Some Thought on Business and Life

Good morning. We hope this post finds everyone doing just fine.

This morning I’d like to share a few thoughts I have involving, for those who are in business, a problem I’ve had throughout my life being in business, and also how this pertains as well to everyone else simply going through your lives, and I’d like to use our new business, Isaiah’s Garden, and my own personal life as examples.

First off, I am a man who, when there’s a problem, or an important issue being resolved, I want eye contact, I don’t want to speak over the phone or text, but also I can be confrontational if when I know I’m right and others contradict or challenge me, and this is my problem…I can be too vocal.

Personally, I simply describe this as…getting excited. Lol

This “getting excited”as I call it, happened just this past weekend, and in all honesty instead of getting excited, it in reality is becoming angry, and at times, very angry.

He and I worked it out, but with my being 57, I gotta tell you, these types of things really take it out of me anymore…it drains me.

So, I learned a very important lesson from this, and it was God given. You see, what I’d done was have…an “energy leak.”

Looking back now, I see that throughout my life, I’d done this countless times…had these “energy leaks,” and I realized just how detrimental these were, in not just my personal life, but my business life as well.

They not only had been draining me, both mentally and physically, but caused me to lose one very, very important attribute…my FOCUS.

Good night, when I came to the realization of how badly these anger moments, or energy leaks had affected me, it was such an eye opener in regards to what I had missed simply from attaining a goal, or staying on track.

It was at this point that I truly came to understand how many opportunities I’d missed only because I’d lost my focus on the important things, and how trivial these things that had angered me were…In the big picture of life.

Going back just a little in our conversation this morning, I had stated to you that this “energy leak” thing was God given, and here’s why.

After my energy leak this past weekend, I was getting ready for bed and my encounter was weighing heavily on my heart. I picked up a book I’d just started reading, “JESUS, CEO,” written by Laurie Beth Jones, and the new chapter I was starting on was “He Guarded His Energy.”

Lo and behold, it was based upon her description of these energy leaks we have, and the effect they have upon us in regards to lost focus, and the wastefulness caused in our lives by such behavior.

Man, did that hit home with me!

She spoke of JESUS having tremendous energy, and in the same breath how JESUS kept it directed and was so clear about His mission, and how He avoided these…energy leaks.

Even though He WAS a teacher, He refused to engage in meaningless debates with people who wanted not to learn, but to argue. Even so far as at His own trial, He did not waste time or energy in what He knew would be a meaningless defense.

This is so easy to understand, and that’s my point to you all this morning, but is so hard to practice while we’re still here in the world.

Can you guys imagine what you can do by simply practicing each day, this very thing…working on at least slowing down these energy leaks, and the benefits you’d derive from this, not only in your business, but your personal lives as well?

So today, let’s all make a commitment to work on this, and through this, maintain the focus needed in our daily lives.

Enough said on this topic.

Isaiah’s Garden

How could I let you go this morning without giving a little plug for our new endeavor, which is Isaiah’s Garden? Lol

Actually that is not the intent, but does tie in with what I was speaking on earlier, and this being our faith and trust in God, and how He
plays such an integral part of our lives, not just in our personal lives, but here in the garden as well.

To often today, people who believe in God are ridiculed for their belief. Businesses find themselves boycotted, or worse, for these same reasons.

We believe, which is the very same statement on our main product, is exactly how we feel here in Isaiah’s Garden, and we try to portray this not only on our labeling, our products, but in our actions as well.

Yes, we’re human, we will make mistakes, we may slip some from time to time in our religious convictions, or have an energy leak every so often, but our love for God is genuine, and we feel a very, very integral part of how we came to starting this new venture.

Believe me, I’m not preaching to anyone at the moment, I’m only sharing with you that these ARE OUR BELIEFS, and if these things offend you, we’re very sorry, and this was not the intent by any means.

But…we here in the garden feel very strongly, that this great Nation of ours, not only gives us the RIGHT to believe as we believe, but you as well, and this is my point once again.

Too many times today, we see groups boycotting, smearing, and at times inducing acts on others, many of these very vulgar, simply because what others believe in isn’t exactly quite the way they see it, and this is being condoned today by our government as…political correctness.

We pondered this very thing in the startup of our business, our belief in God, and we came to the decision that too often people cave in their own beliefs for fear of reprisals in some form or another.

We decided that our company was founded to help others if at all possible, and to make our products available to the people who don’t own a juicer, or didn’t like the smell of the product being cooked, or simply didn’t have the time to make it, so we decided to manufacture it out of convenience.

The results we’ve seen coming back to us from people worldwide were amazing, and we know they are God given, so in an adamant declaration, we here in Isaiah’s Garden state firmly, that yes , we believe in God, our company was founded on God, and whatever good our products have on others is done simply…through God.

That’s all.

Again we’re by no means pushing God on you, but we are founded on these principles, and are not ashamed in any way shape or form because of this.

In all reality it is quite the opposite…we are very proud of having God in our lives and stand firm in our beliefs, and we refuse to let others influence or compromise this in any way.

And, that’s a little insight into our business.

If you haven’t been to our new site, feel free to check it out if you’d like…. www.isaiah’

Employee Testimonials

We had a meeting the other morning, and during this time we discussed among ourselves, there are four of us that makeup the wheels that drive our business you might say, and our talk turned to our relationship with God and the blessings we were receiving from Him in regards to our company.

This again is not aimed at preaching to you, and if this topic offends anyone, please simply click off this page…no ill feelings on your, or our part.

But if you, not unlike myself in the not so distant past, are missing something in your life, or maybe just need a little inspiration, then possibly this may help you to an extent.

The four of us, Kathrine, Dale, David and me are all Christians. None of us find this walk comes easily, but we simply do the best we can. Nobody is perfect, and in my regard, that probably is the understatement of the last century. So if you feel compelled to do so, you may want to read a little further.

For those that know me, I lost my wife Debbie to Stage 4 breast cancer. Throughout her ordeal, she was possibly the greatest witness
In my own coming to know our Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior. She was incredible.

Also, after her leaving, I was fortunate to have some very good friends, who helped as well in, not preaching to me, but merely making suggestions, like…”Would you like to attend church with us next weekend?” No pushing at all, but again, just making suggestions.

My wife now, Kathrine, whom I tease by calling her “Lucky,” was one of these very people, who helped me get more involved in my own Christianity, but was so very helpful in getting me through the depression of losing Deb, whom she knew and loved too.

In reality I’m stating now, it’s me who is the lucky one, and not her, but that’s between you guys and me! Lol

Together we decided to startup Isaiah’s Garden because of the testimonials we were receiving from again, people worldwide describing to us the health benefits they were receiving from our product, “WE BELIEVE.”

From those people, we have received the most gratifying experience we could have ever imagined…helping others.

So, Isaiah’s Garden was started because of the Blessings God was giving us through this very thing…The ability to make a difference in people’s lives, with all most all…we never knew existed.

With many of their responses ended in…God Bless you, or even things like, “Thank you for giving me my life back,” although the comments were directed to us, they were a little off base.

This wasn’t coming from us, we were only the messengers here…God was supplying the healing!

To be honest…it doesn’t get any better than that.

You’ll learn more and more about us as time goes by, and with that last testimonial, you can kinda combine that one together as mine and Kathrine’s, besides Kathrine’s insistence on her parental upbringing and their goodness in her regard, as actually setting the foundation for her own walk with God.

The next is David’s, who happens to be Kathrine’s oldest son, and David has brought so much energy to the table, and is so knowledgeable in God’s Word, and it in reality is whom keeps us accountable in our walk with God here in the garden.

“The Lord Jesus Christ saved me 17 years ago. Since then He has moved in my life many times. When God guided me to become part of Isaiah’s Garden, WOW, WHAT A BLESSING!”

“To be part of a business that is filled with God’s Blessings and filled with integrity, is truly anointed by God.”

Then we come to Dale, who has worked with me for at least the last 3 years, and in his own right through these years has caused me many of the thing I talked about in the opening part of our post…ENERGY LEAKS! LOL

It took David to come into the picture as you might say a buffer between Dale and I, and today, Dale has become a cog in our wheel, and has the potential to become a major contributor in the growth and well being of our company.

Not too very long ago, Dale was a self vowed atheist. ..He didn’t believe in God, and had no qualms about setting you straight in that regard.

As time passed, he noticed a change in my life, and began to be a little inquisitive. He started asking questions.

Then I married Kathrine, and he started quizzing her too, and she too would spend time with him, explaining the role God played in her life, and Dale became even more intrigued by learning a little more, and a little more about God.

We bought him a Bible, and he started reading in it, and even shared with us some of what he’d learned…

Then David came into the picture, and next thing we knew, Dale, with David’s help, along with one of our friends, Gene Cody, those two had gotten Dale to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior too.

This took place several weeks ago now, and I just want to say how happy we are for Dale, and his new found happiness and direction in his life.

He attends church regularly now, and sits side by side with David.

Here is Dale’s testmony, in his own words…

My name is Dale Bruce. I have been with “Isaiah’s Garden from the beginning.

We are founded on God.

I am a new Christian, and am just getting started in my walk with God. “Isaiah’s Garden along with a few good people, including my 9 month old son, and my 36 year old daughter (yep, that’s what he said, so no misprint, lol).

Isaiah’s Garden has helped in turning my life around, and I am now at peace with myself. One of the best things about Isaiah’s Garden that God uses us in helping many of His people. That in itself is a very good feeling.

This is where I am supposed to be, and I feel very Blessed because of this.

A special thanks to God

Doug and Kathrine Bronson

David Addison

And Gene Cody

This again people is what it is all about. Not only has God allowed us to help others, but has given us so many Blessing in our own regard.

Once more…it doesn’t get any better than that!

Hopefully today, this post has helped someone who again had a little missing in their own life.

From all of us here in Isaiah’s Garden…where our gate is always open…

Here’s wishing you all the very best life has to give, and God Bless you and yours!

Doug, Lucky, David and Dale

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