Dub and his “gift of the gab”

I would like to welcome you all back to Miz Judi’s Kitchen . I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy

I do hope everyone is doing good today! As for me I am doing fine. I was hoping to get my pet scan report back today but I guess it will be tomorrow, and possibly even Thursday. I’m a little nervous, but I am feeling pretty good about it.

This is mainly because I know that with all the prayers everyone has been sending up for me and my family, that it will be just fine.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for being so helpful and sending up your prayers for us as well! you don’t know how much they mean to us, and please keep them coming!

Dub’s Mom and niece came down to see us today, and we had a great time. I wish they could have stayed longer, but it was good just see them.

We got to talking about when I first met Dub, and we all got to laughing so hard, I thought the people in the Restaurant with us were wondering who’d died, with the tears in our eyes from all the laughing we were doing. It was a sight, I’m sure!

I know you ladies will know what I am talking about when it comes to your younger days, and you were in love, and maybe a little jealous too!

Well, ole Dub was quite the character (he thought), “back in the day,” as he likes to call it. I hadn’t known him long, but he used to date this old girl before I met him, and her parents lived RIGHT beside my mama!

You believe that? I swear, of all the girls the man could have dated, the one he is dating…well, like I said, her parents lived next door to my Mama! Is it a small world or what?

Dub tells me now, “I know you used to sit over there at your Mama’s and see me next door! Shoot, I’ve seen you lookin out your Mama’s window looking over there at me. I knew it was only a matter of time!” The man is FULL of it!

On top of her parent’s next door to Mama, her son went to school with our oldest son Josh.

Dub use to work for R.C., yes R.C. and moon pie R.C. and he was a salesman. Without going off into that part of our lives…the man could sell a rock! The people just absolutely loved him, and that “gift of gab” he totes around with him. Anyway…

Well, he had a whole bunch of their stickers in his sales truck, and one day I go to my Mama’s house. You might know his old girlfriend was at her Mama’s house. When I pulled up at Mama’s I was looking over at her van and you got it, she had R.C. stickers all over it!

Well, when I got home I got to tell you, ole Dub got himself told an ear full, and the whole time I was getting on him, he just kept telling me that he had no idea what I was talking about. I told him it was one thing to do it, but to sit there and lie about it is another! I was hot!

We had us a few choice words about the whole thing, and then I went one way, and he went the other.

This was about time for the boys to get home from school, and I told them to get dressed because we were going out for dinner. They asked me if Dub was coming with us, and I said not tonight he’s not!

We got dressed and met my sister and her two kids for pizza. Well, Josh heard me telling my sister Chris about the stickers that I had seen on the van.

He said, “Mama, are you talking about the R.C. stickers on that lady’s van?” I said yes I sure am, and I’m talking at the moment, son! On top of that, you shouldn’t be eavesdropping on other people’s conversation, and haven’t we talked about this very same thing before? Now you guys eat your pizza, and talk among yourselves, and what your Aunt Chris and I are talking about is not for your ears!

I have to say that those two boys always liked ole Dub, and he them. But what I heard next just floored me!

Josh says, “But Mama, I gave the stickers to Dan, Dub’s ex-girlfriends son, at school the other day! Dub ain’t gave his Mama no stickers!”

You could have heard a pin drop, and not only that…you should have seen my Sister Chris’s face! I looked over at Josh, and said,” What did you just say??” So…he told me again! I looked at Chris, and her at me, and finally she said, “I’ll go take the boys home with me… you might better go talk to Dub.”

Well I found ole Dub, and you might know I had to eat quite a bit of crow and boy oh boy, he was just eating that up! You would think he might have made it easier for me, but not him. We laugh about it till this day.

When he tells it though, I’m on my knees, just begging for his forgiveness…please, Dub, oh please!! Well, as I said earlier, the man is FULL of it.

I still ask him how much money did that cost you to get Josh to say that he give them stickers to her son, and you know to this day he won’t tell me….just kind of grins!
He likes to tell about when remote controls first came out for televisions, too.

He says that his buddies used to all come over and say, “Dub! Man, you got to buy you and Deb a TV with a remote control! You don’t have to even leave your seat to change the channel! Go on and git you one man!”

Dub says he just would tell them, “Guys, if I ever get to the point I’m SO SORRY, that I cain’t tell Deb to get up and go flip the channel…then that’s a sad day!”

Ladies, please remember to get regular checkups, and if you notice anything out of the ordinary, don’t wait! Go right on, and have it checked out.

Till next time, keep a smile on your face and one in your heart.

May God Bless each and every one of you.

Keep us in your prayers and know also you are all in ours.


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2 Responses to Dub and his “gift of the gab”

  1. Bonnie Hollingsworth says:

    Both touching and humorous! I love you guys, Dub and Deb!

  2. Sandra says:

    Ab Fab Deb. In my world men are enigmas. Smirky little things. Sorry ’bout that you
    men posters of Deb and Dub’s, but you think the same of women. My mother used to say “if you want it done do it yourself” my father used to say “a crowing hen will come to no good end”. Help me out Me Bonnie if the quotes are incorrect, as I have said before the memory chips are full. The essence of the sayings is still the same.
    Thinking of you and yours Deb, prayers your way.

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