Are We Simply Saying Goodbye To Our Country?

Hey guys, how are ya again? I just received this through an e-mail, and I just had to put it up. The friend that sent this to me this morning isn’t just a friend, he’s become a part of our family. Deb and I both love him, because he’s a great guy, a very loving man, and a hard, hard worker.

He was born in India, but a part of which became the property of Pakistan when they won their independence, I believe is a correct statement. His family lost everything they owned, moved to India proper, and started over again.

He’s by title, a nuclear engineer, with experience in the civilian and military spectrum of this field. He came to the US in 1959, and worked in the construction of nuclear plants here in our Country. To say he is very educated is an understatement I’m sure.

He retired while still a fairly young man. He became tired of the travel that took him away from home and family, for extended amounts of time. He started building commercial properties and owns commercial properties to this day. He works on average about 17 hours a day…he loves his work, and most times he can do what needs to be done…from home.

He HAS lived…” “The American Dream.” He came to our Country to better his, as well as his family’s lives, and has paid taxes in support of our Country for years and years. He’s created innumerable jobs. He recognized what our Country had to offer him, and understood to really realize his potential…America was to become HIS HOME!

He loves our Country and what it stands for, but today, just like so many others of us, sees our great Country being run into the ground from excessive government spending, a government grown way too large, and the ruination of our citizens through the “giveaway mentality!”

Today, as many, many of us know, we’re losing our Country as we’ve always known it. Less freedoms, less liberties, “Big Brother” watching us, as Americans through…the Patriot Act.

Businesses withering on the vine, unemployment numbers being called as “around 9%” and getting better they claim, while the TRUE numbers are probably between 16 to 18% unemployment. My family, or shall I say our families, of like-minded, hard-working, law abiding, freedom loving Americans are struggling these days…just to make ends meet!

Many, many Americans are “underwater” as the feds and the banking industry likes to describe your home or property being no longer worth, according to new appraisals, what it was worth, 3, 4, or 5 years ago.

So, many people with mortgages today are paying notes on money they borrowed to purchase their homes or property have found out that…they owe more now than they’re worth. This is… “being underwater!”

What caused this? Did we?

No, our government, our federal banking regulators, and the total absurdity, or INSANITY of our elected officials deciding that…every American should own a home! Not that our Country PROVIDES THE OPPORTUNITY to own a home through your work ethic, or saving for a few years to get a down payment, no, no, but it is YOUR RIGHT to own on home.

So, by forcing lenders to give loans, by the way with NO down payment, at sub-prime interest rates, we created a run on the housing market by people with little to no chance of being able to keep up with their house payments.

So, what if you only make $20,000 per year and are purchasing a $400,000 home…don’t sweat it. According to our more liberal minded politicians this was your RIGHT! Through this, the feds ruined our economy number one, thus in the end result forcing property values down so low that many…are underwater! Orchestrated my friends, all orchestrated!

I’d like you to take the time to watch this video! This is what’s becoming of the “Greatest Nation on Earth…” we’re being taken down…from within. This is a picture today of what Lyndon Johnson deemed… “The Great Society!” This video is a good example of the future of our Nation. Why? Because these young people ARE the future of our Nation! A great society indeed!

Makes you feel all good inside, doesn’t it? An indoctrination of…give me, give me, give me! This is but one example. There’s tens of thousands of examples of this going on daily! Why do we as citizens of our Country CONTINUE to fund such nonsense? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting very, very sick of this type of misuse of our tax money!

Then, the lady in the video wasn’t paying her rent either??

Want babies? Okay, we’ll pay you for them. Want phones? We’ll supply them to you AND pay the bill? Want a place to live? Okay, we’ll pay the rent? You hungry? Okay, we’ll buy your food. Want electricity? Okay, we’ll pay it! Want healthcare? Okay, you can get that too! Want an education? Okay, we got you covered!

Even, hey, you want to enter our Country illegally, and get the same benefits? Okay, c’mon in…they’re yours too! AND, you don’t have to speak English, I mean it’s only the National Language of our Country…but that’s alright too. We’ll HIRE someone to interpret for you, at school, the hospital, etc…all paid by taxpayer monies!

Through the last couple paragraph did you notice the word work wasn’t included in the conversation? Why aren’t these people MADE to work?

I look at low income housing here near our home. Their roads and drives are freshly seal-coated or paved. I see shrubs being planted from time to time. New AC units, fresh paint on the houses, right down to lawn care services mowing their yards! I mean they’re not even asked to MOW THEIR OWN LAWNS?? Why, for God’s sake?

I do not mind helping the elderly, the disabled or our vets, but pretty much everyone else…get a job. Oh, can’t find one now…for those who MIGHT want to work? Well talk to our elected leaders once again…they did it! It wasn’t small business that created our economic woes, but it’s the small business that’s suffering from it!

It’s election year people. We have got to make the best of this one. I’m disillusioned with my own party as well, but we as a people have got to start making our leaders understand…they’re not the boss, WE ARE! Hold them accountable, make them toe the line, and abide by our Constitution! It may very well be…now or never!

One more video for you. This of Detroit, Michigan, done by a Canadian news crew. This IS where we’re headed, IF, we don’t stop the insanity now! Take a look for yourselves. This is not the future I want for my children and grandchildren. Do you?

Is this the “Socialist Utopia” they speak of? You betcha it is. Power for “the elite,” misery for the citizens.

Check this one out (The People’s Movement Assembly)…

Again…WE FUND ALL THESE ORGANIZATIONS WITH OUR tax dollars! Listen very, very closely…we are funding our own demise. You see it, don’t you?

What is a Peoples Movement Assembly? Why…it’s as easy as “ABC” …A-Assemblies…B- Brigades…C-Caravans… “stir something up.” WE, the taxpayer, FUND all these…COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS! This is part of our current administrations roots. TAKE FROM THE HAVES…and GIVE TO THE HAVE-NOTS!

BUT, as we see every day, the taking from the haves, and giving to the have not’s…doesn’t apply to our elected leaders.

Why would I make such a statement? Hmmm…

According to the “California Pension Reform,” as well as “Sacramento (CBS 13),” the number of California’s retired government workers receiving pensions of over $100,000 is, are you sure you want to know, 9,111! (This is taken from an article on May 17, 2010 in the “Canada Free Press.”

I believe today there are over 11,000 for sure…maybe 13,000.

Let’s look at the top 6. The column on the left represents their MONTHLY pension…the one on the right, their total YEARLY pension income! Google it…it is true!

Bruce Malkenhorst $42,472.05——$509,664.60

Joaquin Fuster $25,207.66————$302,491.92

Donald Gerth $23,635.76————$283,629.12

William Garrett $23,191.02————$278,292.24

James Stahl $22,587.99————$271,055.88

John Schlag $21,725.87————$260,710.44

They’re sure not giving to much to the have-not’s, are they? But they’re forcing you and I to! Again…where do these retirements come from…you and I.

This is stealing from us people, plain and simple. But the first thing in a crunch they want to do…cut services, turn prisoners out, but never, never, is the thought of cutting out their stealing from the tax payer ever uttered. They claim…we earned this?? Really? HOW?

So in reality…they’re not crazy, WE ARE!

One more video on…”Global Justice.”

One question to us all this morning? WHEN are we, going to start organizing, and demanding OUR rights as honest, hard-working, tax-paying, LAW-ABIDING, God-fearing American citizens? Is this what our Founding Fathers envisioned as our path? We all know it isn’t.

Without a doubt, are politicians are tanking us today. There is no other reasoning for what is going on in our Country. We’ve been sold out, but are we determined and motivated enough to stand up and say, “No more?”

Our children, our grandchildren and their children will one day look at their own lives and ask, “Why didn’t our parents and grandparents do more.” To me, that’s my concern. Please, my friends, we have to stand together and stop the madness. It’s either that or The United States of America as we know it will simply…fade away…

Thanks guys, have a great day, and God Bless you! Deb says to keep a smile on your face, and one in your hearts!

Dub and Deb

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3 Responses to Are We Simply Saying Goodbye To Our Country?

  1. Sandra says:

    Great article Dub and Deb. America is failing it’s own people. This country has offered much to many that have come here. Fading away means your own children will never have the opportunites and freedoms you had. Fading, fading, watch it fade.
    Who is to blame? Have to blame someone. Blame the voters that elect and re-elect
    the same people over and over again. Look at the percentage of registered voters
    that stay home and sit out important elections. Get out and vote your heart and
    support your country before there is nothing left.

  2. Jeff Davis says:

    Great article Troy Douglas. I still look at America as the “Land of Opportunity”. If you dream it and are willing to work for it. It can be achieved. Unfortunatley the reverse is true. If you’re willing to sit on your backside and do nothing. You will still be able to get a house, a cellphone, and food. My feeling is, and Dub you know this, you don’t work you don’t eat!!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Well thank ya there J.C.! Didn’t think I could read and write…did ya? You got it… “If you dream it and are willing to work for it. It can be achieved.” No truer statement has ever been spoken! Thanks Jeff, we hope everybody is doin fine, and please tell them that Deb and I say hello! I’ll give ya a call, or vice-versa! Great hearin from you ole buddy!

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