God Is My Best Friend

Good morning guys! I hope all are doing fine.

Well, I have to tell ya, “Turtle’s List” has helped me out immensely! Life is turning around, and I’ve got to say that despite the confusion, moments of just wondering “how come,” and at times, “what do I do now,” all once more, is looking up.

Life IS good again!

Also, let me thank everyone for all your concern, prayers and help. They are all greatly appreciated.

You guys are great!

Funny thing happened yesterday. It’s but one more example of God’s love, and how He indeed works in mysterious ways.

It’s amazing to me how once you start to walk with God, trust in God, and basically, just try to do the “right thing,” He puts people into your life.

Sometimes its people you know, or are associated with in some way, but often…its total strangers…chance meetings, or simply just, your stumbling up on each other.

The phrase we’ve all heard so many times in our lives, “God works in mysterious ways,” is so true.

You all know that I’m a new Christian, and that although I’ve always believed in God, most times I would speak to Him on a regular basis, ESPECIALLY if things were going WRONG in my life, how many of you are guilty of just that, but I never attempted to have a relationship WITH God.

Go figure??

Looking back now, I am only beginning to see the consequences of this. Man, I’ve missed so much, and to be honest, to anyone out there who hasn’t allowed God into your own lives, I’m here to tell you, you don’t know what you’re missing…honestly!

I’m not “preaching” to you guys at all, I’m just sharing from my own experience, the turn-around, and difference He’s made in my own life!

I always was kinda offended by people coming up to me and “preaching” to me personally. So once more, I’m not preaching to anyone, only sharing with you guys something that took place in my life that made an incredible difference. That’s all.

After all, the choice is yours anyway.

God tells us this frequently, through His Word.

You either believe…or, you don’t.

You choose life eternal…or death.

It really is quite simple, the choices He provides for you, but once more…He leaves the decision entirely up…to you!


I spoke with my good friend Sallie Kay yesterday who happens to live in…sorry Sallie Kay, seems I just can’t bring myself to say…that word??

I’ll give you guys a hint though. It starts with a K. Thinkin on it some… it may actually begin with a dern C??

I do know though that this particular state spends a TON of money that they don’t have, and isn’t theirs to spend anyway, they advocate illegal immigration, and their leaders are about as far left as comrade Stalin. Well, I dunno, that’s dumpin on Stalin pretty hard, huh?

They advocate taking our money and giving it to a bunch of deadbeats, as well as themselves, with their own lavish pensions, salaries, and health care.

They speak such rubbish as, “Let’s pass this bill so…WE’LL KNOW WHAT’S IN IT?” Sometime back they even went so far as to turn the water supply off to farmers, destroying acre upon acre of rich farmland, which in turn, rid their state of thousands of jobs for…farmworkers.

Pondering that thought for a moment, I realized, JUST how stupid I really am???

Why in the world would I consider having these farmworkers, actually…having to WORK for a living??

Shoot, instead of that…we’ll just SHARE our wealth with them! As long as we’re working…why should anyone else? Seems I have A LOT to learn in regards to this… “social equality” thing???
This state’s reasoning for turning off the water???

The smelt!

In case there’s those of you out there who just don’t “get it” as well as I do…the smelt…is a fish. A little, tiny, dern fish!

IT, the smelt…is CRITICAL to our environment, AND our well -being. From the way their elected leaders laid it out, our VERY survival or at least a portion of it anyway, DEPENDS on this little, tiny, dern fish.

At least that’s what they say…

Makes me wonder at times, if these socialists, OOPS, I meant to say LIBERALS, are so concerned over this little fish, what would they possibly have thought in regards to civilization surviving such a cataclysmic event as say…the dern dinosaurs dying off?

First thing?

No meat on the grocery shelves!

Then veggies next!

How could it be any other way, I mean…many dinosaurs ate veggies too, right?

In order to “save the earth,” and the dinosaurs, they’d simply starve us into extinction first.

No pain…no gain, right?

I just have to believe though, that these leaders would have been laughin their rear-ends off at our, “We the People” mentality of sittin on our backsides, fundin our own demise, while THEY, “the elite,” were chowin down on a Brontosaurus burger…with cheese!

Which brings up the point in regards to those dern dinosaurs again, and the “global warming or cooling” scenario…

I wonder…LOL!
I don’t know how I got off on that rant, but to all you guys still tryin to guess which state Sallie Kay lives in…NO, it ain’t Washington DC!

Sounds just like it though, huh?

I just figured that we all knew DC wasn’t a state, but I CAN see your confusion after the points above! LOL!

Anyway, Sallie Kay shared with me a scripture… Isaiah 57:1

Her point was simply to help me understand, to make us ALL understand, that through your own personal loss…

God IS with you, but that also, there IS a reason for your loss.

It is in fact…God’s plan!

Good people pass away,

The godly often die before their time.

But no one seems to care or wonder why.

No one seems to understand

that God is PROTECTING THEM from the evil to come.

Great verse, huh?

It’s very comforting to realize the regard God has for us, isn’t it? Then, to understand, so thoroughly, through this verse, that these loves we’d had, but lost, have simply gone home to be with our Creator.

To share in His glory!

The incredible thing about this verse, although I have to say that I found the Book of Isaiah awesome anyway, I spoke with my Aunt yesterday, who in her own regard, had suffered a tremendous loss in her own right, just recently.

While talking with her, she told me, “Doug I have a very good friend at our church, who shared a verse with me a little while back. This particular scripture has really made a difference in my ability to come to grips with my loss.”

“It’s Isaiah, chapter 57, verse 1.”

I literally almost fell out of my porch swing!

I told Aunt Ann, that I had JUST HAD, this very verse…shared with me, not 15 minutes earlier, from a friend that lives in a state starting with the letter K (possibly C)!!

This same exact scripture!

I gotta admit. When I first started reading the Bible, the Book of John (thanks, Sallie Kay), upon turning the very first page, something struck me quite vividly…


I’m goin be A WHILE getting through this thing! LOL!

With that being the case, and the amount of knowledge in the Bible (AND ITS NUMBER OF PAGES), I found it absolutely unnerving that of ALL the scripture in this book of HIS Word, two people, literally a whole Country apart…shared this same scripture with me within 15 minutes of one another!

God does work in mysterious ways!

That’s my point this morning guys…how God does work in your life, if you’ll only give him the opportunity!!

The Book, “God Is My Best Friend”

I have another friend that I’d like to give a shout out to this morning, and whom I “borrowed” the title of today’s post… “God Is My Best Friend.”

His name is Bob.

Bob’s book is available at Amazon, Kindle purchase price $3.99, and no Bob, it wasn’t a good read. LOL!

IT WAS though…A GREAT READ, my friend! Good job!

Also, thank you Bob for all your concern in my regard, and thank you so much for sharing your book as well!

Both are very much appreciated, Sir!

I’d like to take just a second or two, and tell you guys, Bob has written a fine book, on God and His importance in all our regards. It shows us that we too can have God…as our best friend as well.

This is the description taken from Amazon in reference to Bob’s book…

The author’s reason for writing this book is simple … to share with believers and nonbeliever alike, his personal experiences and diligent steps through the Scriptures that led to his present spiritual fulfillment and closer relationship with God.

His hope is that for other Christians, this book will prove to be a “walk in the park” with plenty of “Amen” moments of familiarity and comfort to them. But, truly, his greatest hope is that many non-Christians might see a light shining through this little (easy to read) book, that hopefully will lead them towards a greater appreciation of the Sacred Words of the Holy Bible. For once one sees the authority and continuity of the Holy Scriptures and ties them together in their mind, as the exquisite and ultimate “Operating Manual” that it is: for all human relationships, for life, and for living here on earth and preparing for the life beyond, then they too, like so many of us, will likely find it hard to put this great thriller down!

The intended message of “God is my Best Friend” is to make the case that once one takes the time to study parts of the Bible that may interest them, things really start to become clearer and more connected. Greater understanding develops into appreciation for the wisdom the Bible contains, and the personal mentoring it can provide for a rich joyful life in the midst of our harried, confused and hurting world. All answers to any question are there.

Understanding brings peace, and a growing love for what our Creator has prepared for us. We have so much to learn and so little time in which to learn it!

Google his book up guys, and order it! I know you’ll enjoy it.

Well, that’s it for today. God Bless you guys!

Remember this thought, taken from a very fine woman, whom I promise is smiling down on all of us today, and every day…

Be sure… to “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”

Dub and Deb

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