AMERICA…God Shed His Grace on Thee

Hey guys…good morning to ya!

You know, Deb and I have met so many wonderful people since the inception of our site. Once again, one of our friends we’ve met gave me a good shot of inspiration this morning. Her name is Bonnie.

I was checking my e-mails earlier and opened one up from our ole buddy Bonnie in North Carolina. In less than 5 minutes, my day had been “made!”

Quickly, Bonnie is a PATRIOT. She reads, writes, researches, and ACTS, daily in her own quest to get the message out to others in regards to the goings on in our great Country. She’s a tireless worker, and through this post this morning I’d just like to say, “Thank you Bonnie, I appreciate everything you do! God Bless you!”

Edmund Burke wrote, “Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who did nothing…because he could do only a little.”

How many of you out there look at things from that perspective? I know there’s times I feel that way, but as Burke states, this is a tremendous mistake on our part.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase, which incidentally my Dad pounded into me from a very young age… “pennies MAKE dollars!” Though that statement is used as an example of fiscal responsibility, and well taken on my part, Burke is actually saying the same thing, but from a life in general standpoint.

Pennies DO make dollars…they add up. Over the course of time they can amass quite a “chunk of change,” right? You betcha!

So, like pennies “adding up,” we the people, although only one voice individually, once you group us together, in a “big wad” so to speak, suddenly a little peep becomes a mighty roar. A tidal wave of like-minded views that indeed COMMAND attention.

People listen, because…They Have To! You only have to look no further than say…community organizing. Through sheer numbers, AND ORGANIZATION, these people have become a force to be reckoned with. Sad…but true.

The problem with this is that the people that have been “organized” to push for a better way of life, have been wronged, and not just in a minor way. What’s taken place with this “community organizing” scheme, yes, that’s exactly what it is, is our politicians have used these people as pawns to achieve THEIR OWN personal gains.

They have literally destroyed their work ethic, their desire to better themselves, their family unit as a whole, and in all honesty, their lives today are no better than they were when this community organizing, and all other related “programs” started back in the 60’s.

Look at the trillions of dollars spent since all these programs were started, and in reality, they’re even worse off today than when any of this started. Why? Because they’ve literally…sold their souls.

They BELIEVE today that they’re not accountable to work. They BELIEVE they’re “entitled” to stay at home, have a roof over their head, have a flat screen TV, have their power and food supplied to them, draw a government paycheck, have medical care, and have children in many cases, simply to bilk the system out of even more benefits…all FOR FREE!

Free for them, but you and I, as taxpayers, are paying dearly. In many instances today, this is literally taking food out of our own children’s mouths!

Then, pan out and look at the bigger picture of all this “community organizing.” Again looking at this, and all these other programs advocated by today’s corrupt political system, and you see not only the destruction of these people who have sold their souls, but literally…the destruction of our Country!

All the above are a fine example of a man or woman, though only one individually, but by banding together with others have…made their voices heard! Sure, they were led and manipulated by people who in reality didn’t give a hoot about them, but today, this is a mute-point. The “indoctrination” has already taken place!

A LITTLE bit of something…for NOTHING!

Through this political correctness, we the people are losing all our morals, standards, values, and freedoms that we’ve always experienced.

As great as living in a Democracy is, we’re seeing today, first hand, the downside of a Democracy…the freedom it allows for evil-minded people to exploit our system for the betterment of themselves.

Seems to me it’s past time for we the people, the law abiding, God fearing, hard-working, family oriented people to start a little community organizing ourselves. Bonnie, I assure you is doing her part!
Where to start? I personally can think of no better place than to reinforce your relationship with God. You don’t have to look far to see the agendas in place to weaken, or totally silence our religious convictions.

No religion in government, no religion in schools, no “Merry Christmas, no In God We Trust, no…no…no…no…NO!

Please, watch this video. Bonnie hit a homerun this morning sending this to me. Again, I received such a lift viewing it.

It’ll take less than 5 minutes of your time, BUT, the message rings crystal clear. We ALL NEED…God in our lives! OUR COUNTRY needs God back involved in it much more than is taking place….

Can’t you see, hear, AND feel his conviction? To me…it was obvious. I’d sure like to get to that point in my own conviction! It must be such a wonderful feeling, wouldn’t you think?

That man, President Ronald Reagan, loved his GOD, and his Country…our Country! After listening to President Reagan, I feel very belittled in regards to myself, and my own little to no attempt, in saving our freedoms for our children and grandchildren.


Then, on the flipside, look at the shape our political system is in today. Politicians attempting to “sell their seats,” reckless to no fiscal responsibility, at least two downgrades in our credit as a Country, and politicians who seem as if they’d rather lie than eat.

We have elected a man who attended a church, for 20 years or so, that incited racial violence and anti-American rhetoric. BUT, if you ask him about it…he never heard of such??

He was, prior to politics…a community organizer, whose philosophy is…the ends justify the means. Virtue, honesty, morals, standards, nor integrity mean squat. Nuff said.

So in closing this morning, I’d like for all of you to stop and contemplate our situation today. Regardless of what our “political elite,” or our media, or our educational systems would like us to believe, know this. America…God DID shed his grace on thee.

The following is a quote from the Rev. Billy Graham…

At the end of his life Buddha said, “I am still searching for the truth.”

This statement could be made by countless thousands of scientists, philosophers, and religious leaders throughout all history.

However, Jesus Christ made the astounding claim, “I am…the truth.” [John 14:6]

HE is…the embodiment of all truth! The ONLY answer to man’s search is found in him.

You guys have a great day, a great weekend. God Bless you all, and God Bless America as well! Be sure and keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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