How’s Deb?? She’s Doing Great!

Good morning to all our friends, and welcome back to Ridin Out the Recession! What a beautiful day this morning here in the Sunshine State! Makes you want to get out and enjoy what our good Lord provides for us!

As a matter of fact, it’s so pretty out today, I believe I’ll line ole Deb up with some chores for her to take care of. She’s been gone to N. Fla. for her family’s “early Christmas,” you notice I didn’t use the word…holiday, right? LOL!

So, while she’s been gone, things have been neglected to an extent. The garden needs weedin, okra needs to be picked, she probably will get a weed-eater put in her hands (around the porch and fence it’s getting a little shabby lookin), the vehicles could stand a washin, Cheyenne and Susie both are in need of a bath, and the downstairs needs a good moppin!

Once she gets these things caught up, I’ll let her have the rest of the day off and do something she REALLY enjoys…tendin to ole Dub! Poor ole thing has been off without me for the last three days, and I sure hope she can keep her hands off me till she gets caught up on her chores. LOL!

Matter of fact I had a couple buddies of mine stop by aways back and while inside they told me I should get a television with a remote control. Well, I didn’t know, so I asked them how come I need a TV with a dern remote?

They say because you can flip the channel without ever leaving the couch. I’m like, AND?? Well, they explained all about the convenience of using a remote. I told them both that I figure that this remote doo-hickey they were describing was simply an act of…laziness, or being plum sorry!

They just went on and on about how much I’d like it and that at the very least…just try it.

My final answer? I flat out told em that I’d NEVER, EVER get to the point that I was SO sorry, that I couldn’t tell Deb to get up and…change the channel! LOL!

So it must be pretty obvious to you now that Deb ain’t made it back home yet! If she were, you can bet your bottom dollar I wouldn’t be talkin quite so big, huh?

Seriously though, Deb is doing tremendous! Not one time has she uttered anything at all negative, or complained even once of her problem. She is in all honesty, quite the trooper! I don’t know if I would have the same amount of positivity, or strength that she’s exhibited since day one!

I take that back. The reasoning is simple for such a statement. IF I was diagnosed with cancer, I gotta tell you that because of Deb’s determination and will to whip this stuff, she’d insure that I “grabbed the bull by the horns” just like she has and will me through it as she’s done.

SHE IS…one very inspiring person!

You all know that she did one chemo and said, “Enough of this!” Since this, she has gone to alternatives, and I have to say that so far this has really worked out well for her. Deb chose quality of life over chemo, and people, what a quality of life we have shared since this decision.

She works in the garden, runs around the yard with the grandkids while they are here visiting with us, does all her housework, has experienced no more weight loss SINCE doing chemo, and has had absolutely NO LIFESTYLE change since she stopped chemo…absolutely none!

No, I still can’t tell you that this is the answer…YET! But we both believe we are going to whip up on this good, or as I like to say, “Stomp on its…well, you can figure the rest of the statement out on your own, I’m sure!

Deb tells me all the time that this stuff is whipped, and it doesn’t even know it yet! I…believe her 100%!

Deb tells me still today that she has experienced NO change in her body at all. She even goes so far to say that she feels better now than any other time in her life, so for all you out there listen up.
The benefits of good fresh vegetables and fruits are probably immeasurable. We have juiced 20-25 fresh fruits and vegetables every morning since finding out that she has…Stage 4 breast cancer, with a tumor in her left breast and it had moved also, creating another tumor right below her tracheal tube as well.

We were told NO CURE! We were told 8 to 9 months with no treatment was her life expectancy. We were told 4-5 years POSSIBLY, this by getting it into remission, again, NO cure, and it would still be terminal.

Yet, here we sit today with one healthy looking, healthy feeling, and one very firm believer in healthy lifestyles in general. Natural to us, has become a very important part of our lives, and is THE main reason for us fixing to put up a green house! (video of the pad for it below)

Once more, I cannot tell you she has cleared this up, yet, but we both know at this point there is NO doubt she made the right decision by stepping out of the medical spectrum, and fighting this in her own way…regardless of the outcome.

If she would have pursued the other route, or chemo, I can promise you all this…her quality of life to this point would have sucked! I’ve seen what it did to Deb’s drive, stamina, will power, and general outlook, and I have to tell you, it was terrible! The decision she chose was the one she felt most comfortable with…in her own heart!

If I stop and look back now, I realize just how right she was in her choosing her own fight, on her own terms. The day she told me her decision to forgo the medical world, and to use alternatives, I have to admit I was elated, and this again was based on her experience with chemo.

She asked me, “What do you think about my going the alternative route, AND what do you feel my chances are?” I told her that quite honestly…I didn’t know, but I’d say…50-50.”

Her answer to me was, “Well, if you remember, we were told the chances of my beating this was POSSIBLY, MAYBE, 50-50 too, and this not curing it, BUT again, maybe it would prolong my life. So, I have just as good a chance with alternatives as I do with chemo. The game changer though…I have quality of life!” My response…”Let’s do it!” And here we are today!

I personally have no doubt that Deb’s quality of life, if undergoing chemo, would have been incomparable to what she’s experienced to this point using alternatives. This statement to me is a “no-brainer!” I’ve watched her throughout this process and I’m amazed.

Let me also state, if tomorrow I too was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I too would choose, without a doubt, I’d go the exact same route Deb has chosen!

Now, we are not trying to influence anyone in your own treatment in regards to this disease, BUT we are telling you that the only thing to do is to know in your own heart you’re doing what YOU feel, YOU need to do.

Once you make your decision, you HAVE TO BELIEVE that your choice is right for you and, is the best decision you could make! In other words, BELIEVE in your choice, don’t wonder if you made the right choice…KNOW that you have. Positive thinking is a major asset in this fight! Don’t EVER lose your positivity…EVER!

So, in closing let me say once more that my Deb is doing just great, and again, I couldn’t be any prouder of her than what I am. She’s the best in my book!

Let me say too, that without our good Lord’s blessings, anything we do is a mute, point. HE is in control of all facets of all our lives, and HIS will, will be done!

Also, let me take a moment and thank all of you guys once more…you all are the best too! You’ve supplied us with many words of encouragement, advice, and most of all…your prayers!

How awesome that you guys have thought enough of Deb to take time out from your own problems, and just the hectic pace of living your own lives, to express to us your love and support! You too are the greatest! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you’ve all been, simply amazing!

God Bless each and every one of you, because I doubt very seriously if we’d have done as well this far without your help!

In closing I’ll leave you once more with Deb’s wishes…”Keep a smile on your face…and one in your heart!”

Dub and Deb

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3 Responses to How’s Deb?? She’s Doing Great!

  1. Jeff Davis says:

    Doug…..Why don’t we ever see you in front of the camera?? Maybe it’s because that’s all we would see is you.


    • admin says:

      Hey Debbie…I thought I told you to block this guy!! Hahaha!

      What are you doin Davis, and what cha doin bustin my chops?? I mean, is this not the same guy who bout got drug back down by the ski lift cause your jacket got hung up?? Or the same man who’s girlfriend served us up lasagna…without boilin the noodles first?? C’mon man, get real! Plus my talent is not showing you by example…it’s explaining the procedures!! Therefore, I haven’t been in front of the camera. Actually I never walked until I was eight years old. The reason…I was such a PRETTY baby…nobody would put me down. SO, if I get in FRONT of the camera, guess who they’ll be wantin to see EVERY video! LOL!!

      Seriously, how are you Jeff? We’re all fine. Great hearing from you buddy! For all you who don’t know, Jeff is probably my best friend, and his family was actually my second family. They are all good, good people…cept maybe Jeff! Jeff, you take care buddy, and good hearing from you!! Please tell the rest of your family we said hello!

  2. Jeff Davis says:

    I forgot the k at the end of oirsbeek. My correct e-mail.


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