That Dern “Lucky…”Where Are YA WOMAN!

Mornin again guys! We hope this finds all doin very well in both spirit and health!

I don’t know what has got into me here lately…postin every 2-3 days?? Usually a month or so between posts. Wonder what’s up with that?

I gotta admit though, I’m pretty sure of the reasonin behind it…

I’m lonely!

Seems since huntin season kicked off, dad-gum if I ain’t become a single guy once again??

Huntin Season

That dern “Lucky” a mine absolutely LOVES to hunt and fish. She’d rather do either than eat! Dang if it ain’t becoming pretty obvious that she’d rather do either than…be around me too!

That heifer!

Course some of it’s my fault too. We bought a 34 foot 5th wheel to take to the camp, that some friends of hers practically gave to us, see, one more reason I call her Lucky, and that was my biggest mistake…takin it to the camp and settin it up!

Course all this reminds me of a joke…

An 80 year old farmer married a 27 year old woman. The old man worked all the time…daylight to dark, and was give slap out when he reached the house each evening.

While getting a checkup one day, his Doc, and old friend of his asked, “Bobby Ray, how’s your sex life with your new bride, buddy?” Mainly just pickin at him.

Bobby Ray replied, “Not so good Doc. I work such long hours, and the work bein so physical and all, and at my age, well honestly, by the time I get home in the evenin, dern if I ain’t just plum tuckered out. Havin relations with my wife don’t even cross my mind.”

His buddy the Doc goes, “You know, ya ought to carry your rifle in the field with you. Then at some point in the day ya do get to feelin like havin relations with your wife, shoot, just tell her if she hears a rifle shot…come runnin. This may solve your problem, it bein early enough in the day and all that ya ain’t already give out.”

Bobby Ray, after considerin this for a moment or two declared, “Ya know what Doc? That just might work! Dang it, I’m gonna give it a whirl!”

Bout six months later ole Bobby Ray went in to get another checkup.

His friend the Doc asked, “Well, how’d that work out with ya firin your rifle when ya felt like havin relations with your wife?”

Bobby Ray says, “Ya know Doc, to start with it worked out great! I’d fire my rifle and here she’d come in a minute or two. Then, huntin season started up and…I ain’t seen her since!”

You guys don’t reckon “ole Lucky…?”



Honestly, she does love it though. I’m very proud that she has something like that, that she so thoroughly enjoys.

Doesn’t matter if she kills a nice buck, and I’m here to testify for her, that if she does shoot one, IT IS a good un. But her enjoyment comes from just her love of the outdoors. Sittin in her tree stand, watchin the coons or turkeys, the deer feedin, or even fightin durin the rut, this is what revs her motor.

It’s been a good year for the members so far, there’s eight families I believe that are part of the camp, so it’s not a big club by any means.

The last count I’d heard was 2 seven pointers, 3 eight pointers, 1 nine pointer, and 2 ten pointers.

Me, I love the outdoors as well, but I stopped huntin some years back. I used to love it though. My kick any more is just watchin the wildlife, although I gotta say…if an exceptional one walked out on me, I’d probably be eatin that sucker.

I love though the fellowship of sittin round the fire and just bein out, but, since one of us has got to make a livin, accordin to her…I’m it!!


After huntin season, that heifer has got just enough time to clean, grease, and put her guns up, then…

She’s goin fishin!

Now Into Fishin Season

All jokes a side…

That woman can fish! Honestly guys…she can do it!

Fresh water or salt water…she’s da man! Well…

She’s da woman anyway!

She’ll get in her boat, her house is on Lake Marion, bout a mile and a half from ours, go figure…we get married and HER house is on the lake, but now we live in OUR house here on the place???

Anyway…us men folk don’t stand a chance, do we guys? LOL.

But anyway, she’ll get in her boat down at the lake, find them shellcracker bumpin them pads some, and she’s got her hook in the water…

Just her, God, them shellcrackers and a cane pole!

At times she’ll just slaughter em!

Then, in the saltwater, which even though I’m born and raised here in Florida, I never did much saltwater fishin, she’s one of the dern best.

Her, her son Tommy and his wife Judy took me down to Little Gasparilla Island on the west coast, which they have a place on too, by the way (I did good, huh? LOL), and schooled me in saltwater fishin.

We, or better said, THEY, tore the snook and redfish up! I was astounded for a couple reasons.

First, why in the heck I ain’t done more saltwater fishin, then, dern, these guys know their stuff! Again, no question, they were the teachers and I was…the student!

Tickled them to no end too…me bein a rookie.

On top of this, I’ve always called Lucky by her last name, which was Addison, until we married of course. Still call her Addison though, and honestly she calls me by my, or our last name now…Bronson.

While out fishin in the boat with em, I say, “Hey Addison,” and THREE of them answer back…


I KNEW IMMEDIATELY I was in trouble! 3 Addison’s in the boat and only ONE me! Had me WAY back in the back water too…just us, and a WHOLE lot a mangrove swamps! I had NO idea how to get back to the dock either!

Right then, at that very moment, my whole outlook changed. I went suddenly from Superman, to meek, mild mannered Clark Kent!

Stayed that way too.

Yes sir, no sir. Yes ma’am, no ma’am.

Shoot, come to think about it…

I ain’t been back down there with em!

She did rub a little salt in my wounds too while we were down there…

Here I was, fishin HARD, and not havin any luck?? Finally, ole Lucky with ANOTHER dern redfish on the end of her pole, says, “Here Bronson…ya wanna reel him in for me?”

Ticked me OFF to no end.

Well…ME bein ME, an ole tough Florida born and bred cracker, I gave her the what for!

“Really,” I asked. “Why sure honey, I’d love to! Thanks a million dear! Dern, I love you!”

Then, to top it off, the three of them had still been pickin at me bout my saltwater fishin skills, or better said, my lack of them, and out of the blue Lucky says,…

“Ya know what Bronson? Your fishin don’t pick up, I can see an ANNULLMENT comin down the road!”

Ya gotta know her though. She was just joshin me…

I think??

You were joshin me, right Lucky?

Ya know, sittin here postin this this morning, with Lucky havin a place on the lake, a place on the island, and a huntin camp 4 miles from OUR (LOL) house…
Ya reckon it just might be me, who’s… “Lucky?”


Me either!

All jokin aside though, God did Bless me with Kathrine, and I’m thankful to Him for it. She was a wonderful friend to Deb for many, many years and you don’t know how much comfort that is. No question Kathrine loved her, and Deb her as well.

This in itself has brought such a peaceful closure to the chapter of Deb and my life we shared together. Only through God’s will in Debs regard, and Kathrine and her husband Ronnie’s as well, could we be in the position we are in today.

Only through our Father’s love for us, His love for you guys out there as well, could Kathrine and I been so fortunate to find that through God having us right where He wanted us, He gave us both once more…

A reason for laughter, a reason for happiness, and the great blessing of having someone alongside you who you know really, really cares about you simply because…you’re you.

God does work in mysterious ways my friends. If anyone out there today who just happened to run across this post and doesn’t know God…give Him a chance in your own life.

If so, I know you’ll soon come to understand…unconditional love!

In closing this out this morning, I’d just like to say God Bless you and yours, and thank you so much to many of you out there who we truly consider…our friends!

Be sure to keep a smile on your face, and one in your hearts!


If any of you guys were to run across Lucky out there in them woods somewhere, please tell her I love her, and…I’m down at OUR house, not HER house! LOL!

Also, tell her she’s at least got to come by here AFTER huntin season, cause I gathered up all her fishin tackle, got it locked up and I’m the only one with the key!

Doug and Lucky

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  1. Gary says:

    GOD bless ya both Buddy…
    The Old Fart

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