Ya’ll Pull Up a Chair

Well hello again. Good night a livin folks, seems I’ve been livin the life of a prairie dog in regards to posting, huh? I’d pop up every once in a while if only to say hello, then, back into my hole.

Anyway, life has, or may I say had, been kinda a struggle since Deb passed on. To be the type of guy who had always been able to simply grab the bull by the horns and work through pretty much any type of adversity, this with Deb was in an entirely different league.

Honestly, I didn’t know if I was coming or going, and the worst part is there were so many different times I didn’t even realize I WAS having any type of problem.

But, with God’s help, and many, many good friends concern for me, along with time itself being a sort of healer, life once more is good again.

Let me emphasize one thing this morning, and if you take nothing else away from this post at all, understand this…God will never put more on you than you can tote, or shoulder, and I understand this quite well.


There are so many examples of God’s love for me since Deb passed away, it’s incredible. I always knew of God, yet found little time, or better said, I never ALLOWED God time in my life.

Without getting long winded on this subject, there are even examples in my own right of total strangers stepping into my life and making a difference in my walk with God.

Sallie Kay, you’re but one example of this, and I have to say this morning, thank you so much for takin the time, AND effort, to share with me your own experience of how God changed your life.

You made a difference, Sallie Kay…a big difference!

So, guys…

If you haven’t experienced His love in your own right, which by the way you do daily, whether you realize it or not, dig into it a little. Pick up a Bible and read it, and I’m sure you’ll begin to understand where I’m coming from.

Now, what’s been happenin in my life?

Well, for starters…I’m getting older!

I stopped quite a while back buyin green bananas at the grocery store. Decided if I was for sure gonna eat the dern things, I just might wanna buy em…already ripe!

Seems logical enough, huh?

I’m also startin up a new endeavor in my life… “Isaiah’s Garden.”

Kinda just really getting into it some.

Isaiah’s Garden was what I’ll call a vision I had. A vision influenced by the Book of Isaiah, chapter 53 primarily.

Isaiah 53 is where Dub finally…GOT IT, when it comes to my really beginning to see clearly the love God has for us.

Anyway, I decided that here on our place I could not only grow vegetables and plants to sell, earn a little income without goin out the gate. Plus, it would provide for me an opportunity to meet people, and share with them the story of the difference God has made in my life.

How can it get any better than that?

Goin to start next week sellin some barbeque. Lookin forward to that part of it as well. Considerin our sign out front declarin…

“You’d have to be a rooster to get a better piece a chicken!” LOL!

Deb always loved that sayin…risqué or not.

Growin a garden, grillin some meat, and runnin my mouth. All rankin very high on my list of likes, right up there with…eatin!

Believe that next July I’ll turn our paving business over to our youngest son, Mark, or Red as I call him.

He’s a very fine young man, who took a whole passle of worry off me after Deb’s passing. Still does.

I can honestly say that there’s not a more deserving young man to take over anything. He’s a working Trojan, a fine communicator, and our customers love him.

He’ll do well.

Last, but not least, there is one other change in my life…

I remarried.

Nope, I didn’t hit the wrong keys, I actually did…remarry.

Met this lady on the internet.

In our first dialogue together, she stated that she loved to hunt, had her own lease to hunt on, and enjoyed fishin too.

She also declared she lived on a lake, had a place on an island here in Florida off the west coast, and had a really nice fishin boat.

My immediate response to her after hearing of this?

Please send me a picture of…

Your boat!! LOL!

No, in all sincerity, Kathrine has made an awfully big difference in turnin my life around as well. I’m very grateful to her for this.

We didn’t meet on the internet, but have known each other for almost 15 years.

Deb loved her, and she loved Deb in return.

Kathrine lost her husband Ronnie, over 5 years ago. There’s an old post about him, in regards to Deb nicknaming him Turtle. I loved him just as Deb and Kathrine loved each other. Literally, they became family to us.

After losing Ronnie, Kathrine never dated, and had decided that she was one and done. After I lost Deb, she took pity upon me, yeah, I have to say she did, and we’d go to dinner…for company.

Seems the more I was around Kathrine, the more I realized she was a woman with high moral standards, she took things seriously, and once she was convicted in her beliefs, she was a hard one to turn.

She was…my exact opposite! They say opposites attract, huh? LOL!

Anyway, I began to feel deeply for her, but was always wonderin…ya reckon I CAN turn her?

She wanted no man in her life, and was content with her life, just as it was. She was exactly where she wanted to be, and as she would always say, “Bronson…I DO NOT want a man in my life! I’m your friend and that’s it! I’m HAPPY!”

Shoot, I knew right then she was fightin it for sure! It was only a matter of time! LOL.

No, honestly, I’ve never worked SO hard for SO little ground gained! Courtin her was about as pleasurable as slidin down a mile long razor blade into a vat of alcohol!

That woman busted my chops ever chance she got. First to simply just run me off, and this bein her WHOLE motive to begin with, runnin me off, but as time passed, she began to derive pleasure, A LOT of pleasure from the trials and tribulations she was putting upon me.

Lookin back now, I firmly believe, it was the pleasure she was deriving from causing me such anxiety, that this eventually became her own downfall.

By enjoyin painin me so much, her guard came down just enough for my own bull-headedness to win out, and because of this she finally saw…

What a fine figure of a man I was! LOL!

Actually, I think I just wore her down, and she finally realized that Bronson wasn’t goin anywhere.

Kinda a, if ya cain’t beat em, join em type of thing??

All joking aside, I have to say that Kathrine is one fine woman. After realizing that we may indeed have some type of relationship brewing, she immediately started layin down the rules. The first of which simply being that we would NOT be seen in public together until Deb’s one year anniversary of her death.

Not just that, but we’d have nothing period, until the one year mark had passed.

She told me many times that she loved Deb so much, she owed Deb that, and to be honest, was one more reason I love Kathrine like I do.

Long story short, Kathrine and I were married after church on June 23rd.

I’m a very happy camper, and believe Kathrine is as well. Matter of fact, I know she is. But guys, Kathrine and I are one more example of how God works in your lives.

Neither of us saw this coming, her especially, but I have to say that there was no way I could have pursued her as I did without some divine intervention. That bein said in only a half jokin way.

I truly believe, and Kathrine too, that God did step in and show us that two people, who had pretty much always been close, had shared the same type of loss, yet who never dreamed that one day WE would share our own lives together as man and wife.

God does work in mysterious ways, and I feel this was His way of Kathrine and I being able to smile again with someone very special in our lives.

A new season, if you will.

I do believe though, in all my heart, that Deb and Ronnie both, are smiling down on us over this turn of events. Part of her once more insuring we have that…smile on our face, and one in our heart!

So, that’s where I’m at with my life now, my friends. You’ll be hearin from me now on a much more regular basis. Thank you all for all your support and concern…you’re all the very best!

God Bless you and yours, and please… “Keep that smile on your face, and one in your heart!”


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2 Responses to Ya’ll Pull Up a Chair

  1. Ken says:

    Congrats you old coot! I am so happy for you! I put an engagement ring on a ladies finger back in May. Hope to be wedded by next May. A durn Yankee no less! Go figure LOL

    • admin says:

      Well Ken…congrats your way as well buddy! I’m very happy for you too my friend. It’s a tough row to hoe, is it not? We’re in a new season Ken, and my only wish for you is for you guys to be as happy as Kathrine and I are. She’s really been a blessing to me Ken, and what we found in one another I wasn’t sure I’d ever find again. What an awesome God we have, huh?

      “A YANKEE no less???” Man, next time we communicate, PLEASE don’t start that “Use guys” stuff!

      She must be one tough lady to put up with the likes of you! LOL!

      We wish you all the best Ken, and may God Bless you guys always!

      Love ya brother!

      “OLD COOT???” We’ll cover that next time, but for now I won’t let it out that you were originally…born in Oklahoma!!

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