Picking Corn, I Didn’t Think Was There

You know, I was just talking to you guys about pulling up the corn, getting off what we could salvage, and then feed the stalks and cleaned ears to the cows.

We went out yesterday morning to do just that. Then we got to looking at the ears, and started picking them. Well, once we got through we had considerably more than I would ever have guessed.

The cows did get to eat some today, but not what they would have liked to, or what I’d have liked to have given them. By the time we finished picking, we only had time to pull up about ¼ of what we’d planned to give them.

The rest of the day was spent shucking, washing, and creaming corn. We finished bagging up the last little bit about 7:00 last night. 10 more slap full quart bags to go with the 22 we’d frozen the first time.

After we had shucked the corn, Deb asked if I wanted to ride to town with her and I said sure, and what for? She said she needed to pick up some fruit to juice because she’d run out of a few things. So, off we went.

We get back, and I’m unloading the truck while she starts putting up the groceries. We don’t EVER just get what we need it seems like, and I felt like one of those dern pack bearers you see on those old safari styled movies.

This reminded me of something a buddy had told me of a while back. He asked that prior to Evel Knievel’s death, had I heard about the last stunt he had in the works? I said no, and he explained that this stunt had never taken place on account Mr. Knievel had passed before it could be done…government red tape or something.

I asked him what it was.

He then went into about how it probably would have been by far the most dangerous stunt he’d ever attempted, and possibly even the most dangerous stunt ever attempted by any man, bar none. He said that…

At this point I cut him off and said politely, “Tell me what in the h… the derrn stunt was!!”

He looked at me dead serious and said, “He was going to ride across Ethiopia…with a sandwich strapped to his back.

I just shook my head…I always thought that the man was a couple sandwiches shy of a picnic, not Mr. Knievel…my buddy!

Anyway, after unloading the truck, ole Deb finishes up the putting up stage of the process, but I notice one small bag still on the counter. Then she hollers for me to come here, and I knew I really wasn’t wanting to see what was in the sack any longer!

She smiling like a mule eatin briars, and says, “I got something for you…” and she pulls out a brand new…grater, evidently my VERY OWN!

“Oh honey,” I exclaim, “how did you know??It’s just what I’ve always wanted!”

I’d of acted any other way she’d had a dern hissie! If you ain’t from the South, then you probably don’t know much about a hissie fit. Southern women don’t have a hissie fit…they throw em!

So, that’s the big event of my day today. I got to grate a tub of corn…

Jokes aside though, both of us were very pleased to get so much more corn, and if you like cream corn, this is really a good way of putting it up.

Once more, just grate it, then take a spoon and scrape the cob clean too. Deb’s sister Chris, after Deb telling her of us putting some up earlier, reminded Deb to then wet the cob at this point, and squeeze it out by hand. This she said, gets the remaining milk from the cob…so we did this as well.

It’s some work, but I’m here to tell you…the end result is worth the effort. We ate our first batch of it a couple nights ago, and man, it was really good.

The cows will get the rest tomorrow, and honestly, their needing all the help they can get. Rain missed us once more. The last two days Red has been rained out about 2:00, and he’s working about 5 miles from the house. We just can’t seem to catch a rain for some reason.

I looked the beans over good while we were picking the corn, and with a little luck we’ll get another picking or two off them. I pulled some bushes back, and there was a pretty good amount up under it. So, I started up the sprinkler again trying to keep them going.

The ole garden is headed South pretty hard, but again, this thing has blessed us with some good eating, and we’ve enjoyed it once more. Honestly I don’t know what we’d do without our garden.

The food is so good coming out of it, and we think it’s very rewarding if only seeing it grow, and to begin producing. It’s something that you can see the results of what you’ve put into it, and it blesses you with its bounty. Also, late in the evenings after a fairly tough, or trying day, I find it literally therapeutic, or calming. We both just enjoy having a garden…

Before I close out today, how about a couple jokes?

What is it when a man talks dirty to a woman? Sexual harassment

What is it when a woman talks dirty to a man? $3.99 a minute

A census taker is way back in the woods in West Virginia. He goes up to an ole cabin and knocks on the door. A lady answers and asks if she can help him.

He says that he’s taking the census, and asks how many children she has, and their ages?

She replies that they have the twins Jimmy and Jenny, who are 20, then there’s the twins Bobby and Billy, who are 16, then there’s the twins Junior and Maybelle, who are 13, and finally there’s the twins Becky and Belinda, who are 7.

Whoa, the census taker says. Then he asks if they get twins every time?

“Heck no,” the ole mountain women says, “ Shoot, there was all whole bunch of times we didn’t get nothing at all.”

Thanks for stopping by to see us. We appreciate you guys doing so.

God Bless you and yours, and as Deb says, “Keep a smile on your face and one in your heart!”

Dub and Deb

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