Stand Firm…

Good mornin all.

Stand firm…How many considered this statement, stand firm, as speakin to our elected republican officials?

Well, it ain’t, although that’s just EXACTLY what they need to do!

Oh, there’s no doubt that I’d love to see those guys do just that…stand firm in their duty to we the American people, and finally get the gumption or backbone to stop this insanity goin on in DC today…BUT, I don’t see it happenin.

I’d read yesterday they had, “made a deal,” with the dems, but Obama turned it down.

Is this true?

Who knows anymore, but part of “this deal,” would have allowed the funding of…obamacare??

Today our two party’s represent…good cop…bad cop.

It’s a show folks…that’s all.

As bad as I hate to make such a remark, that’s exactly what it is.

First off, to have our elected officials, democrat or republican, allow funding for this monstrosity known as obamacare, is a travesty, which by the way is not condoned in any shape or form by the MAJORITY of the American people.

Need I say the very same on the subject of… “Have a Merry Christmas?” How has it come to pass where 12 to 15 percent of our people have full say in matters such as… “Merry Christmas?”

I’ll state this once more…the MAJORITY of the American people say… “DON’T do it” to obamacare, and we’ve been sayin it from the get go.

Pelosi statin that we’ll see what’s in it (read it in other words), AFTER we pass it.

I can’t think of any better example of total contempt of the American people than those words.

Here is a VERY well paid, VERY well compensated through a golden retirement package and LIFE LONG healthcare paid for …BY US, and sadly, a VERY powerful ELECTED official who just pretty much heard the racket bein made by we the American people, screamin… “Don’t do it,” and with absolutely no remorse, or feelin of any obligation of any kind that she indeed is workin…FOR US, she literally just…

Gave us the finger.

This is the most atrocious, dastardly, unfathomable piece of legislation to ever come down the pike…bar none.

A job killer is putting it mildly…VERY mildly…I’m VERY scared of what all IS in the dern thing, but as Pelosi stated, we ARE sure fixin TO see what’s in it!

You only have to look around to see company, after company slashin employee hours. This will only get worse…and worse…and worse!

Amazing thing though, is isn’t it funny, that AFTER READIN the bill for themselves, the dems, and repubs alike, after seein some of what was in the dern thing, suddenly…they didn’t WANT ANY part of this in regards to THEIR, or THEIR family’s health care??

So guess what?

They declared THEMSELVES…EXEMPT from this great health care plan.

Funny, isn’t it, that Obama, ain’t covered by…obamacare??


I mean accordin to them, this IS what the American people wanted. This IS what the American people NEEDED! This IS the greatest thing since buttered toast! THIS IS the answer to ALL our health care concerns!

ALL, that is, EXCEPT the very people who wrote it, implicated it, and decided that even though the majority of us DIDN’T want it in the first place, they’d just go ahead and shove it down our throats.

Let’s see…hmmm…they’ve nationalized some insurance companies, they’ve nationalized some financial institutions, they’re nationalizing health care, and also, in the process, they’ve “nationalized” thousands more IRS workers to see that they collect their forced nationalized health care monies, that aren’t a tax mind you as our commander in chief declared, but in reality…are a tax.

They’ve also nationalized the car companies, two anyway, and awarded their “buddies” the unions, who in reality were the back breakers in the car companies bein able to turn a profit, with, guess what…

A twenty per cent stake in the companies they broke!

Seems this “socialism thing” works pretty good if you’re…one of their comrades, huh?

The unions been destroyin companies for years now…steel mills (gone), textile mills (gone), car companies, the postal service cain’t turn a profit, Am-trac, etc., etc., etc.

You only have to look at Detroit today to see the ghosts of good days past.

Couldn’t be that Cloward-Piven thing could it?

Ya know, that theory where in order to help destroy America as we know it, you do it through overwhelming our economic system with welfare and the like.

That gimmee, gimmee, gimmee thing where your goal IS NOT to get people OFF welfare, but ya put MORE and MORE people on welfare!

Ya keep putting more and more on it until, guess what??

We can “know” longer fund it.

I use the word no in that tense simply because you and I the taxpayer have kNOwn for some time now that , no we cain’t continue to support this, yet…we do it anyway, although once more…

We knew we couldn’t!

In essence, what we’ve done is simple as well…

WE’VE FUNDED, our own demise!

Ya want more people on welfare, the best way to do so…cut jobs!

Through the unions, government regulations, and excessive taxation, and NOW…healthcare, jobs vanish.

Companies makin a profit is not greedy, not selfish, and not wrong as the dumb downed are told.

It is simply people with visions, go getters if you may, who through a hard work ethic live a dream, and through their dream, they grow their company, or business.

THROUGH THIS, and THIS ONLY… THEY create jobs.

Government today declares this, as evil…selfish…greedy…AND, of all things…UN-AMERICAN!

There was a time not so long ago that this vision had a name…

The American Dream!

Today, to have such a belief is simply, racist, extremist…and even terrorist!

Anyway, one other point to this rant is simply that…seems the unions are, or soon will be…exempt from obamacare too!

Great job comrades!

You’ve sure done your part in this takeover of the USA too. Funny though, that of ALL the jobs the unions have killed, at the expense of their own members, they still exist??

Ya reckon this obamacare thing could possibly be the government’s trump card in job destruction? I mean, all these companies are already cutting hours because of it.

Plus, less hours means less bring home money for your family. Less bring home money means…more welfare.

So ya see, this very well could…

Naw…couldn’t be…seems I’m just an old, outdated, white guy! ***

Standin Firm

In reality today, my statement, “Stand Firm,” means for you as true Americans, stand firm in YOUR beliefs.

Stand firm in your values and standards.

Stand firm in your integrity. Your name DOES mean something! Start actin like it, okay?

Stand firm in your right in regards to freedom of speech. Political correctness be damned!

Stand firm in your right to live the American dream. You CAN start your own business and be successful in doing so, although this today is tougher than it’s ever been here in our Country.

Stand firm in your right for your children to get an education, even if it means home schooling them.

Stand firm in your beliefs that our Constitution IS what we were founded upon, and is not an ***old, outdated document written by a bunch of…white men, no matter how our elected officials try to spin it.

Stand firm in your belief that we DO live in the greatest Country on earth, and that our freedoms and liberties are GRANTED to us, and not to be tampered with.

Stand firm in your beliefs that this period of immorality, unaccountability, and total Godless behavior too shall pass, although it will take action on all of our part for this to take place.

Stand firm that right, still is right, and wrong is just that…wrong. This will never change, again, no matter how our elected officials attempt to spin it.

Stand firm in your belief that work is part of life. It teaches all of us responsibility, and that through hard work, good things do indeed happen. It’s not easy, and it takes time, but through a good, hard work ethic you have the opportunity to grow.

Stand firm in your belief that your children are…YOUR children, and NOT the responsibility of our government!

Stand firm in your commitment to raise your child AS YOU see fit.

Stand firm in your commitment to discipline your child, if need be. This is done out of love, not contempt. As hard as it is for liberals to understand, but we discipline our children, once more out of our love, and attempt, to show them right from wrong.

If we didn’t love our children, then we’d not discipline them…we’d simply just not care, plus, if you pay attention, this is but one more cog in the destruction of our great Country…

The destruction of the FAMILY UNIT!

How many children today…don’t know their father?

How many women today, don’t know who the father OF their child is??

How many women today are REWARDED for havin children? The more ya have, the more you’re paid!

Once again, we’re fundin our own demise. It’s our tax money fundin these…lotto winners. The more children ya have…the bigger your lotto jackpot!

You have the right to keep and bear arms! This IS non-negotiable!

Finally, you have the right to believe in, and worship God…but this too is under attack, isn’t it?

Contrary to remarks made by our president…America was founded as a CHRISTIAN Country.


America…GOD DID shed His grace on thee, and…IN GOD, WE TRUST!

Look up…I promise He will not put on you more than you can bear. He’s with you 24-7.

I know it’s tough. I know I see the goings on in our Country, and you betcha…it ticks me off, but first and foremost, I try to keep the faith, and trust in God.

Perhaps this will help you as well, so…stand firm.

God Bless, and “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart.”

Doug and Lucky

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