If Inflation Were to Hit…Are You Ready?

Well, first Deb and I would like to say hello to all our friends, and welcome you guys back into Miz Judi’s Kitchen! We hope all are well, and life as a whole is going good for all of you. Thanks for stopping back in to visit with us again!

Right off the bat, I’d like to ask all to pray for the families who were lost or hurt in the last outbreak of severe weather! Many, many lost homes, or have homes that were damaged, so please, keep these poor people in your thoughts and prayers once more. Thanks guys!

You know this is a question Deb and I have asked ourselves a number of times. In regards to most things we probably could ride out some tough times that I believe may come to pass.

One area we could possibly see a problem with, is all of our land is not paid off. This is our most serious concern, or it was until we got the news in regards to her breast cancer.

This, by the way, we have a Doctor’s appointment in the morning to see if the cancer has spread, to any other places in her body. Her bone test as most know came back 100% clean, and this is the last “biggie” as far as any testing. Please keep her in your prayers and thank you so much for everything you guys have done so far. All is greatly appreciated, to say the least.

But back to our topic today.

If inflation hits, we would be sitting on one note that could get out of hand, but it would have to get “Jimmy Carter crazy,” (inflation wise, interest wise) for this to be a problem. Plus, it has nothing to do with our home and about half, or better of our property. So all in all, we’re fine!

My biggest concern is the government today doing SO many things that aren’t in any way, shape or form helping the American people. I’ve heard, but not positive of a Supreme Court ruling to not look at the possible repealment of health care until 2012?? I wonder why??

Gas prices going up, food prices going up, interest rates have got to start going up, and the dollar has to continue in decline, with the type of spending Washington keeps doing, along with printing money…

This site, does not try to sell any type of merchandise, mainly prep food. This site does advocate personal responsibility in regards to this subject though.

Deb and I, along with several of our friends, even fellow readers of our column, attempt from time to time to possibly nudge you guys into putting up some food, medicines, or having a little fuel on hand.

I’ve said countless times, all of the above are going to get more, and more expensive. Guess what? They are! I heard yesterday just toilet paper, and paper towels going up anywhere from 5-10%. Why? According to the manufacturers, gas prices that need to be passed on to the consumer. You do realize that you are the consumer correct? Okay, just checking.

This is from a reader of ours, and we got this yesterday.

Yep, it’s me again! I want to talk about being prepared for emergencies. A week or so ago I was talking to my brother in… (If I’ve told you this before, c’mon up and smack me!)
He suggested that maybe we should all sort of “keep track” of what we use over the course of a couple of days, or even up to a week. This is to see what we would normally use, and compare it to your emergency supplies. Well, I took his advice, and it was good. Though I had lots of bleach, Purell hand sanitizer, and even shampoo, I had not one BAR OF SOAP stored for emergencies. HOW did I overlook that? I do take a bath every Saturday, you know!
The time draws nearer, faster, to the time we all need to be prepared for REAL emergencies. We have good reason to believe that our dollar will soon be devalued, and I do mean between now and the end of this year. Now, some people I know have acquired a little gold. We have not done so. First, we is “po folks”, and secondly, you can’t eat gold. St… and I talked quite seriously about this. If we had food, and someone came by and offered us a gold piece for a couple of sacks of beans and rice or whatever, we probably would be stupid and not take it! As I said, you can’t eat gold. We were discussing this with some of our contacts who felt that at least if you had gold you could go out and buy what you need! Welllllllll…………..maybe not! Buy what, from where? Will the grocery stores be stocked, waiting for customers with their gold to come in? Probably not! Also, you will have to have gas to get there, which just MIGHT not be available. Another scary thought is that many believe our power grid will go down. IF so, the grocery stores really could not even operate, with everything computerized now.
I cannot even begin to fathom the lack of common sense available in many of the younger people in our nation! One of our group told me her neighbor had gone out and bought a lot of rechargeble batteries, PLUS an ELECTRIC recharger for them! Excuse me! If our power doesn’t go out, you won’t need the flashlights. IF it does go out, you darned sure can’t recharge the batteries with that thing. So…………….she bought a DC converter for her car. Well, duh……….the gas to run the car to charge the batteries won’t last forever. Yes, we have a DC converter for the car, but it was bought primarily to run Steve’s nebulizer should the need arise. How do you get through to people that have no rational thought process? I give up! 
A lot to think about! May the Good Lord hold our hands and help us through this.
As usual, you may use anything you want or not, but this was just a sharing of my thoughts this morning and I really don’t mean to further the panic that is already taking place in our nation. I just want those I care about to be prepared and not have to suffer when the time comes by being hungry or something! I care about y’all.

Love you guys,

So you see, people are making a few lifestyle changes. Please take notice of the goings on today in our world. I talk to our friends and neighbors, and I know many others do the same. We’re not talking about end of the world scenario’s, but only taking some precautions in regards to your families.

Picking up some things today, only means in today’s economy saving a few bucks on the same products down the road. It’s kind of, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

But, beans, rice, flour, corn meal, grits, even salt and sugar are food staples, and still very, very reasonable when looking at the big picture regarding food. All are FILLING as well. One can of spam, even a half a can of spam, mixed in with a pot of beans will go along way in preventing hunger within a family. Pick some up.

What we’ve done as a family in our situation by putting up a little of this, a little of that, has saved Deb and I countless dollars if we HAD to purchase them today.

Do what makes you feel good in your own heart! That is what’s important. Once more, we’re not trying to sell anything of our site, and believe me, we’re not knocking anyone who does, or saying we never will, but we’re only trying to get you to look at this from a good economic perspective.

If you can buy a product for less because you see, or understand this same product is going up in price…why not save the bucks?
The proof is out there, are economy is very, very poor. Unemployment, true unemployment is probably 16-17% at least. You reckon, those people wished they might have put some things up? I have to believe that yes, they would.

Anyway, that’s my two-cents worth. If it has opened your eyes some, man, that’s great. If not, it’s not my decision to make for you, and if you feel in your heart that you’re making the right moves in regards to your own family, then that’s great too! To each his own!

Thank you all for coming, and God Bless you and yours!

Dub and Deb

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