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From: Roger

A real honker

Here’s a little treat for you! These two catfish were caught on the Potomac river by my brother Mike and his son Andrew. Now you wanna’ talk about putin’ a little something in the freezer for a later date using the vacuum seal machine.

Now these two fish were 50 and 55 lbs. respectively. The first one is of Andrew holding his 50 pounder. The second one is Mike holding the 55 pounder.  Now these two fish were caught within 5 minutes of each other in the same honey hole in November.

Best advice anyone could ever give a father is to share the American traditions of hunting and fishing with your children. The memories that are shared experience are forever ingrained for life and will provide the closeness that American families need these days.

Now just imagine sharpening your fillet knives extra sharp and slicing down the thick slabs of meat from these babies and having a fish fry or slicing 2 inch wide slabs off a fillet and then slicing them down the middle and stuffing them with a crab meat, cream cheese, bread crumb stuffing mix and baking it with a light basting of garlic butter. Mmmm! Mmm! Enjoy!

A real honker

**Roger, honestly here in Florida, we bait our hooks with fish that size, or is that what you were showing us…the baitfish you guys use?

No seriously, those are two amazing catfish!! What kind of bait do you use? I’m guessin’ the reels weren’t Zebco 404’s, am I correct in that assumption?
Andrew and Mike must have had an absolute ball catchin’ those two suckers! I know you mentioned us going catfishin’, but evidently when I was pastin’ these pictures, I must have accidently deleted your offer, sorry. Please resend!
Yes sir, you guys did the freezers some good this day, no doubt. For those of you who’ve never eaten catfish, they are delicious, really, really good eatin’ fish! Deb and I love `em!

You’re right in regards to the memories as well Roger, of a Father and son outing, and catching these two is merely icing on the cake. Spend time with your children folks, they grow up way too fast!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us my friend, and it’s great hearing from you again! Take care and come back soon!

Dub and Deb

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3 Responses to Reader Comments From Ridin Out the Recession:

  1. frank garcia says:

    Now that is a great catch

    • admin says:

      Both these comments from Frank were on Mike and Andrew’s 50 and 55 lb. catfish pics sent in by brother, and Uncle Roger. They were two really nice fish! Do any fishin Frank? I checked out your site and see that you jump out of perfectly good airplanes?? Is there any good, logical explanation for this type of behavior?? LOL!

      Thanks for stopping by and please come again

  2. frank garcia says:

    looks like a beauty

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