Truly One of God’s Heroes

Good morning guys! We hope this finds all in great health and spirits this morning.

Last Sunday, Preacher Charlie spoke on a topic I found very appropriate in today’s world. God’s Heroes.

Look at the goings on today and possibly you guys can see the tie in here.

Preacher Charlie stated in his message that today, we all need to realize we really have only one thing to fear in this life, and that is…God.

It really doesn’t matter during our time here on this Earth who threatens us, belittles us, or mocks us. The reasoning is simple. They too are of the flesh, just like we are.

As a believer in God, when you get right down to it, it is of no consequence what others feel about you. Through God, you have eternal life.

I’m not saying that during our time “in the flesh, you should have no respect, compassion, or love for others, and only think about yourself, but quite the opposite. God teaches us all these things. It is part of your character, but God does give you the option, to do good versus evil.

This is one of the keys to our Salvation.

If our God is our Creator, and a loving God, and a compassionate God, then why would we fear him? In my opinion, I look at it simply as the same as my fearing my father growing up.

Did my father love me, and want only the best for me during my formative years? Did he teach me respect, and to treat others like I’d want to be treated? Did he want me to study, to learn, and through this be prepared to face the world outside?

Did he teach me a strong work ethic, and that through this I could survive pretty much anything this world could throw at me? Of course, but he also taught me values, and their importance.

I learned that my word IS my bond, and that my name means everything. If you don’t place value in your name, or who you are, how could you possibly care about anything, or anyone else? This is the core of your integrity as a person.

All these traits I feel God wants you to have as well, just like my father here in this life wanted me to exhibit.

BUT, if I strayed and didn’t do the right thing, he taught me a very important lesson in life…accountability. To be accountable for MY actions, and if not, there were consequences for my wrongdoings!

God, I believe, interprets our actions as basically the same. You have a choice, good versus evil. Many of us choose to live life to the best of our ability, others, not so much. BUT, this again is our choice.

So although I do fear God, I know as well that in reality he loves us and wants the very best for us too. You only have to look at his own son to realize just how much God cares about us, right?

But, if you turn away from God there are consequences…you are held accountable for your actions, and sometimes, God has to make us aware of this, no different than our parents holding us accountable.

My point to all this?

Well, I feel very strongly today that we as a people, or better yet, we as a Nation, are indeed turning away from God. Don’t you?

Not only are we turning away from God, but many today make a mockery of our God, and this I know will one day will result in some form of retribution, wouldn’t you think?

Today, I really feel as if we indeed…need a hero.

A Few Reasons Why

First off, we have an election in our Country coming up in less than a month, a very, very important election. By far the most important I’ve been involved in since I became old enough to vote!

Do you agree with the direction our Country is headed? If you do, you might as well stop reading this post, because I belief in our Constitution and the freedoms and liberties it lays out for our elected leaders to follow, which they aren’t!

Not only are they not, but they’re doing so with such complete arrogance, and disregard for our Constitution or the voice of we the people. We are becoming a Nation without representation.

I believe in the free market system. Because of this, I believe we all have the opportunity to start small business, work hard, and to grow in the attempt of bettering yourselves and your families.

THIS IS OUR RIGHT, and is WHY so many people immigrated to this Country. They also wanted this right to grow, and by this, making a better life for their own children. This wasn’t afforded to them in their own Country.

Well, at least until our government screwed everything up so badly in their attempt to “make things better,” because… “they’re smarter,” than say, Joe the Plumber. At least in their eyes, and we’ve seen where that’s gotten us, haven’t we.

I mean obviously they’re doing so very well in any business they come in contact with, like say the Postal Service, Am-Trac, and just about anything else the government touches. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac let’s not forget about either.

I believe that many of our politicians, in the beginning, may have had good intentions in regards to “helping the poor.” Sadly though, it was too easy for “the sharks,” or the people of little to no virtue (I call em, well, never mind what I call em) realize that they can stay in power…through passing out entitlements.

Actually though, the money they so freely are passing out…doesn’t belong to them! Makes a difference when you’re spending someone else’s money, doesn’t it?

BUT, this was the beginning of a political agenda that has defaced most anything and everything that has to do with our rights as citizens of OUR Own Country! Not only that, it has created a mass influx of immigrants, many, many of which are illegal.

Not so much for the opportunity to work, grow, and better themselves, but in actuality to come reap the financial gains of our giveaway system. Somethin for nothing.

Through their “reaping all these benefits,” provided by our elected officials, we the taxpayer have been hung out to dry. We’re creating a financial abyss that we the taxpayer, will soon if we’re not very careful, NEVER recover from. Look at the massive debt already bestowed on our children and grandchildren!

The solution to this problem through many of our elected officials eyes…MORE TAXES.

How about a major overhaul of our entitlement programs, STARTING with our politicians own salaries, retirement packages, and health care plans.

Entitlements, community organizing groups, political correctness, reverse racism, and illegal immigration are but a few other issues that have spiraled out of control through political agendas. All of this began by playing on the heartstrings of good law abiding citizens, and has become today a noose around these very same citizen’s necks. The taxpayers!

This, through their “agenda” of creating a monstrosity of “give-away” programs, has allowed them to create a voting bloc…for eternity! Pitting the “haves” against… “the have-nots!” Buying votes…for life!

We as a Nation are fast coming to the point of no return. No return from an economic fiasco created by these people. Why? Do you remember our President during the campaign state, “In 5 days, we’re going to fundamentally transform America!”

Well…they’re doing just that!

It’s All An Agenda
It IS an agenda. An agenda of everyone being the same, and because of this, is exactly why they love using such nice terminology like…social equality, and social justice. For all of us except…them!

It’s quite evident that we have today, a group of elected politicians who have literally sold their souls to the Devil.

We need one of God’s heroes, wouldn’t you think?

Also, I believe a news media should do exactly that…report the news, not a political agenda, ESPECIALLY one that quite obviously thinks that everything our Country stands for, represents, and offers to its good, hard-working, and law abiding citizens…IS WRONG!

I believe in a man’s word, actually being his bond. Imagine that??

It sure doesn’t apply to our politicians today does it, most of them, anyway? Have you ever heard so many blatant and out and out lies that today are associated with a political campaign speech…and obviously considered the norm?

It doesn’t phase em one bit. Most cases it is literally a machine gun barrage of lie, after lie, after lie! I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but to be honest, I find this literally stomach wrenching! How could anyone not feel this way?

I believe in our elected official being men of integrity, respectability, and virtue.

I understand that these people are just that…people. None of us are perfect, and in regards to me personally, I’m about as FAR from perfect as you can get, BUT, I try to get a little better each day.
Our elected leaders today, again many IF not most, have absolutely ZERO integrity. They couldn’t have, and obviously our situation as a Country today lays this out for “We the People” pretty clearly.

I believe in fiscal responsibility. This is called, in my book anyway, conservatism.

We have far, far too many elected leaders today that believe in sharing the wealth, or they like to say as well, redistributing the wealth. Which by the way…IS NOT THEIR WEALTH TO SHARE…Or Redistribute!

If that is indeed the case, then shoot, it at that point becomes…STEALING the wealth. Oh my!

I just have to believe that if I were to go up to one of our politicians and yank money outta their hip pocket…I’d probably end up in the slammer.

Yet, they’re steadily yankin it outta ours, aren’t they? How is it there’s no accountability on their part, only ours?

Not only if we were to forcibly take theirs from them…we’d go to jail, BUT, if we refuse to freely give them ours…we go to jail??? Is this just me, or is there something wrong with this picture?

Then, we’re rockin along and one day, some of our political elite decide…let’s become Progressives! This starts another run on those dern “ISMS.”

I simply say that socialism, marxISM, leninISM, maoISM, and any other form of this type of “ISM,”all mean one thing to me…communism!! I have absolutely NO DESIRE to learn to distinguish one from the other. They’re all the same to me!

I know too many of you guys I’m literally speaking to the choir, but it doesn’t hurt to revisit some of the reasoning BEHIND the election of our current President.

YET, to our politicians today this type of ideology is…right up their alley, creating a Nation of babbling idiots they’ve “dumbed down,” and which has allowed them to buy up the vote. This is all too sad, first for our Country, but for these very people as well.

It’s pretty obvious you can’t stay a world power for long when your constituents are SO misinformed about pretty much life as a whole, huh? Buyin the vote, stayin in power, and to hell with the Country AND… “WE the People!”

Not tryin to bust this lady’s bubble, BUT, that really isn’t Obama’s money payin for her gas. Jus sayin…

Also, as unfortunate as it is, this very same mentality is what has allowed all this to take place in our Country. Seriously, does anyone out there believe that such a mindset as this woman exhibits could in any way, shape , or form be a benefit to keeping our Country great? Of course not.

Sadly as well, this lady’s opinion has been so indoctrinated by our officials, I honestly don’t believe she Does know any better. I’m telling you, these officials that for so long have been claiming to help the poor, have only in actuality destroyed these people.

Totally…in many cases.

No morals, no standards, in many instances no family values, and none of what was so predominately promised during the last campaign…HOPE!

Again…we need a hero!

In closing today, if you’d watch just one more video, I’m going to show you a fine example of what I truly believe was exactly what Preacher Charlie was talking about.

One of God’s Heroes.

This young man exhibited a true inspiration to me of all I’ve talked about above. Honesty, integrity, moral conviction, standing by and abiding in his own beliefs, a strong work ethic, and…FAITH IN GOD.

In my opinion, this man is truly one of God’s Heroes. God Bless him!

How inspiring was that? Here this guy was, a NEW small business owner, who by saying, “No, to Joe,” has experienced an overwhelming response of support…from ALL over the Country.

I feel personally that the people all across our Country who do in fact feel just like Chris McMurray ARE the majority.

Why don’t we all start becoming like Chris, and standing up for our own convictions…becoming “heroes” in our own right?

When asked why he did it, Chris stated, “conviction and principle….” I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Thank you all for stopping by today and God Bless you, and God Bless America!

As my Debbie always liked to state, “Please, keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”


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2 Responses to Truly One of God’s Heroes

  1. Doris Carter says:

    This article is very thought provoking and sobering.

    • admin says:

      Why thank you very much! It seems not a lot to ask that our elected leaders instill virtue, honor, integrity, and so on into their lives. Also it doesn’t seem to much to ask of our children or ourselves. I do believe though that our world would be much better off with these few simple traits if we’d only apply them more. Plus…faith in God, no doubt. Anyway…

      Thank you again, and God Bless!

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