Pork and Cabbage, Hoppin John, Cornmeal Hoecakes, Baked Apples and a Little College Football:

Mornin guys. How are ya today?

The recipes we’re sharin today, come from Lucky’s cookbook, “Cedar Creek Game Cookbook.” It was written by Sam Goolsby, from Monticello, Georgia…of all places.

Bein a Florida Gator fan, it’s hard to like anybody from the State Of Georgia…this time of the year anyway! LOL!

I will admit though, that them dern Dogs are lookin good!

Speakin of Fla-Ga., how bout a few laughs at our favorite college football teams expense?

I’ll start off with one from the late Lewis Grizzard, a graduate from The University of Ga., and an avid… “Gator Hator.” (probably how Grizzard spelled it…being a Ga. grad)

“What do ya get when ya cross a University of Florida graduate…with a pig?”

Nothin, cause there’s some things a pig just won’t do!”

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God or Alinsky:

Good morning guys, or maybe….good morning, “comrades” is the more appropriate how do, huh? We hope this finds all in good health and spirits…course if you are in pretty good spirits, you ain’t payin much attention to the atrocious, outrageous, appalling arrogance demonstrated by our elected officials.

This behavior demonstrated by our ELECTED (I still ain’t believing that??) officials, is a simple flaunting of… “the ends justify the means.”

I know to most this morning, I’m just “speakin to the choir,” but it still makes me literally shake my head at the goins on in our Country today.

What have we become?

Alinsky in Our Lives:

“Lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history…the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively, that he at least won his own kingdom…Lucifer.”

By my reading that statement from Saul Alinsky, ideology, or whatever it is, I can’t help but come to the conclusion it is indeed okay to sell your soul to the devil…to obtain your goal.

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Where’s the Check?

Good morning guys…what’s up?

You know, I was reading last night, and it struck me while reading, of the greatness we as Americans have always enjoyed simply because we are (possibly were), the home of the brave, living in the land of the free.

Also, we are (or were), one nation…under God.

Boy, steppin on some toes with that last statement, huh?

Ain’t exactly “politically correct,” is it?

Course anymore, neither is flyin the Stars and Stripes in your front-yard, huh?

Personally, I feel there are far too many toes in this great Country today that need steppin on in this regard, as I see more and more the downward spiral we as Americans are experiencing from lack of morals, virtues, standards, integrity, and…Godliness.

This post this morning isn’t so much about God and religion, as important as both are, as it is about, well, doesn’t your name mean anything to you anymore?

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Batter Dipped Fish, Fried Cheese, and Squash Casserole

Well, you guys know my wife “Lucky” (Kathrine) by now, and I gotta tell you guys that she was one tough heifer to get to acknowledge I was even around most times.

“Bronson,” she’d say, “I’m happy with my life just as it is, and I don’t need no man screwin it up!”

Shoot, I thought she must have been dropped on her head when she was a baby, cause all jokes aside, I happened to be a pretty good catch, but that’s just my opinion, mind ya.

But eventually, my persistence and good looks won out. Lol!

I’d say, “But dern Addison, you look good, ya got a good heart, you’re a fine Christian lady, ya like to hunt and fish, and even better yet…ya mow grass!”

“Honey, we were MADE for each other!”

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Measure of a Man

Good morning guys. We hope this finds all well today.

Kathrine had loaned me, quite a while back, a book that was her late husband Ronnie’s, who also was a good, good friend of Deb and myself.

Deb, God bless her soul, got no more enjoyment anywhere that simply aggravatin the fire out of him.

She nicknamed him “Turtle,” after her and I getting behind him in our vehicle one day, with him in his. At first we didn’t know who it was goin SO slow down the highway. Then, once we were able to pass him, there he was, bigger than life sittin up behind that steerin wheel, his windows rolled down, and his hair…NOT EVEN BLOWIN!

The man was on a major highway, here in Central Florida of all places, holdin up the flow of traffic, poking along, with ALL HIS WINDOWS ROLLED DOWN, and…his hair not even movin.

Ronnie had found God the last year to year and a half in his life, and once Ronnie found God, this too was not unlike anything he’s ever done in his life…it was taken very seriously, and he poured himself into studying the Bible and researching any and every thing that he came across.

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A New Season

Good morning guys. I hope this finds all well.

Isn’t it funny how life evolves? We get caught up in our own little worlds, and it is so easy to get to the point you literally take things for granted.

Your spouse for instance…

You guys work and live together, you raise your children, the grandkids start droppin, and all of a sudden you wonder…where has the time gone?

You start off your lives together, most struggle through the early years tryin to eke out a livin, keep the kids in clothes, and money seems many times to be the center point of your world.


Cause there’s never enough of it. Lol.

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It’s Tough Bein a Redneck Anymore

Mornin guys. I hope this finds all well, in both spirits and health.

I was sittin out on the porch this morning sippin my coffee letting my mind wander around some. Course, anyone who knows me understands my mind wanders around quite a bit.

I got to thinkin bout the shape our Country is in, and how sad it makes me to consider the reasons for our allowin this to take place.

I quit school after the 6th grade, and although my goal was to get through junior high at the very least, Dad insisted that 18 years of formal schoolin was aplenty.

With that bein said, many times I fall back to my bein raised in the South, and our bein labeled as rednecks, as my…ace in the hole when it comes to my views on life.

My beliefs are fanned by simplicity, as I am literally…a simple man.

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Ya’ll Pull Up a Chair

Well hello again. Good night a livin folks, seems I’ve been livin the life of a prairie dog in regards to posting, huh? I’d pop up every once in a while if only to say hello, then, back into my hole.

Anyway, life has, or may I say had, been kinda a struggle since Deb passed on. To be the type of guy who had always been able to simply grab the bull by the horns and work through pretty much any type of adversity, this with Deb was in an entirely different league.

Honestly, I didn’t know if I was coming or going, and the worst part is there were so many different times I didn’t even realize I WAS having any type of problem.

But, with God’s help, and many, many good friends concern for me, along with time itself being a sort of healer, life once more is good again.

Let me emphasize one thing this morning, and if you take nothing else away from this post at all, understand this…God will never put more on you than you can tote, or shoulder, and I understand this quite well.


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Number 5

Good morning guys! What’s up? We hope this finds all well, and everyone is enjoying good health. On our end, once again, life is good!

You know, I knew a man who really enjoyed going to the dog track. This guy just loved to go and watch those dern dogs run.

When he could find the time, he’d be at the track. He literally loved it.

Anyway, you all probably have little things that trigger you to think, “Dern, I oughta play that number,” or you see something that makes you think, “I oughta play the lotto tonight.”

Even things such as wearin the same shirt to your favorite college football team’s game, time after time, after time.


Cause in your heart, you feel by doing this…it brings you luck.

You ever done that, or something similar?

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An End of a Nation? Could Be…

Good morning guys! What’s up?

Heard a story yesterday of a little boy, maybe seven years old, sittin on the street corner tryin to sell a lawnmower.

A man of about 45 came pedaling up on a bike.

The man stopped, looked down at the mower with the handwritten,“4-sale sign,” hangin off it, and asked, “Is this your mower, does it still run, and why ya sellin it?”

The little boy replied yes to the first two, and then said he was sellin the mower to buy a bike.

“Hmmm…” the man thought. “You know, I don’t ride this bike much, and I do NEED a mower…Tell ya what, I’ll swap ya my bike for your mower, and we’ll both have come out ahead here today.”

The little boy agrees immediately, but asks, “Mister, can I take the bike for a test spin?”

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