I’ll let ya’ll in on a little secret this morning and it has to do with my age. I’m so old that I remember George Carlin’s, “The seven words you can never say on TV.” Although in today’s times it is condoned to say ALL SEVEN on TV! Boy, times have changed, huh?

Well, Deb and I now have come to realize the SIX LETTERS that no one wants to ever hear in regards to their family or friends, and these are simply C,A,N,C,E,R! Hopefully, down the road, none of us will ever have to hear those letters in that sequence again. Medical technology and our own (yours and ours) research together may in fact take this terrible disease right off the books! Can you say, “polio?”

With us fielding questions from readers in regards to Deb’s battle, and their own questions, due to curiosity of what we’re doing, and their own desire for more knowledge due to theirs or their families own fight in regards to cancer, I thought we’d share some of the things we’re doing.

With this being the case, this morning I’ll address some of those questions. Please understand that the alternative treatments we’re using I cannot tell you that they’ve worked in our regard, and may not, but they are our choice, I mean Deb’s choice. I say ours, only on account that WHATEVER Deb wants to do…I’m 100% behind her! BUT, we both BELIEVE they WILL work!

What we’re doing from a medical sense is controversial, and honestly I feel the Doctors think of these as “bunk.” But they are the treatments Deb decided upon. SO, don’t run out and just start these up…stop, look, research, and THEN, make up your own mind! Deb and I neither one are telling or asking you. Once more, these treatments are only what we’ve decided to do, and what we’re supplying you this morning . You have to do what your own heart tells you to do, okay?

April 28th. 2011, Deb and I sat in a Doctor’s office and were told that she has stage 4 breast cancer, which by the way had moved and they had found another tumor, this below her tracheal tube in her chest area. NO CURE…8-9 months no treatment, and 4-5 years, maybe, with treatment.

You want to talk total devastation…this was it. Never, ever, did we expect that type of diagnosis. Here we were, two ole “country folks” who had started doing a little column, thanks to Judi and Brian of the Canada Free Press. Those two allowed Deb and I to start sharing what little knowledge we had in regards to gardening, canning, recipes, food storage, and whatever else popped into our minds.

We called it Ridin Out the Recession…in Miz Judi’s Kitchen. Honestly, we were having the time of our lives, laughin, and jokin around with all you guys…it was great!! Then, in 5 minutes time we went from Ridin Out the Recession, to Ridin Out the DEPRESSION!!

But you know what? We spent hardly any time in a so called “depression.” A couple days later we were already becoming “pro-active,” instead of “reactive!” WE took control, not the cancer, or the depression associated with it.

Yes, we were upset, very much so, still are, but you know what? Deb and I both believe deeply, that if you’re knocked down you get right back up, “dust off the seat of your britches,” and move forward. NEVER, never, take no for an answer! You fight the good fight, and with the good Lord’s help…you end up being victorious, no matter what your endeavor, okay? STAY POSITIVE!

She has been such an inspiration to me! All jokes aside…she is “one tough cookie!” That dern heifer has taken 25 pounds of my big butt!

When we first were diagnosed, we put our situation in our column, and I have to tell you that we were overwhelmed by goodness, concern, prayers, and love, from…you guys! It was astounding your response, and thank you all again for such a testimony of human kindness…to two total strangers. You guys are great!

Now, what we do and have been doing.

The first thing we heard from other cancer survivors was juice…juice…and juice some more, and we haven’t quit yet! From right after we found out our plight we started juicing! We did then, and still do juice 20-25 fresh fruits and vegetables daily…EVERY DAY! It is a little costly, but hey, what’s your spouse mean to you?

I swear though, what a nutritional boost we get from this. This gives you practically all the “goodie” from each ingredient used. The juicer gives you the nutrition from the juice itself, the skin or peel, and even the small seeds in your fruits…they get ground up as well. Now it won’t grind up something as large and hard as a peach pit, for example, but I just make Deb swaller those! Just kiddin guys…I let her take a hammer and bust em up in two or three pieces!!
So to us, juice is very important, and is the second thing we do each day. The first…walk.

We walk a mile every morning, about half the time we take one around lunch, and each evening we’ll do another mile. We fluctuate our distances between a mile to a mile and a half, and some days two. For about the last month we tote dumbells while we walk.

Deb started out with 2 pounders in each hand and I with 10 pounders. We then moved Deb up to 5 pounders in each hand and me to 15 pounders. We just added leg weights in the last couple of days and she wears 2-1/2 pounders on each leg and I wear 5’s.

So, we get a pretty good workout with our walks and the dumbells and leg weights work you pretty good too. Then we bike a couple times a day. You add into this her house cleaning, cooking, helping out around the place, and she has quite a busy day! She looks and acts as if she were a picture of health. But once more…we BELIEVE we’re gonna whip this stuff! This is very important, and we can’t stress it enough…YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE!!

You know Deb decided against chemo after her first dose, and the immune boosting shot that follows it. She was sick, sick, and even more sick. NO positivity, no desire to get up and fight this mess, had terrible dizzy spells, and honestly…just looked like you know what. After about 10 to 15 days of this she told me…no more chemo!

After seeing her during the effects of chemo, and the non-positivity created from this, I was wondering to myself is this the right thing for Deb, but kept my mouth shut with these thoughts. We then had a get to the hospital now moment…go have cat scans as she may have blood clots on her lungs.

Once arriving we asked if this concern was caused from the cancer rearing its head, but were told quite frankly, “No, if we do find blood clots, it will be from the chemo.” Talk about an eye-opener.

The next morning we sat down and talked, and this is when Deb made me aware of her decision to forgo chemo, and concentrate on alternative treatments. I told her that I can’t promise these alternatives will work, and is she sure in her decision.

I’ll never forget her response. She told me that according to the Doctors, the chemo was a 50-50 chance, right? I replied that’s what I heard them say. She simply stated that if this was the case, then using alternatives, wouldn’t that be about 50-50 as well. I agreed.

She then stated that if this was the case, then she’d do the alternatives, and do without all the sickness, the loss of a good thought process, the ability to play with her grandchildren when she wanted, be ABLE to exercise as she should, and basically, to keep her quality of life as long as possible, or until we whip it! With that being said, we’re of the belief, wholeheartedly too, that we are indeed going to WHIP IT!

Treatment wise we started off with lemon, and this has continued since our finding out Deb had cancer in the first place. She drinks the juice from a fresh squeezed lemon daily. This is separate from our other juicing we do. We believe lemon to be a very big part of our process, and lemons supposedly are good in the fight against cancer.

She also takes the leftover lemon in the peel and rubs it on the two areas we know there are tumors, one on the breast, and the other over the tumor below her tracheal tube. By doing this, we are assuming this acid from the lemon is being drawn directly into the tumor.
We are on an alkaline diet for the last three weeks or better that was brought to our attention by JohnMinn. Thank you so much for all your info in this regard John! You’re the man!!

I can’t sit here and tell you guys that we keep strictly to an all alkaline diet because I’d be lying to you. I can say honestly that we do stay pretty tight to it about 80% of the time. One day a week we eat a full meal of our choice, the rest of the time we try to stay pretty focused on this diet. If you were a big meat and potato type of person…it’s kinda tough, but, it’s not too bad after the first week.

John and his brother both cured themselves of cancer using the alkaline diet. John had colon cancer, his brother lung cancer. Here’s an excerpt from one of John’s e-mails to us. We’ve put this up before, but for everyone’s benefit, we’ll share this again…

The answer is simple.

Cancer CAN NOT live in an alkaline medium.

Doug, I am trained as a scientist and if there is anything which gets a scientists attention is is “sorry but there is no answer to that problem”.  I have studied cancer for over 30 years, and I can give you some real eye openers on the multi-billion dollar cancer industry.   Ask me about Dr. Dean Burke.

There is also a very serious problem with the current techniques used for cancer. 
When my Doctor asked me if I was willing to take chemo, and I said “Hell NO!,  . . . Why do you think I want to commit suicide?”  He was just a bit more than unhappy with me.

There are a number of diets on the internet covering alkalizing your body.

What your wife needs is no more toxic foods and to cut way back on the foodstuffs that acidify the body.

In the Bible, the list of “DON’T EAT THESE” is rather simple.  Crabs, Crayfish, Lobster, Clams and skinned Fish were designed as garbage clean up specialists as were Buzzards, Eagles and Hogs.

Don’t eat toxic dumps such as hogs.

Good Proteins:  Eggs, Scaled and finned Fish, Chicken, Nuts such as almonds and English walnuts (not more than 15 almonds OR 10 walnut halves per day), Legumes and beans are all good and 3 OZ of beef per week max. as a treat if you “Just gotta have a burger”. 

LOTS of carrots and as many raw vegetables as you can stand.  Tomatoes are acid, but the body sees them as alkaline, and no I have not a clue as to why that is.
Fortunately I like Cauliflower and Broccoli raw, but when I tired of them raw I had them steamed. 

Try to stay away from frying as much as possible. 

Raw is best,

Steamed is next best,

Then boiled,

Then toasted

Then Broiled

Then Baked

Worst is Fried

I drank about 32 ounces of raw vegetable juice per day and of that the carrot juice was about 1/2 to 5/8ths.

My wife cans some of the best stewed tomatoes you ever tasted, and I used some of the stewed tomatoes as a “change of diet”.

AS LITTLE SUGAR AS POSSIBLE.  Cancer just loves sugar.  Yeah, I missed my ice cream and that fantastic chocolate cherry cake Ardy makes so bad that just thinking about it made me sweat.


There is a LONG story about the magnets and my knee and Ardy’s ankle and the bee stings, but I’ll just summarize it this way.  My Dear friend Lew Lyon told me to use magnetic fields for my knee problem, and since the surgery on my dad’s knee was not much help I took Lews advice and tried the knee wrap and it worked so well I ordered the “brick” as part of my liver problem cure.  

I ended up seeing my friend and doctor about a serious problem I was having with a BM.

On Thursday they took a couple of samples of my colon tumor and I was scheduled for surgery on the next Wednesday.  The tumor HAD to be removed because it had closed my colon down to a marble size hole for waste to get through and when they got the cancer report they really put the rush on the surgery

In the meantime I was faithfully on my diet and I put the magnetic brick North Pole directly over the cancer.

They removed the tumor and 17.5 cm of colon because the doctor was so afraid of cancer and they sent the chunk of colon into the lab.  They could not find any cancer so they tested and tested and tested taking 26 site samples.  The surgeon about had a brick when that report came in while he and my friend and doctor (my daughter worked with him) were there as a post op checkup.  My Doctor friend said “Well!  You have just seen a miracle” the surgeon said “I don’t believe in miracles”  “That’s OK, you have just seen one.”  “Harrumph”.

Now, taking what John had to say as a great guideline, we found a site we both found informative in telling us all the alkaline foods and their benefits…

This is from a site but I can’t remember where, but here it is anyway…

Maintaining a diet that promotes an alkaline pH within the body is good protection against cancer. When a person eats this kind of diet, the natural pH balance will lean more towards the alkaline side of the scale, instead of the acid level of the scale.

Unfortunately, all too often a person’s pH tends to be too acidic, making a good alkaline cancer treatment even more important. Many people believe that an alkaline pH can not only protect the body against cancer, but can even help to cure it once it has developed.

What is an Alkaline Diet?

Many people become confused in regards to alkaline and acid diets because they think that it refers to the actual pH level of the food itself. This is not the case, as some foods which are highly acidic in their natural form, such as lemons and limes, actually have an alkaline effect on the body. An alkaline diet usually involves eating minimal amounts of meats, dairy products, white flour and white sugar, because these foods have a very acidic reaction on the body’s pH level. Instead, the diet usually focuses heavily on fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts such as almonds, and soy products, because they leave an alkaline ash within the body.

How Does an Alkaline Diet Affect Cancer Cells?

Studies have shown that in the test tube, cancer cells and tumors thrive and grow in a more acidic environment. When the level of acid is lowered, tumors grow much more slowly. If this behavior occurs in the test tube, it stands to reason that cancer cells in the body would also be detrimentally affected by an overall alkaline environment. It would also make sense that if the body’s pH is acidic, then the growth of cancer cells and tumors would be encouraged. By eating mostly foods that make the body’s pH more alkaline, there would be less of a chance for cancer cells to develop and grow. So, by adjusting the diet, it is actually possible to create a less hospitable environment for cancer cells, thus improving a person’s chances of experiencing good health.

Other Alkaline Benefits

Cancer cells also do not grow well in the presence of oxygen. When oxygen levels are low, cancer cells have more of an opportunity to thrive and multiple. When body tissues have a high alkaline level, they are able to hold much more oxygen as compared to tissues with a high acid level. A high alkaline level within the body also makes it easier for cells to discard waste and toxins. As a result, tissues and cells within the body are more susceptible to damage and unhealthy conditions if the body’s pH is too acidic. By maintaining an alkaline pH, you’ll be helping to protect your body’s cells in addition to discouraging the development and growth of cancerous cells.

Tips for Maintaining an Alkaline Cancer Cure Diet

Although it’s not necessary to give up all meat and dairy products, you should definitely minimize your consumption of them. You can also counteract the acidic effects of certain foods by combining them properly with other foods. Most people find many benefits in a good alkaline cancer diet that is rich in fruit and other high alkaline foods.

We also found a website to get food recipes using the alkaline diet…

One other treatment we are doing we started about a week ago. This we heard about from a very good friend, and he told us that this had cured several people around the Kissimmee-St. Cloud area down here. The kicker to this is that we know 3 or 4 of the people that used this and cured their cancer…no chemo, no radiation.

A quick story…
Mark, the friend who told us of this, has had melanoma cut off his body 3-4 different times, and had been scheduled to have another spot taken off. One of the people we know that are now cancer free applied a drop of this to Mark’s arm where they were going to cut the spot of him again.

Mark put two more drops on this spot. He told me that within 3 days the skin around this spot had a hole eaten around it. He said anotherthree or four days he scratched this spot because it was itching, and he said the spot, or core that was on his arm just fell out. Now the hole is just a tiny, tiny scar.

Mark, first of all is a straight shooter, and would never misstate something to Deb or I, much less involving something this serious. His wife and daughters are both nurses, and Mark said that his wife was ticked off with him for not bringing the core home. She then would have had it tested.

I asked this same question and he said honestly he was on a job site, and it amazed him when it did it, but he didn’t even think to have it checked. He also told me that I wouldn’t believe the number of people he knows who are now getting the “elixir” and using it as a preventative!

This “elixir” comes with three different types of treatments. The first is a foot soak, then it is taken internally by adding a few drops to a glass of milk, tea, water, anything basically, and it is used as a poultice. All different formulas for each type of treatment.

We have the number to contact these people, and they are out of Wyoming. They seem very knowledgeable, and are a big help with any questions, etc. Again, a few of the people that used this treatment and cured their cancers, we know.

Once more, we were only recently made aware of this product. If you’d like any info, or a contact number, just to talk with them, just give us a shout, we’d be happy to furnish you with their contacts.

We also are on one other alternative that is a 90-120 day program. Today we’ve been doing this one for exactly 60 days. This one, we’ll keep under our hat for now…it is pretty controversial.

If these things work out for us though, I promise you, Deb will be shouting all this out from the mountaintop…this is her main goal…sharing what helped her with others! I believe 100% she’ll get her wish in this regard!!

So in closing, we are not trying to influence anyone in what or how to conduct their own fight against cancer. People had been inquisitive about what we were doing and this was pretty much telling our story of what we do.

If you have this disease, first off God Bless you and yours. Secondly, you do what feels right in your own heart, no matter what the treatment. It is YOUR decision. Deb has had complete “free reigns” in her decision making…this is the only way, for us anyway.

Lastly, Deb and I both feel that one of your main weapons is your own body…mind over matter. You can’t win if you don’t believe! Positivity…never lose it!
Thank you guys for stopping back in, and we wish you all the very best in all you do. God Bless you and yours, and as Deb says, “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”

Dub and Deb

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  1. Ken Dingman says:

    Folks: Good afternoon…… I don’t know how I stumbled across your website during lunch today, but it is a goodunn. In your posting about miss Deb’s ailment, you mentioned the “elixer” out of Wyoming. I just lost a helluva good friend to melanoma, and now I am paying attention to the symptoms, and I figure I probably have the cootie too…We did the rife machine with my buddy Ray, and the alkaline protocol, and some homeopathic herbal stuff, and selenium….. and Ray went down to Tulsa and gor some of the spots removed by laser…….been through the routine…..
    Anyway, I wish to know about the mentioned drops, or how to mix some up or both
    options if you’d please be so gracious. I sent away to New Zealand and got a tube of something that I rub on a spot —- It removes the spot for a while, but it kinda returns.
    Please let me know on your drops and I’ll kindly thank you in advance. And yes, I’ll keep you folks in my nite-time prayers…….
    Be well, my friends……….Ken Deer Trail Colo

  2. Ken Dingman says:

    Folks: The link that led me to your nice site was the woodpilereport.com.
    Thanks Ken

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