We as a Nation Have Lost Our Minds:

Mornin guys…how are ya? We hope this finds all well. We’re doin fine, just been very, very busy.

Not a lot of time this morning, but I just had to vent a little.

Seems our elected elite have found it in the goodness of their hearts to…

Vote on this week, a bill to…


Do you believe this?

Can you believe this?

Alright…now my rant.

Yet another example of our elected elite doin whatever, and whenever they want. More proof that we no longer have a say in our election process as we are spoon fed the candidates by the powers that be.

The architect behind this…the one and only Paul Ryan.

Ya know…you remember Paul, right?

After all, HE was the Republican candidate for vice-president on Mitt Romney’s ticket.

Comin back to you now?

HE…who was supposed to stand by the virtues and beliefs of our Republican Party and be our voice…crafts a bill to take money from our veteran’s pockets.


Ah…these very same veterans are the very people who insured these political elite today the FREEDOM to live in a Country where they could be elected…AND SERVE!

Maybe it’s just me…but weren’t our officials supposed to serve…


One of Ryan’s reasons really irks me…to no end.

I quote…

“We give them (our veterans) a slightly smaller adjustment for inflation BECAUSE THEY’RE STILL IN THEIR WORKING YEARS and in most cases EARNING ANOTHER PAYCHECK.”


Hmmm….seems to me far, far too many of our elected officials are guilty of this very same thing…retiring…then takin another job….BUT, with a couple MAJOR differences.

The first bein in their regard, the term, “work” is…VERY overstated!

Wouldn’t most agree?

The second is the retirin or leavin one public sector job, and immediately takin another…public sector job…which by the way is paid for by…you and I once more…the taxpayer!

Do THEY take a pay cut?


Do they collect retirement benefits which include pensions, health care, AND in many cases a cash buyout?

You betcha they do!

Ever heard the term DOUBLE or TRIPLE DIPPIN?

For those who have…why do we as taxpaying citizens tolerate such?

For those who haven’t, well, I suggest you step outta the closet for a while, or worse yet, stop takin our elected elites word on, well…


A few quick examples…

Today there are over 13,000 former California elected elite collectin pensions of over $100,000 per year!

In New York, over 16% of its retired police and fire department employees collected pensions of over 100 grand.

In Michigan, according to Ballot-Pedia, their public sector employees are allotted, get this…

12 to 13 PAID HOLIDAYS a year…

15 to 35 days of vacation time a year…

13 sick days a year…

I’m just thinkin…take off the weekends and how many days a year…


Must be nice to have a bottomless pit to draw from, huh?

If ya ask me, our elected elite could do TONS OF CUTTIN…right in their own purse strings…wouldn’t ya agree?

By the way, our elected elite decided against not havin to cut our veterans retirement by simply…

REFUSIN TO CLOSE A LOOP HOLE for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS which costs, once again, we the taxpayers an estimated 4.2 BILLION for a child tax credit allotted to these…ILLEGALS!


YET…we see fit to cut our veterans pensions???

I saw on a newscast from Indianapolis I believe where one Hispanic family, livin in a mobile home was collectin child tax credits on…29 children.

Yep…29 children.

Once the news crew investigated…there was only one child livin there, YET, our elected elite, or the IRS decide to take absolutely…

No action.

We’ve become a Country, once more, of…NO REPRESENTATION!

Possibly our elected elite might want ta sit down and discuss this no representation thing with ah….the British maybe??

Again though, I find this mind boggling the Democrats refused to close this loophole, but instead, decided to cut our veterans retirement???

More Rantin…

So, what kind of predicament does this put us into as a Country, in regard to our election process?

If a candidate today believes in morals, standards and virtues…you’re out!

Liars, cheats, and me, me, me have become THE STANDARDS of our political process.

If a candidate believes in the family unit, raising your children as you see fit, and would like to see our children’s standard of education once more raised to the point we are once again among the world’s best…sayonara!

Educational indoctrination is the new goal today.

Global Warmin, don’t drill in the US…we might kill a swamp rat or two, shoot, even though we’re the breadbasket of the world…lets ship our produce in…from outside the US.

So, through the process of dumbin down our youth, and although I’ll be labeled probably as a racist for statin this (although I’m not)…our inner city peoples…or people of color…our elected elite have figured out they can buy the vote for literally…pennies on the dollar.

Remember also, all the times a president has spoken the words… “OUR ADMINISTRATION will STOP the out sourcing of our jobs! We want to put Americans back to work!”

Lip service…that’s all we get in our Country today!

Not too much shocks me anymore today…

“Pass it, THEN we’ll see what’s in it”… “Read the bill, are you kiddin me…we don’t have time to read the bill”… “If you like your insurance, you can keep it”… “If you like your doctor, you can keep him”… “OH, I’m sorry I misspoke in regards to you bein able to keep your insurance…or your doctor”…

Lies, lies, and more lies.

What have WE become as citizens of this great Country to allow such behavior?

If a candidate todays speaks of our Constitutional liberty’s (written by old, out of touch white men as the left likes to declare), or speaks of God….see ya!

They have dirt dug up on them and are drug through the mud, or today I must admit, I personally feel they’re threatened, along with their family.

It took me 3 attempts at the driver’s license office to renew my license. When Deb passed, I had no idea where my original birth certificate was…so I HAD to go get another one.

My wallet had been stolen a couple years back so…I had to go get a new social security card.

To be honest, I don’t remember what the last problem was, but there was one more hurdle I had to clear to once more…renew my driver’s license.

The kicker here…I HAD MY OLD LICENSE…WITH MY PICTURE ON IT!! They couldn’t just type me into the computer along with all MY INFORMATION, and see without a doubt that Doug Bronson was INDEED…DOUG BRONSON.

The very same Doug Bronson who HAD been drivin in the State of Florida for the last…46 YEARS!

YET today…our elected elite declare it AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS, or EVEN RACISM, to ask for an ID to be allowed to vote???

GEEZ people…that’s probably the GREATEST right we have as Americans…the right to vote!

YET, in this crazy mixed up world we live in it evidently is??

If we have a candidate today who speaks of a work ethic…he is racist among other things, and our mainstream media destroy him, or her.

Our elected elite today harp on financial aid…better known as entitlements.

To help someone is a horse of a different color, but to cause the total financial dependency of individuals to their elected elite is beyond grasp to me.

If you’ve lost your job…my heart goes out to ya, and to be quite frank, we ain’t livin on easy street here either.

Ya want to pinpoint the blame…well, ya needn’t look any farther than our elected elite.

They’ve destroyed jobs, just take a look at health care, but also TOO much government regulation, TOO much unionization, and TOO taxation.

On top of this, we have literally GENERATIONS of people in this Country who have…NEVER WORKED!


Through the indoctrination of our people through our elected elite, they are now CONVINCED it is THEIR RIGHT to take from us and it be given to them!

I remember vividly Michelle Obama declarin… “You need a piece of the pie too…”

Well, get your butts off ta work and go to the bakery, or go purchase the ingredients from the neighborhood grocery…and get your own pie!

I promise you right now that you can keep YOUR PIE, cause I don’t want any of it!

My reasoning is pretty simple…

It’s YOUR pie, not mine.

How can I possibly declare what is rightfully yours…be mine too?

If I started showin up on the doorsteps of the entitled people on the first of every month, ya reckon they’d share THEIR WEALTH with me? I mean after all, ain’t it part mine too, accordin to our elected elite’s reasonin?

I’d sure think so, wouldn’t you?

SO…how bout leavin our veterans retirements alone, and focus in on takin the welfare benefits from these very people who have never worked, never intend on workin, and as it stands now…asin’t gonna work!

Oh, wait a minute…

If we were to do that, wouldn’t that cause riotin in our Country? Anarchy? Possibly even race wars?

Yeah…it very well could, but ya know what…you only have to look at our elected elite once more! They, and they only, orchestrated this too!

So, in closing, I’d just like to say to all our elected elite, Paul Ryan as well, there is a day of reckonin comin….maybe not in this life, but the next.

Eternity is a very long time.

Your power today to destroy men’s souls, pass laws to take more and more from the taxpaying citizens of this Country, spend, print and borrow money that our children and grandchildren could never possibly pay back, and total disregard our Constitution and its rights given to us by our Founding Fathers will one day come back to haunt you…with a price.

Your greed, your corruption, your lack of morals or virtues, and once again, your lust for power, will eventually be things that will cause you much grief, if not here or now, will do so down the road.

Once more, eternity is a very, very long time.

It is…

AN eternity.

What was it Saul Alinsky, the father of community organizing once said…something to the effect of…

“You have to give acknowledgment, or a “hats off,” to the greatest community organizer that ever was… So great that he won his own kingdom…


How can you possibly debate, or even visit with people of such a mindset?

To be honest though, I’m glad it’s the left with this type of viewpoint, and not I!

The day will come when these people do in fact reap their just rewards.

Me…I’m hopin I’m in a much better place… “Keepin a smile on my face, and one in my heart!”

God Bless you guys!

God Bless the USA, and Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night…even though it’s morning!!

Doug and Lucky

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4 Responses to We as a Nation Have Lost Our Minds:

  1. Eva Delay says:

    Good essay, totally agree!

    • admin says:

      Thank you…wish you’d talk to my wife for me…she normally doesn’t agree with ANYTHING I say!! LOL! Thank you Eva, and God bless!

  2. Wapitiman says:

    Don’t be bashful, Doug. Tell us what’s really on your mind!
    God bless you, sir.

    • admin says:

      Been my biggest problem all my life…shyness! Workin on it though! LOL!

      Thanks, and God Bless you and yours as well!

      Merry Christmas!

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