Planting Mustards… Check Out Our Cherry Tomato, and Quail Legs, Too:

Hey guys, and welcome back to Ridin Out the Recession.

You know we’d mentioned earlier about taking our black-eyed peas up and letting the cows eat them. Those peas did really well for us and gave us a good amount to can and put up.
In their place we planted three rows of mustard greens. We planted seeds, 2-3 per hill about 9-12 inches apart. They’re planted in 100’ rows, set apart 4 feet. We’ve given them plenty of room and we’re hoping these do really well for us too.

Deb doesn’t like them cooked (???), but likes them in a salad or juiced. Me, I like em any way you want to serve em! My Mom, Dad, and most all of our family love them. When they’re coming in, there isn’t many times you can’t find a pot of greens simmering on a burner around our family.

Our first video shows Red and Dale setting out seeds in our last row. We’d just laid out the rows, trenched out the rows, and had planted the first two rows. We were basically winding it up.
We still have a couple good picking with the peas we have left, the crowders mainly, and our purple hulls, and cream 40’s will be cow feed come Monday or Tuesday. We’ll strip them of what peas are left, and that’ll wind them up for this year. Once again though, our peas did well for us. We’re thankful of this!

Here’s the video…

You could see from the video the peas are winding up, by the condition of the bushes. Most are now beginning to lay down, BUT…the okra is another story. It’s fixing to “hit its stride” in regards to what it’s turning out for us. This stuff you can pick every couple days, and once in a while, every day.

We love it. Shoot, listening to me in regards to the vegetables growing in the garden, I love them all, huh? Actually, I do too! You cannot beat right out of the garden produce…you just can’t! There is literally NO comparison as to what you get from the store.

Again, if you don’t garden, try it out. You’ll soon see why we get so excited over the vegetables coming in…their taste!

Our second video today is a light hearted look at gardening. We’ve got a buddy in Virginia who we love corresponding with. His name is Bobby, and he is just one great individual!
Bobby farms pretty extensively, has several gardens on his place, has one greenhouse in production, and is in the process of building #2. This guy is a working Trojan too. Loves what he’s doing, plus gives a lot of his produce away to people who need it.

Bobby is a Christian, and is a very sharing and giving person too. He’s top notch in our book!


Bobby’s forte, if you will, is tomatoes. The man CAN GROW some tomatoes! He does well with any crop he puts in, but I believe Bobby loves messin with tomatoes, and again, he’s dern good at it.
With this being the case, you guys that know me, know I love to laugh, joke, and generally cut-up some. I get this honestly, as my mother’s side of the family loves to laugh, and they’ll sure pull one over on you if you’re not paying attention around them!

Well, watching Bobby and his work ethic impress me to no end, so, when I get the chance, I’ll pick at him some, as this video today shows. He takes it all in stride, and dishes it back as good as he takes it.
Once more though, Bobby is “the man” when it comes to a garden. He researches and studies what makes things work for him, and he’s dern good at it. He’ll tinker with this, and tinker with that, all with the desire of improving every day. Bobby is…”on top of things!”

We did this a day or two ago, and he really enjoyed us picking at him, and here’s what we did…

We hope you guys enjoyed this video, as our intent was to try and put a smile on your face today! Forget everything else for a few minutes, and just put on grin on your face! If we accomplished that…then Deb and I both are happy as well! Laughter IS…the best medicine!

You guys have a great day, and God bless you and yours!

As always, Deb says to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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