HEADLINES…Don’t Ya Just Love Em?

Good mornin guys…how are ya’ll today? We hope this finds all in good spirits and in even better health!

Beautiful morning here in central Fla., drinkin coffee on the porch, clear skies and temps in the low 70’s. It doesn’t get much better than this, huh?

To be honest, I’d not considered a post this morning. I had been just kinda glancin at the headlines last night, and to be shootin straight with ya, there couldn’t be a more appropriate title for breakin news, than it simply bein called, HEAD-lines.

My reasonin for this statement, well, it’s actually very simple…

After just a couple minutes of readin them, they give me…

A HEAD-ache!

Geez, what is happening in our Country today folks??

You’re tellin me this political atmosphere we live in today is condoned by the majority of the American people?


First off, I read an article from Channel 10 News Tampa Bay, describing an incident on Flight 1880, from Reagan National Airport in DC, to Orlando International, where 4 middle-eastern males were observed moving around the plane…as if on some type of “dry run.”


The 10 News Investigators contacted both US Airways and the Transportation Security Administration both confirmed the incident. US Airways says it won’t discuss the details of security measures, but that it works closely with authorities.

The TSA told us it takes all reports of suspicious activity aboard aircraft seriously, and the matter requires no further investigation at this time.

However, a current Federal Air Marshal who works flights every week says of the TSA, “They’re liars. They’re flat out liars.”

The Air Marshal, whose identity we are not revealing because agency rules prohibit him from talking to the media, says the TSA doesn’t want the flying public to be aware of the problems with terrorist probes.

The Air Marshal and others we have spoken to say several flights they have worked were targets of dry-runs and that most of his colleagues believe no matter what the TSA says, the incident aboard Flight 1880 is serious.

Until now, there has been absolutely no publicity about the US Airways flight from D.C. to Orlando International Airport, but security experts say incidents like this should not and cannot be ignored.

As the Federal Air Marshal and industry insiders tell us, “We’re waiting for the next 9/11 to happen, because it’s not a question of if. It’s a question of when.”

This from the “US Airline Pilots Association,” titled ,“9/11 Security Update.”

9/11 Security Update

Pre 9/11 Briefing by USAPA Security Chairman Steve Sevier and Committee Member Pat O’Laughlin:

Bringing down an airliner continues to be the Gold Standard of terrorism. If anyone thinks that our enemies have “been there, done that,” and are not targeting US commercial aviation — think again.

There have been several cases recently throughout the industry of what appear to be probes, or dry runs, to test our reaction to an inflight threat. A typical example is an incident that occurred just a few
days ago on one of our flights from DCA-MCO.

A group of Middle-Eastern males boarded in DCA. Shortly after takeoff, one got up and ran from his seat in coach towards the flight deck door. He made a hard left and entered the forward lav, where he stayed for a considerable length of time! While he was in there, the others got up and proceeded to move about the cabin, changing seats, opening overhead bins, and generally making a scene. They appeared to be trying to occupy and distract the flight attendants.


There is another interesting twist to this case. It just so happens that on the return flight from MCO-DCA, with the same flight number, a group of 8 Middle Eastern females—concealed in full burkas—were

in the boarding area for the flight to DCA. This flight did not have a FAM team, even though it was supposed to have a significant VIP on board.

(He was rebooked when all these details were made known to his security detail.)


Then, I’ve been following the behavior of our National Park Service employees and their treatment of American citizens (sounds funny the treatment of American citizens…in America, doesn’t it)???

The Great Philosopher…Mao

Claude Moore Colonial Farm…

I’d never heard of it until…our government shutdown…with pay, mind you.

Seems the National Park Service USED to be involved with this farm, but that stopped in 1980, when they decided to cut the funding. Since then it has been run through an endowment by private citizens, thus operating through donations and volunteer work.

Remember that point, no NPS involvement since 1980, BUT…the NPS told the Claude Moore Colonial Farm to…SHUT DOWN!

The farm appealed this, but, the NPS sent officers to forcibly remove volunteer workers, AND visitors.

They’re forcing parks to close that they aren’t even involved in, simply because they…have been ordered to??

Hope and change…how ya likin that now folks? Very little hope, but PLENTY of change, huh?

This type of behavior has been seen at numerous sites, with one NPS officer quoted as saying… “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for the people as we can.”

That is one heck of a statement, isn’t it?

Course, an administration that considers, Mao Tse-Tung a great POLITICAL philosopher, what do ya expect?

Don’t believe me? Well, don’t take my word for it…I’m just the messenger.

Was gonna say, “Don’t SHOOT me, I’m just the messenger, but in today’s world…I thought I’d better phrase it a little more mildly! LOL!

But look guys, I didn’t pull this “Mao thing” outta the air…they OPENLY discuss it.

She referenced Mao and his goal of taking China over…not Mao bein elected, but…TAKIN OVER.

Sound familiar today?

Oh, she was misspoken you say…she made a mistake? hmmm…

How bout Ron Bloom, and his famous, Mao quote…talkin bout the barrel of a gun, guys.

Ya reckon that’s why they…WANT OURS??

“Your political power comes from the barrel of a gun? If you want a friend…get a dog?”

Yep…that’s why they want our guns.

I mean, how many of Mao’s own countrymen did he have killed…30 million? 40 million? Perhaps as high as 60 million??

Kinda easy to do when most of your countrymen are armed…with pitchforks, shovels and the like, huh?

You guys read where Bill Ayers talked openly with an undercover FBI agent, I believe, in regards to possibly having to do something with around 25 million Americans, who may not abide to THEIR (Ayers) political beliefs?

Just sayin…

In all honesty though, these people are very dangerous to us. Nothing, and I mean just that…NOTHING surprises me today.

Funny how it’s become unacceptable to say, “Merry Christmas,” here in America, huh? But not to me it isn’t, so let me wish you guys exactly that this morning, although a tad early…
“Merry Christmas!”

But, after watchin the video of the Mao ornament, I’m sure it WOULD BE politically correct to express it this way here in the good ole USA!


This means… “Happy Christmas,” in…CHINESE!

Now if this actually DOESN’T mean Happy Christmas, don’t blame me…I looked it up on the internet.

It is SUPPOSED to mean Happy Christmas, but for all I know, it could be talkin bout our Mama’s or something!! LOL!

Now if the Chinese who were so unfortunate to have lost their lives under Mao’s regime could give ya a little advice today, I kinda figure it might go something like this…

Bǎochí nǐ de qiāng


Jus sayin!

Also sayin, that once more, in this translation as well, I’m totally dependent on the internet.

It might mean, “Ya want a little fish to go with that rice, ya’ll?” (which is…SOUTHERN Mandarin, I’m guessin? LOL)

Then we have the school in New York that banned ball from the playground during recess…no football tossin, no basketball shootin, no baseball chunkin, and no place kickin any dern soccer balls either?


They claim too many injuries.

Saw a comment declarin they oughta ban pencils and such in the classroom as dangerous to our kids too. ..even paper…ya know…paper cuts!

Then a school in Pennsylvania banned Halloween activities (but since has been reinstated)…cause…it might offend someone??

Good night a livin folks, what is goin on here?

There IS a Bigger Power

I read a devotional this morning.

I read it daily, and it is an app on my phone… “The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.”

I don’t know bout you guys, but I have ALWAYS admired Rev. Graham. I’m drawn by his ability to connect with people, and the sincerity in his own belief.

Here is his message…

Man hungers for food, and God sends the sun and rain upon the golden fields of grain. The grain is made into flour, and flour into bread, and man’s physical hunger is satisfied. Man hungers for love; and God ignites the fire of affection in another heart, and two hearts are made complete in the bonds of holy matrimony.

Man hungers for knowledge, and God raises up institutions of learning, calls men to be instructors, puts it into the hearts of the rich to endow them; and men are satisfied in their thirst for knowledge. Man hungers for fellowship; and God allows him to build cities where men can share their industry, and their knowledge, and their skills.

Don’t tell me that God can supply man with an abundance of everything material and yet will let him starve spiritually! . . . God will satisfy the hunger and thirst of those who desire His righteousness because He loves the world with an undying affection.

Prayer for the day…

You have abundantly supplied my greatest need, heavenly Father, for You have given me love.

You guys have a great day, and God Bless you and yours!

Also… “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”

Oh yeah…

Bǎochí nǐ de qiāng (Keep your dern guns!)

Doug and Lucky

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