Dad-Gummit…What’s Happening to Our Country?

Good morning guys…how are ya’ll today? I tell you guys the dern weather has been absolutely beautiful down here. Mid 80’s yesterday and today will be close to the same. We have a front comin in the morning with a 70% chance of some MUCH NEEDED rain. C’mon rain! THEN, the temperatures are droppin again…to the low 70’s! LOL!

I try to stay away from very many political statements by Deb or myself in our writings, at least on this site. The exception being our ole buddy AP, who brings us the “Revolution.” We try to mainly stay on a gardening, recipe, prepping nature, but sometimes I just have to, as Deb describes it…opening my BIG mouth! Well, today is one of those occasions!

Anyway, I know all of ya’ll are like Deb and myself watching these food prices increasing. I’m getting sticker shock any more at the way food pricing has increased. Isn’t it amazing what they’ve done the past couple years?

Unemployment is still high, yet the cost to only subsist anymore continues an upward spiral. For those who haven’t, you guys might just wanna wake-up to the goings on today of our politicians. Just out of curiosity, how many vacations HAS our President taken? They sure seem to be tightening their belts in DC, huh?

I have to believe the way these people, our elected leaders are acting, they’re probably LOOSENING their belts instead of tightening them. You eat, sleep, breathe, and live on an unlimited money pit to draw from, created by we the taxpayer, you’ll soon see your britches might be goin up a size or two.

The problem we as taxpayers have is our leaders don’t seem to come to grips that OUR incomes have taken a hit, and by so, the bottomless pit they draw from is fast becoming a very LIMITED bottomless pit. We cannot sustain their fiscal recklessness! Do the math, it’s pretty elementary, even to a “dumb ole redneck” like yours truly!

So, how do they adjust to this mess they’ve gotten us, and this great Country we live in into? MORE SPENDING! It’s insane to be honest, and insane on our part to tolerate such behavior! In the end IT IS OUR MONEY! Oh yeah, and the Chinese, the Indians, and whoever else they can borrow money from!

Over 40 cents of EVERY dollar these guys spend…is borrowed. What must JUST the interest be daily on this borrowed money? They are literally spending our Country into oblivion! Good Lord people, please start hollerin!

On top of taking more and more from us, what do they do?? Print more of course! “Tax the rich, tax the rich,” that’s their rallying cry. We’re surely not rich, and struggle daily makin ends meet, but to be quite frank with you guys…I AIN’T EVER worked for a poor guy!

Yet, the people that produce the jobs are asked to bear more and more of the brunt of others less fortunate. Hmmm…less fortunate they say? How’s that? You guys mind if we stop today and take a look?
There are people in our Country that need help, I totally, 100% agree with this. In my opinion though, I feel that they are the handicapped, the elderly living off their Social Security, the very sick, and our veterans. Yes sir, help these guys out some.

BUT, today we’ve become a “Nanny State,” in every sense of the word. We give to people, and the majority of those on the receiving end of this “giving,” no longer appreciate this act. They’ve been taught by our government that this has become a right, their right, and this is literally a sin.

Many of these have been on government aid for…generations! Yep, generations now! On top of this, many, many of them are…illegals! I also advocate immigration, BUT, through the proper channels, and LEGALLY!

An example…we know an English lady who owns a sub-shop near where my Mom and Dad live. It took her AND her family 5 years to be able to come to the US, through the proper channels. This took beaucoup money, and effort. BUT, they felt this appropriate, and in the end would allow their family the opportunity to grow.

Why, because they recognized the fact that by being able to come to the US, they in fact were providing themselves with a much better opportunity than they were presented with in England. BUT, THEY HAD TO HAVE A BUSINESS IN HAND HERE IN THE US PRIOR TO BEING ABLE TO COME!

Our government in their twisted way of thinking, but in reality, their quest to lower our own standards of living, and by placing such restrictions on this family, made the opportunity to come here almost nil. Our officials made their entry into this Country very stressful, and to a degree almost impossible.

Yet, they persevered, and bought a business and moved here, again 5 years from their initial quest of coming here. But they were forced to literally jump through hoops top get here…legally. This is SO wrong!

Here we have a family that recognized all our Country had to offer. They had the work ethic to honestly help out, hire employees, pay taxes, and, here’s the biggie…CONTRIBUTE! YET, we make it SO difficult for these types of people to get in here anymore. Please explain such a position by our elected officials to me!

Sadly I understand the reasoning for this. They really don’t want these types of people anymore. They don’t want us to live the American Dream, oh no! They want to control us, our way of life, our options and rights as citizens, our way of life, our religion, and even today, what our children eat in schools??

Good night a livin people, this is the farthest you can get from what our Country was founded on. This plan, or agenda, has been in place for many generations now, and slowly but surely the officials in our Country have been implementing this into our society.

Johnson’s vision of a “great society,” was in reality a vision of more governmental power, and less and less of a free market system through which our Country had prospered for so long. Power greed and corruption… “me, me, me, and…ME!” This should be our politician’s REAL topic for election. Shoot, at least they’ll finally be honest in their statements at that point. Today though in election mode, reality is to lie, lie, lie, and MORE lies.

Just look at the promises our current President made during his campaign? How many were just blatant, out and out lies? Transparency? Get outta here! Integrity? Give me a break! Tighten a belt? You betcha! Promote racial “let bygones be bygones?” I’d have to say anything but! Racial Division I find much more descriptive of his policies! But honestly, it’s not just him…far too many of today’s politicians are actually in bed together in this agenda…Democrat AND Republican.

Take a look at the candidates for this year’s election. I for one believe without a doubt that many of our elected leaders are Socialist in their ideals and beliefs. This to put it mildly.
Redistribution of wealth, government taking over companies, government healthcare, manipulation by our leaders in the collapse of our economy (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, etc.), even our children not being able to fly the US flag on their bikes at school, and the destruction of our Christian beliefs, as well as we can’t say…Merry Christmas…here in the US??

Yet, looking at our candidates, WHO, and I’m only asking you to name one, is shouting about the movement by our Country into a Communist oriented takeover, OR calling the ones who advocate such beliefs what they really are…Communists??

Wouldn’t you think that all these themes would be screamed about by our conservative Presidential candidates? I’d think so, but not one is beating this over anybody’s head. Why? I personally believe that whoever did so, the people would flock to them…in droves.

Yet, I don’t hear this. Well kinda, but it’s like they’re walking on eggs IF they do so. Call it what it is! Show we the people you have virtues, morals, and integrity. Let us hear you loud and clear, don’t sashay around these things. Speak from your heart your convictions, do something to stand above this political correctness mentality, and LEAD!

Illegal immigration is WRONG…stop it. Government intrusion into our private lives is WRONG! The destruction of our free market system is WRONG. TAKING from the rich, to give to the poor is WRONG!

Today’s government pension and retirement packages are WRONG! Giving the unions a part of GM is WRONG! They were the biggest players involved in the collapse of our automobile industry here in the US!
Continuing to fund public sector waste is WRONG! AmTrac, the post office, and all other public sector fiascos are ALL WRONG! Look at the post office…losing billions every quarter, YET, Fed-Ex, UPS, and others in the private sector make money every quarter! This too is ALL WRONG!

Fannie and Freddie were major players in the economic demise of our economy, yet, Franklin Raines pocketed over $20 million in compensation in 2003 alone??? I’ve heard, but didn’t spend the time this morning to substantiate this, but total compensation through the years was over 100 million dollars! This “compensation” from a company that went belly-up with debt. Much of it giving loans, forced on lenders by government regulations to put people into homes who they KNEW HAD NO POSSIBLE WAY OF PAYING THEIR MORTGAGES!

If you or I were to pull such an act…we’d be UNDER the jail! This is just but one of countless examples such as this by…our leaders.

We’ve sat back and let our leaders throw us as taxpayers, under the bus. These same “crusaders for the poor,” as they profess themselves to be, have long lost any fear of public retaliation. We’ve become… “sheeple.”

As I stated earlier, let’s look back at the poor and oppressed…or how our leaders like to describe such constituents.

Let’s begin with the inner cities. President Johnson started this crusade against…poverty. Their dwellings were deplorable, their standard of living was deplorable, and their education and work ethics were deplorable. So, almost 50 years later what’s changed? Nothing!

After ALL these government programs, government initiatives, AND government involvement in these programs…no change! No, I’m sorry, there is change…EVEN MORE people poor and oppressed now! Trillions of dollars later, trillions of dollars later, mind you, the problem is more rampant than ever.

One more, FINE example of our elitist leader’s transformation of our Country down the path of Communism. It’s not as many of us think in regards to our politicians…what in the world are they thinking about, or, are they THAT stupid?? But in reality it’s not that they’re stupid…it’s their goal, their agenda, their power-play on “we the people!” They’ve been actually very, very intelligent AND patient in their desire of transforming our Country…from within!

It’s, human nature…give an inch…take a mile. So in reality, it’s not our leaders who’ve been ignorant in their goal, but the ignorance of we the people sitting back on our haunches allowing our leaders to orchestrate and manipulate us into this fine mess we’re in today!

I’m only putting the blame where it goes, on us, and I wholeheartedly agree that I too have sat back and allowed this to happen. I’m as guilty as the next!

So I guess the most important thing for us to do today is to help try and educate others into the dangerous direction we’re being taken as a Country.

Become involved! Our next election is very crucial my friends. Stand up and be heard. Voice your opinion, and stand up for what’s right. Our days of being led around by our officials, has to stop. Make them accountable, and make them aware OF their accountability.

Quit allowing our government to give us a fish for our next meal. Demand the right to fish for ourselves, and by this becoming the bread winners in regards to our families once more. We don’t want a fish…we want to learn how to fish, and by so…feeding our own family ourselves! Let free markets reign!

Quit letting them buy your souls for a mere pittance of what could be. Start believing in yourselves, and by doing so you’ll see just what our great Country has to offer! Be the best at what you do. Become a self-starter, and don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do when it comes to your work ethic.

Become proud of your accomplishments, and NEVER, EVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! The only person who can stop you from living your own “American Dream,” is you! This is as true a statement as ever has come out of my mouth!

You live in the greatest Country in the world, let’s keep it!

Thank you all for allowing me to vent some frustration this morning. I needed it, plus hopefully it will inspire some. Deb and I have seen some awfully hard times in our own lives, but we never let them deter us from our own goals, or ambitions! As I said earlier…we persevered!

Was it easy? Of course not, but we never expected it to be, and our parents didn’t profess that it would be. You just gotta grab the bull by the horns, work hard at whatever it is you do, trust each other in your decisions, and BELIEVE in yourself!

THEN, do what you tell someone you’re gonna to do, be reasonable in your pricing, and be willing to invest whatever time and energy is needed in accomplishing your goals! Many times Deb and I worked from daylight to cain’t, and there are times we still do.

But, to become successful, no matter in a big way or small, there’s sacrifice involved, and this is where your own desire, motivation, and will TO succeed become critical components in your success.
Deb and I love all you guys, and appreciate you lending us your ear today. Please feel free to respond in your own way to our article this morning…we’re looking forward to your doing so!

In closing we’d both like to say…God Bless America, God Bless you and yours, and…Merry Christmas! I just had to chunk that in as well!

As always, please keep a smile on your face, AND one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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2 Responses to Dad-Gummit…What’s Happening to Our Country?

  1. Roger Walling says:

    Nice! Very Nice! It will take all of us to bring the word to the people and let them see what is happening. I constantly do my research and pass on what information I feel friends and family need to make informed decisions in regard to what we’ll accept from our politicians and what we won’t. They are all out of control and I can attest to that because I live a stones throw away from DC and I am a news junky who reads everything I can get my hands on about those politicians and their corrupted views. They only care about their positions and what they can gain for themselves. People in this country need to understand that we cannot rely on the government for anything. We all have to be self reliant and share what we can with those that have less than we. Judgement day is comin and that real soon! those who have transgressed in the name of their socialist benefactors are going to be made to pay for what they’ve put this country through. do your own research and determine who your local politicians are and what they’ve voted for and what positions they’ve taken on issues. Get involved! Go to the public hearings and voice your opinions. Take it to them and don’t back down for nothing! If enough people throw a tantrum at their meetings they will get the message and the threat comes from telling them what your vote will be! The Virginia flag says “Sic Semper Tyranus” and shows the tyrant slain under the foot of the victor. (Sic Semper Tyranus “Thus Always To Tyrants”). Fight on my friends!

    • admin says:

      Hey Roger…how are you buddy? 10-4 on your comments, and you’re so right in your belief that judgement day is coming. I’d hate to know that I’d “sold my soul,” during the short period we’re here on this earth, and face an eternity for such consequences.

      A friend commented a while back that in our socialist society today, morals, standards, virtues, and your religious convictions are laughable according to the left, the MSM, and far too many of our government officials. I can only imagine the results down the road of such actions. But you know what?? YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!

      You state, “People in this country need to understand that we cannot rely on the government for anything. We all have to be self reliant and share what we can with those that have less than we.”

      This is how it was when I grew up, and the way it is supposed to be. Neighbor WILL help neighbor through adversity, but through the “buying of votes” our politicians have sold us out…

      Thanks again Roger, your views are appreciated, my friend!

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