Happy Father’s Day…

Good morning, and how are you all today? I want to wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day as well!

Can you guys believe how fast Father’s Day has gotten here once again? I swear it seems like it was just a couple months back. My Dad used to tell me, “Son, whatever you do don’t get old.” The problem I have is, he never told me how not to!

We went by to see my Dad and Mom this morning. Deb and I will probably go up again Sunday, but we aren’t 100% sure yet. With everything that goes on normally in our lives, then Deb’s little problem she’s encountered health wise, our lives scheduling wise, have been disrupted some, to say the least. But, what’s the old saying, “That’s life, huh?”

We had to go have Deb fitted for her wig, the Doctor has guaranteed her hair loss, and in doing this we had to go right by Mom and Dads. With this being the case, we dropped him off an early Father’s Day surprise.

Being the Bronson’s love to eat, it weren’t a dern tie or house shoes we were taking him. Dad loves a meatloaf I make, and it’s a recipe from his Mama, Granny Margaret.

I always loved it too, and while over at her house one day years back, she gave it to Deb and I. For some reason in our house, I make things, and Deb makes things. Somehow we, without saying a word to each other, we just delegated her cooking some things, while I ended up cooking some things.

Granny Margaret’s Meatloaf just ended up being one of mine, and again my Dad just loves these things, so, Deb and I made one last night for him. I think he lets Mom have some too, I’m just guessing, but, who knows for sure!

Anyway, we stopped by their house on the way to Deb’s fitting, and dropped off a meatloaf, a quart jar canned of each, of black-eyes and zipper peas, string beans, butter beans, pickles, and two canned cakes. We also threw in some fresh tomatoes and an eggplant.

In return, Mom gave us two gallons of fresh blueberries she’d gotten from Patty, my brother’s wife. They had gone to Alma, Joeja (Georgia), this past weekend, and their buddy, Wayne gave them plenty of blueberries, and had them drop off Deb and I some too.

Mom called later in the afternoon, and I asked how Dad was. She said that he was about…to “bust a gut!” In the South, this is a loose description of…he really liked the groceries! We were glad, but Deb and I knew this one of his favorite meals. We’re just glad he enjoyed it!

Wayne is our “sausage man” also. In our article about shishkabob, Wayne is our “connection” in regards to the sausage we were describing in the recipe. It is really, really good sausage. It JUST HAS TO BE made in Florida, transferred across the Georgia line, and then resold! LOL!

I need to answer a question in regards to this sausage for a friend and reader, Jack.

Here’s Jack’s comments…

First of all my thoughts and prayers go out to Deb, cancer is a terrible disease. I was born (pre I-4) and raised in Orlando retired from the Navy in Jacksonville. Any chance of getting name of the market in Waycross where you get the sausage? My Dad had a place in Georgia he bought sausage when he visited my sister in that area but I never got the name before he passed. We will doing the shishkabob this weekend for Father’s Day and Happy Fathers Day to Dub.

Well Jack, first off to you in return…thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers in Deb’s regard, they are so appreciated.

Secondly, “pre-I-4?” That’s quite aways back there, my friend, but I too am probably neck deep in this same time frame. You ought to come down and visit one day. Shoot, we could sit around and maybe share a glass of…Metamucil and eat a prune or two??

Thirdly, we’re glad you’ll be doing the shishkabob for Father’s Day. We both feel you’ll really like it. One thing about it though Jack, at our age, even if you don’t like it, 30 minutes later we don’t remember what we’d eaten anyhow, huh?

Finally, “any chance of getting the name of the market in Waycross you get the sausage?”


Well, we finally got some rain today…just kidding, Jack!

The sausage is manufactured for Lee & Davis Meats Inc., Waycross, Ga. 31503 zip code. I’m sorry I don’t have an address for you. You should be able to track it down from this, but if not, just drop me an e-mail, and I’ll be able to find out a little more for you, okay?

Actually, we did get a pretty good shower today, and the way it looks, we may get a little more this evening. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Once more, I want to tell everyone to have a wonderful Father’s Day.

Love your family, we never know when a holiday may be our last. Tell your family you love them, and hold them if possible. Enjoy the time you are able to spend with your family, and thank the good Lord, for granting you such occasions! Life is precious, and sometimes far too short.

Make the best of each day, and try to put a smile on someone’s face! Good family, good friends, good relationship with God, good food, and laughter. These to me are most important…

On that note, let’s close today with a few smiles if possible! These are from Rodney Dangerfield, the master of one-liners.

I asked my Dad if I could go out on the lake ice skating…he told me to wait until it got warmer.

When I was born the Doctor came out into the waiting room, he told my father, “I’m very sorry, we did everything we could…but he pulled through.”

I remember the time I was kidnapped and they sent back a piece of my finger to my father…he said he wanted to see more proof.

Once when I was lost I saw a policeman and asked him to help me find my parents. I said to him, “Do you think we’ll ever find them?” He said, “I don’t know kid, there are so many places they can hide.”

I went to see my Doctor…I told him once, “Doctor, every morning when I get up and look in the mirror I feel like throwing up. What’s wrong with me?” He said, “I don’t know but your eyesight is perfect!”

Just a couple others…

My father only hit me once…but he used a Volvo. Bill Cosby

Never raise your hand to your kids…it leaves your groin area unprotected. Red Buttons

The little boy asks, “Hey Grandpa, can you make a noise like a frog?” Grandpa says, “I think I can son, why?” The little boy replies, “Cause Daddy says once you croak, we’re all going to go to Disney World!”

Thank you all for stopping back by to see us, and have a great weekend! Happy Father’s Day, and God Bless you and yours!

As Deb says, “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”

A couple videos are included below.

Dub and Deb

Where’s All the Baby Turkeys, and Boy It’s Dry Here

Turkey’s, Entitlements, and When Will I Ever Learn To Keep My Mouth Shut

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