Society Today…Do You Really Like What You See?

Hey guys, what’s up? I hope everyone is doing just fine. We’re all okay down here, but may see a freeze warnin Saturday night and Sunday night. Startin back Monday though, we’ll be warmin right back up.

A good friend of ours, Bonnie, or “Mountain Gal,” sent me a video last week.

I thought it was great, and felt I’d let you guys in on it today.

If you haven’t seen this video before, please watch it. If you have, then watch it again…if ya feel like it…

“A government that continues to rob Peter to pay Paul obviously can continue to count on Paul’s support.”

How easy is that?

Yet, all these “Paul’s,” have sold their souls, black, white, green, or brown…

To our politicians.

For a little bit of nothing.

The very politicians these “dumbed down” constituents continue to vote into office, time after time, after time, really couldn’t care less about them…their “constituency.”

I won’t even get into this part, simply because it should be very obvious to see.

“We The People,” have complacently say by and watched our freedoms, our values, our integrity, our Constitution, our Flag, and our National Anthem be walked on, and literally tossed under the bus.


My thoughts on this is that our politicians used our own Christian morals, our belief in “our system of government,” with its checkpoints and limitations it provided through our Constitution of power allowed…our politicians.

I also know, that these same politicians understood very well our belief in law and order, our system of law, and because of what America WAS, and what it stood for, we’d sit back…and trust in our government, and our voters, to in fact, right the boat.

I gotta say…this has worked out very well, hasn’t it?

Well, actually it HAS worked out very well…FOR…the political elite!

Power and greed…More and more, power and greed!

Yep, this agenda has in fact worked out very well.

Through our belief that our Constitution provided these limitations of power, and our mind set of, “Let’s not rock the boat, let’s not do anything against the law, let’s just sit back, be patient and then…things will be alright.”


Power and greed…this is our Country today.

Political correctness…what’s that all about, anyway?

Only an agenda to silence dissent.

Funny thing though…how in the world did believing in your Constitution, believing in your right to worship freely, believing that if you’d only work and apply yourself, that in turn, our Country provides you the opportunity…to live the American Dream,” EVER become classified…AS DISSENT???

Our politicians, power, and greed.

Gun control??

Take off the gun, and you have exactly what this “gun control” agenda is REALLY ALL ABOUT…


Look what our politicians have done to us…without gun control. Look at how they literally chunk our Constitution under the bus….and we STILL have the ability to protect ourselves???

What happens when we roll over, and once more give in to our governments wishes of…they know best. “Just listen to us…We’ll make it right.”

Yet they want our guns, but this very same administration advocated, then set in motion… “operation…Fast and Furious.”

Boy, that sure worked out for the Mexican citizens, didn’t it?

Thousands dead, shot by automatic weapons supplied by this administration, who originally, with our media’s help…tried to put the blame on us.

They were claiming it was OUR right to bear arms that allowed these weapons to be bought openly, and because of this…we needed to take a long hard look at…gun control.

It was quite simple to understand, for anybody with a semblance of a brain to know quite well, that automatic weapons are not sold freely in the US…without very, very stringent background checks.

So, ass I said, it WAS quite clear as to where these weapons hittin the streets in Mexico were REALLY comin from!


Ends up…our political powers that be were indeed…letting this take place!


They deny it. Then they refuse to dig deep, and prosecute anyone for this atrocity??? Shoot, it’s much easier to simply blame it on you and I… “We The People.”

IF it had been this way…you think anybody would have been held accountable?

Of course they would have!

Hitler once said, “How fortunate for governments that the people they govern…don’t think!”

Ring a bell to anyone is morning?

The law-abiding citizen in this Country abuses their right to bear arms, very, very infrequently. The stats prove this time after time.

The school shootings?

Terrible, terrible acts! There is NO condoning this in any way shape or form.

Yet, look at our politicians, AND their agenda once more…

They are destroying the family unit as a whole. They TELL us, what our children will eat at school.

They tell us whether we can discipline (NOT ABUSE, although this is the left’s counter to discipline) our own children. Through this, how do you teach your child accountability for THEIR actions?

Time out, you say?

Baloney, says I!

How do you teach them morals and respect?

You don’t!

How bout teaching YOUR children the value of a work ethic, and the ability for them to do literally anything they want, or be anybody they want by running their own business, through hard work and sacrifice?

You don’t!

Shoot, the government today considers a hard work ethic…greedy, selfish, and actually, stealing a piece of the “poor and oppressed” …slice of pie!

Ponder this for only a second or two…

OUR political leaders, most of which HAVE absolutely no idea what so ever of fiscal responsibility, have never run a business, or made a payroll, at least with THEIR OWN MONEY, are telling THEIR CONSTITUENCY” that…we, the working people, the tax payers, the lawful, the believers in our religious and personal freedoms our Country allows us…

Are…the greedy ones here in this picture???

These same people, now have us, our children, our grandchildren, and who knows how many future generations will be affected by this fiscal irresponsibility, are portraying the “engine that runs this Country,” the taxpayers who literally are funding all these “give-away” programs, which by the way, the recipients of this generosity of our, hate us!

Yes, they do!


Because they’ve been indoctrinated to hate us.

By…once more…our politicians!

Kinda funny though, that our politicians, the very ones who STEAL daily, not only from us, but their own constituents as well…

Paint us…as the greedy ones.

Even funnier is the fact that we’ve set on our backsides for so long, and allowed our government to “dumb us down,” that these poor oppressed…believe now, that what we have…IS THEIRS TOO!

What a crazy, mixed up society we live in today!

We’ve helped poor people out in this Country since its inception…over two hundred years.

Not through the barrel of a gun as Dinesh states, but through OUR OWN generosity, values, and integrity.

Out church, and I’m sure most others have a food pantry.

You come, state you lost your job, can’t feed your family…you walk away with food. Many times even having your power bill, or rent paid too.

Our church doesn’t pay these bills, I don’t think, they might, but I know there are MANY that do…I’m just sayin.

BUT, my point is this is done out of our own generosity and need to have some moral transactions that…make us feel good, about helping a friend, or neighbor out.

That’s all.

This worked.

UNTIL, our politician figured out…we don’t WANT people controlling their own lives, starting up businesses, being successful…cause…we can’t control these people! Shoot, they have…MINDS OF THEIR OWN…God forbid!

What do we do??

We USE this very Democracy…against them!

We USE our citizens giving hearts against them!

We then advocate laws AL:LOWING us to take what we want from the producers, and THEN, GIVE a part of it to…the NON-PRODUCERS!

We PUT people ON WELFARE, and DON’T give them the opportunity to GET OFF WELFARE!

Through this, we create a voting bloc that will continue to grow, and grow, and GROW, until one day…we’ll have power forever!


Once we have “the numbers” we then have…power…FOR LIFE!

I love America!!

The sad part, and the truth is…NO they don’t love America, not by any means, they HATE America, but sadly, just as they figured out…they CAN, destroy America…from within.

Folks, they are, too!

Welcome to…

Today’s society!

Don’t ya just love it?

Sadly, we must, cause we sure ain’t doin anything about it!

Listen…once more, okay?

WE, the people…are FUNDING our own demise!

WHY, do we not put a stop to this?

Why, do WE not advocate boycotting anything and anybody who continues shoving this political correctness upon us?

Look at the blacks, the Hispanics, homosexuals, and even look at the Muslims.

Believe me, I’m not anti ANY of these people, but simply making a point here.

I advocate people of ANY and ALL color, white included…IF…they believe in MY COUNTRY!


IF they advocate, we’re not African -Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Muslim-Americans, again, even White-Americans!

I consider us ALL, simply…AMERICANS!

These people turn out in the streets…by the thousands!

WHY, don’t we?

They don’t like the direction of something, or even the wording of an ad???

They boycott it!

Tax revolts, maybe??

I dunno, but…we need a hero folks!

A John Wayne kinda guy, who literally tells it like it is, and leads not only through his words, but also…HIS ACTIONS!

We’re fast comin to a time of either “steppin up,” OR, “shuttin up!”

The choice is ours.

The type of society we leave for our children, and their children, and their children, rests squarely upon…our shoulders!

How’s that for some pressure on ya this morning, huh?

So there’s a little something for ya to kick around some today…think on it as little, okay?

You guys have a great day, and God Bless you, and yours!

“Keep a smile on your face, and one in your hearts!”


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One Response to Society Today…Do You Really Like What You See?

  1. The Old Pawpaw says:

    One of the problems with us, the “Producers,” turning out in force to stage our own protests is that we have JOBS! We actually WORK! We PRODUCE! We RAISE OUR KIDS! We go to CHURCH! We spend so much time “producin’” that we ain’t got dadburned time to go protest. We’re busy making money to PAY TAXES! Not so much to feed our families anymore but to feed the familes of the “NON-PRODUCERS” who sit on their collective butts popping out more babies for us to support and feed and educate and WASTE the fruits of OUR PRODUCTION!
    Just because some welfare-broodmare decides to download humpteen children should not mean that WE should be responsible for HER STUPIDITY and wanton morals!
    And no. Don’t give me the Hillary Clinton thing about it’s for the children! Let Hillary pay for the little buggers if she’s so danged concerned.
    Whew! Lordy, I need to cool off I guess. Blood pressure probably just went up 50 points…
    Guess I’ll have to pray about it. Meanwhile, I pray for our troubled and probably doomed nation every single day. Hope yall will too…
    p.s. There’s been over 91,000,000 NISC checks for gun purchase background checks since February 2009… Meanwhile DHS has purchased 1.625 BILLION rounds of ammo to use against US! Jacketed Hollow-Points no less…

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