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We’ve had many questions in regards to Deb and her juicing. So today we’ll start off with a video showing Deb preparing her juice.

She drinks this once a day and she has ever since being diagnosed with cancer. Except for one brief period, and this was when she did her one chemo treatment. First, she couldn’t stomach the taste of the juice, but she couldn’t many other things either.

Secondly, we didn’t want to overload her system during this time too. We were concerned somehow it might affect her body while on chemo. Shortly after she decided on alternative treatment, and this, the juicing, is one of the things we’ve done religiously since.

We’re not trying to influence anyone with the things we do, and aren’t asking anyone else to try what she’s decided to do…we’re only answering some questions that have been asked of us, in her fight with this cancer.

We both feel this really gives her body, and especially her immune system one good nutritional boost. We do this every morning and most all times we’re using 22-25 fresh fruits and vegetables.

Let’s take a look at Deb’s video of juicing for now, then I’ll touch on it briefly once more, okay?

So, there it is, Deb’s juicing routine. Many of you know that JohnMinn sent us considerable information that we’re using in Deb’s treatment, and this from John was on the benefits of an alkaline diet.

John was diagnosed with colon cancer, and his brother with lung cancer. Both beat their cancers by alkalinizing their diets. This done through fresh fruits and vegetables and very little meat…AND NO sweets.

I’ve been trying to do just what Deb does, and eat just what she eats. But I gotta’ tell you…when Minn said no sweets, I ‘bout bailed out on her at that point…I just might like a sweet every now and then, but I’ve stayed true to her, even in this regard. Kinda’. LOL!

Thank you again John for all your help buddy, it is so appreciated! After reading and researching, it seems cancer cannot live in a heavy alkalized body. It prefers acidity. With this being said, we also had some help from another friend of ours, Netty, in Arizona. Good morning Netty, and thanks to you too!

Netty, is a cancer survivor, and is the one who told us about Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. You saw just a brief description of it in the start of Deb’s juicing video.

This is to help your body become more alkalized as well. Two teaspoons per day. Netty says this really works in this regard and we’ve just really started this in the last week. This has become one more cog in the wheel with our treatments.

She also told of ph test strips to test the alkalinity in your body, and this will tell you where you’re at in getting our bodies more alkalinized. We couldn’t find the dern things to begin with, but we found a pharmacy that ordered some in for us, and we pick them up tomorrow. We’ll keep you aware of her progress.

We’re trying to stay really busy the next 5 weeks or so…Nov. 2…a scan to see how our alternatives are doing against her cancer. This will be a biggie for us!

I just want to add the Deb feels, and looks good. She tells me she’s noticed no change in how she feels, and still wouldn’t know there was anything wrong with her if she hadn’t found the lump, and been diagnosed. Praise be to God if we find we’re on to something here with her alternative treatments.

She asked me to be sure and tell everyone to keep their appointments regularly, and if you notice something wrong, PLEASE go and have it looked at. She says to also stay very positive, and to play the cards you’re dealt…to win! Grab the bull by the horns and take control. I’ll say this about Deb, she’s doing just exactly this! I’m very proud of her!

Let’s wind this up by telling all you good people out there how much we appreciate all your prayers and concern for Deb. It is incredible to us the response you guys put out there for us. Words can’t express how much it all means to us. You are a wonderful bunch of people, and we are forever indebted to you for your kindness! God Bless you all!

We appreciate you stopping by to see us, and always remember Deb’s advice…keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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