Yes, Our Chickens HAVE Come Home To Roost

Good morning guys. We haven’t posted in a few days, but honestly we’ve been awful busy. Plus, Thursday we have a big, big appointment…a blood test for Deb. This will be her first since deciding she’ll be no longer doing chemo.


You know, during the campaign we heard on numerous occasions Rev. Wright proclaiming, “God d… America,” and other America hating, racist, along with many other things I found absolutely atrocious.

White people introduced aids to Africa is another. But we all remember him proclaiming “The chickens have come home to roost.” This making the claim that the flying of the planes into the Twin towers, and all the other attacks on America or its citizens are an example of…our actions created this. Basically stating that we deserved these attacks.

Now this accusation is blaming us for these events. Now you have to understand that these same people who carried out these attacks advocate the killing of their own families…wives, children, etc., under the banner of so called “honor killings.”

I have to say that any people, or religions, that advocate “honor killings” as a belief and condone such, is not an example of retribution over acts carried out by America. This is simply religion being used to force people into their own religious beliefs…and their targets? Any other religion besides their own.

Ever heard the phrase “death to the infidels?” That’s us…the infidels. How many billions of dollars a year do we give to these people? God only knows. The Islamist radicals don’t merely not like us…they HATE us, and everything we stand for.

So, I don’t think Rev. Wright’s accusation is correct in the TRUE sense of what the radical Islamists are doing at all. Do you? Also, don’t forget that he was President Obama’s preacher and mentor for nearly 20 years.

So, in regards to Rev. Wright’s hateful, racist, and America despising rhetoric, this is the first example of…yes, our chickens HAVE come home to roost.

A President elected in our Country, who undoubtedly has no concern for our Constitution, our rights as citizens, private business in our Country, and he himself flaunting, and advocating, racial divide in our Country.

A career “community organizer,” the likes of Bill Ayers and many, many others like him, an advocate for redistribution of our wealth (you know the story…take from the haves, and give to the have-nots), and also doing any and everything needed to keep our economy stagnant.

We elected a man who talked openly during the campaign of “fundamentally transforming America.” A man who refused for quite a period of time to wear a flag pin, or even show respect during our National Anthem. Are we racists? No, the vast majority of us are not, contrary to what the liberals have to say in this regard.

Do we experience “reverse racism” daily? Yes we do.

So, through the guilt trip portrayed by our media, our politicos, and our educators, this “evil empire” of ours called the United States of America, proved all these accusations to be true…by electing a black man to the highest office in our land. He became, through our election process, the President of the United States of America. Boy, that’s about as racist as it gets, huh? That’s almost as bad as the Professor Gates’ fiasco!

Maybe we ought to go have a beer with the Prez, and talk it out??

But, this again, is one more example of, yes, our chickens HAVE come home to roost.

How about “affirmative action?” You remember the white firefighters in New Bedford, who were denied promotion in favor of black and Hispanic fireman? This taking place although the “white” fireman did better on all the tests and job evaluation reports.

If you remember, Soto Mayer ruled in favor of the Black and Hispanic fireman, and guess what? She is now a Supreme Court Justice, appointed by…our own President Obama.

As you know, this ruling was overturned, and the white firefighters promoted. Affirmative action? Why this is one more example of the statement…our chickens HAVE come home to roost!

Political correctness? You know the drill…don’t you dare say, “Merry Christmas!” In Houston Texas you can’t say a prayer at the V.A. Cemetery without you first sending a copy of your prayer to the V.A. to have it…approved! Oh yes, I almost forgot. You can’t say the word God, either.

How about the war on Islamist radicals…not being called a war. Good gracious people…these are “man-made disasters,” what’s wrong with you? Are you some type of racist, or what?

Illegal immigration and it’s being advocated by our politicians? Who now by the way, are trying to figure how in the world to grant these “illegals” amnesty, and wanting to do so during economic times when our true un-employment is probably pushing 19%?? Yeah man…our chickens HAVE come home to roost!

The unrestricted growth and spending by our government are also destroying our Country’s ability for economic wellbeing and prosperity. Entitlements, health care, retirement packages, and pension plans given to our “poor and oppressed peoples,” our politicians, and our public sector work force as a whole, have become so extreme, and are so wrong, that it has to qualify as literally stealing from the taxpayer anymore.

This doesn’t even include the number of self-avowed Socialists in our government either. An ideology we as American’s have defended against throughout a major portion of our history. Again, our chickens HAVE come home to roost.

This morning though, I want to cite an example of what we are becoming as a people in our Country today, and through this, show once more the reasoning behind the title of today’s column…this is taking place in Tampa, Florida.

Angel Adams is black. By making this statement there is NO racially motivated intent on my part…just that this is a true statement.

Angel Adams has 15 children…15! Does Angel Adams work…no, she does not. When asked if she has a job, this is her answer. “This is my work. I do this all by myself. I don’t know what I’m going to do. This is a revolving door going nowhere.”

When I first started following this story, Angel Adams and twelve of her 15 children were living in room 168 of an Economy Inn…paid for by a relative for one week.

Where are the other three children?

Here’s Angel’s explanation. “They’ve aged out.” “Aged out” meaning they’ve reached the point that they are no longer part of the CHILD welfare system. I hopefully wish that these three are now productive members of society, and are holding jobs, and doing whatever they can to better themselves. Sadly though, I’d be willing to bet that they have only “graduated” to a different set of programs, once more…from our pocketbooks!

Angel ended up here after being kicked out of her apartment. Why?

Well, according to Sandy Chiellini, her ex-landlord, when Angel showed up to sign her lease with “her fiancé,” and ONE child. She didn’t learn of the other 11 children until later…you see, Angel and her fiancé, Gary Adams, failed to mention this. Probably just an oversight, huh?

It gets better!

First Angel says her children fear DCF. It seems two years ago her fiancé was arrested, and is serving a 5-year term for dealing cocaine. Well, after his arrest, “the money dried up,” and her children were taken away from her, and put into foster care. Why? It seems Angel was charged with child neglect.

Here’s more…

Angel states with indignation in the interview, that “SOMEBODY OWES HER!” My question is simply…who owes her and why in the world has she become indoctrinated in her belief that someone owes her? You only have to look as far as the community organizations, our politicians, our media, and yes, even our educational system. Buying of votes.

The reporter claims the hotel room was filthy. I’m assuming that it’s too much to ask Angel to try and keep it clean. The reporter states it smelled of dirty diapers. Does this mean the family can’t dispose of the trash? I’m sure there is a dumpster on the premises. Oh, but these people are under the belief they don’t have to do anything…absolutely nothing. It’s their RIGHT that we the taxpayer cater to their every need.

The landlord (Chiellini) of her former residence also claims the Adams family caused numerous problems as well, after hiding the fact they had 11 other children going to be moving in with them. Chiellini states that the Adams caused plumbing problems, and downstairs tenants were flooded. They created much noise, along with the occasional visit from police.

The Hillsborough Kids had inspected the apartment, and although their caseworkers considered it small, they agreed to pay the $800 per month rent. Angel lost the apartment anyway, through the problems stated above.

Next, Nick cox, Regional Director for DCF, became involved in this situation. He found them a cottage large enough to house the family of 12. Skeptical of the DCF, remember she had lost her kids prior for child neglect, Angel stated, “What do I do? I have no answers. My family has been railroaded. Someone needs to pay me.” She also states, “I NEED money! I NEED transportation. My children NEED a place to live.”

Someone needs to pay her?? What does she do? I have no answers? It took 15 children for her to decide she has no answers? If this lady has been on taxpayer provided assistance, then why in the world was she permitted to HAVE 15 children in the dern first place?

Deb and I don’t supply our own grown children with a place to live, furnish their electricity, food, and other life needs. That’s THEIR OWN responsibility. When they lived at home they were REQUIRED to help out, work when needed, and if they wanted to wear the “name brand shoes, pants, etc., they made the cost difference up themselves.

With this being the case, and basically our beliefs as a society, what in the world are we supplying deadbeats these luxuries for?? On top of this, they don’t even APPRECIATE it…they DEMAND it! Yes sir, our chickens HAVE come home to roost.

It goes even further.

There was a hitch in Angel and her family moving into their new place. It surfaced that Angel already owes the Tampa Housing Authority more than $6,000.00 dollars. What happened, guess?
Hillsborough Kids paid the Tampa Housing Authority for her…monies owed, wiped clean! Not one cent out of Angel’s pocket. By Hillsborough Kids paying this, the Tampa Housing Authority cut short a 5-year ban on Angel, and she can now move into a new home, and the kids have new clothes and shoes.

Then after inspection of Angel’s new home, I believe a two-story, 5 bedroom, they weren’t allowed to move in…too close to a railroad track, even though the home has a chain link fence preventing access to the tracks.

I have to wonder how many people that work, fend for themselves, and have no desire to be a burden on others, may live next to railroad tracks too? But, if they get the opportunity to move, it comes from the fruits of their own labor…not from governmental giveaway programs. That my friends is B.S!

So, today we’re faced by a large segment of our population that are just like Angel Adams and her family. Literally leeches sucking the blood from hard working taxpaying Americans! They contribute absolutely nothing to our Country, or our society. They are deadbeats. I’m sorry, but that’s what they are.

I’m now supplying you with the links I have to this story. Please take the time to read them, as I believe you’ll feel exactly as I do. I’ve left out numerous things that will literally infuriate you, but as the title proclaims…Yep, our chickens Have indeed come home to roost!

Mother, 12 Children Leave Motel For New Home

Mom of 15 Told To Start Cooperating

Moving Day For Complaining Mom, 12 Kids Delayed

Just a little more food for thought…how many hundreds of thousands of dollars has this one family cost the American taxpayer. Court costs, caseworker salaries, and it goes on, and on, and on!

Thank you guys so much for dropping back in to visit. Have a great day, and God bless. Also Deb says to tell you to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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