A balanced budget amendment sounds logical to me

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Well, there isn’t much gardening going on at the moment, here at our place anyway. We’ll be planting peas and okra next month. Until then, I guess you guys get to listen to me rattle off some…

Where to start? How about let’s kick this off with Sen. John McCain’s description of Tea-Party backed politicians as “bizarre, foolish, and deceiving…” for wanting to pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. A balanced budget amendment sounds logical to me.

What about you guys…are you in?

McCain claims, and is probably right in the fact that this may not happen with 67 votes needed in the Senate to pass this, with the Senate being Democrat controlled…BUT, the point he seems to be missing entirely is that “we the people” want a balanced budget, versus more uncontrolled spending, and the further tearing down of our Country as we know it.

So in reality, what Sen. McCain is saying is that all of us that backed a Tea Party candidate, are all, well…bizarre, foolish, and deceiving too, huh?

He claims that some of these “Tea-Party backed” politicians have only been in office for six or seven months, and they don’t understand the mathematics involved in getting this amendment passed is improbable. “Others (the “old Washington” elected officials) know better,” McCain says.

He also made issue of the same people who have voiced their opposition of House Speaker John Boehner’s debt limit plan…again, not without an amendment to balance the budget first.

Sorry Senator, but this is exactly what we need to take place…a stand by our elected officials, newcomers or not! I believe this is the reasoning behind “the newcomers” being elected in the first place!

We also not only want a stand taken by our elected leaders, but accountability thrown in as well. When is the last time we’ve had that in Washington, and not just Washington, but our local and State governments as well! Much too long.

So Senator McCain, understand one thing, the “silent majority,” may become the “roaring majority,” if the total incompetence shown by our officials doesn’t come to a skidding halt. Actually, we the people aren’t as stupid as you guys seem to think. Washington’s politics as usual atmosphere is becoming less and less the direction wanted by the American people.

We need more new blood brought into DC, and much more weeding out of our “professional politicians.” So Sen. McCain…your career, and many more like yours, will soon see the “gravy train” coming to a stop, hopefully. Then, it’s on to MORE fiscal responsibility taken in the much abused entitlement retirement, pension, and health care packages of our politicos as well!

I have to admit I voted for McCain in 08, but only because of no other candidate for me to vote for. As badly as I wanted someone else on the ticket, he was much less dangerous than Obama, in my opinion.

My mother always warned me of “the company we keep,” and if anyone would have taken off their “blinders,” and looked at the company Obama has kept throughout his community organizing and political career, could easily have seen who he REALLY is, or what his agenda would be. I can’t believe “the change” he was offering, went unseen by so many.

I’ve met with, or heard about so many who DID vote for him stating today that they can’t believe what he’s doing in regards to his agenda.
I’ll never forget though McCain on the campaign trail, and a lady questioning the Obama agenda, and McCain telling her basically, “Oh, you don’t have to worry about him, he’s a good guy.” Well, after 2-1/2 years of Obamanomics, I beg to differ. I did then too, but had nothing to hang my hat on! Change…yes siree, we got the change, did we not?

Now let’s look at another elected leader of ours, a representative from Florida…Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D), the chair of the DNC.
She considers the House Republicans of trying to impose a “dictatorship” in the debt ceiling talks. Isn’t that the “pot callin’ the kettle black?”
Plus, do I remember Republicans being locked out of the room when ObamaCare was being shoved down our throats?? I remember Pelosi declaring we’ll have to pass the bill…to see what’s in it?? That sounds like a Democracy, doesn’t it?

When I hear the word dictatorship, a few names pop up in my head. Let’s see, Mao, Stalin, Castro, Chavez, among many others. Maybe it’s just me, but aren’t these the very same people who so many in Schultz’s own party look upon as great leaders, or philosophers? Why yes, I do believe this to be true.

My God, they just talk to be talking anymore don’t they? No concern for the Country or its citizens, only for themselves. Democrat or Republican? Far too many today are concerned with only that. Power …their power.

Quickly, if we, the people of the United States would impose term limits on our politicians, ALL of them, then we’d not be worrying any more of our elected leaders governing for two to three years, then be in re-election mode for a year or two.

Honestly, I’m beginning to advocate ONE term for all. Cut their retirement packages, health care, and pensions out altogether. They draw a salary while in office, health care while in office, and then…that’s the end of the gravy train, and hopefully a return to a government run by the people, and for the people.

Our politicians then return back to private business, and earning what they make through their performance from there on out, instead of their power. Hey, then they’d be just like the rest of us, huh? Imagine that.

Back to Rep. Schultz…”At the very least we should come to the table and hammer out a compromise that has the balance in it that the overwhelming majority of the American people want…and not just pile all the pain on seniors, on children, on the middle class and working families.”

I agree wholeheartedly with that statement, BUT, this is exactly what Schultz and most of the Democrats want anymore, or it must be, wouldn’t you think?

The reason being is simply this. If you are not going to STOP creating this huge Nanny State of give, give, and keep giving to the welfare rolls, the illegal immigrants, funding all these far-left groups and community organizations, and our politicians’ outrageous retirement packages, plus all the “under the table” wheeling and dealings of our politicians, then there is only one way to go about getting this done.
How is that you ask? You WILL have to “pile all the pain,” as she says, on the very people she claims to be concerned with…seniors, the children, the middle class, and working families. How’s that for double-talk?

Schultz and company want to grow the unions, reward the unions, regulate business with most of the “regulators” having no experience in running a business, much less regulating one, and continue to raise taxes, and get this…by not raising taxes. You looked at the taxes on your phone (cell or house), power bills, or the gas pumps lately? Once again, with this type of agenda…where will “this pain” fall?

Will it be on all these people who are on, many for generations now, and now have come to EXPECT their housing, power bills, cell phones, many of their vehicles, insurance, education, and God knows what else we give them anymore. Nope.

These people haven’t the slightest idea we’ve been in an economic downturn in our Country. Why, because they haven’t experienced it…it’s GIVEN to them. How bout you guys…have you had to tighten your belts the last couple years?

I don’t mind the pain, if we’re helping to turn the Country back around, but I can’t stand the pain if the taxpayers are footing the entire bill, and our quality of living declining, while the elites and non-productive, shoulder no responsibility.

One saying in particular sticks in my mind. “How fortunate for governments that the people they govern, don’t think.” Adolph Hitler.
Isn’t it amazing all the changes going on in our Country?

Many of our elected officials today self-declared socialists (I simply think it communism, and it is), illegals in our Country and being hand-fed by our government, the watering down of our morals and standards through political correctness, so as not to OFFEND people who shouldn’t be here in the first place.

The voting for and implementing entitlement programs for the poor, the unions, and our politicians, or all public sector employees that simply CANNOT be sustained! It is insanity, and a great scam while it lasted, but those days are all just about gone now. Bernie Madoff was small time compared to these guys!

Oh yeah, Bernie went off to prison too. I could see a lot of our politicos in striped uniforms very easily for the crimes committed against we the people.

So guys, this puts the ball in our court. You want change, then it’s going to be up to us to demand it. If not, they’ll end up with it all…everything. 2012 is coming like a late freight, and many things hinge on this next election. It’ll be here before you know it.

Changing the subject, but I’d like to share another video with you. This one is for a buddy, Ken, out in Texas, where they’re experiencing the worst drought in recorded history, and also have had 46 days over 100 degrees. Wish I could send you some of this my friend!

Oh, by the way…this movie IS rated G.

I want to thank you guys again for dropping by, and God Bless you, and yours!

As Deb says, “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”

Dub and Deb

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