about.

      Second guessing.

      But let me say this, I have learned that honey, and store bought sugar are used differently, or better said, processed differently by our bodies. I’ve had people with diabetes write back to us and tell us our juice has not affected their sugar levels at all, with some even stating they had been lowered since taking the juice.

      Let us hope that one of our readers who have had experience with your nephew’s problem and used this juice, will see your comment and give you good, solid, firsthand testimony that will help you guys out. I’ve seen it happen several times Judi in the past.

      With me kind of stepping out on a limb today, I’ll say this…I don’t believe in the least that this juice would hurt your nephew in regards to his doing chemo, but again, the honey content might cause me to err on the side of caution.

      Possibly, I may already have erred in Deb’s regard by not doing so.

      Tough call Judi, and I’m sorry for such a drawn out non answer. Again though, I’ve seen numerous readers throw out questions very similar, and pretty quickly somebody who has experienced something very similar, respond and answer their question!

      Thank you for stopping by, and sharing with us Judi. One thing I can assure you of is prayers for your nephew. A lot of good, good people read our site, and even though you may not have knowledge of it, but they are praying for you guys too!

      Here’s wishing you and yours the very best life has to offer Judi, and God Bless!


  74. semi says:

    Is this mixture good for hair???

    • admin says:

      Hang on a minute…my hair has been growing so fast after taking this juice, I’m having a hard time keeping it out of my eyes to see what I’m writing! Lol

      Seriously, in regard to your question, I honestly can say…I’m not sure. Not much help, huh? I’ve heard from people all over the world in regards to many ailments this juice has helped them out with, but I’ve never heard of it being good for hair.

      BUT…that doesn’t mean it isn’t, it’s again, i’m just not sure. It’s loaded with anti-oxidants, and I use it for everything from my heart health, my immune system, colds, and sore throats to infected insect bites.

      I know I’ve been of little help in regards to your question, but hey…give it a shot. We’d love hearing back from you on this.

      Here’s wishing you the very best life has to offer, and God Bless you, and yours.

      Thanks for dropping in. It’s appreciated.

      • semi says:

        Thank you very much … maybe it doesn’t work for hair… but surely it will…. for my immune system. :-)

        • admin says:

          Too funny!

          Who knows though about the hair for sure, it may be like Brylcreme (remember that hair tonic commercial, although I’m sure I just misspelled it), only a dab will do ya! Lol

          I do know that it will help your immune system, and from my experience, your heart health as well. To be honest, this product has been a God send, not just for my own health, but so many others worldwide. It is incredible we hear back from so many in regards to their own personal health benefits received from it, and it truly is a blessing in our regard from the thanks we get.

          We know for sure that there is a much higher power than us involved in this. The healing properties others have experienced aren’t from us, or the product, or even the ingredients in the product.

          THAT…comes from above…HIS hand.

          Wishing you the very best life has to offer, and God Bless.

  75. wendy says:

    After you make the mixture do you store it a glass or plastice jar?

    • admin says:

      I used to use plastic, leftover water bottles after it had cooled down, but today I use glass bottles exclusively! Even in our made up bottles of WE BELIEVE we sell, 15 oz., or a one months supply for $19.99 free shipping anywhere in the Continental US, they are all glass, and heat sealed.

      if you’d like to take a look at that website of ours, it is…..

      Great question though Wendy! Glass IS a much better, and safer way to store than plastic, especially when heat is involved!

      God Bless!

  76. Zafar says:

    I juiced the garlic, ginger and lemon and BEFORE cooking I added one cup of honey by mistake.

    I d like to know if I can still cook the mixture after adding apple cidar vinegar?

    I also want to know if I can just have it raw till this batch finishes?

    Please let me know. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Personally, I’d simply start over…but that’s just me.

      I do not think you should attempt to cook the honey in with the other ingredients. The recipe specifically calls for the honey added AFTER you have boiled down the other ingredients. All the testimonials we get back speaking of the health benefits they have received, mine included, from this juice are after…preparing the recipe just as the recipe was given. (Please see David’s question and my answer in his regard asking about taking this mixture raw)

      I know it is costly to make, but instead of trying to boil the honey with the other ingredients, or taking this batch raw….I’d simply start over and prepare it exactly as it is in the recipe.

      You guys have a great day and God Bless!

  77. David says:

    Hi, is it necessary to boil them. Can we drink it raw?

    • admin says:

      Good morning David, how are you buddy?

      No sir, I would not take this raw. First off, this recipe I received almost 4 years ago now doesn’t state…this is how you SHOULD do it, BUT…if you like, you can take it raw. It states very clearly how you have to cook it to get benefit from it. Just take a look at the testimonials worldwide that come back to us, the track record it has, and the benefits these people have received, myself included. No prescribed heart meds (I was on 7 of them, but now only this juice) for over 3 years now after having a massive heart attack in 2008.

      I know some people are concerned with cooking taking out some of the nutrients, BUT…some vegetables and fruit are ENHANCED from a nutritional value AFTER cooking. If you look back through the comments on this product, you will see I supplied links to exactly this.

      Believe me brother, I’m not being smart in answering your question, because I promise you I’m not, I just simply find it hard to believe with the track record this juice has supplied in its own defense…why would anyone want to change how the recipe says it is to be made??

      Just saying…but after 57 years on this earth, I do realize people do what they want to do, and it is entirely your option to make this juice however you see fit.

      David, you have a great day my friend, and God Bless you and yours!

  78. tayo says:

    How long can this mixture be taken?i mean can it be used on daily basis?can one take it regularly withot side effect?thanks

  79. jatin says:

    i have tried yesterday for the first ime and belive me its smell so horrible but again it took seconds for me to undrstand that amongs four items three are ceider,whcih will smell surely,,,after putting honey the colors turns a bit like creamish and become solid,

    I hope one tea spoon is enough early morning after freshenup .


    • admin says:

      The color will fluctuate at times…not a lot though.

      Yes, one tablespoon a day is sufficient. First thing in the morning is best prior to putting anything in your stomach.

  80. Rupesh says:

    Sir last to last week I went angiography . Doctor advised and implanted a stent in my heart. Now he is saying that I am having PAD in right leg and had to undergo one more operation whereas I don’t want to get operated. I Read a lot about the trio combination of lemon garlic ginger and apple cider vinegar . I cannot obtain the juice of garlic what should I do ? How should I get garlic juice at home ? Pl advice

    • admin says:

      Hello Rupesh. How are you?

      Listen, if your doctor is telling you you may need another operation for the PAD in your right leg, I CANNOT advise you differently. All I can tell you is this…in 2008 I had a massive heart attack. I was put on 7 prescription heart medicines. In June of 2011, I took myself off the prescription heart meds and started taking the lemon, honey, garlic, etc…and this is all I’ve ever used since.

      Myself, I always juiced all ingredients personally through a juicer. I adamantly express to you this simply because then I KNEW I had the best quality, freshest ingredients I could put my hands on. If you don’t have a juicer, garlic juice IS available on the internet.

      We hope you have good luck in whatever decision you make in regards to another surgery. But, God Blesses all Rupesh! He’ll lead you in your decision…

  81. shalinee says:

    My husband has high blood pressure and cholesterol problem.. his diet is very oily and spicy…now a days bp and cholesterol both are under control.. I’m giving him ginger garlic lemon honey vinegar mixture daily morning in empty stomach before 2 months.. can I continue this medicine ? Please there any side effects of this medicine if BP and cholesterol is under control? Can I continue this medicine with his oily and spicy diet.. please suggest me..

    • admin says:

      I’ve been taking this mixture for going on 4 years now. Yes ma’am, your husband can keep taking this mixture…no problem…it is all natural, unless he has any type of intolerance to any of the ingredients used. Thanks and continued success! God Bless!


    Hallo Sir
    Greeetings. I did angiogram and have 40% block. As per your postings i have decided to take apple cider vinegar preparation. I would like to know the dosage. will this help me reduce my weight. I would like to reduce maximum 10 kg, at present my weight is 67 kg and height is 4.11″. So i am obese for my height, I’m 56 years old. Please help me with dosage. How to extract garlic juice? I’m vegetarian. Send me even a food chart as I’m also a type II diabetic patient. Please sir
    Thanking you
    With Regards
    Nirmala Natarajan

    • admin says:

      Nirmala, how are you? The dosage is 1 tablespoon per day. Weight loss? Actually I don’t think it will help you there much, or at least any profound weight loss. Eat right, exercise, walk. This is what it takes, but the mixture won’t hurt for sure, and probably does aid a bit in weight loss as all the ingredients are all natural and healthy for you.

      Extracting garlic juice…we use and have always used a juicer. To us, this is the best way.

      Diabetes…you may want to consult your physician because of the honey content, but we have readers with type 2 diabetes who claim the mixture has lowered their blood sugar count. With you being a vegetarian you are already leading a healthy lifestyle it would seem from a calorie standpoint so in regards to your weight loss, once more, get plenty of exercise.

      Have a great day my friend, and God Bless!


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