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Re: Rising fuel Prices

From: Gary
The revolts in the middle east didn’t start because they discovered Twitter, it’s because the cost of food grains has doubled in the past 9 months. And here’s a little trivia. According to the EIA, the US turned 5.1 billion bushels of corn into ethanol in 2010. For perspective that 5.1 billion bushels would give 1 lb of corn to 780 million people every day for a year. Just sayin’

** Hey Gary. Thanks for taking the time to stop and comment, and it is appreciated. Thanks for reading! You’re right. This has been building for quite some time, and though Twitter helped in the organizing of what we watched take place, people who are starving…make things happen, good or bad. It is a scary sight I’m sure…thousands of hungry people in the streets!

I sure hope we don’t see this coming here! By the way, the corn stats you provided…they’re absolutely staggering! Thanks Gary, and come back to visit again!

Dub and deb

From: BK

I just bought two years worth of vitamins for my kids because they are on sale at Costco 7.55 with an allotment of six.  I am trying to find foods/vitamins that can be carried to keep my children well.
We have got to stand up to this.
Please watch the 12-part Argentina downfall on youtube.  We are headed there.  Buy your food, seeds now.
One thing I don’t have right now is a gun, but I do need to think about it.  Did you see what they did to the people in Katrina????

**Hey BK! Great input you’ve sent to us all. 10-4 on vitamins, especially with children in the house…those guys need them regardless. Good for us all to put some away as well. If the food price does get completely out of whack, you’ll need the vitamins for sure to supplement your diet. Be aware though…oil vitamins, fish oil, cod liver oil, etc. will go bad after maybe a year or so. The oil will become rancid, I hope that is the word I’m looking for.

The fall of Argentina. I’ve not seen the videos, but will look into them. I have though read of the Argentinian collapse, by a man that lived it…went by the pen name Ferfal, I believe. Very, very good informative read, heck, actually it is a GREAT read. He wrote this and had it put up on a number of boards. Tells of the Argentinian collapse, how it happened, the very distinct similarities of this very same thing happening here, the way of life after the monetary collapse there, the daily life, and the utmost importance of having food put away, the top priority, along with water.

This is one of the best reads in this regard I’ve ever seen. I will try to find it. I think most of you would love reading this. Possibly someone else could send it our way. Really worth the time to read.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention, BK. I had no idea of the videos, but again, I have read this man’s writings, so the two may not be the same. I will check them out though!

Yes, I’ve watched and read of the happenings after Katrina, in regards to guns and gun confiscation. It seems that many law abiding citizens were disarmed by law-enforcement or by the military. Still baffles me to this day.

Yes, you do need to seriously consider the purchase of a gun…but after taking a safety class, unless you’ve been around guns, and know how to handle and use them safely. This is a decision only you can make.

Thanks BK! Stop in anytime.
Dub and Deb


Years ago the ladies of Ca. stopped buying meat,so so high in cost–and bought fish instead, low and behold meat came down! Need I say more, hell yes–stop buying the higher cost meats , veggies etc., wait for it to go down they have to sell or it can only stay 5 days in the meat section…gas is out of hand…so do this , don’t fill up, get 3 gallons , ok so you’re in the station 2 or3 times a wk. it will back up the flow and they will have to lower the cost to get rid of it…nuff said.

**Ray, thanks for taking the time to drop us a line! I tell you though, you have given us something to talk about for sure, and it makes sense. Just how do you get everybody else on board?

I gotta’ say that I feel exactly about the NFL and their Players Union! With the money these guys are making, the benefits they receive…and they’re contemplating going on a strike?? Gimme a break.

Come back to see us Ray, and thanks again!

Dub and Deb

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