Aging and Love Thy Neighbor

Mornin guys! Hope this finds all in good spirits and health.

Ya know, I used to have passin thoughts back in the day. Passin cause when in my twenties there wasn’t much grass growin under my feet and I just didn’t have time to sit and ponder much.

But at times I’d wonder what hittin 30 must be like?

Then 40?

Suddenly it was 50!

Now my next milestone will be 60, and dang if there ain’t some grass BEGINNING to grow under my feet some???

Just this morning I was tryin to remember the name of the photographer who used to take our family pictures way back when.

Got to botherin me so bad I went and pulled some outta a box I keep em in and looked at the name on the back of the photos.

Know what it said?

Matthew Brady Studios.

If you just got that, well…you got it.

If not…ya probably never will! LOL!

A kid asked me the other day, “How old are you?”

I replied that I was so old, I remembered when they came out with…

“Preparation A!”

Getting older…ain’t it grand?

No seriously, I have to say I am so much more settled, and to be perfectly honest with you guys, I’m very content with where I’m at in my life.

Sure, there’s still struggles, hardship, loss of family members and friends, but there is also a peace that just seems to hang about me…

My God…Our God

This peace that I know comes from my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

For the non-believers, I guess this may be where ya wanna “jump off” this morning, because this is the topic of today’s post.

Not unlike most of you guys, I follow the happenings in our Country today and can’t say that I like most of what’s going on. I’ll read the articles, and if the topic interests me I’ll read many of the comments as well.

It’s very disturbing to me how our administration, our media, and even much of our own citizenry mocks our religion. At times after reading of this I simply shake my head.

Any of you guys feel this way?

Don’t think for one minute that I don’t struggle in my own Christianity, because I most certainly do…every single day.

But to see, every day, the attempts made to restrict our freedoms, and most of all our religious freedoms leads me to believe we’re entering into an age…of evil things, led by evildoers.

Ha-ha, says the naysayers, or non-believers, when you broach the topic…of God. This guy is one of those religious nutcases!



The masses today of the far-left and the believers that the Barack Obama’s and the Hillary Clinton’s among others, are the answer to their prayers (“prayers” here simply being just a figure of speech in regards to their beliefs that these elected elite have the masses best interest at heart), is totally contradictory to many in their disbelief…of God.

Not to speak of their ridicule of those of us who truly know and believe that God does exist.

Why do I say this?


With Clinton and Obama both being disciples of Saul Alinsky, “the father of community organizing,” I have to bring up one of Saul Alinsky’s quotes….

Remember, these words come from Alinsky’s own mouth…not mine.

“Lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical; from all our legends, mythology, and history…the very first man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom—Lucifer.”

So, there is no God they say, but they use Lucifer as a prime example of their own agenda.

Aren’t these people fine examples to us, our children, and our children’s children?

Is this what our Country has become?

In all honesty, I have to say, in my opinion mind you, that many if not most of the problems our Country faces today is created through our turning away from God.

As for myself…

Yet I still dare to hope

When I remember this:

The faithful love of the Lord never ends!

His mercies never cease.

Great is His faithfulness;

His mercies begin afresh each morning.

I say to myself, “The Lord is my inheritance;

Therefore I will hope in Him.” (Lamentations 3:21-24)

The Power of Prayer:

I’ve learned firsthand the power of prayer. I believe that through prayers, miracles can happen.

I believe our goodness towards others comes through our faith in God.

I also believe that God puts people in our lives to Bless us.

That being said, I’d like to share with you guys a comment we received just a few days back from Anne.

“Greetings & Salutations! I have cancer of vocal cords, had radiation therapy ending in Oct 2013, cancers have returned, rapidly growing. Next step could be removal of vocal cords, chemo & mechanical voice box. Trying to avoid this procedure any way possible. Last year had cancerous tumor removed from bladder, last week had small cell basil removed from nose. Obviously I’m not faring so well. Question; will this concoction in any way help my throat and/or other areas of spread? I have some trouble swallowing but can manage. PLEASE, you and your knowledgeable readers advise your thoughts ASAP. Thank you so much for your compassion, concern and any helpful advice or counsel. Love from Fla, USA”

We responded to Anne expressing our feelings of putting your faith and trust in God, and as most know that have followed us very long, that the word “cancer” hits very close to home for me, and for far, far too many others just like me.

We received this in return…

“Thank you Dub for caring and for your expedient reply via my email. God bless you; I couldn’t agree more with your encouragement in Jesus and in my walk with Him. The Gentle Master is forever with me day and night, comforts and holds my hand at every moment and at every turn; leading, bringing me to a calm place in my spirit and keeps me in constant peace. There is no more than this I can ask, or would ask; other than counsel and prayers in His Holy Name. Truly, HE IS and has been all I have (and THAT’S A LOT!) to hold onto, He is my strength, and in HIM is my faith in everything I do, or don’t do. Your response is SO beautiful; please, feel perfectly at ease to publish it right here if you’d like.

I did all the research I could find and read your blog and the reader posts before I made my post on your site, so I understood about the juice concentrate concoction, which appears to definitely be worth a try in several areas of improving ones health. I will answer your email soon; meanwhile I wanted to shed a little light on the huge problem of squeezing the juice from these hateful fresh ginger roots. I, like many others, do not own a Jack LaLane Juicer or any other kind of juicer that’s worth a good huff & a puff. Tried and true: S-I-M-P-L-E! THIS WORKS!!

Rinse the fresh roots but do NOT peel. Break them up and/or slice off sections crosswise, (not lengthwise slices), not so small that you wouldn’t be able to get a grip on them. Place the pieces in the freezer until solidly frozen. Microwave on high a few pieces at the time until real hot and soft to the touch; this will take more than a minute. Using a short salad fork, and holding directly close over the container, insert the fork prongs into one piece of the root at the time while continuously gouging and twisting the fork firmly back and forth. The juice will immediately start to flow out of the pulp; THEN using your hand/fingers squeeze the root piece as hard as you can and there, BINGO, you have your juice! BTW, just so you know; it takes lots more than one pound of ginger root to make an 8oz cupful. I saved and boiled all the (very tough) pulp pieces for brewing ginger tea. Strained it, spicy but tasty with a little honey added, refrigerated the rest. You get used to the sorta hot-spicy taste.

NOW, as to the fresh garlic juice. FORGET THAT! I’m no master chef, but I tried every kitchen gadget I own, including a garlic presser. No can do! W.H.A.T a mess. I sent my son out to purchase a large jar of refrigerated minced garlic for me today and this will just have to do. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work the very same way, right? It’s all going to be boiled together anywayz, so big whoopie. It will still be drinkable and digestible. Only thing, it’s probably preserved in store-bought vinegar w/water and possibly other preservatives added? Well. I can’t do much about that, now can I? Don’t think I’ll bother to strain out the tiny little garlic pearls after boiling with other ingredients, could be losing the only garlic content if I do that.

Bottom line, I have to move forward and stop fiddling with it, meanwhile the lemons could be going sour! I am thinking I will take 2 tbsps 3 x daily of the final concentrate mixture while keeping it safely refrigerated. The final six cups of concentrate, after adding the 3 cups of honey, should last a few weeks? What say you?

Dub, I have also been reading about a natural raw (NOT Arm ‘n Hammer) PH baking soda/raw molasses possible cure for some types of cancers, primarily prostate cancer (don’t have, I’m a woman). I’m not handy at posting links but it’s on the interwebs and by Googling Baking Soda Cancer Cure it should show up. Some research has been done on this; as well, there is an informative video posted by a doctor who has done multiple research in conjunction with others, who categorically advocates that cancer is a fungus. I have not had time to look into his research and recommendations but intend too.

Do you or any of your readers know anything about these possible cures and dietary regimens, or other alternative simple-step/do-it-yourself treatments? Believe it or not, I have not given up at all and actually AM thinking that I MIGHT/COULD get better! I look forward to being in touch with you and your readers very soon. GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU ALL; and thank you again for your kind response…. Anne in Fla, USA”

Without Anne having any knowledge of this, I gotta tell you guys, reading her two comments inspired me to know end!

Looking at what Anne is going through in her own life, and for her to express such love for “The Gentle Master,” made me realize just how trivial my life problems really are.

You shouldn’t be thanking us Anne for anything. It is us who should be thanking you!

No longer than we’ve been in contact I have to state to you emphatically…You Anne, are such an inspiration to me.

This is God, one more time putting total strangers together.

So, I’m asking all who read our site, or just stumble across our site, please pray for Anne. Put her in your prayers…

Not just Anne, but ANYBODY you might know or have heard of with any type of disease or affliction.

Also, if you have any advice or you just want to drop her a line as a show of support for her, or anyone for that matter, please do so and God Bless you for doing it!

These are the types of things that help to keep that peace I feel in my heart.

I want you all to have a great day, and again, God Bless you and yours, and God Bless America!


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath.

Please be sure to, “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”

Doug and Lucky

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