Georgia Wins…##XX@&!!**##!!

Well, I figured I better put up another post this evenin, since I’m sittin here at the supper table…eatin crow!

After posting this morning and pickin at Georgia and their fan base pretty good, I received my fair share in return!

Georgia beats Florida 17-9!

Football has always been a game that is won or lost on the field, and today was no different. Georgia outplayed Florida, although the game was hard-fought and pretty much a defensive struggle throughout.

Those dern Dogs came to play, and they deserved leaving the field the victors. They played tough, smash-mouth football, and today’s game was actually a typical SEC contest.

Florida had, I believe, 4 turnovers for the year, but today turned the ball over 6 times. You can’t beat a tough opponent turning the ball over that many times.

Florida had several shots, but kept coming up empty. Many times they simply self-destructed. They still have a shot at the East title, but the ball is now in Georgia’s court. They win their final two SEC games, Ole Miss, and Auburn, and they’ll represent the East in Atlanta.

If they don’t trip up, they’re East division champs, and deserving of it. Great game guys, you were the better team today.

In honor of Georgia’s win today, and for the “smack-talkin” I’d done earlier, let’s closeout with a quote from a Georgia grad, and self-described “Gator-Hater,” the late Mr. Lewis Grizzard…

Ya know what ya get when ya cross a pig with a Florida grad?

Nothin, cause there’s some things a pig just won’t do!

You guys enjoy your win today, and ya better stay on track, or WE’LL be in Atlanta! Ya’ll just wait till next year too! You’re goin down!! LOL!

Have a great day and God Bless you guys!

Even in such adversity and humility I faced today in regards to this annual Ga-Fla hookup, my Deb would always say, “Keep a smile on your face and one in your heart!”

I got one for ya, Honey, and I love and miss you!

Go Gators!


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2 Responses to Georgia Wins…##XX@&!!**##!!

  1. Sandy Grant says:

    you know I am a Ga girl………..but that Bama, LSU…………scared me……..EEK!

    • admin says:

      Yeah, YOU KEEP REMINDIN ME YOU’RE A GA. GIRL…(makes me sick! LOL!!)

      Bama LSU was too close for comfort…then… “THE DRIVE!!” Game over!

      Hope you guys are doing well, and I won’t mention…well…you know!

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