How Could Protecting Our Children, or Ourselves be Criminal…and Indoctrination

Good morning guys, how are you today?

Let’s get started with today’s topic.

First off, let me state emphatically that I condone our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms! No question, or argument, could possibly persuade me to consider thinking otherwise. It is a necessary preventative in helping to keep America and its citizens free. No question.

Yet today, and in times past, the liberals have, and still press forward into forcing us into “gun control!” Many states don’t allow the purchase of handguns, or frown upon the ownership of guns regardless of the type of weapon you have.

This to me, is a repressive action that has NO legal or Constitutional right to be enforced period. Yet by so doing, countless people have been harmed, or killed by such action through home invasions, car-jackings, inadvertently walking into a robbery in progress, or even simply going out to a restaurant for a meal.

Read the papers, listen to the radio, or watch television. These things happen daily.

Yet our administration, our media, and our liberal counterparts, STILL, call for gun control, or even worse, the loss of our rights to own guns period. This is insanity.

There is much to be said for the old adage… “If guns are outlawed, then ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS!”

Personally, I like the expression I believe to be coined by Mr. Clint Smith, of Thunder Ranch…

“Why do I carry a .45? Cause they don’t make a .46!” Amen Brother!

Let me share with you guys a video sent to us by a good, good friend of ours, John. Although we had seen this prior, he hits the nail on the head that in reality, this ought to be required viewing every once in a while, and these are exactly my sentiments as well.

The points made in this video are blunt, straightforward, and with absolutely zero political correctness or concern of their point offending anyone. Although I personally see no reason for any offense to be taken, nor could possibly understand how any COULD be taken!

Truer words have never been spoken, and I agree with everything this man has to say! When it comes to a bad man versus a victim being killed, hands down I place my vote in the corner of seeing the bad guy killed! Or, if using a firearm…him being “blown away, every time!”

Yet John also had sent us an e-mail here just recently too concerning freedom of speech today. We shared this just recently with you guys, but now is a prime example of its meaning once again in regards to watching this video.

Why, because the man in the video, Ted Nugent by the way, IS speaking the truth, and John’s earlier e-mail tells exactly how the truth becomes distorted…through “political correctness.” Here goes…

“TRUTH…it’s the new Hate Speech!”

“During the times of universal deceit, telling the TRUTH becomes a revolutionary act!”

George Orwell

Very well said, yet pretty depressing in regards to the goings on in our Country today.

Here’s the video. Again, listen to the points he makes in defense of our God given right to keep and bear arms…

What a great guy, sharing his views, again the very same views that Deb and I share, without giving one flip about what the left might think! Why…the truth! Right versus wrong. Good versus evil! I too would rather the lady, or victim being alive, and the carjacker being dead. This is simply…logic.

Look at our children and the terrible consequences they face if kidnapped. Most times by child molesters. Most times again by REPEAT child molesters! What in the world could possess a judge to turn out onto the streets a convicted child molester?

This once more, to me, is literally insanity.

Why? I’ll only offer my opinion of this in regard to but ONE reason.

How about…it is an offence to discipline our own children. Many times today parents are incarcerated, and even their own children are TAKEN from them for whipping their child! Their child! Who obviously had done SOMETHING to warrant such punishment.

Now, before you liberal minded are outraged by such a statement, I’m talking about a whipping…NOT A BEATING. I know you libs don’t want to hear it, BUT there IS a difference, a HUGE difference between the two, yet to discuss this further would literally be a waste of my own time AND breath.

You guys simply refuse to hear things any other way than either your own indoctrination, or your attempt to indoctrinate others into your own, “the worlds a perfect place,” ideology. I just gotta say, the world’s NOT a perfect place, and will NEVER be a perfect place. Sorry…

But in today’s judicial system we cannot punish our child, yet these same powers that be, DO turn out child molesters, and EVEN child killers back out into society…AND our children?? How can these two things possibly be called…lawful? They aren’t!

Basically, you can’t punish your child. Is that a correct assumption? Yet, by owning a gun to protect your child from such predators this ISN’T lawful in many states? I can only state… “God Bless us all!”

Even worse, many times after using a firearm to protect you, or your family, the court systems try to prosecute you, most times due to a technicality. Good night a livin, what have we become here in this great Country of ours? The word peasant comes to mind…

Our police force, as good as most are, simply cannot keep us safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days out of the year. It is an impossibility, plain and simple, no matter how good our police force’s intentions are! It cannot physically be done. So, we MUST protect ourselves most times!

Getting off this topic, and looking at one other very quickly, I’d like to share one other video with you guys this morning. This one sent to us by our good friend Gary. Thank you Gary!

This video pertains to the “dumbing down” today of our society, and our children, and in our children’s regard…through education.

Listen to this very carefully. It lays out for you the agenda of today’s leaders, both abroad and the US. The one world order our politico’s proclaim as totally untrue, is but one more of their lies to… “we the people!”

Once more, please pay close attention. She also discusses taking our children, children who believe in God and Country, and through programming, changing their views of these things into believing in atheism and not believing in our Country. All in ONE HOUR. Indoctrination is indeed the word here!

In closing, pray for our Country, pray for our children, and pray hard that we the people can rid our Country and ourselves, of such blatant corrupted ideologies being enforced upon us by, our leadership! If indeed leadership is what you can call it!

Take care and God Bless. Through it all Deb still asks that you keep a smile on your face, AND one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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2 Responses to How Could Protecting Our Children, or Ourselves be Criminal…and Indoctrination

  1. Gary says:

    The more you write, the more I realize that we are kindred brothers…..
    Salt Springs

    • admin says:

      Thank you Gary…coming from you, I take that as a very good compliment! Actually…kinda flattering! Be talking with you very soon! OH…we received the Praying Hand prints, and notified Joanne as to it being mailed out. She’s thrilled!! Thank you so much! You’re the best, buddy!

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