“WE BELIEVE,” or Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Lemon, Garlic, and Ginger:

Isaiah’s Garden--We Believe

Mornin guys! Hope everyone is doin just fine!

Been very busy around the place here, and have just gotten a new business up and runnin. Well, maybe up and crawlin is more appropriate.

This new venture has taken just about every free moment we’ve had, and to put it bluntly, it has been the hardest start up of a new business I’ve ever been involved with…BAR NONE!

Literally months of planning, buying supplies, having the wrong bottles delivered here to the place, BUYING SUPPLIES, running down the freshest products we could possibly put our hands on, building a new website (thank you Brian @ the CFP so very much for all your help), new equipment, and simply just getting organized.


Sorry, but just seems like I’ve been doing an awful lot of that…supply buying!

Let’s talk about this new business some…

For those who have followed us some, you know that my wife Deb passed away from Stage 4 breast cancer, but opted for alternative treatments. Her quality of life was outstanding, and she had been given 8-9 months to live, but she got 14-1/2 months.

You can find out all about Deb’s battle with cancer in our archives, but the point being that when Deb opted for alternative treatment, I too opted for the very same…this being after a massive heart attack in June of 2008, and being prescribed 7 different heart medications.

I started taking, and making, a treatment for my heart, which was given to me by my very good friend, Karam Duggal, who is Indian (India), by the way, and in his mid-seventies, and has lived here in the US since 1959.

Mr. Duggal will not even take an aspirin, but opts for the holistic type remedies.

In all honesty, I had received this recipe from him, but simply had just sat on it.

Then, when Deb opted for alternative, I did as well with this recipe, but not so much for me, but as a show of support for Deb.

Well, after seeing the benefits in my own life from this juice, I put it out on this website, first in Nov. 2011, then again in Nov. 2012, simply to see if others would see the same health benefits as I had?

The testimonials we have gotten back have been astounding, and not just a few, but literally hundreds of them…worldwide!

Since then, we have decided to start making, marketing, and selling this juice.

Again, we have found sources to obtain the best quality products we can put our hands on, and we have now begun the actual manufacture of our product, which we have named…

WE BELIEVE,” which is exactly how we, and so many others worldwide feel about this product…we believe in it!

We bring in the produce, and actually, juice, cook, and bottle it right here on our place.

Our raw honey we buy in 55 gallon drums locally, from a source with over 200 beekeepers bringing them product from here in Florida.

So the product you guys will get is the very same product as I personally have been taking for almost 3 years now…100% freshly extracted, all-natural, juice of ginger, garlic, and lemons, with apple cider vinegar and raw honey added.

Why did we make this decision to do so?


Number one being helping others, which we feel by the way, is one of our better attributes of being a human.

The other reason is pretty simple also…convenience.

Some may not have a juicer. Others may not have the time or ability, to make it.

Even others, as some of the testimonies state, the ingredients involved in the manufacture of this product, especially the ginger and garlic, emit an odor which can in itself be literally overwhelming, and this in itself can be a turnoff.

So again, convenience is the key.

Does the product work? According to my own testimonial, and the testimonials from so many others worldwide, yes it does.

So, in reality we are simply reaching out to people worldwide to at least give it a try. You may very well see that it will help enhance your own health, at a fraction of the cost of modern medicines.

We are marketing our product in 15 oz. bottles for $19.99 per bottle.

As the daily dosage is only 1 tablespoon per day, one bottle is a 30 day supply, plus the cost to you is .67 cents per daily dosage…shipping of our product is included in our cost, so…shipping to you is actually free.

$19.99, delivered to your doorstep.

If you buy in quantity it breaks down to as little as .53 cents per day, per dose.

Take it from a guy who was paying 200 BUCKS A MONTH out of pocket for Lipitor after my heart attack… WITH…Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance, .67 cents per day is a bargain.

Our new website, although this one will stay up as well, is…


Please drop in and take a gander at it, although it is still under construction.

If nothing else, simply read the testimonials, a few of which you’ll find on our homepage, but will find a lot on our Testimonial page, and see for yourself the benefits people are getting from our product.

Give us your input, and if the urge hits you, enlighten us in regards to all-natural treatments, or home remedies you have come across, or have used yourselves.

Again, helping others is the goal!

You guys have a great day, and God Bless!

“Be sure you keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”

Doug and “Lucky”

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8 Responses to “WE BELIEVE,” or Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Lemon, Garlic, and Ginger:

  1. Hi Doug. Last time we spoke on the phone I was living in Port Colborne in Niagara and you were calling me the hillbilly red neck! I check in every now and then to see if you are doing ok, and it seems you are. Good on you and your new product. We’ve since moved from Niagara to Haliburton Highlands East and live in a small cabin in the woods with an outhouse. We survived our first winter here and locals blame me for bringing a severe winter to them.
    I can only ever wish you the Lord’s best, that he will be with you and us until He comes again soon.
    Lord Bless you Doug.

  2. PAT SELF says:


    • admin says:

      Hello Pat. Yes, we have another website. It is http://www.isaiahsgarden. com

      Please visit this site and it tells touch how to order, testimonials of others worldwide of their benefits since using the juice, and nutritional values of the juice.

      Sorry for any inconvenience and God Bless.


  3. Gerry Kolthof says:

    Hello there you appear to be doing quit ok I see keep up the good work you deserve it
    Every thing going quit well here in Hope ,Canada .
    God bless your new adventure .

    • admin says:

      Hey Gerry…how are you buddy?

      Yes sir, all is going pretty well my friend. I hope you find life getting better and better as well. I was fortunate that God found it in His grace to put Kathrine in my life after bringing Deb home to be with Him. Oh I still miss her, but the grief has turned to happiness for her. In reality Gerry, we really are here for just a short time so we just have to keep plugging and do the best we can to stay focused. That’s all we can do.

      How about you my friend…you doing okay? Keep looking up Gerry, He never puts more on us than we can carry, but at times the load seems awful heavy, huh? There is always a silver lining so just keep your eyes open, and your ears listening for his guidance. He WILL let you know where you are supposed to be in your life.

      Sorry I haven’t stayed in touch. Will use the excuse of being really busy, but looking back I realize it doesn’t take much time to shoot you a line or two. You have always been a good friend since our ordeals, and were always there to lend an ear and support us through some tough times we shared. It is, and always will be very much appreciated my friend!

      Take good care, and give us a call anytime. We are on a short vacation at the moment but will be home probably by Wed. of next week. Kathrine has a home on Little Gasparilla Island and we’ve been doing some fishing. She, not unlike Deb loves to fish, so again…God just continues to Bless me yet I feel so undeserving at times, but very appreciative for His love.

      Again, take care and look forward to speaking to you once again! God Bless you my friend!


  4. Amelia Woolard says:

    Hi Doug,
    I’ve made and used this before, I lost copy of my email in my computer. I have been looking very hard, called friend who sent to me no luck. I’m very persistent to find it and lucky I found you.
    Please, help me, I would like to order from you:
    Home: 949- 551- 3713
    Address: 3601 Carmel Ave
    Irvine, CA 92606

    • admin says:

      Hello Amelia, how are ya?

      Yes ma’am, we’re glad you found us too. You can order off our other website


      I see you left your phone number, I’ll give you a shout later on this evening if you don’t mind. Thanks for stopping by Amelia, and God Bless.


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