Happy Late Easter, and Shelby Lynn’s Surprise

I would like to welcome you all back to Miz Judi’s Kitchen. I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy!

I would like to wish everyone a very happy late Easter, and hope you all had a great time with family and friends.

As for Dub and I, we just stayed home because I am having a pet scan run on Monday, and I can’t eat too much of anything. So I came up with the idea that if I couldn’t eat, I’d put Dub on a diet also.

No, that’s just picking at Dub, but he did eat only what I could have this weekend. He said if I couldn’t eat what I’d like to, he wouldn’t either, and he ate only what I could. I couldn’t believe it, but he sure did.

I told him that he didn’t have to do that one time under my breath, while he was out of the room, but I guess he didn’t hear me. LOL!

I would like to take a few minutes to thank each and every one of you, for all your prayers and blessing that you have sent to me, and my family. I know if it wasn’t for all of your prayers we wouldn’t be handling it like we are .

I can say I am truly blessed, and I knew this all ready, but during times like this, you really see that there are still very good, and caring people! Just when you just about give up on people caring for one another, something happens that lets you know we all stand together when the chips are down.

I can’t say enough to all of you ladies out there, to please keep your checkups when you are supposed to, and if you notice anything different at all, do not wait to go and get it checked out! They stress, early detection is the most important thing.

On a lighter side, you all know our son Mark has been out of town for about two weeks working, and with Sunday being Easter Shelby Lynn called me Thursday. She told me, Nana I have a surprise for my Daddy, and I said you do? She replied, yes I do, and I said what is it?

She said, if I tell you, you can’t tell my Daddy! Well, she was just so excited, and I said NO WAY, would will I tell him, and she said, I’m going to see him Easter! Me and Mama are going to surprise him, Nana! I told her, well he’ll be so happy to see you and your Mama, won’t he? So we left it like that, just between the two of us.

Well, I talked to Mark that evening, and nothing was said about Shelby’s little surprise. Oh, I guess about two hours later, Mark called back. So, we got to talking once more and he started laughing, and I asked him what so funny? He told me Stacy was a little upset with Shelby .

I asked what about, and he told me he had called Shelby earlier, and she was just a talking away. Then she slipped up and told him, Daddy, me and Mama are coming to see you! He said Stacy walked out about that time, and asked Shelby Lynn, what did you tell your Daddy? Mark said he heard her say, I’m sorry Mama. Then Stacy took the phone, and Mark said they had a good laugh over it, but the surprise was out.

Oh well, the thought was nice, and the visit will be to, surprise or not! They will be together on Easter, and that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

Dub tried to get Mark to come home for the weekend, but Mark said Shelby was so excited to be coming to see him, so, it was left as it was!

So, until next time, keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart.

May God Bless each and every one of you.


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