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From: Teresa
I have written you before and I think the two of you are awesome. You sound like me. I just moved from south Fl. to Keystone Heights,  Clay county, on ten acres and I’m trying to learn everything, People think I’m a nut job, so be it.  Most of the world including my own grown children who have children are unaware or are just have their heads in the sand, and call me a wacko.

I have a mobile home now, one room is for food, and Im trying to find baby chicks and a baby goat or two and grow a garden and a green house. I never did any of this before but Im darned not as you said take one cent from the gov. I have been unemployed (quit my overnight job that was killing and aging me and feel like a new person. Money is not worth it I will get by.  I had mentioned I was a vegetarian and you asked for recipes but I really do not have any, I just buy veggie hot dogs and veggie burgers and veggie bacon etc. I have several freezers stocked with food as I live too far out to grocery shop anyway. I rescue Macaws, dogs and cats. I have never been happier in my life being almost dirt poor. I found hundreds of blackberry plants  growing now that its almost spring  and I will grow and freeze my foods and need to learn to can, I do not know how. I have been storing food and Im trying to get enough animal food together for all the animals for at least a year.

Thank you for trying to wake up people as to what’s going on. Keep it up. No one either cares or is paying attention. How about those dumb students making fun of a war veteran? He was shot 11 times and lost a leg for God’s sake and try to talk to these stupid so called college students about people wanting to kill us and they laughed at him, then several days later we find out about the student wanting to kill Bush and a lot of us. I wonder if they’re laughing now at Columbia hmmmmm . They own this Young man a sincere apology but he better not hold his breath waiting. Anyway sorry for the rant but keep up the great words of wisdom.

Your friendly reader, Teresa

** Well hello Teresa! How have you been doing? It’s good hearing from you again. We were asking each other about you just a couple nights ago. We’re glad you’ve settled in to your new home and getting your ducks in a row with your food storage.

You just keep doing what you feel in your heart you need to do and go with that. Don’t worry about the recipes at all. You go ahead and get your garden started, and whatever else needs doing. It’s a job keeping a place on 10 acres up.

Teresa, thanks for stopping back in, and come see us anytime! God Bless you!

Dub and Deb

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