A Little Further Along With the Greenhouse

Good morning guys…how are ya’ll today? Well, we had a pretty decent rain, close to ½ inch, and man it was so nice to watch it comin down! Everything looks and smells so fresh afterwards! We have a little chance of more the next day or two, then dipping back down in the mid to low 40’s Monday and Tuesday, I believe.

The ole greenhouse is coming along now. We still have to hang one curtain, and the two end doors. That will button up the outside, and then we’ll start worrying about a water system and power. Neither are big issues for the time being, but will need to be addressed before the “real heat” starts kickin in down the road.

I’ve about convinced myself to go with a drip system for water, but we’re still kickin around a mist system. We’d put these just outta the ground where the water will hit at the base of the plants. Keepin the water down low, will help to prevent blight. It is a little easier to control by keepin as much water as possible off the leaves, or that’s what I keep hearin…from people that know.

Deb and I will start our seed beds today and boy howdy…she’s rarin to get started! She’s doing absolutely fantastic, looks and feels great, and does any and everything she’s always done. She’s had no ill effects at all since her one chemo treatment knocked her for a loop, and since deciding to go with alternative treatments everything just seems to be responding terrifically! Thank you Lord!

Let me state this one more time though. It seems some think that Deb, or myself, are knocking chemo treatments…we aren’t by any stretch of the imagination. WE DO believe though, that what treatment you decide upon, whether it be chemo, alternative, whatever…is up to YOU! Not our government, not our friends or family, not to the spouse (in my case), but up to you…the victim of the disease.

IF you follow your own heart, and believe 100% that the treatment you decide upon is the right one for you, then by all means…follow your heart. Trust in God, trust in your treatment, STAY positive, and eat as nutritiously as you can. Get plenty of exercise and keep the faith…good things happen.

Deb read a statement from one of the books she’s been reading, and it was one of the first books that she read after her diagnosis. It has set very well with her and she tells others of it too. It is simply that, “Cancer is NOT a sentence…it is only a word.”

Anyway, that woman had me upstairs in the library last night. This wasn’t to kick back, read, relax, or just visit. Once I got up to where she was at, there was dern seed packets scattered all over the coffee table. I knew immediately she called me up…to educate me! Her and her ole “Farmer Brown” self! LOL!

In reality this makes me feel great. The greenhouse seems to be really inspiring her, and she can’t wait to see it in full production…me either for that matter. I’m as excited as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockers, but as we go along I can see Deb grabbing ahold and probably runnin this show! Amen to that!

This is goin to be so good for both of us, but really for her. Good outside work, plenty of sunshine, bendin and stoopin, and most of all…the good fresh nutrition this will provide for us. On top of that, it’ll allow us to have fresh vegetables…year round! Tomatoes…man I miss them when they’re not coming in here at our place, and dad-gum, I’ve bout gotten to the point I can’t stand to eat a “store bought” one. ZERO taste!

Plus, we stopped at Publix day before yesterday to pick up a few for a salad and she juices one a day. We got to the counter and I thought they were goin to have to put us both…in intensive care! Six dern tomatoes were $7.38!!! Can you believe that?? I couldn’t and I’m still in shock! $7.38…good night a livin! Then, they taste like waterlogged cardboard, both of which have no taste. Yep, I’ve tried cardboard before…you ain’t?

I don’t know what people are goin to do down the road with food prices goin up like they are. I do know that after watchin these grocery prices continue to rise…we’re sure glad we put in our food storage! Once more my friends…FOOD IS an investment.

We still have people that look at us like we’re crazy for doin this, but I’m here to tell you that the food we put up is a ton cheaper than what you could replace it for today. We ARE, happy campers! Don’t be concerned with what people think.

Just like Deb after finding out about the cancer…you do in your heart what you know works for you. If it works for you, that’s all that matters! Yours and your family’s wellbeing is much more important than what someone else thinks!

What’s that one sayin… “give a hoot, and don’t pollute?” Ours is, “Ta heck with Pete…we gonna eat!” LOL!

Well, we put up a little video of the greenhouse we’d like to share with you guys today. It shows a little more progress, and that we have gotten our seed tray benches built, and in.

I swore I wouldn’t use any wood in their construction after visitin a nursery last week, but I fudged a little. We ended up using one pressure treated 2 x 4 runner on the front side of each bench. Ya gotta watch me close guys. I’ll state something, look around after I’ve already said it, then…change my dern mind completely! LOL!

We hope you guys like the video…

Comin along, huh?

We’d like to share one other video this morning with you guys. For those who LOVE roller coaster rides…you gotta watch this! As for me…you couldn’t cut me up in little pieces and throw me on this dern thing!

Our buddy Wayne, in Alma, Ga. sent this to us. I CAN see ole Wayne on something like this for sure!

Was that crazy, or what??

You guys have a great day, and God Bless! Deb says to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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2 Responses to A Little Further Along With the Greenhouse

  1. Sandra says:

    What a great post today Dub. Greenhouse, poison vegetables at the market and Deb’s health. Yes people the vegetables at your local market are useless holders of fiber and filled with chemicals inside and out. Grow your own or find a friend that does and make a deal for fresh vegetables.
    About people knocking on you about the big C treatments I’ll just say this when it comes your turn to face the Cancer demon you will look for options.
    It takes a very strong and determined individual to weather the storm of very strong chemicals put into your body. In the past cancer patients were not given a choice of
    options and the only way was Chemo or meet your Maker. Today all are lucky
    to have another way. It is your life and your decision. Pretty blunt, huh. Needs to be.

    • admin says:

      Why thank ya Ma’am!

      Agree with you 1,000 percent in regards to cancer, and your choice of treatment. Do what’s in…YOUR heart, and believe in what you’re doing. With the Good Lord’s help…everything passes. Blunt you say?? Shoot Mississippi, I wouldn’t have ya any other way! Great talkin with you the other day, and thank you Sandra for everything! Deb says, “Hello!” Tell Mr. B. the same…

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