Good morning to y’all…….everyone is experiencing the financial mess our country is experiencing, as is the producers of this “information please”. Our staff has left after their demands to unionize, (and get paid), paper and ink costs have risen 36%, electric, cooling and heat has reached the limits of the editor……..the effect on my digging into subjects, and trying to get them out to y’all, has gotten my blood pressure too high………I will continue to direct my attention to one or two subjects, may not change anyone’s opinion, or be old news by the time you get my opinion, but y’all will know how this person feels about the condition of our country……..

In the past issues, I would close by “see y’all in the funny papers” never knowing that it had a different meaning to the Irish……we have the good fortune in reading our local paper, frequently has an article by Fay Vincent, former baseball commissioner, former CEO of Columbia Pictures, writes as a guest contributor,….. The following are bits from his November 6th article……..”When I was a young lawyer in New York, the senior partner of our law firm was “old….about 55… Irishman from Connecticut. I remember him telling me to always first read the obituaries….when asked why, with a grin replied “these were the Irish funny pages”…to this day, the first pages I read are the “Irish funny pages”, which I find rarely disappointing, sometimes old friends appear, other times I read about people I never knew but whose public exploits I admired..” he concludes, “ As is often the case, these obits served to remind me of ancient verities, an obituary is recording death and it is a grim sense of humor we Irish may seem to view the obituaries as “FUNNY PAGES”, but the Iris have tended to greet death as an old friend, and to grieve with stories, and a “wee drop”

SUBJECT OF THE DAY……..We’ve now lost a war, we’d already won….Charles Krauthammer………Barack Obama was a principled opponent of the Iraq War from its beginning. But in January 2009, he was handed a war that was won. The SURGE was successful. Al-Quida was decimated, a Shiite prime minster was taking a decisive nationalist line, and the Sunnis were ready to integrate into a new national government. The U.S. casualties were at their lowest ebb for the entire war. And elections were approaching; Obama was left with a single task. NEGOTIATE a new status-of-forces to reinforce these gains and create a strategic partnership with the world’s only Arab democracy. AND OBAMA AND BIDEN BLEW IT……as of December 31st, the American military presence in Iraq will liquidate.”( The reason the Administration for the failure to agree, was a question of “immunity “which is so flimsy a reason, it’s nearly funny….especially after over 5,000 U.S. dead, thousands of wounded, $800 billions of taxpayers’ money) “The military had suggested leaving 29,000 troops, considerably fewer than our 29,000 troops in KOREA, 40,000 in Japan and 54,000 in Germany…….It has become quite clear that Obama wanted out , leaving Iraq enough to maintain a pro-American orientation exposed to Iranian influence, now unopposed and potentially lethal. Recently Mossaud Barzani, leader of the Kurds, for two decades America’s staunchest ally, visited Teheran to bend a knee to both President Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

It didn’t have to be this way, Obama opposed the war, but when he became commander- in-chief, the terrible price had already been paid in blood and treasure. His obligation was to make something of that sacrifice, to secure the strategic gains that sacrifice had already achieved……HE DID NOT, years from now we will be asking not “Who lost Iraq ?” that is already clear—but WHY ?”

There are so many more subjects, but my in house doctor is watching over my shoulder………see y’all in the FUNNY PAPERS, like Mutt & Jeff, Popeye, Ish Kabbibble, Tarzan etc………AP

NEWS ITEMS TO WATCH: The idiotic Super (political)Committee…….Obama’s invasion of Uganda……….LYBYA’s new government………..Egypt’s new leader…….Iran’s plans for the future…….Europe’s financial problems……….The Republican Presidential “wanna be’s”…………Russia’s nuclear romance with Chavez……..Wall Street’s Corporate Welfare State…….the TWO FANNIES………Does the USA face the same problems with the surge of Muslims……….Israeli-Palestinian problem…….will Israel challenge Iran?……..OBAMA’ EXECUTIVE ORDER TO DELAY DECISION ON CANADA TO FORT WORTH PIPE LINE UNTIL AFTER ELECTION.

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