Deb’s Doing Okay

**This post was done last Saturday. I’m sorry but Wild Blue, our internet service is updating…it’ll probably be this Wed. before our new internet is active. Right now I have it, then I don’t. There’s only a small window that allows me to get on the internet. It’s driving me crazy, actually this is the first time we’ve had internet since about Wed. or Thurs. of last week.

The good news is that we’ll go from 1-1/2 megs (I guess that’s what you call it, to 12 megs. Our son Mark says that’s more than he has. We live out in the woods and are on a satellite system. Thanks you all for your patience!

Hey guys…ya miss me? LOL!

Well, I guess most know that Deb had a considerable amount of trouble Tuesday before last. She was having terrible pains in her abdominal area, mostly on her right side. We had to transport her via ambulance to the hospital here in town.

I walked in, and she was in the guest bedroom, which was really no concern to me as that’s where she does her poultice treatment of her alternatives. I asked if she was doing her poultice and she said, “NO, but I’m hurting so bad I can’t hardly stand it.”

I hurried on in there and she sat up and said, “Just hold me and pray with me, I can’t stand the pain!” Scared me to death! It was obvious the pain she was in, and I called the ambulance.

They ran tests and found her gall bladder was inflamed, but not enough to be causing the amount of pain she was experiencing so they checked out the liver. Her liver count was over 200 and they couldn’t figure out why.

They kept her overnight, and kept an eye on her. The next morning she was much, much better. We have a follow up with her Doctor this coming week. The delay is the hospital here in town didn’t call him, or send the test results??? They are now though.

What we believe happened is that when she tore her ligaments in her chest, chunkin squash to the cows, they prescribed oxycodone for the pain. She’d taken only half the amount of the pain killer the prescription was calling for, and quit taking it altogether after 4 days…thank God.

Her liver had reacted to the oxycodone and this in turn jumped her liver counts up so high. Again, we can only be thankful she wasn’t taking it at the rate prescribed, plus had stopped taking it altogether after the 4 days.

We got back home and for 3 days she wouldn’t eat, slept most of the time, has nausea from time to time and had me worried sick. But on the fourth day she began to eat, stopped sleeping except for an afternoon nap, and the nausea subsided.

For the last 5 days she’s eating really well, actually a lot, has started all her alternatives again, we are juicing just as we were before and we’re walking again. Good night am I glad! She is too!
You can see her getting better and gaining strength. You can also see she’s feeling better, and it’s showing on her now, and this in itself has got her spirits up. She sees the improvement now. She’s still a little drained, but is almost back to being her old self.

She told me this morning that she feels about 85% and feels a little better each day. God smiles on her daily!

As for me, I’m just elated over her progress! I gotta tell you…I thought I’d lost her, but, she’s one tough cookie and her inner strength is off the charts. I’d sure hated to have grabbed ahold of her in a barroom brawl back in the day…she’d a killed me!! LOL!

I just wanted to drop you guys a few lines to let you know she’s on the rebound and is doing just fine! She says to tell you all hello and thank you for the prayers sent her way. They are very much appreciated to say the least!

Most of you are like family to her and I, and in all honesty…we love you guys!

She’s doing well enough now that I’m beginning to be able to focus more on other things…our paving business, our place, and our gardens. The poor ole gardens got pretty neglected for about 3 to 4 weeks, but the last couple days I’ve been…out there in em!

Dern bugs got all over our squash and cukes, and what they didn’t work over we gave to friends and family. But the dern tomatoes are fixing to start coming in like banshees, and as a matter a fact I canned 7 quarts of homemade V-8 juice yesterday….good stuff too!

But, life again is swinging back to some form of manageable chaos, as usual, and it sure feels good. I’m going to start trying to start posting again just as much as I can, and it feels good to say hello to all you guys again. We’ve literally missed many of you!

We hope all have been well, and wish the very best in all things for every one of you! If you guys would, do ole Dub a favor…when you get home in the evenings, give the family a hug, and tell them you love them, okay?

Life is here one minute, but could be gone the next! Tell your loved ones what’s in your heart, and know, that they know, just how much they mean to you!

Before I close this out, let me say thanks to a very special friend, actually a couple very special friends.

Judi, Brian we love you both. Thank you so much for your heartfelt concern for me in a very tough time that I was experiencing. You don’t know how many times you guys have popped into my head since our little ordeal. You’re the best!

Take care and God Bless! Deb says to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub AND Deb

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3 Responses to Deb’s Doing Okay

  1. Gary says:

    I love yall too Dub. You’re in my prayers many times a day.

  2. Ken says:

    Thinking and praying for you and your family Doug. Love you guys.

  3. Tim Turner says:

    Hey Dub…..I hope everything is going OK with you guys…..I have been missing you over on youtube so I come over here to your blog to check on you guys…..Sounds like you all have had some trying times lately…..Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and Deb and will continue to pray for you all…..I haven’t heard a good ole Bubba joke in so long I am going through withdraw……LOL…..Take care……Tim

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