Love, Towards a Total Stranger

First, I’d like to say hello to all our friends this morning…you all are great!

First and foremost this morning, I’d like to share a bit of bad news.

We have a friend who wrote to me in regards to our finding out Deb had contracted breast cancer. The gentleman basically described to me that although we had never had prior contact, he too could feel my pain in regards to my wife being diagnosed with cancer.

You see, Gerry’s wife Eleanor, had ovarian cancer, and he like so many others of you out there was consoling me…even though they themselves were in their own battles against this dreaded disease, cancer.

For this, I’d like to take a moment this morning to say what a blessing you all have been to our dilemma with Deb. What a testimonial of love, and human kindness, to a couple of strangers whom you only knew through our musings on this site, as well as the Canada Free Press.

I surely hope our friend Gerry doesn’t mind, because I’d like to share with you the first e-mail I received from Gerry, which was on April 9th. This was such an inspiration to Deb and I both, as once again, I and Deb had just been blown away by our own news, which for those of you who don’t know, Deb has stage 4 breast cancer, and it has moved to at least one other spot in her body…below her tracheal tube.

As devastating as this was to us, here is but one, of the many examples of people with their own problems, their own battles, their own lives thrown into turmoil, yet they were feeling our pain as well. My God people, you just blow us away with your love, support, concern, and prayers. We could never possibly thank you all enough.

Here are Gerry’s own words:

I read your article about you and Deb’s predicament and have a good idea what hit you.
We had it happen nearly 4 years ago when my wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and there is no cure we were told ,she was given 2 to 12 months tops but her faith and 
positive attitude kept her going ,although it is and has been a nightmare with all the complications and unexpected surprises good and bad. I could write a book about that.
She has had about 35 chemo treatments but was told 2 months ago it is not doing any good so no point adding more poison to her already weak body, and now she is really failing fast, losing weight and very weak and unable to eat enough, so it looks like she has lost her battle, she is still at home but will be bedridden soon at this rate but at least she knows where she will spend her future. And, of course we could use a whole lot of prayer, and I pray also for you two.
Gerry and Eleanor
God bless

We began praying for Gerry and Eleanor immediately, and were so impressed that they’d taken the time to address Deb and I, even as they were dealing with this terrible disease in their own lives. Once more, so many people have exhibited this very same spirit to us.

On Sunday, May 16th. one of our good friends and readers, Edith, from Washington State, sent Deb and I a beautiful little e-mail that was titled, “How to Plant a Garden,” though not in the true gardening sense, but a spiritual one.

On May 23rd we then shared this with many of our friends we’ve made since starting our column, Ridin’ Out the Recession in Miz Judi’s Kitchen, and Gerry and Eleanor were two of the people we’d sent this to.

Sadly, we received a message back from Gerry, on May the 24, and it read as follows:

It is with great sadness that I inform you about the passing of my dear and wonderful spouse Eleanor  last night, at 7.45 local time after a 4 year battle with ovarian cancer after 54 years of marriage.

 This just broke Deb and my hearts, and our love and prayers go out to Gerry, his wife Eleanor, and all their family.

We all know that his “beloved wife” Eleanor is sitting with our Lord and Savior today, and has pain no more, only peace and happiness! Take note of this Gerry, and the fact that you’re loved by many, and that they too today, are praying for you my friend.

You were, and are, a truly remarkable man, and Eleanor must have surely been the same, because you both shared with Deb and I your love and prayers. They meant so much to us, and still do.

One other thing I’d like to share with you all today in Gerry’s regard. We’d sent our condolences, and he closed his response to them with these words…

Thank you so much for your love towards a total stranger.


Meaning no offense Gerry, but we’re not total strangers, we’re family my friend. We are all God’s creatures, and with this being said, we’re brothers Gerry, and we’re all here to help out one another in times of need. This is God’s plan for us, or at least a part of!

So please today my friends, could you take just a minute or two and say a prayer for Gerry and Eleanor? Thank you all so much for doing this, they’re good people!

Gerry, you’re only an e-mail, or phone call away if you need us!

I wanted to share this story with you all this morning, and to let all out there with problems understand if they don’t already, that you’re loved, and loved by so many. All you have to do is ask for prayer in regards to you or yours, and the response from good people everywhere, will literally overwhelm you!
My wife has seen this firsthand!

One of our good friends and readers, Bonnie, sent us a note once. In this note she told Deb to stop and take 5 minutes, and FEEL the love that everyone sends her, through prayers. Bonnie told us that Deb would…would literally be able to feel this love coming from so many different places, and this was passed along to Deb.

I was drinking coffee one morning not long after, and Deb came down and said, “Doug (she can’t ever get my name right), I stopped this morning like Bonnie had asked, and I’m telling you that I DID feel this love she was telling me about! This is amazing, and very true!”

Let me give you one more shining example of this love and care for Deb and myself, but mostly for Deb, and this is exactly how it should be!

One other reader, who is now just a great friend too, is going through this same type of battle. I won’t call her name, but she knows exactly who I’m speaking off. I believe she’s been involved in this fight since 1998, and if I’m not correct, I apologize. Plus you can “straighten me out later!”

Even through her on fight, she’s been just a tremendous inspiration to both Deb and I. She’s shared with us her own experiences, and has given Deb many things to think on. She even tells Deb that she’s holding out her hand for Deb to grab ahold of.

Thank you so much our friend, we love you so much for all you’ve done, and continue to do!

All of you have been so great in your support for us, and from this standpoint I hate that we’re having to cut back in regards to Ridin’ Out the Recession, but it won’t be for good. We’ll work ourselves right back into this, once we get a schedule again. This, a schedule, we’re hoping to happen very soon!

Deb goes for her second opinion tomorrow. We again, are not looking for the prognosis to change much, if any, but as we’ve said before…this will let her know, in her heart, she’s been diagnosed from two different Doctors with the same, or basically the same thing.

We’ll then “grab the bull by the horns,” and as my Deb likes to say, “start kickin’ some butt!”

We love you guys, and God Bless!

Deb says to tell you all, “Until next time, keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

How To Plant Your Garden 


This is the e-mail from our good friend Edith;

How To Plant Your Garden 

First, you come to the garden alone,  
while the dew is still on the roses.


1. Peace of mind
2. Peace of heart  

3. Peace of soul 

1. Squash gossip 

2. Squash indifference 

3. Squash grumbling  

4. Squash  selfishness

1.Lettuce be faithful 

2. Lettuce be kind
3. Lettuce be patient 

4. Lettuce really  love one another

1. Turnip for meetings 
2. Turnip for service 
3. Turnip to help one another

1. Thyme for each other  

2. Thyme for family 
3. Thyme for friends


Instructions were to send this to people I wanted God to bless and I picked you!  

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  1. Mrs.Ed says:

    Please take a look at a website called Phoenix Tears. After you put that in the search engine, it’s the one that says, “Make The Medicine.” (Or Rick Simpson, the man who put up the site, says that hemp, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant, cures cancer. It’s legal to grow in most countries except the U.S. It doesn’t get you high. It used to be sold for medicinal purposes in this country until the 1900s. It’s beneficial for many diseases. I don’t know if medical marijuana has the same properties or not. This man is totally believable and he has many testimonials from friends he’s treated for free both on his site and on Youtube. He doesn’t treat people or sell the oil; he just offers instructions on how to make it yourself. He thinks the reason no one has jumped on this is because they cannot patent a plant and there’s too much money to be made in the cancer industry. May God bless you.

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