Shooting on the Range:

You guys all know that our rights to gun ownership are guaranteed to us through the 2nd Amendment. You also know that these rights are under attack from the left and far too many of our politicians.
Falsehoods and untruths make up their rhetoric in advocating tougher gun legislation here in the US. Don’t let them deceive you into believing their reasoning is a “safer populace,” as this is the exact opposite of actually the way it is.
Crimes are committed by criminals, not guns. Sadly, society today is far from being what true mainstream believers in our Constitution and the freedoms and liberties it provides. A quick look at the policies and agendas being implemented by our elected leaders are proof of this.
We, as conservatives, libertarians, independents, and even many Democrats are in a conflict to save our Country as we know it. They’re indoctrinating our children through what I like to refer to as “half an education,” and they’re trying daily to take away our religious beliefs, yet Muslims can block off streets in New York City and other cities as well, to pray. Yet our leaders don’t want us to simply say, “Merry Christmas.” Am I missing something here?
Anyway, the column today is about shooting. Ever since I can remember there were guns in our house. We went to visit Grannie and Granddaddy, and there were guns there as well. I can’t remember one family that didn’t have some sort of gun in the house back when I was a child?
It was this way with our children, and today it’s that way with their children. We all believe in the rights of the American citizen to “keep and bear arms.”
The data released tells an entirely different story than what the “libs,” and many of our elected leaders would like you to believe. Although we won’t discuss “the numbers” we did do an article a little ways back that did indeed speak of the “real numbers.”

Yesterday, Deb, Red and I, went down to shoot a few rounds. It has literally been months since we’d taken the time to do so. This on top of the news Deb had back in April in regards to her health. BUT, ole Deb is doing very, very well again, and she stated yesterday she’d like to target practice some if we’d like. So, we gathered up a few pistols, and a rifle and headed down to “chunk a few down range!”
Deb loves to shoot skeet, or just shoot targets. It was so good to see her out doing this again, but she can only shoot pistols for the time being. Her port is on her right side and we don’t want her trying to shoot any of the long guns until we get that scoundrel out. It sits almost right where you shoulder your gunstock, so it’ll be a while yet before we let her mess with the rifles and such. Won’t be as long as it has been though!
I gotta tell you, we had a ball. We were all a little rusty, but it hindered nothing. It was good quality time, and we all laughed and cut-up, well…like old times! It was a blast, no pun intended.
Back growing up, there was nothing I enjoyed more than getting out with Dad, or my Granddaddy and plinkin some cans with a 22, or getting up before daylight to go sit in a blind to shoot a turkey. The nights before doing so, there was little to no sleep because I wanted “tomorrow” to get here so bad! It was almost like Christmas!
There weren’t many times you’d eat at Granddaddy’s that there wasn’t some sort of meat on the table that we hadn’t shot, or caught. Dove or quail, rabbit, hog, turkey or venison were all staples, and man, that guy could make it fit to eat!
Then you add all the good fresh vegetables out of his garden, and maybe Grannie would have a big ole peach cobbler for dessert. This was provided from the little peaches they grew on their trees. They weren’t anywhere near as good, or as big as the ole Georgia peaches most are familiar with, but these little peaches sure made a fine cobbler!
After we wound up yesterday, Deb expressed she wants to start doing this again, maybe once a week or so. With that being the case, I figured the days she’d like to shoot a little, we’d just incorporate our morning walk to end up right there at the range. Throw a pistol in our pockets and a few extra magazines, and stop and “practice up” some.
All of our kids love to shoot and all of our grandchildren too. We all believe this to be good, clean family fun, and a very good lesson in life too…for the younger ones especially.
Accountability, responsibility, learning to pay attention and listen up some, teaching them to give moral support to the other shooters (that’s a tough one when ya got two brothers out there together), plus getting all those guys out of the house, and into the outdoors!
If you’ve never experienced the joy of just getting out a while and target shooting some, then I strongly suggest you possibly giving it a whirl. You may take right to it, and find that you do enjoy doing this, and end up being very proficient with one.
Also, who knows, the time may come in your life you were glad you did purchase a gun and had started shooting it some. This is kinda a sad statement to make, but people, in today’s world there is no given. The main problem I see is that if you ever need a gun, you may need it BADLY. Deb and I both try to advocate…better safe, than sorry!
We’ve put up a couple videos for you guys, and there’s nothing really to them. It’s simply the three of us at the range, doing something we all enjoy, and having a dern ball doing it. It wasn’t just about the fun we had doing it, but also the visit we three had while doing so. Once more, good family fun.
To me though, I’ve learned to look at things a little different since Deb’s prognosis. To me, anytime Deb gets out and does such as this with us…it’s a victory for her, in my eyes. We’ve been so blessed the last 2-3 months in her getting back to form, and I’ve got to tell all of you…I’ve seen quite a few “victories” in regards to her.
In closing I’d just like to express my undying devotion in helping her “knock this stuff out,” and get back to being the wife, Mother, and Grandmother she’s so suited to being! She’s tough, and we are going to beat this!

Thank you all so much for stopping back by to see us, and God bless!
Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart, says Deb!
Dub and Deb

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