Happy New Years and Runnin Off at the Mouth Some

Mornin guys! Here’s hopin this finds all in good health and spirits, and may 2014 be the best year ya’ll have seen to date.


Can you believe it? Shoot, seems like only a couple months back I was still datin my checks as I’d write em out 2012 although 2013 had already rolled in??

Best piece of advice I can give all you younger guys and gals out there is simply…don’t get old!

I’d like to start out this morning with a few words from the late Jerry Clower.

They aren’t just as he told it, but pretty close.

He was speakin on women’s lib, and the woman in charge of this movement comin to see his wife, Mrs. Clower.

She pulled up in their drive unannounced, and proceeded to ring the doorbell. After bein let in she was brought to where Jerry was watchin TV, with evidently Mrs. Clowwer bein tied up at the moment.

She burst in to where Jerry was sittin and declared, “Well Mr. Clower…I’m here…to see your wife.”

Jerry asked, “Bout what?”

She said quite arrogantly, “I’m here…to liberate her!”

Jerry bein Jerry, just calmly said,

“Well, if ya noticed them 3 Lincoln Continentals in the drive as ya pulled in, and 2 of em bein hers, then ya had to be aware of how nice Mrs. Clower’s house is, and then the door bein answered by her housekeeper, and finally as you were led down the hall with a TV playin in every room till ya got ta where I’m at, well…I gotta tell ya…”

“Mrs. Clower…”


Now, couple points here…bein Southern, and a redneck, I like Jerry Clower first of all, BUT, in today’s world, most of “the educated” look down their noses at us Southerners, and quite frankly see us as bein simply… “dumb as a pile a rocks,” wouldn’t ya agree?

But on the other hand, many educated people I happen to like very much. These people are a tremendous asset to our Country and its inhabitants.

Because of these people, and most happening to be rich too by the way, have throughout our existence as a Nation boosted our economy through the jobs they produce and the investments they made.

This in turn gave this Country one of its greatest assets…the ability for us as citizens to… “LIVE the American Dream!”

It also enabled us to have a strong middle-class, which today our elected elite see as a problem, only because they can’t hold us…under their thumb!

So today, our educated, although mainly the problem lies in our “liberally minded educated,” we’re looked upon as not bein… “the sharpest knife in the drawer.”

On the flip side, we as, “We the People,” for too long looked upon these educated liberals as…nuts!

Sadly, the opposite was true.

Educated yes, but only in the sense that “We the People” bein counted on to sit on our backsides while they continued to pass legislation each and every day to take away our fundamental rights and liberties our Country had bestowed upon us.

They had us pegged!

They weren’t nuts as we early on perceived them to be…they were very smart and very patient. They had…


Through affirmative action, community organizing, redistribution of wealth through the guise of… “helping out the poor and oppressed,” through educational indoctrination, our media refusing to broadcast the real goings on in our elected elites agenda, political correctness, no child left behind, illegal immigration, no term limits in the House or Senate, and countless, countless others…

The liberal educated were working 24-7 too literally, and today arrogantly, destroy our Country as we have known it.

Is there still a Republican Party??

Democratic Party???

Nope…just putting on a show for us, of…good cop, bad cop.

Our mistake?

Takin for granted the good ole USA had in its Constitution all the safeguards needed to insure our rights.

We had…

Checks and balances!

We, as workin people, had families to raise, mouths to feed, house and car payments to make, and jobs to look after.

Then our Christian, even if you’re not a Christian, we still shared Christian like beliefs to…help our neighbors.

This too bein one more virtue the “educated liberals,” pounced on in their ability to kick-start all the welfare or social programs…it was…

The goodness of our hearts.

Ya know, lookin back, as bad as I hate to say it, but dern if we, as in, “We the People,” through our negligence, moral standards and trustfulness, literally HAVE been actin like…we did just “fall off a turnip truck??”

Northern AND Southern alike!

Seems when New York City was swearin in their newly elected mayor, they took one more swipe at, We the People, and our middle class through…

Racist Accusations

Let me just say, in my own opinion, I’m sick of such allegations. Our Country has for quite a while now been anything but racist.

Sure, sure, there are examples of racism from time to time, but most made by nuts, black or white, which brings to mind the example of, “it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch.”

The knockout game comes to mind.

You see the public demand by our inner cities people of somehow what the working people make is theirs too, whether the redistribution was made by black or white, or yellow or brown.

Anyway…at de Blasio’s inauguration the Rev. Fred Lucas says, “Let the plantation called New York City be the city of God, a city set upon the hill, a light shining in darkness,” he declared. “Elevate our valleys. Make low our mountains. Make our crooked places straight and our rough places smooth. Oh God, oh God, oh God, break every chain, break every chain, break every chain.”

Funny to me, this plantation rhetoric seems a tragic misstatement.

Misstatement in the fact that it was Dr. Martin Luther King whom pretty much broke the chains involving civil rights, yet just as soon as they won their rights, they sold their souls, replaced the chains upon THEMSELVES once more, and reentered the plantation, only this time…the GOVERNMENT PLANTATION.

Well Rev. Lucas, the racism and chain bondage you speak of was not of the white people of our Country’s doin so, as you guys seem to love portrayin it as, but was simply done by our own elected elite, black, white, yellow and brown, who so proudly proclaim…we’re here to help you guys!

In truth, nothing but a pack of lies, that have been executed through, well…a pack of lies, and the dumbin down of our inner cities populace.

Why the good Rev. and cohorts won’t speak the truth, and just come out and say, “Hey, we’re gonna take from you, dictate to you, and enforce laws upon you that will destroy your work ethic, your family units, your souls, and your Country is beyond me.

It has nothing at all to do with racism, but power and greed. They play the fiddle and the dumbed down dance to their tune!

They point their fingers and declare the whites, or any conservative thought process, NO MATTER THE SKIN COLOR, as evil, greedy, corrupt and…racist.

This thought process, reverse racism, or whatever you want to label it as, has been goin on since the mid-sixties, or again…bout the time the blacks won their civil rights.

But this has been taken to a new level by the Barack Obama’s, the Eric Holders, the Mark Lloyds, the Hillary Clinton’s, the John Kerry’s, and even the pastors…the Fred Lucas’ and the Rev. Wrights, to name but a few…religious leaders or elected elite.

Personally, I feel this to be very, very dangerous.

You have on one side of the fence a race of people who hear plainly, day after day, after day, from our elected elite, and yes, pastors of their own congregations, that the whites have destroyed any hope of them bein able to achieve anything for their family.

We as a race, have stolen from them, and won’t allow them anything else except a life of misery and pain.

They’ve been indoctrinated that everything we’ve worked for is part theirs too.

Then, on the other side of the fence, here we sit as whites, no other crime than that, simply bein white here in our Country today, and we hear this sentiment expressed by our elected elite that…we’re racist!

We have a President elected in our Country we didn’t like BECAUSE of who he was, NOT what he was, or stood for…yet, we’re racist on account of this.

There happens to be a football team named… The Redskins…we’re racist.

We want to keep as much of our money as we can, first off cause…we worked for it??? Well guys, ta tell ya, but that’s racist too.

On, and on, and on.

Ya don’t think our elected elite don’t understand at all that this IS…creating a racial divide among us?

Of course they do, and are actually advocating this very thing.

Once more…it ain’t about helping someone, well maybe it is…but only helping our elected elite and their minions!

Why are they pushing this racial divide so adamantly or maybe better put, so vehemently?

Well…we all know that too, don’t we, but that’s another subject.

Some Quick Numbers

These stats from 2009 mind ya, so what must they possibly be today???

Welfare spending is stretched across 13 government departments and agencies, 17 budget functions, and 71 separate programs.

President Obama plans to spend $10.3 trillion on welfare over the next 10 years. That’s $250,000 for each poor person currently living in this country.

From the “Heritage Foundation:”

•Welfare to poor and low-income families is now the third most expensive government function after aid to the elderly in the form of Social Security and Medicare and after education. We spend less on national defense than on welfare.

•Welfare spending in 2008 was $714 billion. That’s 13 times greater than welfare spending in 1964, when President Lyndon B. Johnson started the War on Poverty.

•During his bid for the presidency, Obama repeatedly bemoaned the fact that the war in Iraq cost each American household about $100 each month. By comparison, welfare spending costs each American family $560 per month this year; next year, that number will jump to $638.

•And speaking of war, the federal and state governments spent $15.92 trillion (adjusted 2008 dollars) on welfare from 1965 to 2008. By comparison, the cost of all American wars since the Revolution is $6.39 trillion (adjusted 2008 dollars).

So we’ve spent $15.92 TRILLION dollars since 1965 until 2008…on welfare??

Look around…sure seems to have done a lot of good.

Those educated elite are on top of it sure nuff, ain’t they?

NOW…bout that Jerry Clower thing this mornin…

If you’re “livin on that racist plantation” that you guys and our elected elite speak off with such hostility, cain’t be all that bad, huh?

Seems that this “plantation livin,” or even joinin a womens liberation movement are pretty much one in the same as far as bein set free, cause in order to BE liberated…

Ya gotta WANNA be liberated!

Seems pretty clear ta me…that ain’t the case!

You guys have a great day, and God Bless!

Don’t ever forget to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Doug and “Lucky”

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