Going to Start the Seedbed Benches

Good morning to you all! We hope everyone is doing well, and thanks for stopping back in to visit with us! Beautiful weather is back here in ole Florida again! Still on the dry side, but plenty of sunshine, warm days, and even the nights are getting nice too! Nice enough to…start settin out some seeds!

You know we’d pretty much finished the beds in our greenhouse and after doin so we left plenty of space to build a few tables to work our seedbeds on. Boy, this greenhouse thing is new to us, but man…it’s gonna be “right up our alley!”

There’s SO much to learn, and the ways of goin out and doin things are endless, or at least that’s how it seems to be?? Good night, I’m confused already and ain’t even got started yet! LOL!

An example…you guys know that our good friend Billy found and helped us set up the greenhouse, at least in the construction of. That guy knows a lot about just about any possible subject you can throw at him, at least in regards to workin with your hands.

Gardening, building, furniture, welding, designing and laying out things to make life easier, and on top of all this…what a GREAT guy! The guy tells you something…he always makes sure it happens. HIS word…IS his bond!

Well, I was just talkin about all the different ways of goin about things, and yesterday was a good example of this statement.

Billy had picked us up a BUNCH of seed starter trays from his “buddies” in the nursery business…FREE. I’m like, “Man, that sounds great, and ya cain’t beat the price for sure, BUT, who’s gonna buy my gas to come pick the dern things up??” LOL!

Well, Deb and I went to Billy and Janie’s. Billy and I went to check out something down the road. What was it?? Two more greenhouses he’d run across…NICE mutha’s!!

These things were 30×100 each, and really good material all around. 12 foot working height, and boy was that impressive too. Very, very well constructed, and again, very impressive building all around. Dad-bern his time!! We were just lookin, but not buyin…

Anyway, I was checkin out their setup, and how they set up their benches for their seed trays. Here again I was seeing different things, and the how and why’s of doing things in certain ways. It was great. Now, I know for sure that Deb and I will take this whole basket of all these different ideas that we see and read on, and then tweak them to what best suits us. An ongoing, learnin experience.

Well, ole Dub in his mindset of “just wadin out there amongst something,” learnin as I go, then if that way don’t work out, shoot, I’ll just revamp it! As I’m getting a little older, I’ll be 27 my next birthday (Ha-ha-ha), I’m FINALLY beginning to figure out that slowin down some, lookin things over prior to deciding on my course of action, and thinkin a little more while jumpin a little less…shoot, it ain’t half bad!

To this last statement Deb’s goin, “See…I TOLD you so!”

But I was goin to build our seed benches out of wood…not no more! LOL! I got to checkin out their way of doing this, the WHOLE dern greenhouse was set up this way, and it was just too simple…AND so appropriate in regards to their use!

They used concrete blocks for their stands, then they’d ran pipe the length of their bench size, attachin this to the top of the blocks, and then cut and laid fiberglass across the piping as the seed tray supports. Now, how simple is that. No wood to rot out and replace. Once you set this system up…it’s there for the duration! I likes it!

So, once seein this, we’ll build ours this way. First off, when we built our house 4 years ago, there were two or more pallets of concrete blocks left over. The block mason came by one day and said he was going to pick up the extra blocks and take them to another site.

Well, with me bein my usual “shy-self,” I meekly said, “I don’t think so!” He told me that this was standard operating procedure, and to this I mentioned that, “Not here it ain’t!” I asked him if I in fact had bought these blocks, and he agreed that I had. That pretty much ended the conversation right there.

Adam is a great guy, and also one of our neighbors, so it really wasn’t an issue, but I still haven’t figured out if you had “footed the bill” for something, why it WASN’T yours?? That’s just my way of thinkin. I don’t want ONE thing that’s not mine, but if IT IS mine, then dern if I don’t want it!

The point I’m making is that we have the blocks already here at the house. We have the piping and the fiberglass here at the house. The last two bein left over from the greenhouse construction, so from an economical standpoint…our seed bed tables are free of charge. Plus, they’ll last and last from simply the materials used.

We’ll make the tables to a comfortable workin height, plus put a little pitch on the tables so this will allow water to drain away from the plants after waterin. Works for me! Deb’s like, “Can I take the savings from the benches and go to Wal-Mart?” I’m like, “Sure you can honey…when pigs fly!!” LOL!

As you are obviously aware from my last statement…Deb’s not close by while I’m penning this!! LOL!!

But, we now are goin to start putting seeds into the grow trays, and leave them under the porch until Friday. Then Mark and the crew will be here to finish out their week, get paid (I think I’m gonna cry), and we’ll build our benches. This weekend Deb and I’ll move them to the greenhouse.

Next week we’ll finally button up the exterior of the greenhouse. Hang the last curtain, and the two doors. We’ll run water and electric just a little further down the road, but it’s so close to the house, neither of these are an issue it all. We can get by if need be, with just a couple water hoses and electric cord.

Before we close out today, I’d like to share with you guys a video that one of our “YouTube buddies” sent to us. After seein our greenhouse construction takin place, he knew we’d need to start some seed beds.

With this bein the case in point, the video he sent was done by a couple who had been gardenin for, well, let’s just say a LONG time! They had made a seed jig for startin their seeds out in trays. It’s so simple, but for their application it works like a champ!

It’s just an example of how the human mind works, and by so doin improves your ways of doing things. I thought this was just…too neat! We also loved their story…check em out!

Wasn’t that great?? We loved the video! We also loved his sayin… “happiness is found along the way, not at the end of the road.” Listen to what he has to say about it, then give it a little thought…

Well, we hope you guys have a great day, and God Bless! Deb’s hollerin for ya’ll to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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