An Update to, It IS …Our Country

Well, I was wrong in my statement that this is our Country. My aunt sent me the following video. For those who have seen this video, maybe it’s a good idea to watch it again. For those who haven’t seen it before…you better sit down!

Here is one more example of our Country no longer being ours. We the People have lost it. We’ve lost it through believing in the statement we’ve all heard… “This is America…we have checks and balances!”

Wrong. We HAD checks and balances. We are now a socialist republic.

We’ve lost it through our own negligence of not holding our elected leaders to accountability. We’ve lost it through our listening to their words, which most times are blatant lies, yet we take them at face value, instead of taking the time to research…THE TRUTH!

We’ve lost it through our educational system that while We the People were working hard, in an attempt to better our lives, and bettering our children’s lives through our own hard work ethic and sacrifice, while our youth were being indoctrinated by our liberalist teachers and their liberalist teachings.

We’ve lost it through the mainstream media no longer reporting the truth, but jumping on the bandwagon with a political agenda aimed at destroying our Country’s values, and replacing them with socialist promises of equal justice, and social equality.

We’ve lost it through our elected officials through excessive taxation, excessive regulation, and unionization that private business can no longer make a profit to stay in business. Unless you too have gone to bed with the feds and play ball with them!

Through this, business after business, have left the United States of America for foreign soil! I heard a campaign ad for Obama just the other day…declaring Romney is a major player in forcing American jobs out of the Country.

I am to the point any longer that party divide makes little to no difference. Republican Democrat, it is all “good cop, bad cop” anymore. Both parties collect the same golden pension plans, retirement packages, and health care, all paid for by you and I!

Do you think that they’ll bite their nose off to spite their face, merely because We the People don’t like it? Anymore, this is not likely. They have become far too arrogant, far too above the law and accountability, and far too greedy!

We have become a Country inundated by “professional politicians,” all paid for by you and I, the taxpayer.

Not only this, but they’ll retire from one public service position, collect a lump sum payoff from their retiring, then start collecting their monthly pensions. They then turn around, sometimes only days apart, and start ANOTHER job in the public service, and begin it all over again! This is… “Double-Dipping!” Once more, paid for, by you and I!

It is all about their power, either party is guilty, this today is simply fact.

Once again, I HATE talking about such as this, BUT, somebody has too! As bad as I hate discussing topics such as these, I hate far more the possibility of losing MY Country…YOUR Country! Don’t you?

Please watch this video…

Do you believe this? WHY…do WE continue to pay taxes to a government bent on destroying our way of life? Why…do we continue to let the theft of our money be thrown away in such a fashion? WE ARE FUNDING OUR OWN DEMISE!

Why…do We continue to let an agency (the IRS) that has used strong-arm tactics on too many TRUE American families as taxpayers, yet they refuse to even acknowledge this fraud when questioned about it, continue to TAKE OUR money?

Why…do our elected officials not stop this…NOW??

This is, once more, stealing from us! Why have we not as taxpaying citizens of this Country tarred-and-feathered these people?

Why are these ILLEGALS here in the first place? OH, our government claims we HAVE to have them to do labor that our own citizens won’t do. Have the feds looked at THE TRUE un-employment numbers lately. Not the ones they spoon feed us, but THE TRUE numbers?

It’s pretty evident to me that with the unemployed here in our Country today, we have MORE than enough manpower to get any and every job possible completed. BUT, we don’t if we’re going to pay them to sit at home…WITH OUR TAXPAYER MONEY, once again!

WE have to take drug tests in the workplace today. YET, we ask for drug testing to be implicated in a welfare line…WHOA, that’s against their rights! There’s an example of the compassion I’ve been speaking of the last couple days!

BUT, while WE the PEOPLE continue to sit back, and complacently sit around our IRS Agency takes hard-earned money from us, and gives it away to ILLEGAL immigrants and lets them claim as dependents, children in Mexico!

20 children claimed at the one address, and in actuality, only one lived there???

Call after call to the IRS by the reporter, and the CPA, yet their 100,000 plus employees have NO time to even answer a phone call. BUT, they continually give away our money, fraudulently, and never even attempt to stop doing so…this was reported as being the norm…FOR YEARS!

Now…if this is how our Federal government and its branches operate anymore, then yes, we have lost our Country. For such blatantly outrageous fraud as we saw in the video is allowed to take place, or is considered the norm, we as the people stand no chance! It’s obvious through such as this the feds no longer even care what we think…isn’t it?

Again, this fraud has been taking place for years. People HAVE called and made the IRS aware, yet, what has been done? Absolutely nothing is the answer. Would, or even better, DOES the IRS tolerate your not paying your taxes? Not a chance.

I could give you a couple good examples of this that Deb and I have been through, but, we aren’t illegal immigrants, evidently. We are hard-working, tax paying AMERICAN CITIZENS, so in our case…we get no free pass. We ARE held accountable! Yet no one involved in our government today seems to be?? Isn’t that amazing?

After several years, and no one STILL has corrected, “THIS LOOPHOLE,” where is the accountability? Who’s head, or heads, should roll? Obviously many need to, from within the IRS, and our Congress at the very least. I mean, the IRS answer to this is Congress has to fix it, so they just keep letting it take place. No worries…it isn’t their money, is it?

Well, why don’t we as the taxpayers DEMAND that answers be given, and see to it that accountability DOES take place? This IS theft, and it’s theft of our money! If we as citizens are caught and convicted of theft…we go to jail. Rightfully so I might add!

Yet the government employees evidently have a free pass, even though the theft they’re involved in is billions and billions of our tax dollars! But they, for some reason, are above the law!
I mean we just talked about welfare fraud yesterday and the billions it costs us as taxpayers each year!

Nancy Pelosi, and her arrogant self, still comes to mind in regards to the health care bill. Her statement, “If you want to know what’s in it, we have to pass it first!” They, our elected officials, wouldn’t even read the damn thing, and many took offense that we suggested they read the bill???

Many claimed they were just too busy, and not enough hours in the day, yet…the video of the fraud taking place in regards to illegals and tax returns, again, theft of the taxpayer money, gets no attention either. Boy, they must really be busy, huh?

How crazy of us to take such as this laying down. I promise you, we’re going to regret what WAS passed in that bill for years and years down the road, as we see, little by little, what they did pass in it!

Well, that’s about all I have to say, but honestly, I cannot believe that We the People could possibly be so tolerant in the theft of our monies, our freedoms, along with the theft of our Country too. Our poor children…


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