Every Praise

Good morning! We hope everyone is doing just fine on this beautiful Saturday morning.

This quick post this morning is not about any type of health enhancement products, but actually along the lines of a different type of enhancement…spiritual enhancement.

If you believe as we do, well, then you simply believe. if you don’t, personally, i feel this is your right too.

What I’m sharing with you this morning is a video that I have found to be very inspiring to me.

I watch it once in a while having my coffee during the early morning enjoying what I consider…my time.

I’m an early riser so Kathrine is still in bed, and it’s just me and our dogs out on the porch watching the woods wake up…very peaceful and serene.

To those that are married, you understand those two words very well…peaceful and serene.

To those of you who haven’t tied the knot yet, you may not quite understand those two words…peaceful and serene…but you soon will! LOL

I’m sure there are many, many of you who have already seen this video, as the views are in the millions, but to me, I always feel so good after watching it on occasion.

Hopefully this will have the same effect on many of you too!

Have a great day and God Bless, from all of us here in Isaiah’s Garden!

Here’s Hezekiah Walker singing, “Every Praise!”

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