Heart Benefits From Honey, Garlic Juice, Lemon Juice, Ginger Juice, and Apple Cider Vinegar:

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  1. Frank says:

    I enjoy reading your columns, this one in particular piqued my interest. I would like to try this recipe for my own health concerns. I would like to know if you could provide me with brand names for Ginger and Garlic juices.

    Your response would be much appreciated.

    Thanks Frank

  2. admin says:

    Well hello Frank. You enjoy reading our columns?? Did Deb offer you 10 bucks to say that?? Lol!! No, seriously we appreciate you saying so, thanks again.

    Frank, the name of the Ginger Juice is, “The Ginger People” brand. Our good friend picked it up for us, so I’m not sure where he got it…the garlic juice we got from juicing garlic cloves, so I’m not sure where you can pick it up from. But probably you can find both off the internet. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help to you!

    Anyway, if you run into problems finding them, just holler back and we’ll see if we can’t run something down for you!

    You have a great weekend, and God bless!

    Dub and Deb

  3. Lily says:

    Dear Deb, thank you for shareing. Today I tried to mix up all 4 juices and boil, then the color chanred to greenish blue. Is it ok? How about yours? Hope to receive your reply soon. Thanks again. —– Lily

    • admin says:

      Yes Ma’am, that’s the color it becomes. Just be sure and shake it well prior to using. You added the honey afterwards too, right? If you have any questions just give us a shout. Thanks for stopping by!!

      • Evelyn says:

        I cooked all the four juices today and it all turned deep green/blue is it still o.k. to take it. I will add the honey as soon as it cooled down. I just like to ask if it still is o k to take . I have seen pictures where it looks nice and white.
        Thanks for answering soon.

        • admin says:

          Yes ma’am, that’s the color it turns. BUT…you just wait to see the color your eyes turn after tasting it! YUK!

          No, seriously, for me anyway, it was a taste I had to get used to, but it’s not all that bad.

          Thank you for reading Evelyn, and God Bless you, and yours!

  4. Abdul says:

    How did you guys go with this mixture? Did it lower your cholestrol and and unblock your veins?

    • admin says:

      I’m not quite sure what you’re asking? What I use it for is a natural way to help keep my veins and arteries clean, or cleaner, this along with eating much healthier than we had been in the past. We now exercise, along with juicing each morning as well. I go back to my heart Doctor next month. I can answer more on my cholesterol after this visit. Looking forward to seeing for myself too. I’ve not been taking my heart meds for the last 6 months, so we’ll soon see. Thanks for reading and stop back in. I’ll post my results of the visit.

    • STV CHARY says:

      I am using the mixture of apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Honey and Ginger for more than one year. It has given relief from my knee joint pains, and surely a tooth ache which actually got infected requiring Root Canal Treatment, now no more problem with that particular tooth. I am 60 yr old and do not about my heart status, but definetely it should help me. We have to believe.
      stv chary

  5. Ali Jafari says:

    I am waiting for the results of Admin’s visit to his heart specialist and readings of his cholesterol levels (HDL, LDL, Triglycerides as well)

    • admin says:

      I’m sorry, but I’ve not been to my heart doctor as we speak…and my wife’s getting on me pretty hard! But, I’ve lost 40 plus pounds, and feel great. I’ve not taken any prescribed heart medications in months now. I was taking 6 pills daily. I feel great once more, but we also juice daily 20-25 fruits and vegetables, eat much more nutritiously, and exercise, all beneficial to Deb and I both. This all has to help, but I take the ginger, garlic, lemon and honey concoction daily… everyday. As soon as I go to my heart Doctor I’ll post the results for all to see. I posted back to you Tues. morning…then I didn’t hit post?? Noticed it Tues. evening that there was no reply listed back to you…Sorry! We have been just crushed work wise and time has been in short supply. I appreciate your patience. I told Deb…as soon as I lose 60 pounds I’m going to my heart Doctor…and I will. I want to shock him when I walk through the door!

  6. Sandy Grant says:

    I have been taking it for about 1 months asked my physican to draw HDL,LDL and triglycerides yesterday. I should have the results back next week. I will let everyone know. I am anxiously awaiting.

    • Sandy Grant says:

      I forgot to add that I have been taking Red Yeast Rice also.

      • admin says:

        Thanks again Sandy! Did you tell me about the Red Yeast Rice?? Or ya been holdin back?? LOL! Also, you may want to tell everyone about how GOOD our garlic, lemon, ginger and honey tastes…um, um!! Tell Mr. Bill ole Dub says…Go Gators!!

    • admin says:

      THANK YOU SANDY. I ain’t been to my heart Doctor in months…he’s gonna shoot me, if Deb don’t before him!! I’ve told her…I lose 60 pounds, I’m gonna see him! I’m gonna knock him for a loop when I go with this weight loss! Then I’ll post my results as well. I had sent a reply to the person you’re speaking to about your test results…then didn’t hit post!! I noticed it Tues. night that my response wasn’t up??? Then realized why! I’m losin my mind!! LOL!

      Thanks again my good friend!

      • Sandy Grant says:

        I have been reading about the contents of red yeast rice and tried it for 2 months so that I could have the test run at the same time. It is supposed to have the contents of many statins in it and when I discussed what I was doing with my Dr. she said she understood that it would help with cholesterol but not triglycerides. BUT…….she said she really didn’t know and the test would let us know. Hadn’t thought about it until now but if my report is good I won’t know which worked………your vinegar treatment or my red yeast rice. I should know sometimes this week and will let everyone know.

        • admin says:

          Let’s all hope they’re both working for you…and the vinegar concoction for me!

        • Tonya says:

          Trust me the red yeast rice works.Ive been taking it for almost 2 years.With no dieting and one pill a day,My cholesterrol went from 240 to 198.So if i eat healthy and take 2 a day,it would work much better.

  7. Sandy Grant says:

    Your Dr. is going to shoot you for getting off all 6 pills without knowing what they were. But then again if all checks out good you may get out of his office without any bruises.

  8. Sandy Grant says:

    OK…………..here is the news we have been waiting on.
    My total Cholesterol was 213 (norm for women 100-199
    HDL 73 (norm->39)
    LDL 107 (norm 0-99)
    Triglycerides 165 (norm 0-149) Mine was 300
    Best part is that my ratio is 1.5 and that is WONDERFUL

    I am staying with my red yeast rice (eating red rice and taking the capsules daily) and taking the vinegar solution. My Dr. is not convinced and is doing more blood work in 3 months. I am thrilled.

    • admin says:

      GREAT NEWS, Sandy, honestly, we’re happy for you, and maybe we’re onto something here!! It would sure be a great feeling to know that this could help people! I’ll be going to have mine checked too, maybe in the next year or two!! LOL! I promise you, it won’t be long now. I don’t believe Deb will just threaten me over this much longer…she’ll be takin action soon! Why don’t you just throw together what you’re doing with the red yeast so we can “get the word out?” Thanks as always…you and Bill take care!

      • Sandy Grant says:

        WOW……wouldn’t it ?????????
        I honestly am not consistent with the Red Yeast Rice. I THINK the first month I was taking 850 mg daily and they didn’t have that strength when I bought the next bottle so I am now taking 600mg and that “good ole” vinegar elixir daily. I have lost about 5 pounds also (don’t know if that affected my results or not). Can hardly wait for Doug to have his blood test done.

  9. karan bir singh says:

    mixing all the juices today and will start from tommorrow ……th

  10. John Moore says:

    adim: Just stumbled upon your website, I have had by-pass surgery , sounds like one approach to clearing arteries. Very funny kitchen episode, Sounds like something I would do. LOL ,Did Dr. “D” say why the lemon juice, garlic juice, ginger juice and vinegar had to be boiled for 30 mins.. Seems like it would boil out all the active enzymes.

    • admin says:

      The “kitchen episode” sure wasn’t funny once ole Deb came through the door. Any humor that may have been there, was gone very quickly, I’m here to tell ya! Phew…that little woman throwed her a good fit! LOL! I still have trouble sittin down from time to time! You know, I don’t know the reasoning for the boiling down process?? Maybe the ginger, garlic, and lemon producers feel that if you boil those three cups down to two…there’d be more profit…not as much juice left to use?? LOL!

      Honestly I don’t know the answer, we’ve always heard, or considered, that raw was better, but here’s another example. We just ordered a few packs of carrot seeds which we’ll start growing today or tomorrow.. You may, or may not know, that my wife Deb, has Stage 4 breast cancer, and she’d doing very, very well by the way. Took one chemo, then opted for Alternative treatment. Anyway, we’ve become very health wise in regards to our food intake. We’re not vegetarians by any means, but we try to grow as much as we can here on our place. Why? FRESHNESS. Right off the plant, right into the house to be juiced or consumed by eating.

      The carrots we ordered are Atomic Red carrots, which are supposed to be very high in Lycopene, which is a good cancer preventative. BUT…they claim to be much more beneficial for you in the lycopene regard…if cooked. So, this is one example of “cooking down” being more beneficial for you. Again, I don’t know the reasoning for all this…it’s just what we’ve found through our own research?? I hope that long, drawn out, “non-answer” helps you in some way?? LOL!

      Also…thanks for “stumblin on us!” Keep in touch. I may supply you with another laugh or two pretty quickly…I’m fixin to have to boil down some more garlic, ginger, and lemon…I’m bout out!! Poor Deb! LOL!

  11. John Moore says:

    Have you had any test results since you started taking the elixer. I am very interested to know. Have you lost the 60 pounds? Thank You

    • admin says:

      No sir, I have not, but I feel absolutely super! I’ve been off ALL my heart meds for a good amount of time now…just drinking the vinegar concoction. Here’s a good friend of ours (Sandy) report she just received. She’s been drinking the elixer, plus using red yeast rice. You may have already read her comment, but if not…here it is. I’ll get her to share with us her red yeast rice regimen.

      OK…………..here is the news we have been waiting on.
      My total Cholesterol was 213 (norm for women 100-199
      HDL 73 (norm->39)
      LDL 107 (norm 0-99)
      Triglycerides 165 (norm 0-149) Mine was 300
      Best part is that my ratio is 1.5 and that is WONDERFUL

      I am staying with my red yeast rice (eating red rice and taking the capsules daily) and taking the vinegar solution. My Dr. is not convinced and is doing more blood work in 3 months. I am thrilled.

      I’ve lost 44-45 pounds so far, so I’m likin about 15-16 pounds, i guess…then I go see “the Doc.” I told Deb a while back… “Shoot, if I’d of been a normal sized guy to begin with, and had lost this much weight…by now I’d of looked like I had AIDS!” LOL!

      Thanks again John, and take care buddy!

  12. Sandy Grant says:

    I would think the reason for the boiling down is to make it more concentrated but that would be a good question for your friend that gave this to us.

  13. Ruben Sandhu says:

    well let me tell u guys, that i am an asthamatic patient since last 40 years,and after taking this mixture for the first time i was off steroid inhalers.my asthma just disappeared.To top it ,my immune system got a huge boost. few days back i was travelling with some friends and 2 of them had severe cold n cough,and me being very finnicky,was wishing i hadnt travelled with them as i was feeling i would catch it from them.
    trust me friends…we were together for 4 days, and i came back hale n hearty. Its the first time in my life ,i didnt catch infection from someone…….
    friends PLEASE go ahead and take it ……its a miracle cure…..
    lotsa luv …….Ruben

    • admin says:

      What a great testimonial Reuben! Thanks for sharing this with us. We feel very strongly in it’s benefits as well. We’re very proud of the fact that you’re doing so well, and please stay in touch! God Bless you my friend!

  14. Ruben Sandhu says:

    ok……i missed an important point…….my asthma was cured after i took the mixture for almost a month and a half…….Ruben……

  15. John Moore says:

    Dear Dub:
    Glad to hear you have lost 40+ pounds. Congrats! I was sorry to hear that Deb had cancer, my prayers are with her that she can beat it. My wife lost her battle last 19th of June ,2011. She was having really bad headaches and lower back pain the first part of May. The Doctor sent her for a CT on the brain, it came back that she had 3 large tumors on the brain. So he sent her for a MRI which came back that she had cancer in the lungs, liver and spine. That was on the 18th of May. The cancer Doctor started her on brain radiation of 10 treatments. She went from walking very well to a wheel chair in 2 weeks,a week later she was bed-ridden. The last 5 days of her life she was under in home Hospice Care, which I cannot say enough good things about from my experience. The Cancer Doctor said she had a very aggressive type cancer, that she probably developed between Jan. and Mar. I will pray for Deb. Awaiting to hear your results of drinking the Exiler.

    • admin says:

      Hey John…tryin to catch up some this morning. Man…we’re so sorry in regards to your wife. I know you know this already, but she’s in a lot better place than we are my friend. You have our prayers and condolences. Thank you for your prayers in Deb’s regard, too. You can’t imagine how much we appreciate them! Thanks again buddy!

      Thanks also on my weight loss. Man, I’ve always loved to cook and EAT, but we’ve kinda taken a different outlook and perspective on what we put in our bodies anymore. We’re no vegetarians for sure, but do eat a LOT more fresh veggies and fruits. It’s workin so far! God provides, if you’ll stop and try to listen a little more! Take care John, and God Bless!

  16. Ivy says:

    Can i use dis for a one year old child with low heart rate due to bradicadia?

    • admin says:

      You know, that’s really not a question I could answer for you…not being a medical Doctor, but from my understanding bradicadia is a slow heartbeat. I don’t believe there’s anything ingredient wise that may harm the child, but the heart benefits from this is to help keep your arteries clean. So, really, I don’t think it would help…from my knowledge, but again, I’m no Doctor. You could ask your physician, he might could possibly shed some light on this for you.

      Regardless, this child is now in our prayers and hopefully the little guy, or girl will be absolutely fine and lead as normal a life as we all do! God Bless you guys…we just wish we could be of more help!


      Dub and Deb

      • Debra says:

        There are warnings concerning giving young children honey

        • admin says:

          Thank you Debra for the heads up here!

          Me…being me…had no idea about this, so your advice is appreciated.

          This from pediatrics.about.com

          Q. I seem to remember something about not giving honey to small children. Can you tell me the age? I am inquiring about a 2 year old taking honey for allergies. Susan, Bella Vista, Ar

          A. The general warning is that you should not feed honey to infants under twelve months of age. It should be fine for a two year old, and I have heard of using a daily teaspoon of raw honey as a treatment for allergies. It has something to do with the pollen and other substances in the raw honey helping the patient to build up some immunity to whatever they are allergic to, but you would think that it would trigger their allergies and make them worse until that happens. If not, then great, maybe give it a try.

          Honey is also being used as a wound dressing in Australia because of its antimicrobial properties, sometimes working better than topical antibiotics against difficult to treat bacteria.

          For a child under twelve months of age, there is a risk of botulism from eating honey and it should be avoided. The spores of the Clostridium botulinum bacteria can be found in honey, and when ingested by an infant, the spores can release a toxin that causes botulism.

          Thank you again Debra for the heads up, and God Bless you guys!

  17. Sandra says:

    Read with interest the long list of comments going back to 2011. Remember reading it the first time Dub posted it and thought Pee-yewwww. So take the garlic pills,
    drink the vinegar, put some honey on my hotcakes and put the lemon and ginger in my juicer. Thought I would throw in some fish oil pills just for good measure.
    So doing my herbal and homepathic(sic) stuff on my big trip to Tennessee for a rest and catch up, I discovered BEE POLLEN!! Yes, now I am partaking of Bee Pollen!
    Daughter purchased bee pollen for my health and to take really good care of me while I visit her. Being very proud of herself, she opened her can of hermetically sealed bee
    pollen and said ” Here Mom, smell this. What does it smell like?” BEE PEE!
    Yes she forces a teaspoon down me once a day. Promises me a really good cup of Joe
    laced with Bailey’s Irish Cream…. think I am getting better because of the coffee and
    not the Bee Pee. As Dub says ‘jus kiddin’. Not.

    Be well and be safe all.

    • admin says:

      Well, ole D-Lo is taking good care of her Momma, huh? great stuff there! The heart concoction is pretty foul tasting, but, it seems to be doin the trick. Take off 10 more pounds, I’m headed to the heart Doctor. Been a while since I’ve seen him…I just hope he remembers me!! LOL!!

      Take care Mississippi, we love you guys!

  18. Deb says:

    My Mother in Law SWEARS by this concoction. Her cholesterol is lower than it has been in a long time … dropping 40+ points. I am going to start taking this as well. Her neighbor is Sri Lankan (?) and gave her this recipe.

  19. A. JAYA KUMAR says:

    I have 3 blocks in my heart.I will surely try your mixer of juices, as one of my friend have also benifited by this. Thank you.

  20. Sandy Grant says:

    Just got my new lab report (6 mo) and my cholesterol had risen 10 points so I doubled my red rice yeast (just to see if it would make a difference).
    Did my 2 month egg check and all is well.
    We will call soon Doug……….

  21. sathyan says:

    This is very informative, I already made the mixture but not kept in the fridge, Is there any problem by keeping out fridge? Anyway please tell me how long I have to use it,
    With Best Regards

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Just concern about arteries being blocked and if the vinegar, lemon, garlic, ginger worked on anyone. I go in for stents on Monday and I was hoping I didn’t have to, I’m 75 percent blocked, doctor’s didn’t give me much details and I didn’t know what to ask. If anyone could help, I would be thankful :) Sorry to hear about your cancer Deb we’ll be praying for you and John sorry about your wife…I know it’s hard on all of us here on your site…I hope everything get’s better for everyone…Aloha from hawaii, Elizabeth…Sorry I’m not more cheery stress I guess

  23. jesusa c. ignacio says:

    would try the recipe. i would just like to know if you add water to the garlic. ty

  24. arun says:

    Dear sir/Madam,
    any one has tried for ginger, garlic, lemon, ACV and Honey for their family mamber?
    If yes what are results?
    Whether results are verified by angiography?
    As it is related to heart(life), i think it should be confirmed because their is no second chance in heart function.
    i think same email is forwarded by all without confirmation as good being.
    most of viewrs had said that they will prepare and try but no one has replied after trying himself
    i request you to please let us know if it is verified by clinical trials or have any reference in any books/research papers.
    arun, Pune India

  25. c ora sadi says:


    Don’t you think when you cook all that mix ingredients, you will loose the
    necessary vitamins?


  26. Sandy Grant says:

    Arun……..I have been taking it for about a year and my results as of Monday morn have been great. All of my results are great. I have also been taking red yeast rice twice a day along with it.

  27. bert says:

    apply low heat in boiling the elixer until 3 cups remain!
    I’ve been using it for almost two months now and i’m feeling good!!! been advised for heart bipass or angioplasty last march but said no, instead opted to try this.
    will keep you posted of my medical result next month…

    • admin says:

      Hey Bert…good morning. Very glad you’re feeling well! Keep close tabs on your medical results. I’ve said it before that I’m not a Doctor, and I’m not telling anybody what to do in regards to your own treatment, but I opted for this as well. Been a long while since visiting my own heart Doctor, but I am going to set up a visit here shortly. Haven’t been on any type of prescribed heart medication in at least 1-1/2 years. I feel great though. I take this, plus walk daily, still juice just as Deb and I did, and have lost over 60 pounds. All these things I consider have helped out in my feeling so good. PLUS…FAITH IN GOD!

      I wish continued success for you, but again, keep monitored regularly…unlike myself! LOL! God Bless!

  28. Mimi Jacinto says:

    Dear Deb,
    My husband and I have been taking the mixture for more than two weeks now —
    1 tbsp. before breakfast daily — is that enough? do you think its alright to take twice or thrice a day? I know the ingredients have great properties for the body. I just feel adding a little more won’t hurt. We are into alternative stuff and semi vegetarians (no pork/ beef) and adding this concoction to our diet is easy. Yes, I have been spreading the news/ your link to others– loved ones , friends and strangers. If they want to feel good, they have to make the effort to do it, right? Thank you for the great info — many people are going to benefit from it. God Bless! –M.J.

  29. KKumar says:

    I had heard about this some time back but was not sure how good this is.
    Finally i decided to jump into the band wagon and made this mixture last night.
    I will say i have to agree that we whole house stinked for over 12 hours. Pheew.
    Took the first dose this morning.
    Btw i had a massive attack in 2009 and had 2 full blocks and am present inserted with two stents.
    As of mid this year i started to have the same old pain again and am going for my angiogram on the 30th of this month (oct). I hope that taking this mixture i will come out of this with flying colours.
    Thanks for the write up and Godbless.

    • admin says:

      Good luck with this. To me personally, it tastes almost as bad as it smells, but so far, so good. Let us know your results from the 30th. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you. Take care my friend, and God Bless!

      • KKumar says:

        Hi Guys,

        Just got back last night from the hospital after undergoing my angiogram. The results surprised me. All this while i was thinking that taking this mixture will help me abit, But i was wrong. It did not help me abit. IT HELPED ME ALOT. I was in for a shock when the doc told me my stents are all clear and the 60% block i had in one vein was totally cleared. Wow. Was i dreaming…. no i was not.
        I would like to thank Dub and Deb for highlighting this article for all of us.
        Thank you again and good bless you folks.

        Btw i pray and hope you guys are all from from the superstorm Sandy. God bless you guys.


        • KKumar says:

          i meant

          Btw i pray and hope you guys are all safe from the superstorm Sandy. God bless you guys.

        • wei says:

          Hi Kumar,
          my dad have 90% to 95% block on three of his arteries, how long did you take this to have yours clear?



          • admin says:

            First off, Hello Kumar as well…hoping all goes well for you…Doug. here.

            Wei, I’ve used exclusively this for almost 4 years now ofter a massive heart attack for my heart health. No problems at all. This product has blessed me since I started using it.

            Take care and God Bless.

  30. Shabbir Tayebjee says:

    I have been using this mixture of Garlic juice,Ginger juice,Lemon Juice , Applecider Vinegar and pure Honey for the past 8 months and has worked miracles., Cholestrol is way down , Blood pressure in normal , headaches are gone , digestion has improved.No more medication now.

    • admin says:

      Great news! I’m so glad for you. I too have been off meds, better than a year and a half now I believe. I feel great. Continued success and God Bless! Stay in touch.

  31. Darrell says:

    I don`t know if you received my earlier comments, I seem to have lost them while typing. Anyway I was looking for leg cramp recipe which happens to be real similar to yours. Organic apple cider vinegar, natural ginger, and garlic juice. I already bought mixed up and it did a wonderful job..I was looking for portions. then found your formular for cleaning arteries. I`ve had 2 stents, expect more. Am going to try yours and see if it helps both problems. As far as red yeast goes, I have yeast problem under my arms and found mineral salt is the only product I can use that works. Thats why I`m causious about adding yeast to my diet. My Doctor is amazed that mineral salt works. Also was told by someone else. Its amazing what I`m finding about natural cures. sorry for some of my spelling!

    • Darrell says:

      I forgot to ask about honey added at end. Being Diebetic makes me think might not be good thing to do, sugar as you know is taboo most times.

      • admin says:

        Phew…I’d be scared to venture a guess in regards to your being a diabetic and using the honey. I know that unprocessed honey is a natural sugar, but in your case I just don’t know. I’d consult my physician about this. Good luck my friend!

    • admin says:

      Darrell, if I received your earlier comments I apologize for not getting back with you. Like you, I’m amazed at “the natural” treatments out there. I think there are a lot of benefits to be reaped from them, and hopefully we see more medical treatments getting involved in them to an extent. I’ve become very wary of Big Pharma. But, that’s just MY opinion. Anyway, I hope this works out very well for you. Take care and God Bless!

  32. Waqar says:

    Is there any herbal treatment for knee pain (initial stage of artheritus). Dr. has suggested GLUCOSAMINE and pain killers. It seems a long treatment. Also please comment if the above mentioned mixture does help in reducing weight?

    May God Bless you with GOOD HEALTH!!!!!!!

    • Judy says:

      I get knee pain relief so I can sleep with Magnesium Oil, online.
      From Swanson. Harvested from “ancient Zechstein Sea.”

  33. Shabbir says:

    Hi Dub & Deb:

    Many thanks for sharing your recipe for vein opening.

    I am also seriously into complementary & alternative medicine. You may try chelation, ECP and supplementary medicine which works wonders and is an alternative route to angio and bypass.

    All the best. Health is all the wealth we have

  34. Madhu khatri says:

    hi , i heard about this juice from my father in law some one told him to take this , he is taking garlic, ginger, lemon juice, honey and instead of apple vinegar he is using apple juice . is it ok if we take fresh apple juice ???

    • admin says:

      You know, I haven’t considered apple juice in place of apple cider vinegar. Without researching this at all, I have to say, although it’s my experience that I’m wrong 9 times out of 10, LOL, that apple cider vinegar has many attributes just by itself. I will look into this though, and get back with you. If you check it out prior to me, I’d love to hear what you found out!


    • Judy says:

      Unprocessed organic apple cider vinegar comes with the “mother. ”
      You will see floaters in it after shaking them off the bottom. These
      are enzyme chains. That’s what you’re going for as I understand it.
      That + the fact that both lemon and vinegar enter stomach as an
      acid, needed to break down food, but quickly become base (non-
      acetic; doesn’t create acid burn in gut.) But this is a skin rub.
      Don’t understand cooking as heat kills enzymes. It my also kill
      molds in honey, which would be helpful, but you are adding it
      after cooking. Don’t understand why honey. Juices of ginger and
      Garlic + vinegar with enzymes – I am under impression that does the trick.

  35. Lois Courtney says:

    So glad I found this site, and sure enjoy your humor! That being said, I am a “treehugger” as people call me, and I totally believe in natural healing. I have been researching this recipe recently and found that yours was the most indepth version. Well, I tried it. Oh, My LORD!!! The SMELL!!! I even used lemon rind and the ginger waste leftover from my juicer and used it in my aromatherapy hot pot, to no avail. It was a war between the garlic and everything pleasant – the garlic won. One positive – the taste isn’t as bad as the smell. I think I will alter my process just a bit next time. In my research I have read both sides of the cooking issue – doesn’t hurt to cook garlic, no, garlic should never be cooked. What to do? So, in view of the fact that my kitchen and most of my small home reaks of boiled garlic (uuuggghhH!!!), this is what I have decided… I will use all the ingredients listed, BUT (unless you have knowledge to the contrary) I will leave it fresh and keep it in the fridge. No more boiling garlic! I use a food juicer to extract the garlic and ginger juices, so that’s very easy. And practically odorless! As soon as I make it through these almost 3 pints that I made, I’m going fresh!
    Prayers for you and your wife. And I hope you have happy and blessed Chrismas holidays. :)

    • admin says:

      Hello Lois…how are you?

      Me??? Humorous?? Get outta here! LOL!

      YES MA’AM, that stuff surely has a smell, huh? Deb came home one time after I had cooked up another batch, let it boil over, on the stove, in the stove and everywhere else the dern stuff could run into and man…I got an earful! She was opening windows, opening doors, and turnin on fans! The whole time just blastin me! In all reality though, she had every right! Sure cleared our heads up though. Once outside, I was smellin things I’d probably not smelled in years…all with a slight tinge of garlic!

      You make this however you feel is right for you. Deb always said to go with how you feel in YOUR own heart! I tend to agree(never told her that though! LOL!) Why not just boil down everything else, and then just take a big ole bite outta a garlic clove! Ummm, ummm! Jus kiddin!

      One thing that Deb and I did as well, although she never took this “heart health” concoction, is that we juiced daily, 20 to 25 fresh veggies and fruits. Since her passing, I’ve continued to do this. I find it very, very beneficial! I too, or better yet WE had, come to the conclusion that any natural treatment was, and is a good thing. Although not “treehuggers,” we felt what the Good Lord supplied us with as far as nutrition, heirloom vegetables as one example, were indeed much better for us. I continue to feel this way.

      Anyway, thank you so much for your sharing your experience! Seems like someone oughta market this as a…perfume! Now there’s an idea.

      Also, prayers sent your way as well, and a Blessed and Happy Christmas season to you and yours!

      God Bless!

      • Lois Courtney says:

        Hi!, again, Dub! Dub is what my uncle used to call my dad, and I’d never heard anyone called that before or since. Brings back memories.
        Yes, the smell is still lingering in my home. I can’t get rid of it, it’s like “skunk”, it’ll just have to wear off. I’ve sprayed with my lemon vinegar room freshener, my cedar room freshener, and boiled lemon/ginger on the stove. It’s still here. So, I’ll just have to wait it out. It’s getting better, but that boiling thing is NOT going to happen again! I really feel like my decision to change to crushing and chopping the garlic is my way to roll. And I’m honestly kinda looking forward to getting finished with this first batch and making a second, just to see how it turns out!
        Since I have gotten my juicer out and used it (after quite a while!) I have renewed my interest in juicing and will stock up on some fruit/vegetables this weekend. I do feel that God has blessed us with fruits and vegetables for our health and vitality. I just want to thank you for this wonderful blog, and express my sympathy for your loss. May God bless us all on our journeys. Lois

  36. B.S.Sidhu. says:

    Hello everybody.
    Someone sent me an email on this mixture and I made it.For one week,my wife was grumbling about the garlic smell.When I wanted to make it the second time,I told here I am going outdoors to make it.She said”no”.Make it in the house.How about the garlic smell,I asked her.She asked me to make it near an open window and used a fan to blow the smell out of the window.It worked.No garlic smell in the house.
    Even before taking the mixture,I went for a check-up.The Doctor gave me a clean bill of health.But I thought,why not get the umberalla ready before it rains.I am a tour guide.I meet hundreds of people during my tours.And my last departing words to my guest is about this mixture.I feel that if it can help even one person,then my purpose coming into this world if fruitful.May GOD bless people who help others.

  37. Judy says:

    Wagar, I get knee pain relief so I can sleep with Magnesium Oil, online.
    From Swanson. Harvested from “ancient Zechstein Sea.”
    Good luck.

  38. Judy says:

    Unprocessed organic apple cider vinegar comes with the “mother. ” You will see floaters in it after shaking them off the bottom. These are enzyme chains. That’s what you’re going for as I understand it.
    That + the fact that both lemon and vinegar enter stomach as an acid, needed to break down food, but quickly become base (non-acetic; doesn’t create acid burn in gut.) But this is a skin rub!
    Don’t understand cooking as heat kills enzymes. It my also kill molds in honey, which would be helpful, but you are adding it after cooking!
    Don’t understand why honey. Juices of ginger and garlic + lemon and/or vinegar with enzymes – I am under impression that does the trick. But honey would help the medicine go down. :-)

  39. Barbara says:

    Hi, thanks for this great information for unblocking arteries. I do have one concern with the ‘recipe’. It’s my understanding that heat kills all the enzymes and anything ‘good’ in the ingredients. Do you know WHY heat is added to the preparation???

    • admin says:

      Hello Barbara!

      No Ma’am, I’m not sure why as to the “heat” when preparing this? BUT, this is how I was told to prepare it, and I’ve always used the heat in the process! I’m just a “farmer/red neck,” who has been using this concoction for quite a while now. LOL!

      Stopped all heart meds and put total faith into this treatment…mainly to show support for Deb in regards to her choice of alternatives with her cancer. Which by the way, we both felt prolonged her life for an additional 6 months than what her diagnosis declared. Plus…her whole ordeal was lived exactly as she wished…QUALITY OF LIFE! What an incredible journey it was, and literally showed us both the benefits gained through good eating habits in the attempt to give our bodies as much nutrition as possible. I still drink numerous different fruit and vegetable juices daily that I juice with our juicer. 20-25 of them….over 70 pounds later, but with a good exercise routine to boot. All inspired by Deb.

      In regards to the garlic, ginger, lemon, apple cider and honey concoction, the personal testimonies found in the comment sections of that particular post literally speak for themselves. I’m sold! Also, I will be going to my heart Doctor this month. I’ll post the test results. I’ve not seen him in a year and a half. The only reasoning I can give in this regard is that I guess with Deb’s situation, SHE literally became my focal point. Pretty much everything else was secondary. It now is finally becoming clear to me again that it’s beginning to be time to…move on some.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, and I hope in my heart this works out very well for you!

      God Bless!

  40. Tolulope Abraham says:

    Thanks for this write up I had of this treatment from my uncle and try search out more about it, but his recipe contains onions and no apple vinegar. My questions are:
    1) Is it ok without apple vinegar
    2) what other health conditions can this mixture be helpful for
    3) the smell of galic is always all over me, what can I do to at least reduce the smell
    4) please how long can I keep this mixture in a situation where fridge is not available

    • admin says:

      Hey Tolulope, and thanks for stopping by!

      You know, in regards to your questions, I’m batting a triple zero in being able to answer them? I’ve always used it just as the recipe calls to. So, without apple cider vinegar…I only know that it is called for as an ingredient. As far as what other health conditions…I only HAVE to feel this has to be good for your body as a whole, but, that’s just me.

      The garlic smell??? It is rough, isn’t it?? To reduce the smell??? Use less garlic! LOL! And finally, I don’t think this would keep very long unrefrigerated. I always keep mine in the fridge.

      Thank you, and God Bless!


  41. Eileen Perkins says:

    Good morning and thank you for this wonderful blog. I have attempted to make this concoction twice. I always come out with the same amount as when I started. The first time I boiled it on top of the stove and the next time I used a crock pot and cooked it outside to keep the smell out of the house. I follow the directions faithfully. I am going to use it anyway even though it did not boil down to 3 cups instead of 4. Also, I used garlic that they sell in jars in the produce section that have already been pealed. I would like to hear about anyone’s success with this as I am most anxious to know if this really does work. It makes me a little nauseous after that first tablespoon in the morning. Is this normal, ok? Looking forward to feedback and many, many thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hello Eileen, and sorry for such a belated response…

      There are many, many success stories in our comment sections, and I hope this has worked out very well for you. Personally, I’ve never felt any nausea, but not saying it doesn’t cause you some, I’ve just never experienced it.

      Again, hoping this is working well for you. Take care and God bless!

  42. In 2004, I have been advised to go for angeogram on having noticed a severe block in the main arteries behind the neck with severe pain in the neck as well as arm muscles.

    This advice came from a famous med institute on admission to their hospital after having a very difficult situation with severe pain the arm muscles for about three days and until i fell down while i do not know about anything for about a few seconds.

    As i was not interested in going for angeogram i took only medication for about a year. In 2005, due to not being regular in taking the medication du to some reason the attack repeated once more. Again I went for all types of tests including TMT and have been advised to go for angeogram. But as I said earlier I was taking only the medication.

    Fortunately I had rcd a mail from my friend reg this medication and I start ed using

    Within six months time the pain in the neck disappeared but I continued to take this home made medicine and was having a feeling that no uncomfortable situation around my chest. Now in Nov 2012 I had an ecg test which found no signs of any blocks and the report was clear.

    Then I have been advised to discontinue the medicines connected with.

    But I continue to take this home-made medicine regularly. And I take this opportunity to thank all those responsible. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

    • admin says:

      You know, sometimes I miss comments, or get busy around the place here, and you fell into that category. Man, I apologize for not getting back with you sooner.

      Anyway…great testimonial for this mixture, and so very glad it has helped you like it has. Wishing you continued success my friend.

      By the way, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for stopping by and sharing your story! Take care, and God bless you and yours!

  43. mumtaz says:

    i am usingregularlyfrom about six months and feeling very well

  44. Mairyl Jane Auesta says:

    I have a question….My mother’s been suffering for inlargement of the heart and thyroid,and lately,I noticed that in my position I couldn’t breath clearly and my heart felt aching connected through my back sometimes it tooks 4o minutes long…is this remedy can help my mom and me?

    Your suggestion is greatly appreciated,Thank you so much!

    • admin says:

      Man, I’d love to tell you this remedy could help you guys out! But, I really have no medical background at all. Well, not countin givin my dogs their shots, or even sewin one up from time to time! LOL!

      BUT, I will say…this remedy sure can’t hurt. The testimonial from people literally, all over the world has been awesome. I do think you guys would see some benefits from it.

      My biggest remedy for most any and every thing…FAITH IN GOD!

      Thank you for reading, and God Bless you guys!

  45. dave says:

    any up dates dub?

    • admin says:

      Yes Dave, actually I FINALLY am going to my heart Dr. on the 11th of this month. No heart medications been takin for a LONG, LONG time now. I’m anxious to see the results myself! Also kinda lookin forward to seein Dr. Manubens face since I’ve lost 82 pounds since my last visit! feel like a new man!

  46. dave says:

    dub in the beginning you say you where on 7 meds then you say you quit taking 6. which one do you still take?

    • admin says:

      You know Dave, I was on 7 different meds. I actually quit taking all 7. I guess I misquoted but one of them was some type of aspirin, and I stopped taking that first. Then, once Deb went to alternatives in her fight with cancer, I too quit conventional heart medications and went strictly to the ginger, garlic, etc.

      But no sir, I am not taking any type of meds for my heart.

      Thanks for readin buddy!

      God Bless you and yours!

  47. jomon varghese says:

    I read all the coments above. I jus have a doubt about the mixture. When we prepare the juice should we add water or pure form of juice.

    • admin says:

      No, I don’t add any water to the mixture. Once I juice the ingredients, it is just fine the way it is.

      Thank you for reading, and God Bless you and yours!

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  49. MYRNA S. GANAO says:

    Can i use it for a tonsilities? or do you have an idea on what medicine herbal on how to cure or prevent for having tonsilities? thanks…

  50. MYRNA S. GANAO says:

    Can i use it for a tonsilities?

    • admin says:

      Not sure, but it would probably help. I was just reading where a man was using it as mouthwash after brushing his teeth. Said it was clearing up his gum disease.

      Take care and God Bless you and yours!

  51. dave says:

    hey thx for your prompt reply dub. I really like your statement about faith in God. that’s where I place my trust as well . I praise Him for people like you willing to trust ,follow, and share what He has shown you.

    God bless and keep the faith

    • admin says:

      Dave, thank you to buddy! Being the young Christian I am, although I’ve always believed in God, it’s amazing to me how God puts people into your lives, or even talks to you through different people.

      To be honest, I can’t figure out how I “missed the bus” for so very long!

      God Bless you buddy!

  52. L.D.Sharma says:

    I have been using the mixture for last 3 months and find lot of improvement in health. I have 2 stents put in my arteries. My BP,cholesterol are all normal.Pl use it for 3 months to feel the benefits. God bell all living beings.

  53. Nan Callinan says:

    I just found this site and going today to buy all that I need to make it. How much garlic and Ginger do Ineed to getone cup. I want to use all fresh just don’t know how much of each I need to make one cup…. Thanks Nan.

    • admin says:

      Hello Nan!

      I get a couple large ginger roots, and probably you’ll need 5-6 large garlic. If I have any extra, and at times I do, I use them in my daily juice regime (20-25 fresh fruits and veggies daily)…only tiny amounts though, they will overwhelm your juicing very easily.

      Research garlic a little…tremendous healing properties.

      Thanks again Nan, and God Bless you and yours!

  54. vicky says:

    I’ve really enjoyed your post. My husband and I are 54 and aren’t aware of any heart problems, however will begin taking this mixture as a preventative. My husband is diabetic and this mixture has some honey, however at a tablespoon per day, along with all the other juices mixed in there, there would be very little honey in it and I believe the health benefits would outweigh any problem the honey would cause.

    Here is a blog page that actually has a picture of a blocked artery and then the artery opened after taking this mixture. I believe the blog is from a Doctor that uses the mixture. Maybe this will help people that wants more documentation of it working.

    Lastly I was so looking forward Dub, to reading the results from your Dr. visit, But I haven’t seen them on here. Unless I just missed it. Have you posted your results yet? I believe it was March 11 that you said you were going to go and this is April 5th so I may have just missed the post. Thanks for your blog, very helpful.

    Here is the link to the pictures of the arteries that have been opened due to the garlic, ginger,honey, vinegar & lemon mixture. http://muhammad-ali-ben-marcus.blogspot.com/2012/05/health-ginger-garlic-lemon-honey-apple.html

    • admin says:

      Hey Vicky!

      Enjoyed reading your comment, and checked out the site you sent the link to. Looks and sounds great! Hopefully we’re all on to something here that can benefit many, many people!

      My Doctor visit…I was TICKED!

      Did EKG, and visited with the Doc…NO blood work??? I did not get blood work, and asked…”How come??” Was told we’ll get it next visit, but everything looked fine…great shape, course I’ve lost over 80 pounds… But, I’m not sure if I won’t start looking for another heart Dr., or just get blood work done at my primary care??? Gotta tell you though Vicky I was very disappointed myself.

      Anyway, I believe in my heart that I’m in great shape, heart, or otherwise. Again no heart meds for a long time now and was on seven…will keep you informed.

      Thank you so much Vicky for taking the time to stop by and visit, plus supply us with other documentation on this topic as well. All are appreciated!

      God Bless you guys!

  55. fade says:

    Pls is it advisable to take one tea spoon of the mixture with water or to be swallowed just like that.I just wanted to know whether the tea spoon of the mixture be put inside a water and drink.ur response will be appreciated

  56. Gareth says:

    Did you wife loose her battle with cancer. If so, it might have been the honey if she took your recipe above. Cancer patients should stay far from sugar as it feeds cancer.
    Sorry to hear though and I’m planning on looking into the recipe more carefully.

    • admin says:

      Yes, unfortunately for me, I did lose Debbie to cancer…6/14/12. She didn’t use this recipe at all. We juiced heavy amounts of vegetables for her benefit. We knew how well cancer loves sugar. Thank you so much though for your heads-up, and your concern. Both are very much appreciated. Please take care, and God bless!

  57. Thomas says:

    Yes , sir I also made this mixture, just started taking it 2 days ago.. But I only used 1 cup
    of honey, since I am a diabetic . I have had 12 stents in my chest and 3 in my legs.This all started in 2005, and my last one was in my leg 2010.. I hope this will keep every thing open for me…

    • admin says:

      Hello Thomas! How are ya buddy?

      One cup of honey? Don’t know about that, but being a diabetic, maybe check up on it. I do know honey is a natural sugar, so…check out if this would be advantageous or not. My daughter-in-law made it with one cup of honey, and both her, and our son got nauseated. Added the other two cups of honey and no more problem. We feel the nausea was caused by the garlic and ginger being too strong, and not cut down enough, thus causing a little stomach problem.

      Anyway Thomas, in your situation, do what you feel you need to do.

      Take care my friend, and God Bless you and yours!

      Please keep us informed of your progress!

  58. Azhar says:

    I have High BP and high cholesterol. Do you think is it ok to drink this for that purpose?

    • admin says:

      Yes, I feel confident to say go for it. Time will tell number one, plus with the ingredients I believe it to be very advantageous for your immune system as well! Give it a whirl, and get back with us on your findings! We’d love to hear your input!

      Wishin you the very best and God Bless!

  59. Ana says:

    Okay, I made my mix and it made a lot. how long can this last in multiple small jars? Also I have noticed more gas, some headaches and lots of hot flashes.. I know Too much information. I actually like the taste of this stuff. I was a bit off on my honey so I just used what I had and called it even. I seem a bit tired also. You should know that I have eaten horribly for YEARS AND YEARS. So I am certain there is lots in my body to get rid of. I was just hoping that I wouldnt forever have this gas. LOL not lady like AT ALL.

    • admin says:

      I’m not sure how long it will last, but a considerable time if refrigerated.

      “Also I have noticed more gas, some headaches and lots of hot flashes..” From the testimonials we’ve received, gas, headaches and hot flashes are a first??

      Not sure, but possibly stop takin when arguin with the hubby (headache), makin out with the hubby (hot flashes), or havin gas (too many lima beans). Lol!

      “I was just hoping that I wouldnt forever have this gas.” (Lay off the beans, and substitute beano for the garlic!) Lol!

      Enjoyed our discussion, and look forward to more!

      Good luck with the ginger, garlic, etc! God Bless!

  60. James (Jim) Huffman Sr says:

    As we speak I am brewing up my 4th batch, stove exhaust fan on high, kitchen
    window wide open as is the sliding door in the dining room . . . I’m 80+ years
    old with a six pack of stints in my ticker . . . and I can live with the beautiful
    garlic smell . . . Tablespoon a day keeps ya out of the cath lab . . . .

    • admin says:

      Hey Jim…what’s up buddy?

      “stove exhaust fan on high, kitchen window wide open as is the sliding door in the dining room”
      Too funny!! BUT…needed!! LOL! Jim, keep up the good work, and God Bless!

      Lookin forward to you stoppin back by and blessing us with your sense of humor! Love it!

  61. Mohan says:

    I couldn’t get garlic or ginger juice. So I cruched both to make it creamy and then boiled it with lime juice and viniger. Would that make any difference?

    • admin says:

      Hey Mohan…

      Usually you can find both on the net, but I personally juice them myself. Know what I’m gettin thing I guess. Lol. As for your question about crunching them up, I really can’t see where it would matter much, but am not sure about lime versus lemon??? Maybe no problem???

      To be honest though, I would get a juicer if possible, but I too am a FIRM ADVOCATE of…ya gotta do what ya gotta do!! LOl.

      Anyway, God Bless you guys, and wishin you all the very best!


  62. Jade says:

    I read through all the conversations and I leant a lot from different questions and shares. I decide to give it a try. I just wish to know about it in 12 years ago. I had triple bypass in 2001 and became a diabetic in 2005. I lost 20 pounds right after the surgery but gained a lot during 12 years. In 2007 I had angiograph and doctor told me that I will need heart transplant because of my veins are narrow and a few of them have been blocked at least 80%. He can’t put a stent in any if there are something happen in future.

    I see that the blog has ended in April 2013. Anyone knows what happen to Mr D and his wife Deb? Any other heart disease people out there who got benefit from the garlic drink? Please continue to share experience. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hello Jade, and how are you? Sorry I took so long to reply, but had been very busy. Actually I (Dub) am fine, and appreciate your asking around. My wife Deb, passed away June 14th, 2012, but I know in my heart that Deb is in a lot better place than we are as of now.

      You can read back through the comments from the post on garlic, etc. juice and see many have in fact benefitted from it.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to drop us a line, and God Bless you and yours!


  63. Danish says:

    i made the mixture but using it with water, hope have same results :) ?

  64. jacquelyn says:

    is it safe to take the juicers concotion while taking your blood pressure and cholesterol meds.

    • admin says:

      Yes Ma’am, I do believe it is, but I’d ask my doctor to be sure. The wish is by taking this, you’ll be able to drop your meds. A lot of good results posted throughout the comments!

      God Bless you and yours!

  65. Mirza Ahsanul Kabir says:

    I read all the above writings. I have 4 heart blockage with 28% EP and I already faced 2 major heart attact. I don’t whether it will help or not but I want to try that ginger, garlic etc mix. Hope it will work :D

    God bless every one.

    Thanks everybody

    • admin says:

      First off…God Bless you as well! Personally I DO believe this will help you! Too many testimonials worldwide that have been helped. The Good Lord has each and everyone of us right where we’re supposed to be. I do feel this recipe is…God given…all natural. Good luck and God Bless!

  66. faisal says:

    i was preparing this mixture yesterday but the colour changes to greenish/blue is it ok to take this.I have used
    1 cup lemon juice
    1 cup garlic juice
    1 cup apple vinegar
    1 cup ginger juice
    and my father is having diabetics from last 25 yeas.Should i mix honey or not

    • admin says:

      You know, to be perfectly honest, I believe I’d ask my md. BUT, I do know that honey is processed differently in your body than say…typical sugar products. BUT, I again stress to ask your md. Good luck, and wishing you and your father both, all the best! God Bless!

  67. Gurdial Singh says:

    I was diagnosed with 3 blocks and had 1 stent inserted. A friend suggested this concoction and i have been taking for almost 2 weeks now. I have just sent the blood for testing and will be getting the results by 16 Jan 14 , the day of my annual check by my physician at the aviation institute of medicine. I am eager to know the results and will share here once i have them. tq

  68. Karen Alter says:

    When doing this mixture you should not take above 115 degrees as it will cook out all of the enzymes.

    • admin says:

      Morning Karen…how are you. As far as the temp, I have to admit you’re tossing me a curve ball. When I received this from my friend from India, it does indeed state…boil it. I’ve done exactly that for over two years now with absolutely no prescription heart meds….I was on 7.

      I’m not saying you’re wrong, but the others on the site who’ve commented in regards to its benefits have indeed boiled it and are also advocating the health benefits they’ve received.

      Again, I’m no MD, but only the messenger attempting to possibly help others through an all natural alternative…that’s all.

      Thanks for stopping in, and come back anytime!

      God Bless!

  69. niften says:

    any side effects..??

    • admin says:

      None that I’m aware of besides my wife hollers at me much more now??

      NO, I’m just kidding!

      In reality I’ve only heard of just a couple, and I believe both instances were nausea, BUT caused by not cooking properly, or not preparing per instruction.

  70. Sonia says:

    Hi everyone. .this has been a very helpful blog and great work on ur part sir…my query I hope someone can really help me with..has anyone who is diabetic gone thru this wonder remedy and experienced any changes ..I mean my anticipation is about honey if anyone can really share would be great…thanks and god bless all

    • admin says:

      Well hello to you as well, and might I add, that it too was evidently GREAT WORK on your end as well to simply be able to read and comprehend my style of writin, Ma’am! lol!

      Very, very good question in regards to the honey and being diabetic! Honey is the most used product by volume in this mix. I don’t believe I’ve heard from anyone who is a diabetic through comments coming back to us. I would VERY MUCH love to be able to answer your question for you, but I can’t. I always suggest running this by your Doctor when a diabetic.

      I know that honey versus sugar is processed entirely differently by our bodies, but again, I’d be scared to even venture a guess in your regard.

      I’m very sorry I can’t be of more help, but hopefully someone will see your question on here and be able to help you out. I sure hope so!

      If not, just ask your Doctor. If yours is as helpful as mine, he’ll help you out. I’m very blessed with my personal doc. If you do get an answer, please let us know, okay?

      Thank you for stopping by to visit and your kind words. Wishing you and yours the very best, and God Bless!


      • Sonia says:

        Hi thanks for the instant response….how is wish i had a doc as honest as yours…but the only reason y i have questioned you is becoz majority of docs today cannot be trusted..they refrain from giving honest feedback to patients just so that they dont lose them as patients…they generally do not want their patients to adopt natural remedies and keep healthy…i am sorry this is my personal experience amongst the docs i have come across so far with due respect to their being
        ..but if anyone could really help me out with this and m sure this would be an issue with many of us….thanks again

        • Muneer says:

          I am Diabetic Type 2 since last 15 years and trying my best to keep it under good control.
          Recently, I had CABGx3 (on Oct 11, 2013) and since last one month I am using this Girlic, Ginger, Lemon, Apple Cedar Vinegar and Honey mixture (1 table spoon early morning, on empty stomach, daily) and I did not see increase in my sugar level. Infact, I had used this mixture one month before my CABG operation, (but did not continue and decided to go for CABG operation. Well, it is better to be late, than never to be) and during my regular (which is every 3 months) blood work, my HBA1C showed better results, which means the honey contents of this mixture is not having effect on my over all blood sugar level.

          After the CABG operation, I stopped eating Red Meat and am mostly on vegetables (once or twice a week, I do eat chicken and or fish), no egg yellow (I eat only egg white), l take low fat dairy products (a glass of milk daily in b/f and a cup of tea with milk in the evening) In short, this is my diet and I do exercise (treadmill – 30 minutes and bicycle-10 minutes in Gym) 5-7 days per week and walk, walk and walk a lot all day long or as much as possible. My BP is around 110-12-/70-80, pulse 70, BMI=22, height 180cm, weight 71kg, age-57 years, happily married with 3 kids (of which 2 daughters married and leading happy life and 1 son still studying in college).

          Well, good luck and happy healthy life to all of us.

          • admin says:

            Hello…how are you?

            First thank you for the info supplied in regards to being a diabetic using this juice. I know Sonia is really thrilled for your response to her inquiry! I too am thrilled to your response as well because I’ve been asked this very same…being a diabetic, can we take this juice? Frankly I didn’t know, but could only ask that they consult their own MD, to find out…based on the honey content of the juice will it affect their blood sugar?

            Our world today seems so topsy-turvy, and we watch the news, and mainly what we get out of it…is BAD news. It’s people such as yourself that reinforces for me that their are still PLENTY of GOOD people out there, worldwide, who step up and help others just from the kindness of their hearts! It doesn’t matter our race, our religious views, or our political views…we ALL are God’s creatures. Too sad our leaders seem to be the ones “stirring the pot,” turning one against the other, and I truly believe that if our leaders themselves would turn back to God…this world would be a much better place. Power and greed.

            Enough said…

            We are in the process, as we speak, of building a new website that is going to provide a foundation to come to for information regarding an all-natural look into alternative remedies and health enhancement. We hope that this site will bring people just like yourself together, sharing their own knowledge on these topics.

            Personally, I’m only scratching the surface in my own knowledge of these topics, and find myself daily looking for more answers to not just your, but my own questions in regards to this type of lifestyle. Any and all information from others would be so greatly appreciated, again, not just from me, but I believe thousands of others. TOGETHER…people can move mountains! Hopefully through our new site we can do just that…move mountains together in our health concerns, through sharing knowledge of this all-natural, alternative lifestyle.

            A lifestyle given to us to nourish our bodies from…our Creator.

            Edmund Burke once said… “Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”

            That statement is so pertinent in regards to our new site, and basically, life in general. By helping out with, and sharing our own knowledge with others, even though we may be in fact only sharing a little, we can literally create a snowball effect and once more…move mountains!

            We would love for you to become involved yourself, just as you already have by simply blessing Sonia through your statements in her regard.

            Thanks again.

            In regards to my own blood work…

            Believe it or not, I’ve gotten my personal care Doctor very involved with this juice. He is actually monitoring me now, on a monthly blood work testing regime so I can put these results up on our new site…again, monthly. There will be a story behind this testing that I’ll share with each of you as to why we started this monthly testing. My results are coming to share with you guys, but it will be another couple weeks or so, possibly just a tad longer, depending on the new site completion.

            Thanks again, and God Bless you and yours!

            Doug Bronson

        • Muneer says:

          Forgot to mention, when I had started using this admixture few months before my CABGx3, after using the mixture for 1 week, I had increased the mixture from 1 table spoon to 2 and then after few days to 3 table spoon every day, due to which by evening my BP had dropped considerable (90/50), so from the following day, I had reduced it to 1 table spoon.

          • Sonia says:

            Thanks a ton Mr
            muneer ..it really takes a lot to spare some time out of one’s schedule just to satisfy someones concern, and i really appreciate for your effort…and thank uou mr.bronson for doing such a wonderful and kind job…god bless all

          • admin says:

            Hello Sonia. No need to thank me, I did absolutely nothing. Our friend stepped up to the plate and supplied you with everything you needed. He deserves ALL the credit. Very inspiring to see good, good people helping others out. Makes my day!

            Good luck Sonia, and here’s wishing you all the best life has to offer! God Bless you and our new friend too.

            Better yet…God Bless us all!

  71. Muneer says:

    Dear Sonia
    Was really busy these last few days, hence could not give reply to your comment.
    Well, I was scrolling the web when I came accross this website and upon reading the posts of so many people and based to my personal experience, it was natural for anybody to be prompted to give the real fact and comment, which is what I did. Please do not thank me, thank God for giving me this opportunity to share this information to all who have read and will read it in future.
    Wish everybody Good Luck and healthy life.

    • admin says:

      Your response to Sonia and everyone else involved is very commendable and appreciated once again. Wishing you the very best in all things.

      Oh, our new site should be up this coming week if you’re interested! We’ll announce it on this site.


  72. lindie says:

    If i were to mix Ginger and Garlic which is in powder form what will be the measurement?

    • admin says:

      Morning Lindie! Ya caught me at the computer this morning!! Lol.

      To be perfectly honest with you, I prefer juicing the ingredients myself. I understand there are reasons for not doing it this way…no juicer, not enough time, the smell of the ingredients can be pretty overpowering in the home…whatever?? BUT…our recipe calls for juice, so, I always use juice.

      In regards to the amount of ginger or garlic powder I personally have absolutely NO idea of the mix rate you’d need. I did Google it up for you and I found these rates…ginger- 1 tablespoon fresh = 1 tbs. ground?? could find no measurement for garlic powder??….garlic– 1 large clove = 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder. The link is…. http://southernfood.about.com/library/info/blequivg.htm

      Using powder form, do use lose nutritional values, or are you getting…apples per apples, juice versus powder?? I wouldn’t think so. I don’t know if I’ve helped you much at all Lindie, but maybe??

      You have a great day, and God Bless!

  73. rey says:

    Hi all…

    First of all I would like to thank Dub and his late wife for this page. I was actually looking on the net for details regarding this artery-clearing concoction and its effect. And this page sold me on it enough to actually try do my first batch after reading through all those testimonials which i like to refer to as “beta-tests”.

    As a backgrounder, i’m working as an expat and almost mid-forties, 91 kls. , and is classified obese for my 5’4″ frame. My BP is normal at 120/90. Non-diabetic. But I personally think and feel that I am experiencing signs of heart disease (chest pains, angina?) although doctors here in my host country see otherwise for some reason or another (???). They prescribed statins for my cholesterol which I did away with after I read how it messes with the liver. I just take aspirin for maintenance.

    I don’t have a juicer so I had to manually peel about 1kg of garlic, chop 1 kg. of ginger and hopefully that is enough to get 1 cup juice each. The garlic being a bit naturally caustic really did a number on my thumb and index finger from all those peelings.
    After this post I’ll be preparing for the extraction and cooking.

    Let you know how it turns out in a month.


    • rey says:

      Just adding a quick footnote after I made my batch…

      I tried to manually juice the ginger and garlic by using a hand presser thingy and about 1/3 kgs of ginger and 4 hours later it broke and i got less than half of a cup of juice …..so bought a juicer , brand is panasonic and recycled the whole lot through ….and it worked wonders.
      Roughly 1Kg of ginger amounts to 1-4/5 cup, 1kg garlic cloves= 1-1/4 cup, 8pcs averge-sized lemon manually juiced is 1 cup, and 1 kg honey amounts to about a wee bit over 3 cups, based on the cup size i used.
      Mixing the whole thing up (without the honey) will result to a fine-colloidal mix similar to miso soup. Slow heating on low flame to evaporate and reduce the mix into roughly 3 cups will take about 30 minutes. How do I know this? I mark off a stirring ladle what the level of 3 cups looks like. The mix will settle during this stage so periodic stirring is needed. This will also help not to boil-out the mix. When done the mix will still look like before but with a slight tinge of greenish-bluish hue. Let it cool and mix in the honey. It will take about 15 minutes of stirring to a balanced consistency of the mix.

      Just putting it out there. I hope it helps.


      • Muneer says:

        Very anxiously waiting to hear from you, the results or whatever difference you have noticed so far.
        Good luck

        • admin says:

          Hello my friend! I thought I had answered you earlier today but I don’t think I hit submit reply, so…I guess I didn’t! Lol.

          Check out my response to Toni and it should answer your questions and has my last blood work. I hope this finds you very well. Wishing you the very best, and please continue to stop in to visit with us. We enjoy hearing from you and your findings.

          Best of luck to you as well!


  74. Bobbijo says:

    I was just given this concoction from my Chinese alternative med dr. I just made it! Excited to start seeing results, I am fighting cancer 100% natural! Anyway did yours turn green?? It is strange I hope it is safe!

    • admin says:

      Bobbi-Jo…what’s up??

      Wishing you the very best in your struggle with cancer! I too have known this battle firsthand with my wife Deb. She opted for alternative treatment as well, and I honestly believe if we had caught this sooner, things would have had a much more pleasant outcome. I know this…if I were diagnosed with cancer tomorrow…I’d go the VERY SAME route Deb did!

      Remember to BELIEVE in your treatment, put your Faith in God, and as Deb always said, “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!” She lived by that motto!

      Yes Ma’am…it does turn green. It is a reaction from the garlic being juiced, or crushed. Next time put your garlic after juicing it in a bowl by itself…you will see the color change pretty rapidly.

      Bobbi-Jo, please keep us aware of your issues. If you’d like anymore about Deb’s alternative treatments, shoot us an email, and I’ll send all we can!

      Here’s wishing you the very best in ALL things, and God Bless!

  75. Jane says:

    Hi Dub, I’m looking for testimonials and haven’t been able to find them. I was just diagnosed with a badly blocked artery in one leg and can’t take the medication prescribed by the doctor. Could you just mention what percentage of people are healed using this method.


    • admin says:

      Hey Jane!

      Go to http://www.isaiahsgarden.com.

      It is our site too. There is testimonials on the homepage and a testimonial section as well.

      As far as percentage as helped, we really couldn’t even begin to guess, but from the testimonials alone, it has helped A LOT of people, Jane. I personally have been taking this almost 3 years, will be in June. I had a massive heart attack in June of 2008, and was prescribed 7 different heart meds. Since June of 2011, I haven’t taken any…not one. Only this juice.

      Just between us, I think you’d be a prime candidate to take this.

      Whatever your decision Jane, we’re wishing you the very best, and God Bless!

  76. Dieako says:

    Hello! I hope your all I’m good health. I just wanted to ask you fr your experience with the mixture… How long does it last for, before it expires? Also can I substitute lemons for limes!? Would that be the same? And apart fr the taste does it leave a bad odour in your mouth!? Thank you

    Kind Regards


    • admin says:

      Hello Dieako. How are you my friend? Things here are going well and we are all in good health. Thank you for your kind wishes.

      On June 23rd., I’ll have been taking this mixture for 3 full years. Had a massive heart attack in 2008, and put on 7 prescription medicines. In 2011 I threw my heart meds in the trash and started taking only this juice. Have never looked back.

      I have made batches in the past and kept them in the refrigerator for 3-4 months at a time with absolutely no problem whatsoever.

      The recipe I have is for lemons…I’ve never substituted any other ingredient. If it were me…I’d use lemons only.

      As for a mouth odor I don’t seem to notice it, and as far as other people, they’ve never took off in the other direction when I spoke to them, so I’d say no, not really. (Lol!)

      We have had comments where people have gotten back with us saying they have gargled with it to prevent bad breath, and even used it for sore throats.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to drop us a few lines. All are appreciated, and I hope we have been of some help to you. Wishing you the very best in all things and God Bless!

  77. Aaron Tumang says:

    hi guys,

    regarding with the garlic and ginger is it possible to use a blender ?

    • admin says:

      Good morning Aaron…thanks for stopping by!

      Aaron, in my case, I found a blender just does not give me the juice content needed. I’ve tried several different ways, believe me. In my experience, for using this recipe, in my opinion, the best way to go, manufacturing the product in your home is the Jack LaLanne juicer. It has worked great for us. Great juicer, and rugged.

      Anyway, I hope that helps you.

      On the flip side, we have just opened up a new company, Isaiah’s Garden, and in this endeavor we literally manufacture this juice. We did thios for a number of reasons…

      #1- Convenience. We had so many people telling us they didn’t have a juicer. People telling us they didn’t have the time to make it. People saying the odor of the ginger and garlic were overwhelming being cooked in their kitchens, and the cost of prescription meds etc…

      #2- Helping others. Personally I have been making this juice for 3 years after my massive heart attack in June of 2008. In 2011 I started using ONLY this juice. I WAS on 7 different prescription heart medications. Since then, I have been strictly on the juice. My last blood work was 194 or 196, I can’t remember, but it was one or the other, total cholesterol. My bad cholesterol was 110. Again, no prescribed heart meds.

      Then, we have received hundreds of testimonies from others, worldwide whom started taking this juice and their stories were amazing. After much thought, we decided once more to manufacture this, and named it…WE BELIEVE. Please go to our website

      http://www.isaiahsgarden.com and see for yourself.

      My prescription of Lipitor when I was taking it, cost me right at $200.00 out of pocket money a month…WITH Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. Our product, WE BELIEVE, costs $19.99 per 15 oz. bottle…which happens to be a full 30 day supply, and breaks down to a cost of .67 cents per day, shipped anywhere in the US with postage already paid, or…free shipping. It is the EXACT same product I have been making for my own personal use for 3 years now. As needed, I simply pull a bottle off the line for my use.

      Just a little info for you.

      Thank you so much for dropping in, and good luck with it. Wishing you the very best in all things, and God Bless you and yours!

  78. Lois Austin says:

    Thanks for sharing! I linked into your website from a Multiple Sclerosis blog.
    I am all about natural cures! Wondering if any of your readers have Multiple Sclerosis and have used the mixture. If so, have they found any changes in their symptoms?
    Living in Faith

    • admin says:

      Good morning Lois, thanks for stopping by.

      Hopefully, one of our readers may indeed have experience with this juice in regards to MS, and step up and supply you with some info.

      From a personal standpoint, I’m no doctor, and state quite clearly I don’t attempt to be.

      I am though a Central Florida redneck (lol), who had a massive heart attack in 2008, and was prescribed 7 different heart meds. I started this juice recipe in my own regard in 2011, and literally…tossed my heart meds in the trash…long story, but it was inspired by my late wife Debbie who lost her battle to stage 4 breast cancer in 2012 after opting for alternative treatment after undergoing one chemo…you can find the story in our archives.

      Even though not an MD, I put faith in the juice, and started making, and taking it for my heart health…to much success.

      After putting the recipe out…we started receiving testimonials from worldwide, thanking us for the health benefits they received from this product as well. Not just heart health Lois, but many different ailments, although I think you are the only one so far inquiring about MS, but in cases of asthma, vocal cord paralysis, Hashimoto’s disease, diabetes, even bites that I just experienced…got a spider bite on my neck. We were on the island, so no doctor. Anyway, the bite was just below my left ear and by the third day was swollen about the size of a golf ball, sore as the devil, and had red streaks running up and down my neck, top and bottom.

      We were having a work week, and had brought two of our employees down to help us out. One stated, Doug, “why don’t you put some juice on it?”

      So, I soaked a paper towel in it, and used it as a poultice on the bite. I did it twice that evening…the next morning, the red streaks were gone…literally. The swelling was about half the size it had been. 3 days later…the bite was gone…astill a small scab, but any symptoms from the bite were non-existent.

      My point is this…we have received SO many blessings from this juice, and many, many others as well, that we simply don’t know what all it IS good for, Lois, and that’s the truth.

      As far as MS is concerned, I would love to see someone step up and hopefully give you some great news in that regard, but I will tell you this…it surely can’t hurt. You can go to our other website http://www.isaiahsgarden.com and it will give you the nutritional breakdown of every ingredient used, as well as health ailments each seem to provide benefits for.

      If it were me…I’d give it a try, and a serious go at that. The juice is LOADED with anti-oxidants.

      Lois, you could make it yourself, but I strongly suggest juicing the ginger root, the garlic and the lemons yourself. I always have and always will. The honey also NEEDS to be pure, unprocessed raw honey! Store bought has other ingredients added. Plus, the honey we use personally is a wildflower/gallberry honey, which is a darker honey. The reasoning behind this is that the darker honey’s have more medicinal value than the lighter honey’s.

      Off our http://www.isaiahsgarden.com website, you can purchase this juice under our product name…WE BELIEVE. It is one 15 oz. bottle of juice, which is a 30 day supply, as you take only one tablespoon per day, and the cost per day breakdown is .67 cents per day.

      The bottles sell for $19.99 and are delivered to your door, anywhere in the Continental US, with free shipping. That is the total cost.

      Not trying to sell you a bottle Lois, but that option is out there, or, simply make it yourself.

      Loved your remark of “Living in Faith!”

      To be quite honest, that’s the only way to live, Lois! He never puts more on us than we can tote, but I gotta tell you, this whole experience with this juice has been overwhelmingly such a tremendous Blessing for us. We have heard so many, thank you’s and God Bless you’s, for this juice, that we simply are literally in awe of it all.

      To be able to have shared something with others and helped to have given them back better health in so many cases is really…what it’s all about, and honestly…it doesn’t get any better than that.

      Without intending to sound corny in any way, I truly believe…there is a little of God in every bottle. It’s He that showed us this, it’s He that provides these ingredients to nourish our bodies with, and certainly it is HE that is doing any and all healing in this regard as well…we’re simply the messengers here…that’s all.

      Once more Lois…I would try it if I were you. You have nothing at all to lose, and everything to gain!

      You will be in our prayers! Here’s wishing you the very best in all things, and God Bless!


  79. brenda says:

    I know this receipe. It is supposed to be very good for you. Do you know where to buy the bottle in the US? I want to save sometime to make it myself. Thank you very much!!!

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