“Holding Your Hand From Afar”

Well, good morning once again. We hope all are doing well, and guess what? We had over an inch of rain yesterday afternoon!! YES….

I have to tell you guys what a pleasure doing this site has been. Yeah, there are times it seems as if there just aren’t enough hours in the day in regards to all the irons Deb and I have in the fire, but that’s part of life.

I know without a doubt that what I have to say suffers from time to time on account of other things going on, but I have to tell you…all the good we’ve received by doing this, far, far outweighs any bad. You guys have been just great!

When I let out about Deb’s cancer, I was stunned by the goodness you guys put out there for us. Your thoughts, concerns and prayers, literally overwhelmed us! On top of this, I know, in my heart, that your kindness has helped Deb immensely in her fight, and is one of the reasons she’s done so well! Thank you all again!

Without a doubt, the main reason we keep on with our site…is the ability to converse and share with so many wonderful people. The sharing of ideas, recipes, and even laughter. But far more than anything else is the ability to share prayers in each of our regard!

Sadly yesterday, we’ve found out that one of our very good, well actually, a very dear friend is once more faced with adversity from this terrible disease. I won’t use their names as I’m not sure yet if they’d feel it appropriate at the moment.

Most that have read our column for any length of time will know immediately who she is, but once more, I’ll keep it under hat for now. If she feels okay with it, I’m sure she’ll let you know, but I just would like you to say a prayer in their regard.

God too knows who I’m speaking of, and he will know where these prayers are directed!

The reason I’m letting out this news is that throughout Deb’s fight, she has been standing beside Deb since day one, and as she likes to say, “Holding Deb’s hand from afar.”

Because of this, and the type of person this lady is, I humbly ask you guys for prayers on her behalf as well. She has been through a long struggle in her own right with this disease, for years and years, but several months back was given an all clear!

Deb and I were ecstatic over such great, and deserved good fortune! It couldn’t have happened to a better person! Yet, we just found out that her husband was just diagnosed with cancer as well, and as far as we know at the moment, his prognosis is not good.

So once more, say a special prayer for this family. They have been through adversity before, and now it just tears our hearts out to find that once more, they are faced with this disease again.

I want her to know this morning just how much she’s meant to us since we’ve been blessed by her reaching out to us, and her literally becoming a part of our family, just as we feel we’re a part of her own.

Her thoughts, her laughter, her advice, concern and prayers were, and still are such a blessing, and this morning Deb and I both feel, not only feel, but KNOW, prayers are so helpful!

So to our friend, please know that this is but one way we feel we might could help you guys out…through prayer. Prayers from all our other friends out there strung together to help you guys through a tough, tough time.

Miracles happen daily. Keep the faith, look up, and know in your heart that you are loved by so many! God Bless you and yours! We love ya’ll, and are only a phone call away.

“Holding your hands from afar…”

Dub and Deb

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