Hey Mississippi…That Was Some GREAT…Fried Okra!:

Good morning guys, and welcome back to Ridin out the recession in Miz Judi’s Kitchen. We hope all are well today.

First off this morning, I have to tell you all that Deb is doing just great. Looks good (one of the reason I married her!), she feels good (another reason…aw, forget it), and is steady “upbeat.” She is truly one heck of an inspiration to me!

Now, about ole Mississippi. For those that don’t know, Mississippi, is actually Sandra. Sandra lives in Mississippi, which happens to be why I call her “Louie.” Just kiddin Mississippi.
Sandra has been in her own battle with cancer, since 1998 I believe. If I’m wrong Sandra, just give us a shout.

Anyway, Sandra has been such a big help to Deb in this regard. They talk quite frequently anymore, and she has become an extended part of our family, along with so many others that we’ve met such finding out Deb had cancer.

Honestly people, it is as if you’ve joined up with one big family. Everyone is concerned with everyone else in their battle. It is so inspiring to share your experiences with others in the same fight, and comforting too.

Let me say to all of you out there once more of how much we appreciate ALL your prayers and concerns. You all are truly blessings to Deb and I both. Thank you! Your response has been overwhelming to us both!

You guys have probably picked up from our site that Deb and I just LOVE fried okra. Sadly enough though, we’ve not been eating fried foods hardly at all…zip nair un!

We do, once in a great while, fry some okra. Yesterday was only the second time this year. Again, we take one day a week and eat what we want. We don’t go crazy with it, just eat one good meal, of our liking.

Mississippi had put up her recipe in our comment section the other day. It was…fried okra. So yesterday Deb gave Sandra a shout and asked her a couple questions regarding her fried okra recipe. Sandra gave Deb a heads up on her “how to’s,” and Deb fired off the cook stove.

Sandra, I gotta tell you…it was EXCELLENT! Very, very good, and so crispy. No wonder ole Chet has put up with you for so dern long…you can COOK girl!!

Let me share this recipe with you guys now. If you like okra, and you’ve never tried it like this, give it a whirl, cause I promise you…you’re gonna like it!

Deb always does hers pretty much this way, but Sandra has a couple twists that Deb and I weren’t aware of, but boy what a difference in the taste number one, and it’s appearance, number two. Excellent, excellent okra. I even called my Mama this morning and quizzed her some, but she too doesn’t do the two steps that Sandra “turned Deb and I on to!” Big, big difference in the end result.

Fried Okra:

Since I am feeling quite well today think I will do more than one post.

  • Best fried okra in the world
  • Lots of Okra (like a bucketful). Cut in the slice width of your choice
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Flour
  • Cornmeal
  • Oil or fat for frying(for you fat, concerned people use canola)

Put cut okra in large container. Salt and pepper it. Toss it around.

Dust with the flour and shake off excess, let it set and it will get gooey. When it gets gooey add the cornmeal, let it set, toss it around. Make sure it is quite covered. Heat a big pot with oil or fat. Shake off excess cornmeal. Put in enough for the okra to float and fry until brown.

You do not want to crowd your fryer, so do it in batches. Drain on paper.

You want to cook a mass quantity of okra because while it is cooling and waiting for the table it will start disappearing. If you have any leftovers leave it on the counter
it will disappear too. We eat it like popcorn. This makes a very good product and will stay crispy for a while. Enjoy!

She wasn’t kiddin either people, this okra is really good. I have to admit it…I gorged myself with it. Had a piece of Hawaiian chicken, and a baked tater with it. If you haven’t had this, the chicken, it is in our archives and is really good itself, it’s cheap to make, and is very easy to do. If you can’t find it, holler and we’ll repost it.

Anyway, I ate my chicken, tater, and my helping of okra, then went and got the remainder of the okra and…down the hatch! Good Lord we did enjoy the okra. It helps too though when you walk outside, pick it, wash it, then fry it up, just boom, boom, boom. It doesn’t get any fresher than that.

The secret to her okra is simple enough, but man what a difference it makes.

You see, Deb or I will flour and meal our okra, then fry it. With Sandra’s recipe you don’t. You let it sit. Yep, that’s it.

As an example, Sandra says after cutting up your okra and washing it, put it in a colander, then salt and pepper it. Next, pour your flour in over it, mix it well getting your okra covered good, then walk off. Yep, just walk off and leave it 20 to 30 minutes.

What this does is that the flour becomes dampened and forms almost like a paste on it. Now it’s ready for your cornmeal. Do the same thing. Coat it good with your corn meal, then let it sit again, another 5 to 10 minutes. Shake off any excess, throw em in some hot grease, and in a matter of minutes you’re into some fine eatin! Once more, Deb and I both loved it.

So thank you again, Mississippi…you’re one fine lady.

Now, shifting gears once more, I have some very sad news to share with you today. It broke Deb and my heart to hear this, but sometimes things happen for the best. We all know that when it’s time, and the good Lord calls us home, we must go. This happened to a very good friend of ours this past week.

Ken and his wife Trisha, from Texas, lost their battle with lung cancer. Trisha was diagnosed almost to the day that Deb was diagnosed with breast cancer. Last Tuesday, Trisha was called home, I believe Ken said around 8 am.

A remarkable story comes from this though. Ken had told us that Trisha had been bedridden almost a week. Couldn’t stand up on her own, and not talking. He stated he came in the room one day, and all of a sudden Trisha stands up on her own, hugs him, and plants a kiss on him.

He said he didn’t know where she got the strength from, but yes, he really does, don’t you? It was our Lord. Yes, Trisha and Ken are both Christians, and Ken knows that his Trisha is in a much better place today. No pain, and no suffering.

Yes sir, for the ones left behind, this is a very sad time, and hard to deal with, BUT for the one who was suffering, it is only an answered prayer, and by this, they’re in a much better place than this world we live in.

Trisha is survived by her husband Ken, and their son David. Please, put them in your prayers if you would, they are good, good people. Ken, we love you brother, and we’re only a phone call away.

On that note, we’ll close for today. God Bless you all, and please, if you notice anything different in regards to your body, or you just don’t feel “up to snuff,” please go and have it checked out.

If caught in the early stages, you have more options in regards to your treatments. If you get nothing else from anything at all we write, please let this sink in. The earlier it’s caught, the better chance of survival you have.

Deb says to not get out of here this morning without telling you all to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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6 Responses to Hey Mississippi…That Was Some GREAT…Fried Okra!:

  1. Sandra says:

    Ken and David and family
    It is said among the old people that God calls the youngest and the brightist of our loved ones Home as Flowers for his garden. Young fresh, newly in bloom for his beautiful garden that he walks in every morning while the dew is fresh upon lilies and roses and all other colorful blossums. This was said to greiving families in our little county for many years to ease the pain of loss for someone gone to soon. It was said at my baby brothers funeral when I was six years old. It was said when my daughter
    lost her baby at birth. It is said for young people lost to accidents and diseases, it is said of people lost in the prime of life. God’s garden is filled with everlasting blooms
    and a beautiful perpetual garden. Your Trisha is one of the most beautiful blooms of many like her. Sometimes I really do like living in my county in Mississippi.
    Condolences and prayers to you and yours.

    • admin says:

      Sandra, what an absolutely beautiful comment. Very, very inspiring outlook! Thank you so much! Ken and David will appreciate your thoughts, as did Deb and I both. Very, very well said!

  2. Sandy says:

    I don’t think anything can be added to Sandra’s comment. How beautiful………..All I can say is “DITTO !”

    • admin says:

      You’re right Sandy…how can you top how Mississippi put everything into a different light, or perspective? I thought her input was actually, beautifully put! I’d never heard it expressed anyway quite like that before. Deb and I both say, “Ditto as well, and Kudos!” Well put, Mississippi!

  3. Sandy says:

    AND………………….I am trying that fried okra tonight. We have fried okra at least once every couple of weeks…….love that stuff but have never walked off and left it…………i will let you know…….How neat to be able to share all
    this info……

    • admin says:

      We tried that dern okra using Mississippi’s recipe, and DAD-GUM…about a bushel basket later I was bout through! We loved it. Hope you and Bill did as well! What??? No college football report today?? LOL!! Plus…I’m just pickin at you. As Mississippi says, “Jus kiddin!”

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