Deb’s Latest Blood Test…PERFECT Once Again:

Well guys, we took Deb back to the Doctor this past Monday for more blood work, and to have her port flushed out again. The results of her blood work…PERFECT!! Yes!

As you know, Deb took one chemo treatment, then, opted for alternative treatment. SO, when we hear that her blood tests are again perfect, boy, does that make us feel good. Through these tests, we don’t know how much ground we’re gaining yet, BUT, it lets us know that we sure ain’t losing ground either.

By her blood count tests coming back so well each time, this lets us know that as of right now her body is functioning as it should…

We were going to have a scan done to check her cancer out on Nov. 2, but Deb decided against it. Actually her reasoning for postponing this was a good idea I thought too, after she told me her reasoning behind this decision.

First and foremost, is the simple fact that I’ve resigned myself to…it IS her decision, and her decision only. This is how it’s been since finding out about her cancer. We talk and discuss things periodically, BUT, the final say is Deb’s, and hers alone. To me, this is how it ought to be…no interference.

Secondly, she is finally gotten to the point that the alternative treatments we’re using, and there are several of them, she’s gotten to the point she’s taking all of them now full strength. A couple you have to build yourself up to get to the full recommended dosage, and now she’s been doing them all full strength for a couple months.

So, Deb decided that she’d rather stay on her alternatives for another couple months or so, then, have the scan done at that point. If she would have taken the scan back on the second, she would have had to have gotten off all her alternatives for a few days, so, she decided she’d rather keep her routine as it is rather than stop, and get a scan right yet.

My feelings on this were that simply…it’s your call, you do what you feel in your heart you should do, and that’s good enough for me. I’ll never buck her in these decisions, and honestly, I really have no right to buck her! I’m part of her support team, and that’s what I’ll continue to be. Support her in any and all decisions that she makes in this regard.

As we’re seeing already, I think the decisions that she’s made all have been jam up. She looks good, she feels good, and boy is she motivated. She is an inspiration to me and our family. She doesn’t acknowledge the words of, “you can’t, or just the word no, period!” She is…a go-getter!

Actually, I couldn’t be any prouder of her than I am now. She took the chemo, saw how it took her down, then stopped and re-evaluated her treatment choices. After considering her options, she decided on going with alternatives.

Let me stop here for a minute or two, and go back a month or so…

We had a reader comment a little while back, actually I believe it was the last time I discussed Deb’s personal progress with you guys. I had made a video showing Deb out picking peas, and how well she was doing. In reality, while I was filming her, she had no idea I was doing so.

But, as I watched her, I decided to film her because of how well she was doing, and again I’m so proud of the way she has grabbed this stuff by the horns, and locked up with it. Once more, I personally am so inspired by her work ethic number one, and number two, by her progress to date.

Anyway, the reader commented, and I don’t remember the exact wording, but it was basically “bustin my chops,” stating that I shouldn’t talk so badly about chemo, and that I may be causing people to go another route with their own treatment in regards to cancer.

I gotta tell you guys that this comment did “light me up,” upon reading this. Well, Deb and I went back and reread everything we’ve talked about in regards to Deb’s fight with cancer. In NO place period, has Deb or myself told anyone…don’t do chemo! NOT ONE TIME!

We knew we hadn’t, but to make sure, we decided to check it out, and sure enough, neither one of us have made such a remark. NEVER!

WHAT WE HAVE SAID is this…chemo was not right for Deb, this much we did say, but nowhere have we even attempted to tell people NOT TO DO CHEMO! First off…why would we make such a statement?? Really, why would we??

We don’t know FOR SURE yet, that the decisions we have made WILL cure Deb’s cancer, although we believe it will…100% believe it!

This one point is something that Deb and I do feel is very, very important, and may very well be the MOST important…believing in your treatment 100%, no matter if it be chemo, alternatives, or if you decide to do absolutely nothing at all! BUT, you have to believe that the decision you just made is 100% right!

Also, our story of our fight with cancer is not anyone else’s…it is Deb’s story of decisions Deb has made, no one else’s. I can’t possibly tell you not to do chemo, and we haven’t, because I haven’t even told my own wife what decision I feel is best for her, much less anyone else. I’ve only told Deb that the decisions she makes, are the decisions she feels are best for her. Decisions she has to feel right about IN HER OWN HEART, and if she does, then go with them, then know, and believe, that they’ll work.

If you look back at any article we’ve done, we’ve told everyone this is how we feel. We can’t tell anyone what treatment to choose…we can’t. BUT, we have said do only what you feel in your own heart what is right for you, and that’s ALL we’ve ever said in this regard.

That’s all I have to say about that…besides once again, Deb’s decision IS Deb’s decision, AND her decision was based on quality of life…her quality of life!

So, in closing let’s just reiterate once more….do what you feel you need to do. This is your decision and nobody else’s.

This is a terrible disease, and I wish I could wave a wand and clear up any and everybody involved in their own fight with this, but sadly, I can’t.

To those of you with cancer, please know that you too are in our prayers, and we realize Deb’s in yours as well. Thank you all for your wonderful support Deb’s been shown, and for all your prayers on her behalf. You all are great, and we can’t express in words our heartfelt appreciation of your doing so! Thank you again, one and all!

You guys have a terrific day, and God Bless you and yours. As Deb always says, “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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3 Responses to Deb’s Latest Blood Test…PERFECT Once Again:

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much Kunoichi, your thoughts are very much appreciated by Deb and I both!

      Well, how have you guys been? Gettin cold up in your part of the Country, huh? Well, we sure hope you all are doing fine, and God Bless you and yours!

      • Kunoichi says:

        Thanks. I may not be commenting much of late, but I keep visiting and keep you guys in my prayers. :-)

        As for the cold, we’ve had a remarkably mild November – right up until 2 days ago! *L* We’re at -18C right now, with a windchill of -25C. That’s -0.4F and -13F for you guys. A bit of a shock to the sytem, let me tell you! LOL

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