Deb’s Doing Just Fine:

Hey guys. I just wanted to share a video of Deb out picking peas. I’d just got up from my Saturday afternoon “power nap,” and Deb says…”Let’s go pick some Crowders.” I was like, “Yeah, right!”

Once I saw she was serious, I asked for her to wait until tomorrow and I’d help her. She told me she’d rather go ahead and get them, and then I suggested very strongly…okay, but don’t miss any! LOL!

That heifer grabbed 3 buckets, piled in the gator, and off she went. It was kinda funny once she got to the pea patch. The dern cows have been eating the pea hulls, and had already gotten the black-eyed pea bushes we’d pulled up and fed them.

With this being the case, when they saw the gator, then saw it headed to the garden, their first thought…FOOD! They went runnin over to the garden, and you ought to have seen ole Deb trying to open the gate, tote her buckets in, then get the gate shut back, all in the midst of some hungry cows, or at least they thought they were hungry, anyway.

When she came back in later, I told her the cows looked like a bunch of hungry construction workers trying to get to the “roach coach!” This being the term the construction workers on-site call the sandwich truck.

My reply didn’t humor her in the least, as it became clear to her that I’d been standing up at the house watching those cows just aggravatin the daylights out of her trying to get in the garden. It was obvious to me as soon as the words left me, that I’d just put my WHOLE foot in my mouth!

You’ve all heard the sayin before… “Boy, he’s got a BIG mouth?” Well, it originated by being a description of…moi!

No, no, Judi or Brian, I am NOT from Southern France, BUT…I did use to watch the Muppets! For all you “slow trails” out there, Miss Piggy used to use the word moi, when speaking of herself.
But back to Deb, let’s just say I was getting under her skin.

So, she emptied her three buckets, grabbed a couple more, and went back to finish the Crowders. I didn’t want to tick her off by putting my foot in my mouth again, so as she drove back to the garden I was “hand-signing” to her just as hard as I could. My remarks? D.O.N.’T. M.I.S.S. A.N.Y!

Of course she couldn’t hear me, but as far as I was concerned…I’d gotten in the last word!!! If you can’t “whip em,” men, then you gotta “out-smart em!”

Seriously though, she didn’t have any idea I was videoing her, as I’d said earlier. But you know what? I sat in the swing watching her, and I got to thinking just how fortunate I was to have Deb, and honestly, I am.

You guys know her battle she’s in the midst of, but it’s like it isn’t even happening, at least from her perspective, and from her being this way, I honestly forget about it at times myself. It’s like there’s nothing at all wrong with her.

I also know that so many families are affected by this disease, and that far too many are in the midst of their own struggles with this disease. But you know what? The people that we’ve met, talked to, or communicated with, that are cancer patients as well…we’ve bonded with. We’re literally like a family. We all are concerned for the others, just as much as we are for ourselves! It is simply amazing to Deb and I both!

Everybody looks at things a little differently maybe, but the same common goal is…to beat this stuff! The story I can relate or share is only our own, but even so, I have to say that my Deb is one inspiring individual. She is to me, plus any one else that knows her.

She decided against chemo after the first round. No more she said, and by golly, that was the end of it. It was and is, her decision, and that’s the only way it could, or should be! When she told me that she’d take no more of it, I was proud of her, and her decision. THAT decision…took courage!

The chemo did knock her slap off her feet, and I saw her will to fight, her will to exercise, her will to eat, her will to grab this stuff by the horns and whip it, just disappear. She had NO positivity, and No desire to get any. She could hardly walk, talk sensibly, or just function period. She was…just there.

Believe me, I’m not trying to say this is what everyone should do…go the alternative route, because I’m not. You have to do what YOUR heart tells you to do. That’s all, and Deb’s told her…chemo is done.
Since this decision, she’s regained all her positivity, walks and exercises daily, juices, functions at the top of her game, does her alternatives, then keeps up with any and every household chore, plus, gardens, picks, shells and washes peas, and handles whatever else life can throw her way. To me…she is amazing!

This is what inspired me to take this video of Deb. Truthfully, it is because she is SO inspiring to me, and I wanted to share this with you today. For us…Deb made the right decision, no doubt. The type of treatment she chose gives us such a wonderful quality of life.

I always knew that Deb and I were very close to each other, but since we found out about her problem, this love for each other has been taken to another level. A level of respect…a deep respect for her will as a person, her devotion to the fight that may be equaled, but never surpassed, and her love for me and all our children and grandchildren.

Our whole family is very, very fortunate to have her with us, and she is a shining example of strength to us all! This video was done with me just sharing some of my thoughts about Deb, because again, I’m very inspired by her.

So, you guys take a look, and see for yourselves. She’s doing very well, and if God forbid, we lose the fight (WHICH WE AREN”T!!), we both will still know…we made the right decision for us!

In closing, we would like to EMPHASIZE that this was only Deb’s decision, after much prayer and conversation with God. She knows this decision was made through his guidance. We are only suggesting that you do, ONLY what your OWN heart tells you to do…that’s all!

God Bless every one of you, and our prayers are with you. As always Deb says to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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4 Responses to Deb’s Doing Just Fine:

  1. Bill J Canada says:

    Excellent. Attitude is 99% of any battle.

  2. Justme says:

    Beautiful! Good for you both! I agree with you about the alternative treatments. It makes more sense than the traditional medicine. Healing the body with healthy solutions. The way it should be.

  3. Chris Rickerson says:

    Dug I wish every time you talked about Debbies cancer that you would not cut chemo down. CHEMO saved my husband. and alot of other people I no. And I no each person is different. So please don;t cut CHEMO down there might be someone that there life could be saved by chemo.But after hearing you would change ther mind. so please justr talk about how she is getting along on what you are doing as her treatment. AND there is no one that whats to see her whip this cancer but me her sister. I LOVE her with all my heart. but I think you should slow down on cutting Chemo. Debbie I Love you and keep up the fight.

  4. Gord says:

    My step dad had cancer in the discs in his back and he tried a few different therapies. He went for radation once, and they burned him, he still has the scar on his back. He used hydrogen peroxide therapy, oncolyn, and heart drops which is essentially oil of oregano and garlic. I’ve heard of phycotene, as well as selenium working. I’ve also read a news story that came out about dichloroacetate, the University of Alberta claimed that this metabolic drug caused regression in all forms of cancer, but it’s not a patentable drug so the corporations aren’t interested in it.

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